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Sephora Cream Lip Stain is a lipstick that retails for $14.00 and contains 0.169 oz. ($82.84 per ounce). There are 103 shades in our database, which you can select from in the View a Shade dropdown menu below or jump to these sections: Review, or Description.

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The formula is supposed to have "high-coverage" that goes on "smooth" and yields a "silky, lightweight stain" that is "long-lasting" and "never sticky" and "won't dry out lips." One of the signature traits for the formula is that it is a thinner (and yet somehow creamy) texture that does spread well but feels thin and very lightweight on the lips. It dries down quickly, but I never felt like it was troublesome to apply, even if I needed an extra moment to get around the edges of my lips, so it was a more forgiving formula despite setting more quickly. Once it set, the color did stay locked on for hours--I tested shades for around eight hours and many were still going strong. The formula was non-drying to slightly drying to me. They had a moderately strong, sweet scent (almost like burnt sugar) that also smelled just slightly "perfume-y" to me, but it seemed to dissipate after an hour of wear.

The pigmentation varied from shade to shade, but it did seem that the more shimmery and metallic shades often were less pigmented and did not always apply as evenly and sometimes seemed to sit in my lip lines. The cream/matte shades applied more evenly and had more opaque coverage on average.

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This bestselling, high-coverage lip color glides on smooth and transforms from a creamy texture into a silky, lightweight stain. Infused with avocado oil, the long-lasting formula delivers rich color that feels comfortable, is never sticky, and won’t dry out lips.

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The Good: Easy To Apply (6), Long-wearing (5), Great Value (5), Smooth (4), Travel-friendly (4), Creamy (3), Blendable (1)

The In-Between: Highly Pigmented (4), Non-sticky (3), Thin (1), Scented (1)

The Bad: Dry (2), Uneven (1), Drying (1)

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3 Written Reviews

By Lauren 1 year ago.

I got the "Alway Red" Sephora Cream Lipstick for a Halloween costume (50s retro glam). I rarely wear reds because I find they can be difficult to work with and I get worried that it will smear all over my face. I also rarely go for a liquid lip because my lips tend to be on the dryer side and I do not like how it feels when my lips are dry and uncomfortable. Not only did I fall in love with this color and formula, but it is my go to when I want a more bold lip look. I never worry that this will fade or smear and I don't need to top it with a gloss or chapstick because it is comfortable enough on its own. I can eat with it (sometimes need minor touch ups after a greasy lunch but it never looks bad or leaves a dreaded ring) and can wear it all day from work through going out. I loved "Always Red" so much that I went out to buy more of the Sephora Cream Lipsticks.

Tags: highly-pigmented, creamy, smooth, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, great-value
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Light - Undertone: Neutral
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By Elissa 2 years ago.

Such disappointment. I love the color but the swatches on the editor look much better than in real life. It is easy to apply, but it's hard to apply *well*. Pigment is uneven. For the life of me I could not apply it in a way that did not leave a thick colored ring on the outside of my lips, while trying to get the same color on the majority of my lips was impossible. As it's metallic, it looked awful as uneven application/pigmentation really pops when light catches it.

Tags: dry, thin, easy-to-apply, uneven, non-sticky

By AJ 3 years ago.

I have this in the color "Polished Purple" which is a dark matte metallic purple. I wore it for a belly dance performance the other day and I got SO MANY comments about it, in person and from my Instagram post! Everybody loved the color. It is a deep true purple. Dries down to a nice matte, non-sticky finish with a very slight metallic sheen. This was not particularly drying and there was only the smallest amount of color transfer to my tea cup. Pretty easy to apply too. I'll be wearing it a lot and will probably pick up another color or two.I just wish it was more metallic.

Tags: highly-pigmented, smooth, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, non-sticky, great-value, travel-friendly
Skin Type: Normal - Skin Tone: Fair - Undertone: Pink