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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 100 Shades Launching in June (Updated)

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Each of our retailers will carry 100 SHADES of Vice Lipstick—making this our biggest lineup yet. Our shade range has it all: Bold brights. Dark, sexy shades. Super-versatile neutrals. With so much variety it’ll make your head spin, there’s something for everyone—from new shades to cult favorites you thought you’d never see again. Several shades were inspired by other UD lip products (and even our Eyeshadows and Eye Pencils!).

The pigment load is insane! Just one swipe provides an unbelievable laydown of color. Every shade applies smoothly (without dragging or skipping), hugs lips, and feels amazing! Our proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ gives the formula its super-creamy texture, rich payout and superior color dispersion.
Yummy butter blend comforts, hydrates and enhances, leaving lips soft and conditioned, never dry. Aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and abassu oils nourish and soften lips. Illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture. Vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants.

Line and prime with the perfect match. It’s the ultimate pair for ultra long wear. 50 Lip Pencils.

June 5th

The Details

Vice Lipstick -- Cream, $17.00 (Permanent)

Cream | The original: creamy, badass luxury (Previously Revolution Lipstick). * Denotes shade that was previously launched under the Revolution formulations.

  • Cruz Soft purple with pink undertone (Cream) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Sabotage Rose-plum with blue shift (Cream) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Speedball Deep vibrant purple (Cream) (Sephora Exclusive)*
  • Notorious Medium berry (Cream) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Vanished Pale neutral nude (Cream) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Native Pale pink (Cream) (All Retailers Except Sephora)*
  • Rush Pink-mauve (Cream) (All Retailers Except Sephora)*
  • Interrogate Medium peachy-rose (Cream) (All Retailers Except Sephora)*
  • Crush Hot pink (Cream) (All Retailers Except Sephora)*
  • No Tell Motel Cherry red (Cream) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Streak Coral-pink (Cream) (All Retailers Except Sephora)*
  • Spiderweb Satin red (Cream) (All Retailers Except Sephora)*
  • Nighthawk Brown-red (Cream)
  • Naked Nude-pink (Cream)*
  • Liar Pink-nude (Cream)*
  • Weirdo Pale baby pink (Cream)
  • Violate Dusty purple with pink undertone (Cream)
  • Ravenswood Dusty rose with red undertone (Cream)
  • PDA Bright medium pink (Cream)
  • F-Bomb Classic red (Cream)*
  • Mrs. Mia Wallace Deep blood red (Cream)*
  • Gash Deep red with tonal shimmer (Cream)*
  • 69 Bright red with pink undertone (Cream)*
  • Shame Deep berry (Cream)*
  • Venom Bright plum (Cream)*
  • Heroine Navy blue (Cream)
  • Barfly Pale nude (Cream)
  • Insanity Soft warm nude (Cream)
  • Trance Nude-mauve shimmer (Cream)
  • ZZ Soft pink-purple (Cream)
  • Disobedient Medium pink (Cream)
  • Crisis Plum-rose (Cream)
  • Rapture Dusty rose (Cream)*
  • Manic Soft wine (Cream)*
  • Anarchy Bright fuchsia (Cream)*
  • Tryst Red-fuchsia (Cream)
  • Twitch Soft purple with blue undertone (Cream)
  • Jilted Deep fuchsia shimmer with blue shift (Cream)*
  • Wired Coral (Cream)
  • EZ Bright red-orange (Cream)
  • Bang Bright orange-red (Cream)*
  • Firebird Deep fuchsia (Cream)*
  • Rock Steady Deep wine red (Cream)*
  • Wonderland Dark pink -red (Cream)*
  • Phone Call Bright pink (Cream)*

Vice Lipstick -- Comfort Matte, $17.00 (Permanent)

Comfort Matte | Our creamiest matte (Previously Matte Revolution) * Denotes shade that was previously launched under the Revolution formulations.

  • Double Team Pale pink with blue undertone (Comfort Matte) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Carnal Medium warm nude (Comfort Matte) (Sephora Exclusive)*
  • Safe Word Neutral nude-pink (Comfort Matte) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Tampered Deep mauve (Comfort Matte) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Moshpit Berry plum (Comfort Matte) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Criminal Soft pink-ndue (Comfort Matte) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Doubt Red with blue undertone (Comfort Matte) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • 1993 Medium brown (Comfort Matte)*
  • Backtalk Mauve nude-pink (Comfort Matte)*
  • Heartless Baby pink (Comfort Matte)
  • Hitch Hike Brick rose (Comfort Matte)
  • Frenemy Bright pink with blue shift (Comfort Matte)
  • Psycho Bright rose with iridescent blue micro-sparkle (Comfort Matte)
  • Bad Blood Deep red (Comfort Matte)*
  • Disturbed Deep brick red (Comfort Matte)
  • After Dark Medium-dark berry pink (Comfort Matte)*
  • Bittersweet Bright pink-purple (Comfort Matte)*
  • Unicorn Pale peachy nude (Comfort Matte)
  • Tilt Bright orange (Comfort Matte)*
  • Perversion Black (Comfort Matte)
  • Stark Naked Light nude (Comfort Matte)*
  • UptightWarm nude (Comfort Matte)
  • Menace Medium fuchsia-pink (Comfort Matte)*
  • Temper Red-orange (Comfort Matte)*
  • Blackmail Deep berry red (Comfort Matte)*
  • Checkmate Pink-fuchsia (Comfort Matte)

Vice Lipstick -- Sheer, $17.00 (Permanent)

Sheer | A punch of color with a sheer, shiny finish (Previously Sheer Revolution) * Denotes shade that was previously launched under the Revolution formulations.

  • Earthling Pale nude with pink undertone (Sheer) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Tantric Light nude0pink (Sheer) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • TMI Soft mauve-pink (Sheer) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Morning After Pale baby pink with blue undertone (Sheer) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Slowburn Orange-red (Sheer) (All Retailers Except Sephora)*
  • Liquid Brown-plum (Sheer) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Ex-Girlfriend Nude-rose with pink shimmer (Sheer) (All Retailers Except Sephora)*
  • Sheer Liar Pink-nude (Sheer)*
  • Broken Warm rose with tonal micro-shimmer (Sheer)
  • Sheer F-Bomb Classic red (Sheer)*
  • Sheer Shame Berry (Sheer)*
  • Brat Warm baby pink (Sheer)
  • Sheer Rapture Dusty rose (Sheer)*
  • Wrong Number Soft neutral pink (Sheer)
  • Sheer Anarchy Fuchsia (Sheer)*
  • Snitch Pale coral-pink (Sheer)
  • Plaid Deep berry (Sheer)*

Vice Lipstick -- Sheer Shimmer, $17.00 (Permanent)

Sheer Shimmer | Slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and smooth texture. * Denotes shade that was previously launched under the Revolution formulations.

  • Lovelight Pale peach with pink shimmer (Sheer Shimmer) (All Retailers Except Sephora)*
  • Walk of Shame Pale nude-pink (Sheer Shimmer)*
  • Sheer Ladyflower Rose-pink (Sheer Shimmer)*
  • Seismic Plum-purple with red shimmer (Sheer Shimmer)
  • Obsessed Baby pink (Sheer Shimmer)*

Vice Lipstick -- Mega Matte, $17.00 (Permanent)

Mega Matte | Super-intense matte. * Denotes shade that was previously launched under the Revolution formulations.

  • Savage Electric pink (Mega Matte) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Vanity Kills Lavender(Mega Matte) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Oblivion Gray-taupe (Mega Matte) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Crash Neon orange (Mega Matte) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Jawbreaker Purple (Mega Matte) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Hex (Mega Matte)
  • 714 Bright red (Mega Matte)*
  • Alpha Bright rose (Mega Matte)
  • Crank Bright berry fuchsia (Mega Matte)
  • Pandemonium Bright purple (Mega Matte)

Vice Lipstick -- Metallized, $17.00 (Permanent)

Metallized | Cream with a high level of pearl.

  • Studded Metallic gray-brown (Pearlized) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Whip Soft pink with gold iridescent shimmer (Pearlized) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Wrath Metallic red (Pearlized) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Wildfire Metallic orange with gold pearl (Pearlized) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Junkie Metallic green shimmer with gold micro-sparkle (Pearlized) (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Peyote Metallic dusty mauve-rose (Pearlized) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Rejected Pearly rose-pink (Pearlized) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Sancho Deep red shimmer (Pearlized) (All Retailers Except Sephora)
  • Conspiracy Plum-bronze shimmer (Pearlized)
  • Backdoor Frosted dusty brown (Pearlized)
  • Amulet Metallic brick rose (Pearlized)
  • Gubby Frosted light pink (Pearlized)
  • Bobby Dazzle White iridescent pearl (Pearlized)
  • Trick Metallic pinky-copper shimmer with micro-sparkle (Pearlized)
  • Big Bang (Pearlized)
  • Cruel Red with copper shimmer (Pearlized)
  • Zealot Satin red with micro-shimmer (Pearlized)

24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, $20.00 (Permanent)

  • Venom Bright plum [pair with Venom, Sheer Shame, Shame, Moshpit, Sabotage, After Dark]*
  • Speedball Deep vibrant purple [pair with Jawbreaker, Notorious, Pandemonium, Speedball]
  • Blackmail Deep berry wine [pair with Seismic]
  • Ozone Clear [pair with Trick, Vanished, Heroine, Junkie, Liquid, Bobby Dazzle, Whip, Oblivion, Studded, Twitch, Vanity Kills, Wildfire, Wrong Number]*
  • Jilted Deep fuchsia pink [pair with Jilted]*
  • Bittersweet Bright pink-purple [pair with Crank, Bittersweet]*
  • Cruz Soft pink-purple [pair with Cruz], ZZ
  • Phone Call Bright pink [pair with Alpha, Psycho]*
  • Anarchy Bright fuchsia [pair with Anarchy, Menace, Savage, Sheer Anarchy]*
  • Frenemy Bright pink with blue shift [pair with Crush, Frenemy]
  • Checkmate Pink-fuchsia [pair with Checkmate]
  • Big Bang Bright pink sparkle [pair with Big Bang]
  • PDA Bright medium pink [pair with PDA]
  • Gash Deep red [pair with Gash]*
  • Bad Blood Deep blood red [pair with Rock Steady, Sancho, Mrs. Mia Wallace, Bad Blood]
  • 69 Classic red [pair with F-Bomb, Sheer F-Bomb, Doubt, 69, Plaid, Spiderweb, Zealot, Plaid]*
  • 714 Bright red [pair with No-Tell Motel, 714]*
  • Cruel Red with copper shimmer [pair with Wrath, Cruel]
  • Streak Coral-pink with soft pearl [pair with Streak, Tryst]
  • Wonderland Dark pink-red [pair with Wonderland]*
  • Bang Bright orange-red [pair with EZ, Temper, Bang, Tilt, Slowburn]*
  • Crash Neon orange [pair with Crash]
  • Manic Rosy wine [pair with Crisis, Manic, Hitch Hike, TMI, Rapture, Ravenswood, Sheer Rapture]*
  • Ladyflower Pearly rose pink [pair with Criminal, Ladyflower, Rejected]
  • Blackmail Deep berry wine [pair with Blackmail]
  • Hex Deep red wine [pair with Hex, Disturbed]
  • Wired Coral [pair with Wired]
  • Snitch Pale coral-pink [pair with Snitch]
  • Nighthawk Brown-red [pair with Nighthawk]
  • 1993 Medium brown [pair with 1993, Backdoor]*
  • Conspiracy Plum-bronze [pair with Conspiracy]
  • Rush Pink-mauve with soft pearl [pair with Rush, Violate]*
  • Liar Mauve-nude [pair with Tampered, Amulet, Liar, Sheer Liar]*
  • Broken Warm rose [pair with Broken]
  • Peyote Metallic dusty mauve-rose [pair with Trance, Peyote]
  • Uptight Warm nude [pair with Carnal, Uptight]
  • Naked2 Medium beige-nude [pair with Safe Word, Ex-Girlfriend]*
  • Naked Nude-pink [pair with Morning After]*
  • Disobedient Medium pink [pair with Disobedient]
  • Double Team Pale pink with blue undertone [pair with Brat, Double Team]
  • Obsessed Baby pink [pair with Obsessed]*
  • Weirdo Pale baby pink [pair with Weirdo]
  • Interrogate Medium peachy rose [pair with Lovelight, Sheer Liar, Interrogate]
  • Walk of Shame Pale nude-pink [pair with Tantric, Earthling, Walk of Shame, Barfly]
  • Native Pale pink [pair with Heartless, Native]*
  • Naked Nude-pink [pair with Naked]*
  • Unicorn Pale peachy nude
  • Gubby Frosted light pink [pair with Gubby]
  • Stark Naked Light nude [pair with Stark Naked]
  • Insanity Soft warm nude [pair with Insanity]
  • Perversion Black [pair with Perversion]

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick [Click for High Res Version]

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick [Click for High Res Version]

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick


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Rachael Avatar

Seems like all these companies send huge boxes like that to bloggers for free and the rest of us gotta pay $1700 for it.

Keturah Avatar

Exactly. I felt that way during the VIB sale when I bought one of the new Becca blushes for $30 (with the discount.) Then I watched a vlogger on Youtube that was sent DOUBLES of the entire collection for free! I mean, am I paying for my one blush plus someone else’s 12 press samples?

Heather Avatar

Glad Im not the only one that feels this way!! What bothers me about it so much is most of the YT bloggers take it for granted, like it’s not even a big deal to get a box worth of hundreds of $$.

concerned Avatar

I feel exactly the same way – companies are spending more money treating youtubers then ever before. I was really shocked when Tarte took a bunch of youtubers to Hawaii (and for what?) and some companies are customizing products for individual vloggers when money paying customers don’t even have access to that sort of thing.

Zelda Avatar

It’s called marketing. Companies have always sent products to magazines. Now they also send products to bloggers and You Tubers because those people show the products to thousands of potential customers, the same way magazines do.

You’ve always paid for marketing costs and you always will. It’s factored in to the price of the product.

Tarte took a bunch of people to Hawaii because they have large followings and agreed to post the products so their followers would see it.

And when you see a company has “customized” a product for a blogger or You Tuber, that’s a business arrangement. The company is paying the You Tuber for the use of their name and to promote the product. It’s no different from Urban Decay paying Gwen Stefani, it’s just on a smaller scale.

Judi Avatar

Yes because they are promoting their products. It helps them! Good idea to give free to bloggers who are doing the work!

Laura Avatar

Honestly, if I had to choose from some big magazine getting marketing samples and $$$ versus a vlogger who basically built themselves up from nothing, my heart says give it to the vlogger. As long as they disclose their relationship and are honest, I see no problems. And these lipsticks are gorgeous. PS: I am currently regretting having bought the Colorpoup Matte X Lipsticks without your reviews being up Christine!

MrsJymm Avatar

The style of the lipstick bullet and package looks similar to what they’ve done for UD X Gwen and Alice Through The Looking Glass. I think some people will be disappointed if that’s the true. That lightweight plastic hasn’t been very popular with bloggers and beauty Youtubers.

ObsessedWithColor Avatar

I read a review today talking about the packaging and, yes, it appears that they have reduced the quality of the packaging to the lightweight plastic of UDxGwen and Alice lines, BUT the product quantity is apparently higher and the price is lower, so you are getting more actual product in a decent package for $5 less. I’m ok with that!

Sarq Avatar

You’re going to see an extra set of lips to test all of these!! I was happy to pick up Manic and Turn On for $11 thought last week.

GK Avatar

Hope the formulas & packaging are decent-didn’t like the tube that had a sword on it. Glad they lowered the price-that’s actually good marketing, most companies keep raising prices. Stocked up when they went 1/2 price on Revolution-figured they were launching something new & might discontinue originals.

Lauren Avatar

But aren’t there a few that say “all retailers except Sephora”? There’s one NARS Audacious I’ve always wanted to try (Vivien, I think?) and I never have because Sephora doesn’t carry it.

Even so, I find the whole endeavor more than a little overwhelming. Er, said the old crank who hated fun. 🙂

KJH Avatar

Audacious is gonna be around. Wait til they have a site wide sale & check out their other exclusives, too. I’m sure you can find enough there, so you can get the free shipping. Maybe Vivien is not a Nars exclusive? Maybe Barney’s or Nordie’s or Saks or Nieman’s? But it is annoying when it is not @ Sephora.

Lauren Avatar

Oh cool, thanks! I guess I’ve never looked for it there. Maybe I’ll check it out next time. Or, more likely, I’ll be distracted by whatever’s NEW and SEASONAL. Oooh, shiny!!! 🙂

Mary Avatar

There are 80 shades in the main line and then 20 Sephora exclusives and 20 for all the other retailers. So 120 in total.

Sabrina S Avatar

Well, it looks great, but the price drop of $5 and the tubes that appear to look more elegant kind of makes me wonder. Also, reformulated? Their original formulation was fantastic. I love my mattes, regulars and sheers, so what more do they need to fix? I have a bad feeling about these. I fear the packaging will be light and cheap, and the formulation may not be great. I guess we’ll find out soon!

Patricia Avatar

I’m also a bit uneasy and wary about these. Naked is my fave everyday lisptick, I hope the formula is the same!!!

Jenn Avatar

It seems like they are trying to be more competitive with brands like NAR’s, MAC, Marc Jacobs, Bite, etc… in addition to all of the smaller boutique brands that are flooding the market. Look at what MAC did lowering its eye shadow prices on its website to compete with brands like MUG, Morphe and ABH. If the lipstick is amazing they will come. Lol. Speaking of ABH maybe they are trying to get ahead of the game since other brands like ABH are expanding their lines.

Anne Avatar

Can’t wait! I use the one UD lipstick I have — Lovelight — almost every day; am intrigued by the range of colors depicted (what a great photo), the range of finishes. Going to go clear calendar for 6/5…

Alexandra Avatar

If I got my hands on that box I would never consider buying lipstick ever again lmao. I’m simultaneously excited and nervous. Excited about the expanded colors and the lower price, a little nervous about the reformulation cus I already love the cream and matte finishes.

Linda Avatar

Were the matte and sheer revolution formulas a failure? Feels like they just launched less than a year ago – from a business and profitability perspective, 100 shades seems overkill – lots of R&D going into creating each shade / testing them out etc (and of course mining the Urban Dictionary for new shade names), then producing inventory in each shade and finding the shelving space for all the shades in in-store displays – how do they forecast demand for each shade? I’d love to know what goes on behind the scenes at Urban Decay.

Wildviolette Avatar

Ditto. Also asked myself – outloud – if I was going to be OK wearing a lovely brown shade with the name “Backdoor.”

Sabrina S Avatar

They shouldn’t have been failures! They are some of the best lipsticks I have ever worn, and I’ve tried Tom Ford, Burberry, Chanel, Dior, etc. I just think they’re looking for ways to cheap out. I worry that the quality of these new ones won’t be as good as the others.

Anna Avatar

I like that there will be new lipsticks. I am slightly worried though about reformulation on lipsticks that are good. Colors might change, thinks might get reformulated for the worse and so on but completely new colors are fun.

Mariella Avatar

I just would never need or want 100 lipsticks. In that box, I can bet that 50 to 75% would be shades I don’t like and don’t wear (nudes, orange and coral shades, purples, browns, etc.). I’ll be interested to see if they keep some of my favourites though – F-Bomb, Rapture, Jilted and especially Manic!!!!

Nancy T Avatar

What. A. SHOCK.
Even though I suspected this for some time, I kept telling myself that they would NEVER replace such an obvious winner of a lipstick formula and such lovely and STURDY packaging, riiiight??? Note to Self: Nancy, boy were sooo wrong, girl!
Ok. So yes I am very excited for the HUGELY extended shade range that I think many of us wished for, myself included, I am ultra worried about THAT packaging. And the word “reformulated” had me scared, I love the Revolution formula! Guess I better get some b/u’s….today.

Katherine T. Avatar

I knew it! As soon as they announced 50% off their current lipsticks, I had a feeling they were going to re-formulate. I only have 1 UD lipstick right now ( UD Firebird). Wow, 100 shades incl 6 different finishes. Very excited — really looking forward to the purples and some unique colors (blues, grays). And I finally might be able to find some pinks and nudes that I can wear! And love the new bullet shape -I’ve avoided UD lippies in past, don’t like flat tops. Let’s hope this new formula is better, as some of their newer shadow palettes haven’t been that impressive. Christine will need to grow some more lips to test these out !

KJH Avatar

Got a love/hate relationship with total overhauls. W/ bite, I preferred the old line up and hate to see some of the older shades go. Didn’t see those go on discount prior to d/c. Then there’s Nars. Audacious was the best launch ever! Ratings were sky high, there were an astronomical number of shades, and the didn’t get rid of the old line up. Nothing very rad though. Think the Nars girls had overall higher ratings than TF boys. Boys had more unusual shade choices. With 100, we ought to see a lot of rainbow, in different finishes. Not having been won over (under 5 prob) by revolution, can’t say I’m cryin’ ’cause they’re going. If audacious were going, I would be drawn into criminal mischief and be behind bars. Never really, in the 20 years of using UD, saw lipsticks as their strength & prob have had well under 10 in 20 years. That’s not a whole lotta like.

KJH Avatar

Maybe I had better do that. One thing I like about this mega redo is the inclusion of some LE and UD exclusive shades, that many consumers complained about not getting. MMW, ex girlfriend, ladyflower, etc. I’m dying to see junkie as a l/s…on someone else, unfortunately! Nonstandard colored l/s are the only things that make me wish I were younger. Did you spring for Sake yet?

Casey Avatar

I’ll tell you what. I just about had an orgasm when I found out earlier. 100 shades..120 shades total at sephora in every color of the rainbow makes me gush

Michelle Avatar

I am probably the only person not excited. Sorry but the revolution lipsticks are one of the best formulas out there for people who don’t like overly drying lipstick yet want a product that stays in place. They only launched the revolution lipstick in Fall 2013 so it hasn’t even been around that long.

This is more catering to the over makeup buying trend then developing lasting customers. Not every makeup buyer has hoards of makeup and IKEA drawers stacked to the brim and buying more and more. The majority stick to products they love and repurchase them.

I am especially salty as those revolution lipsticks are truly my favorites and Rush is my absolute favorite. I luckily have 1 back up. I bought it before the $11 dollar sale. I was putting it on one day and got this “RUSH” to re-buy it just in case. Guest my spidey senses were correct!

Michelle Avatar

OK I see Rush made the cut for the new launch. I do see a few colors I am rather excited about, BUT will be waiting to see what the reviews are (from you and not a sponsored youtuber)! I know you will give us the honest truth about the formula.

Jenn Avatar

Ulta still has Rush in stock at the sale price, if you want to get another backup (or two). I *just* discovered that Rush is my MLBB color. Wasn’t gonna risk a reformulation; I got three on sale. Lol

Tiffany Avatar

I had a feeling this was happening. I’m so glad I grabbed almost all the shades I wanted from the Revolution formula during the 50% off sale. I’m not sure how I feel about the reformulation and new packaging. They already had winners in those categories in my opinion. I do like the new bullet design though.

Lulle Avatar

Well, we knew it was going to happen when all the Revolution lipsticks started being on sale at 50% off! I feel like they had just released the Matte version a few months ago, am I wrong? I also JUST discovered how great the Sheers were, here’s to hope that the new Vice Sheer version is at least as good!

Lisa Avatar

I’m feeling a mix of emotions about this. While I’m excited to see new shades, I’m worried about what “reformulated” means. It seems like they just released their revolution lipstick formula and now they’re changing it? It was one of my favorite lipstick formulas ever. And the colours were some of my favorites as well. I hate to use this cliché, but honestly if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I’m hoping the formula stays pretty much the same and that I’m worried for no reason.

KJH Avatar

Yes. Yes! It’s so sad to be my age and thrilled by a color I could not pull off in public. Don’t think I’ll get it for the dog to lick off. He just sniffs eyeshadow, but lipstick is usually removed.

camille Avatar

i cant say i’m not worried about this, since the existing formula is pretty much my favorite lipstick ever … and i’m going to miss the old bullet style. the extended shade range is admittedly exciting, though!

Rachel R. Avatar

While I’m really excited for the expansion in shades and finishes, I’m concerned about the word “reformulation.” I thought their formulas were pretty fantastic already. It would be a shame if they messed them up. Also, I’m not a fan of the new, cheaper packaging, but it probably went a long way into helping them lower the price to be competitive with MAC lipsticks.

Kylie5 Avatar

I do not own many UD lipsticks because I did not like Most of the colours. Too many reds, dark pinks and nudes that Do not work with my very very fair Skin. I also had Problems with feathering.
So I am very interested in the new lipsticks. I think there Must be colours for me within the Range of 100 lipsticks (100 including the 20 sephora exclusive shades or 100 plus 20?)

Codename Duchess Avatar

Really excited for this! While I really liked the old formula, the shade range didn’t have much to offer me (except for Rapture, everything in the original cream finish line was either too warm or too bright for me) so I’m REALLY happy to see such a big color range. Also relieved that my two UD lipstick loves, Rapture and Sheer Ladyflower, will make it into the new formula. Hopefully the colors won’t change. I do remember that the color match wasn’t always exact for some of the shades that carried over to the Revolution line from their second gen. lipstick line (the one with the metal daggers on the ends).

Ayesha Avatar

Oh thank god 1993 will be coming back LOL. Its a holy grail for me and I may have panicked when it went on sale and sold out SO FAST. Thank you Christine!

Grace Avatar

I’m cautiously optimistic about this launch. I haven’t bought too many of the Revolution lipsticks because the price was a bit high and most colors weren’t great on me. However, F-Bomb is my holy grail red shade, even though I need to use a brush, red liner underneath, and a clear liner outside to keep it from feathering. Hopefully there will be shares better suited for me in the range now, and less feathering.

Erin Avatar

I already own far more lipstick than I need/could wear in my lifetime, so I only purchase now when: 1) It’s a truly original colour that I don’t have anything similar to and 2) When the formula is outstanding. I only have one UD in the old formula. It was fine; not a go-to for me. I’m holding my breath on these until I can test them out.

Heather Avatar

I hate the packaging. The old one was sooooo much better! Also, I find 100 shades to be overwhelming, and not in a good way. I have been buying up lots of the old formula for the $11 price tag. I hope they will last a long time, maybe until UD redesigns the lipsticks yet again. I may try them. I do appreciate the price drop (though not at the expense of the good packaging). But I just don’t see myself loving or buying these the way I did with the old ones. Oh well. Looking forward to samples. Got plenty of points to spend in the Sephora rewards boutique, lol!

Dee Avatar

I think I groaned out load when the picture finished loading. It looks like there are really only a handful of colors with more variations that it’s worth going through. You know when you have 2 or 3 colors you’re trying to decide on, but it’s taking forever because they’re so close together? I see that x’s 100 when I look at this. And I’m the sort of person that will walk away if I can’t decide. Plus, since I like the current formula, I’m not excited about the change there. Studded immediately made me think of Wet from Colourpop, so at least I can look forward to the comparison of that since I’m not happy with the Colourpop one that I have, but other than that I might be overwhelmed, but I can’t say I’m impressed.

Viki Avatar

Ha! I knew something new was coming out when all her lipsticks went on sale! Still glad I grabbed a couple of the matte lipsticks for 50% off!

I’m loving the price tag of these!

Rachel R. Avatar

Praying Junkie is as beautiful and pigmented as the eyeshadow. Love — reduced price, increased colors, more “weird” colors, more finishes. Concerned — the reformulation didn’t screw up an already great formula; the packaging is as cheap as the Gwen Stefani and TTLG lipsticks’ packaging. I hope UD listened to reviews and complaints and made these sturdier.

KJH Avatar

Oh, yes! Didn’t I think of you when I saw (and lamented my age about) junkie. Funny how you get a feeling about preferences and what would look good/be a favorite…for persons you don’t even know. One of the minor marvels of the Internet age. I drop dead love green.

Alicia Johnson Morris Avatar

Lots to love here! I have always liked the colors, but I was not a real fan of the Revolution formula. I sure hope the staying power has been improved. I really hate reapplying lipstick every hour. Fingers crossed! There aren’t many shades here that I don’t love!

Kate Avatar

I feel like this is too much for my brain to handle! I’m a little concerned that the more recent lipsticks they’ve done haven’t been as good as the original Revolution formula (which I adore), but clearly, there’s a lot more choice.

Casey Avatar

Love some of the bdsm inspired shade names. Perfect for those in the lifestyle like I am. As well as the “no tell motel” named after the 55 dollar motel song

Selenite Avatar

Gash, Big Mrs. Mia Wallace, Big Bang, and Crush are back! Nice to see they’ve added a sprinkling of more unconventional shades like Perversion.

YL Avatar

I hope the price will not increase (I’m in Canada), albeit I’m so excited for this launch, and they are bringing back Mrs. Mia Wallace!
I’m not sure how I feel about the packaging, hope it is sturdy with some heft.

Gillian Avatar

I’m excited but I hope they don’t mess with the original Revolution formula too much because it lasts so well on my really picky lips! I love that formulation- it’s one of my absolute favourites. It’s right up there with Guerlain Rouge G, and for me that’s really saying something.

Anyway, the selection is going to be insane! ?

Nazma Avatar

So excited for these, love the packaging and much prefer this bullet style. I hope the Mega Mattes won’t be too drying as they have most of the shades I want. Will these be releasing internationally in June too?

Mariella Avatar

I am SO happy that some of my faves – Rapture, Manic and F-Bomb especially – are back AND that Mrs. Mia Wallace is PERMANENT!!!! And the price is considerably lower (these were $26 in Canada in the “old” packaging). Even if there is less product, I don’t mind as I’m pretty slow to finish up most colour cosmetics, so smaller amounts with a smaller price tag works for me!

Lauren Avatar

WOW! I hope you end up getting these before they launch! After seeing all these shades I cant wait to see what you think of the formulas and see how many have dupes that some of us may already have in our collection…..though I still feel like I will be buying more of these than I should but I love lippies! and I love the new price tag on these!

Heather Avatar

I actually didn’t like their recent matte formula, so I’m hoping these will have more staying and staining power. I’m bummed a couple shades I’m eyeing are Sephora exclusives, aka no MUA discount.

KJH Avatar

Bring on the testers. Hope they sent you this collection, but clearly UD prefers gushy videos to analysis. I prefer the latter. As to the packaging, possibly the less heavy plastic tube cut the mfg cost enough to bring down the price of the product, rather than they were able to skimp on ingredients…. I don’t have any ‘less sturdy’ UD. BTW, did everyone see that MUG is reformulating their blushes? I think they are down to 7 shades, and considering the mistrustful moves MUG has made, I would not be surprised to see a serious dip in quality. She had the potential to corner the market in budget m/u, but…….. Icarus, baby!

Lacey Avatar

Good news, the ones I already own and love aren’t being discontinued, and they’ll be less expensive to repurchase and for trying new shades. I also prefer the bullet style, especially for more pigmented shades and bright and dark colors.

Bad news, that packaging. I hate that companies keep insisting on tiny little bases that are hard to grip when removing the cap. Is there some industry secret to make this easier and I’m just not in on it?? I suppose it’s better than the old daggers, but I like how sturdy and easily opened and closed their current packaging is. Even a lighter weight package design would be okay (I’ve always thought MAC had a great middle-of-the-road style for their regular range), just not that tiny sliver of a base!

Only time will tell about the reformulation.

KJH Avatar

Not meaning to be Debbie Downer, but no second purchase of a UD shade ever matched the initial for me. Albeit, some were dupes from Sephora favorites, etc. but I also have 5 Orgasms that look different in the pan, but pretty much the same, applied. Lipsticks are more concentrated and applied to a smaller area, so slight differences in batch can be magnified. Caveat emptor, in this case, try ’em first. A reformulation can also lead to slight color variations.

Zoe Avatar

This is DANGEROUS. So many colors!!!
I was kind of losing interest in UD lately (their Alice and Gwen collections were meh to me).
But this changes everything.

Glad they are reformulating and re-releasing shades.
Lots of Lolita-looking dupes too.

You are going to be very busy, Christine. I almost feel bad. Good luck!

kisha (balls of beauty) Avatar

FREAKING YIKES!!!! This is gonna be TRUH-BULL >:< ugggh hurry up n review these or throw up some lip swatches Tine…quiiiiick i got my list READY:
Amulet (or Backdoor)
Hitch Hike (or Insanity)
Oblivion (or Peyote)

EEEEEK!!!! I said i wanted to slow up on lipsticks but ummmmm **itches n slowly rocks back n forth**

C Avatar

Your poor lips Christine! If you only want to lip swatch your faves and show off the others as arm swatches I wouldn’t blame you!

KJH Avatar

FYI: for those of you who have cruised Sephora for the reduced old Revolutions, Ulta online appears to have a fair amount still in stock. Apologies, Canadians.

_An_ Avatar

I wish the limited shade LADYFLOWER was part of this new launch.

I only picked up one or two shades while they were on the $11 sale. I didn’t like any of the matte shades. I’m liking some of the sheer ones though.

Daniela Avatar

Hi! I’m confused, it says there are 100 shades but i counted the names on your list and there are 120. I didn’t count the names on the glide on pencil list, just the ones that were listed as Vice Lipsticks.

Melissa Avatar

I actually like the formula of the Revolution lipsticks. I actually started with 4 originals and 4 matte revolution lippies, but I discovered the sheer ones. I really like those as well as the packaging, which looks way more weighty/sleek than this new packaging. I really like this formulation of the lipstick and wonder why when companies get a great product, they decide to reformulate, much to the chagrin of their fan base. I have favorites in the line and sad to see them go. Glad to be hauling the Revolution ones and will finish out my collection at the discounted price. i see a few new colors that I may pickup, but I will most likely enjoy the Revolution version, along with the hundreds of other lipsticks that I already own.

Hawaiian Paradise Avatar

Yeah…I haven’t warmed up to the new packaging either. It looks bulkier. However, the one thing I didn’t like about the revolution lipstick was that it was very easily smudged (on me anyways). With little effort, it would always end up on my drinks. Hopefully this new formula fixed that problem. Then we’re golden.

Helene Avatar

I do hope you will get them all to review, Christine.
I don’t have many UD lipsticks, but the two I have, I love. (Venom and F-Bomb.)
There are some, a lot of “I Want, no, I NEED” among the line up. I even spotted one or two nudes I might try.
I’m really looking forward to this release.
I do have a bit of a problem with the Sephora exclusiv, as Sephora here doesn’t carry UD. I just wish they stopped all of the exclusive to just one retailer as it makes it hard to get for those of us in other countries. It does provide ebayers with an income, though, I suppose.

Alexa Avatar

I am SO excited for this. Firebird is the best UD lipstick I have right now, easy to put on and lasts all day. I love the new cut/tube. I bought Rapture half price and while the color is gorgeous, application is annoying. Can’t wait to pick up a few of these!

Tracy Avatar

I was a bit worried that my favorites might now be back with the new formulation, however I’m pleasantly surprised that they’re all here. Even some of the LE shades I have, such as Mrs Mia Wallace.

Still glad I scooped up several of the old formulation for half price ?

nat ogu Avatar

I just dont understand how they could release all these shades and not have a brown liner as well……. like an actual brown not a nude or rosey something but brown. mind boggling

Michelle Avatar

I’m happy about the price drop, everything gets needlessly marked up in Canada and I was only able to grab these when they were 13$ on sale. Now they’re the same price as MAC lipstick. I am really interested in Wildfire.

Heather Avatar

Are mattes and regular finish lipsticks just mixed in together without distinction? I see it identifies sheer, but not matte formulas. If so, that is a BIG problem for me. I hate matte on my lips. If they don’t identify mattes and I accidentally buy one, it will get sent right back to them. 🙁

On an upnote, at least I see they are keeping a few of my favorites. 🙂

Hawaiian Paradise Avatar

The packaging doesn’t look as pretty as the revolution lipsticks. It looks bulkier and less sleek. Also, too many shades to choose from since a lot seem to look very close to each other.

BonnieBBon Avatar

Remember in Indecent Proposal when Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson were rolling around in the huge pile of money? That would be me if 120 UD lipsticks were in my possession all at once. Christine……be honest……did you do it? Lol just kidding, You’re such a pro I’m sure you’ll wait until AFTER you photograph them to do it BWAHAHAHA. Oh my. Sorry. I’m so excited I’m slap happy.

Jolene Avatar

Temptalia, didn’t read all way down to learn that ur sales commission is via the links provided, will do. I only subscribe to u for cosmetics blog, and found two beauty colours from ud I will buy on day one, I feel perfect for summer, streak and snitch. Haven’t purchased lux lipstick since 2007, and they were mac snob and myth. Thank u and God bless temptation for the most excellent expose of beauty product.

RougeBeka Avatar

just wanted to let you know your UD Vice Lipsticks links takes me to the Colourpop website!!
Also thanks for the reviews– I trust your reviews despite the fact that you get the PR hook up, you’re not for sale, which is not something I can say for most beauty reviewers nowadays!! appreciate your work on all of these!

Amarins Avatar

Any news on when the Vice Lipstick range will be available in Europe? So far the Revolution lipsticks are still the normal price and fully stocked in most places and I can’t find a European launch date anywhere!

Jenna Avatar

Hey Christine,

I have recently purchased vice lipstick shades and I also have some of the shades that were previously released as revolution lipsticks (one of them is venom). The lipsticks are great and I don’t regret spending my money on them. However, the lip liners are extremely expensive for my budget considering all the shades I need for the lipsticks I have. I can’t believe how expensive the lip liners are compared to what they used to be (17 dollars). For the price of 20 dollars I can buy four lip liner shades from Colourpop. With that being said, I was wondering if you could recommend any cheap dupes, such as Colourpop, for the UD lip liner shades that I need? The shades that I own are Venom, Notorious, Tryst, Anarchy, Speedball, Bittersweet, Backtalk, and Wonderland.

Jenna Avatar

I meant to say the shades I mentioned at the end of my previous comment are lipstick shades that I currently own and trying to find matching lip liners for them. Sorry for the confusion!

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