Top 30 Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks
Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick ($17.00 for 0.11 oz.) has 120 shades available, and you’ll find in-depth reviews along with dupes and ratings for all 120 shades.  The list below represents the highest-rated 30 shades (purely by the numbers).  To view all shades ordered by highest to lowest rated, you can view that here.

They are available at Urban Decay, Urban Decay Canada, Sephora, Macy’s,, and Ulta. Keep in mind, there are 20 shades that are specific to Sephora (and this means there are 20 shades Sephora will not have that everyone else will have). Check the launch information post for full details!

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The Good: Easy To Apply (118), Creamy (108), Long-wearing (89), Smooth (82), Blendable (64), Travel-friendly (54), Moisturizing (48), Great Value (26)

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The Bad: Hard To Apply (14), Dry (13), Uneven (13), Drying (10), Tugs/pulls (9), Hard To Blend (6), Too Little Product (1)

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Christine, sorry if you’ve answered this question before, but I can’t remember. Sephora’s website says they will have 100 shades coming, so they will get an additional 20, that are exclusive to them right? Did they say which ones are exclusive to them?

No, each retailer will have 100. I think I actually mentioned this above, but Sephora will have 20 exclusive shades and will not have 20 shades that other retailers will have as well as provided a link where you can get the details of where each shade will be 🙂

Oh gotcha! I totally mis-read that. And under the launch link, it shows which ones Sephora doesn’t have, as well as the Sephora exclusives. And I don’t even know how I missed the matching lip liners, either!! Still don’t know why they cost more than the lippies, but if they have some good purple ones, I’m in. I think everytime I see “100 lipsticks”, my brain shuts down, it’s too much lippie overload for this junkie 🙂 I’m going to print out the launch list, so I can mark down which ones have been reviewed, cross off the ones that I don’t like or have too many dupes of, keep track of the exclusives, and highlight the ones for my wishlist.

Yes, it does!! Awesome. That launch list is actually super helpful, since it sorts it by formula, who has the shade, who doesn’t, and description of color.

Oh, good! I just remembered that that used to happen, but I couldn’t remember (I’m on my phone, otherwise I would have taken the time to check) if it still functioned that way!

With so many shades, I’m losing track of which ones you’ve reviewed and which ones are to come. Is there anything you can post that’ll let us know which reviews you are still working on so I can wait for them?

I have tried searching on your website but this is a time consuming process. The top result listed is not for the Vice line. I am wondering whether you can order the search results by date so that the most recent results are shown first. When I search Urban Decay Anarchy the Vice result is 4 spots down. I have to specifically search Urban Decay Anarchy Vice for the relevant result to show up first.


I have only reviewed half, so there are over 60 shades to be reviewed! I don’t have a list of what isn’t reviewed on hand. There are several versions of Anarchy, so it is going to show you based on what you type. We don’t do by recency but by relevancy, which typically yields the best result vs. a random mention of a product from a more recent post.

Edited to add: I believe relevancy looks at multiple factors with different weightings (e.g. the search term in the title), but keep in mind if we had it ordered by recency, any post that mentioned Urban Decay Anarchy (any product) would show up before 🙂 Hope that clarifies why we chose relevancy as our default sort!

Hey Jenny,

When replying to reader Katherine’s Q, I just remembered that you should be able to view all the Vice lipsticks in the Swatch Gallery, and if you sort by editor’s highest rated, the ones that aren’t rated should show up at the end!

Good one! But, like us dog people say, ‘never say ?? like it’s a bad thing!’ Diehard skincare gurus do databases and testing schedules. This Vice release almost needs it. And being phone-less by choice, I get a bit anxious if there is no wifi reception, and I can’t check which C rated more highly of close shades. At least these are perm.

Only had one dog in my entire life, and Maudie was one very good ??! Having my computer set up right now would sure be sweet. Then I could put up a spreadsheet, and a carefully curated wishlist of these.

Wow! Thanks Christine, your attention to detail is amazing! 🙂 I went to Sephora this morning for a VIB Rouge event and they had 20 shades for a pre launch. I carefully did my research and narrowed it down to six. Your site was instrumental in combing through this overwhelming launch!

I went to 3 Ultas today looking for these, intending to make it the anchor of a day of indulgence. Alas, not only were they not in, but sales assistants in 2 of the 3 knew nothing of the release let alone when they’d get them in; third said I’d have to join Ulta club to learn more about release plans. Lesson learned: I’ll call ahead next time. It was brilliant marketing to broadly announce such a massive release to dominate news for awhile; but it’s two steps back to fail to deliver on the promised date. I’m hoping Cruel will be my HG red, so will try again, but more at my convenience than as an effort.

The really frustrating thing about release dates is that they, all too often, do not apply to all retailers. For instance, Ulta released 20 shades online for Platinum members this AM via email (I didn’t receive, but I saw someone mention it on a forum!), and Sephora also did a soft release of the range–not all shades are available–online and at their in-store VIB Rouge event. UD Canada had a countdown and said the 6th!

Based on my experience with brands and release dates, it’s definitely worthwhile to call ahead if you can 🙁

This release is going to bankrupt me! I’ve already purchased: Bittersweet, Crisis (I think I said Chaos in the last Free for Haul…oops!), Peyote, Rejected, Sancho, Speedball, and Sabotage. I am going to have to figure out or take time to reorganize my lipsticks because I don’t want to have too many dupes of the same shade (across multiple brands)! I had everything organized by type (lipgloss, lip pencil, sheers, and lipsticks) and shade but I think I may need to break out the lipsticks by finish too to keep track of everything. I have the original Firebird and I think it’s pretty much the same. But looking at your “tops” list, I want: Venom, Afterdark, Notorious, Conspiracy, and possibly Cruz. As a side note, I can’t even imagine trying to test 100 lipsticks! I’m already looking at weeks out before my last review posts of the ones I have! (And of course, I also am testing other brands too. I think I still have 3 plus the 7 UD ones left to test. Oh, and Ulta sent me a 24 shade sampler that I received yesterday so technically, I have the ones that came with that as well – I think 1 or 2 were shades I ordered already.) Your “top” list is helpful as it at least gives us a starting point in trying to decide which shades to try – so THANK YOU!

The 24-piece sampler is a pretty cool thing they did, as that is quite a few shades to try from the range before you buy!

Hurray! Thank u for reviewing these… However I don’t know if you saved my wallet or allowed me to splurge 😛
I was looking at the swatches of all 100 lipsticks… So Fiend and Catfight from the old revolution range are not available? ):

It is weird because I love lip products and in general am quite fond of Urban Decay but I am not excited about this. It is probably because there are so many so I can’t really get excited about this. Still enjoy looking at swatches of the lipsticks and will probably pick a few up at some point but I won’t be mega hauling.

Now Sephoras website is saying the colors are coming soon. Online for everyone 9th and in store the 16th, if I am remembering what I just read. Only vib rouge could get them today.

Interesting that several of the ones in the top list as of its posting are ones I already own in the Revolution formulas. Ulta did me a solid and I got the sample card in the mail. It’s got 24 shades on it. It’s also got five shades I already own in some form–Rapture, Firebird, Jilted, Stark Naked, and Gash, so I’m probably gonna hold off from buying at the launch to do my own comparisons and testing.

Seeing them in person, though, I am super excited to start trying the Metallized finish!

I saw those! That was pretty cool – 24 is a ton to try at home. I hope you like them, and I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on the new formula.

Thank god all this info is in one place. As you rolled them out, I only thought 2. Now that your top 30 is out, the list is burgeoning. Your epic work on this will make UD Vice an SL easier. (I vowed not to go near any UD outlet or site for a month, but maybe I was overestimating the furor.). Great to know which is exclusive, where.
Katherine: NO NIGHTHAWK NECESSARY! As I lem it already….

LOL, I keep telling myself no Nighthawk, no Nighthawk, but it might still find its way into my cart in a moment of weakness!

This is a mammoth task to review all of these lipsticks. You would have to wonder why UD is releasing so many in one hit. It is overwhelming.
Thank you for the work you have done Christine. I love Conspiracy and Nighthawk the best.

That’s a massive and very overwhelming release. I wish Urban Decay was as easily available in India, even though we have already got Sephora here. Anyway, thanks for all the hard work in making all this information come home to our palms. For now, I will just look at the gorgeous shades and drool!!

thanks for posting :). I think I want to try Native, Bittersweet, and Obsessed as my new colors. I already have Rapture and Ladyflower from the Revolution.

Great color selection. I like how the shades are arranged in a spectrum to make it easier to select shades.

Weird! I couldn’t find mosh pit at Sephora! I’m loving the new Crisis. Such a great color.

So I think I want Frenemy, Savage and Crank. That is not actually bad when they are releasing that many shades! I also sort of want Perversion but I think it would look just odd on me.

Glad to see that Hitch Hike and Crisis, the two shades I’m most tempted to buy, both made it to the top 30!

I just wanted to tell you that you’re absolutely amazing!! I can’t even imagine the time & effort you put into this on top of all the other things you review. I don’t even know how you do it. I’m thinking you must be testing makeup even while you sleep lol! I just wanted to make sure you know how appreciated you are! 🙂

This release is one of my favorites in a long time!! I’m trying to reign myself in and only buy colors I don’t have dupes for or that I actually *need*, but it has been astoundingly difficult. MAC lipsticks have always left me feeling a little “ehh” (I like ’em, but don’t love ’em) so this might be the first time I end up buying a huge amount of colors offered from a single brand! Usually I like owning a couple fave colors across many brands, but UD’s formula loves my lips. So far I just bought Notorious and Backtalk and fully plan on hauling Manic, Ravenswood, Violate, Crisis, and Tampered when the VIB sale happens. I’m in LOVE. These just work so well on my lips! My inner lipstick fiend is super happy 🙂

I bought a few of them based on my color preference/your reviews and I have to say so far I love them all.
I was thinking that I would return the ones I didn’t love, but no such luck. 😀

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