Best of Holiday 2021 Makeup Collections

It’s that time of year again… holiday sets, kits, and palettes, oh my!  The very first hints of holiday begin in late August and tend to launch furiously from late September to mid-October.  Like we saw last year, holiday offerings for 2021 seem more centered around sets, kits, and the like of existing, permanent products with less new-for-the-holiday products–this makes it a great way to give to those who are more casual beauty fans or someone just getting into beauty. It’s also an excellent way to stock up or try some bestselling products from a brand you really like, especially if you’re into skincare/haircare.

I’m working my way through testing those new-new products as they release, and below, you’ll find a list of the highest-rated products (to the lowest-rated) for the holiday season, which includes individually-sold products as well as makeup palettes and sets.

Keep in mind, this year, I’ve decided not to purchase and re-review products that have, historically, been very consistent–e.g. Giorgio Armani Mini Lip Maestro set. This is to minimize waste (and stretch my own review budget) as lip sets tend to be fairly consistent from year to year with the “worst” aspect sometimes being mini lipsticks being more prone to breaking at the base (as they are so small).

The list below will automatically update as new reviews are published to the blog, so you’ll never miss a review and can easily get an overview of what is (or isn’t) worth your time!


Below, you’ll find links to our product guides, which feature the best, permanent formulas for each product type, plus you’ll find a regularly updated list of the best products released in the respective category year-to-date!

  1. Urban Decay Agility
  2. Chanel Pirate (99)
  3. ColourPop Fancy Feathers
  4. ColourPop Oh That Jazz
  5. Melt Cosmetics Colibri
  6. Pat McGrath Lunar Nude
  7. Clinique Garnet Pop (06)
  8. MAC Rusi Woo
  9. ColourPop Trio of Terror
  10. ColourPop On the Ritz