Sephora VIB Rouge Sale April 2019: Dates, Codes, Recommendations

It’s that time of the year — Sephora’s spring sale event is where you can save 10%, 15%, or 20% off (depending on your Beauty Insider tier) nearly everything Sephora sells.  VIB Rouges are first to shop the sale on April 26th, while VIBs and Beauty Insiders start shopping May 2nd.

Sale Start Dates & Sale Codes

Rouge members get early access to the sale on April 26th, while VIBs and Beauty Insiders can start shopping the sale on May 2nd.  The sale typically starts midnight PST on the sale start date, and sometimes, there is a bit of a slow down during the first hour or so that the event goes live, so if you’re shopping when it starts, you might want to put everything in your cart in advance!

  • Rouges: April 26th through May 6th with code HEYROUGE
  • VIBs: May 2nd through May 6th with code HEYVIB
  • Beauty Insiders: May 2nd through May 6th with code HEYBI

Shopping Resources

Whether you’re searching for makeup reviews or need to lookup makeup swatches on the fly, we have you covered.  If you have a robust stash already, you can avoid dupes by checking The Dupe List.

Need help finding the perfect product for your coloring? Try browsing our makeup recommendations, which are submitted based on readers’ skin tones, undertones, and so on–find your “skin twin” and see what the top recs are!

BONUS!  If you’ve created an account on Temptalia, you can keep track of products you own through your vanity, and then you’ll be able to limit your search results to dupes you own!

If you’re on the hunt for a particular type of product, we have some great guides that feature permanent formulas/product picks, which are listed below:

Here are a couple links to “best of” posts that can useful in narrowing down selections as well:

  • Best Products of 2018 — a link roundup featuring the best products I reviewed through 2018, which feature a mix of permanent and limited edition products
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No-Buy & Low-Buy Support

If you’re on a no-buy or low-buy, here are some helpful posts to staying on track to meet your goals, how to get more out of what you already own, and so on!  Never buy for the sake of buying; spending money is still spending money whether it’s 20% off or paying full price, so there’s no reason to shop the sale just to say you did!

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Liz Avatar

Very helpful. This is an amazing sale when you look at the crazy range of products at Sephora, especially high end. No place else comes close. But there are always folks still complaining, lolz. I hope Natasha Denona and P McGrath continue making some of the smaller, spin off palettes that are less spendy, like Denona with the mini-Sunset. Their shadows are both amazing, but I still think Anastasia shadows and lip glosses are the best bang for the buck in a more budget friendly range. The Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter is really beautiful. A great product.

Christine Avatar

It definitely depends on the brands you shop for! Neiman Marcus/Saks can get closer to 25% off/back (depending on how often you are spending money on beauty), and then Ulta gets to be totally ridiculous on % off/% returned as cash (some orders end up with the equivalent of 35-40% cash back from point multipliers). For BIs/VIBs, 10-15% is usually lower than a lot of brand-specific sales, and for skin care, places like b-glowing and Dermstore routinely offer 20% off promos.

Christine Avatar

Ulta rewards can be quite lucrative! Even for those who don’t spend much, the points’ events they run are frequent and useful enough that it’s hard not to earn more than the base level. For bigger spenders (like me), Ulta rewards are insanely good – they had a 20% off coupon (including prestige) running last week, and now they’re doing 4X points on all purchases for Diamond members. As a credit card holder (I pay off the balance every month), I get an extra point for every dollar spent, so when I spend $400, I earn 2,000 points, which converts to $125 off an order – 31% “cash back” (limited to spending at Ulta). In general, when retailers give $ back to spend at their store, it works if you are a regular shopper, but if you shop once or twice a year, then a % discount is usually better.

But here’s a crazy order — they had 10X points on Lancome, and on a $400 order, that earned 4,000 points (not even including credit card bonus), which is the equivalent of two $125 rewards (that’s the most efficient redemption level) — that’s a 62.5% back!

Ulta runs a lot of promos, too, throughout the year where they have meaningful 2x/3x/4x/5x/10x point events (often on specific brands or types of products but often on everything) – Sephora has one for fragrance and skincare (if I remember correctly), but Sephora points are often 1 point = $1 spent. You get a $100 Rouge Reward for 2,500 points – 4% back at a 1:1 point earning ratio. I think they highest they’ve had is 4X points on fragrance, so that’s probably going to be the “best” return scenario.

I loathe Ulta’s packing for online orders, I loathe that they charge $9.95 for 2-day shipping (minimizes damage to powder products in transit vs. their free shipping), and their website could use an update but rewards program? So good, and I definitely feel like they reward/work to EARN my repeated business as a higher spender. (They have also upped their customer service in the last few years re: broken products.)

Liz Avatar

Yes! You’re right. If your brand you want is at Ulta, the price can be great. But yiu can only use the discount code once and their range of brands isn’t even close to Sephora. Even at NM or Saks. And often specific sites don’t have free shipping so your savings is gone. I’ll get a notice of discount, and then the cost of shipping takes away most of the discount. IMO. In any case, I’m excited for this sale!

Sarah Avatar

The only things I am planning to buy this sale is 1 drunk elephant product and 2 hourglass products. (Firstly because I don’t truly need anything else, secondly because those two brands aren’t widely available so the Sephora discount actually makes a difference.).

Seraphine Avatar

Thank you so much for the No-Buy & Low-Buy Support section! This is the first (and likely last) year I’ve been Rouge, and I’m torn between taking advantage of this status and sticking to my no-buy.

(On the other hand, I really want a neutral matte shade of Laura Mercier Caviar Stick. I don’t own anything that can dupe it, and it would be something I would definitely use several days a week. What to do, what to do…)

Christine Avatar

Really consider why you’re on a no-buy and what it would mean to break your no-buy and maybe why didn’t you already have a neutral matte shade in a cream/pencil form already – like if it’s something you feel you’d use several days a week, why don’t you already have it? (I don’t mean in that, “so go out and buy,” but in a “what stopped you before?” way.)

Seraphine Avatar

Here’s the story: I bought the Amethyst Caviar Stick last year and only used it once…didn’t really give it a fair chance because I was so used to powder shadows. About a month ago, I decided to try it again, and totally fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve been using it almost every day for my daytime office look. I own a LOT of powder eyeshadow palettes, but I’ve been spoiled by the ability to do a 5-minute eye look with the Caviar Stick. But I’ll stick to the no-buy, and not think about getting a new Caviar Stick until I get close to using up the one I have.

Thanks for helping me think this through!

Blue Avatar

I’ve shopped a LOT at Sephora over the years: last year I was Rouge and through a deliberate decrease in purchasing I’m currently VIB. So it’s without judgement of people who are totally pumped for the sale that I say I think Sepora’s sales and rewards for their customers are ridiculous. Part of my opinion is influenced by what I now view as predatory practices toward picking up and then discontinuing indie companies (RIP OCC), but I’m also just really disappointed in the skimpy discounts they offer to great customers.

The 10% they offer regular Insiders is actually less than sales tax where I live, barely even a token discount.

As a VIB I’ve probably spent $200-300 so far this year and it’s still only April. That entitles me to 15% off, if the products I want don’t sell out during the Rouge tier only portion of the sale.

Then don’t even get me started on the relative “perks” of being Rouge to the amount of spending it entails. After I had spent the thousand dollars to get there last year, there really wasn’t much left I passionately wanted so there was little incentive to buy anything anymore, especially with such meh rewards and discounts.

I know Sephora is a business and doesn’t owe us freebies, but in the current market of coupon codes and flash sales, it seems like they don’t offer us incentive to shop with them. None of this would be a big deal, except this is supposed to be their big sale! TBH the only reason I see to shop their sale at all is if literally nobody else sells the product you want. You can get more money off from most other retailers when they aren’t advertising any particular sale. That’s actually what I did this year: I went to Briogeo’s site and saved more than I would have if I’d waited for the Sephora discount. The only thing I’m considering from them this year is the Fenty undereye concealer.

Christine Avatar

It’s always a good idea to sign-up for a brand’s specific ecomm emails/loyalty programs if you tend to shop that brand for staples (e.g. hair, skincare, etc.) as a lot of brands definitely offer slightly better discounts direct since they’ve cut out the retailer.

Z Avatar

Mmmm…… PMG LuxeTrance lipsticks are my favorite. The MatteTrance are surprisingly (granted, I only have one) are surprisingly comfortable too.

I think I’ll be spending this sale on skin care. As I’ve only got one palette on my wishlist and will be saving that for the rouge giftcard reward. Though it’s always nice to pick up one of Sephora’s cream lip stains are they are hands-down the most comfortable liquid lips I’ve ever used.

Christine Avatar

The one thing I tend to prioritize during Sephora’s % off promos is brands exclusive to Sephora, like Sephora’s own brand, since you really can’t get them anywhere else for less!

LuxeTrance are my fave, too, and I’m always surprised that the MatteTrances are so much more popular 🙁

Z Avatar

That’s definitely how I made my own personal wishlist, “What does Sephora exclusively carry?” followed by “Is it skincare? Cuz you really don’t need more cosmetics, get skin care.”

Soo….I’ve purchased skincare and one discount lip cream. I’d love to grab another PMG LuxeTrance, but I don’t know what other colors would be good on my skin (besides the ones I already own).

Genevieve Avatar

You are so, so lucky to have this kind of sale as it doesn’t happen at all here in Aus.
If you pick up any of the above eye palettes, blush palette or some lippies, products that you know you will use frequently, think of it as an investment.
If it were me, I would be picking up some lipsticks.

Carla Avatar

We just had a 20% off Sephora sale here in Aus! Sure we don’t have the same range of brands, but we certainly get the sale. Typically it happens a couple of weeks before the US, the Gold Sale here started the 3rd of April and Black was the 4th, and unlike the states all members get 20% off!