Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

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Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Apply Cream Blush

Share your best tips and tricks for applying your favorite cream blushes!  Feel free to share your experiences, how you mastered techniques, or what you struggle with.

Temptalia’s Tips

  1. I find that cream blushes apply best over bare skin or a sheer liquid foundation–and better when the liquid foundation is still slightly wet/damp.
  2. Sometimes, I prefer to apply the cream blush over bare skin with a heavier application, then lightly stipple liquid foundation around the edges. This is great for when cream blush doesn’t seem to play well with your foundation.
  3. Fingertips tend to be one of my favorite tools for blending out a cream blush, but sponge tip applicators, stippling brushes, and the like work well, too. The warmth of my fingertip tends to help keep the blush movable.

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27 thoughts on “How to Apply Cream Blush – Tips & Tricks

  1. Cat G

    How do you wear a cream blush with powder foundation? Never looks right. Even when I apply the cream blush first :/

    • My tips & tricks are above! :)

      • Cat G

        Thanks, I read those before I commented. I’m talking about powder foundation though :/
        Are you saying if we use a cream blush and powder foundation, we should stipple liquid foundation around the edges? I don’t think I’m understanding this correctly, sorry…

        • For powder, I would apply the blush first, and then lightly powder around it and just lightly blend over so it looks blended but I wouldn’t go full hog and powder over the blush a lot.

          • Kelly B.

            This has been a 3+ year long challenge for me. I have rosacea and need the powder foundation around nose & cheeks. I have a Tarina Tarantino cream blush & several Josie Maran blush sticks that I love but I can’t get them to apply well on top of powder foundation. If I follow your suggestion…my checks are too uneven & ruddy looking. I’ve tried lots of application techniques. While powder foundation isn’t best for me, it is often the only option due to physical limitations with hands (I prefer a Beauty Blender to apply cream & liquid foundation when I can do it).

            PLEASE…any more ideas? Thanks!

            • Have you considered mixing a little moisturizer with your powder foundation? Or you could spritz water after you’ve powdered and then apply the cream blush to see if that would help make everything more emollient + mix better!

            • Kelly B.

              Oh thank you!!! Both powder foundation brands that I have are in a pressed compact so I don’t understand how to mix moisturizer with them. I guess I would dig out product and apply with the Beauty Blender but if that is the proper way…it would be easier just to use cream or liquid foundation. If it is possible to use the moisturizer with pressed powder, I would be very grateful for tips.

              I’ve never spritz water but I am going to try that ASAP! I feel like I look too powdery after getting the coverage I want and using powder blush. I thought spritz would turn me into a cookie dough mess. I also thought Urban Decay setting sprays were used for oil control…and I’m super dry. I already have a setting product that I really like and don’t understand if those liquids go on top of that too.

              Thanks for the advice, I learn so much here! Sorry for this follow up, I try not to ask too many questions.

            • I would dig out a little or use a very fluffy brush to pick up excess – but if you have a small metal spatula, you can scrape off some of the product and then mix it into the moisturizer. The reason I recommended that is since you know the powder works for you :)

              I almost always spray water after I finish, just to take down everything. Not a full on shower, but a spritz or do just to ensure there’s no powderiness :) (I use Fix+ because I have it on hand but before, I’d use water, and I find they’re the same for me.)

            • Kelly B.

              Thanks so much Christine! I’ve just had another surgery and look pretty sickly…I can’t handle more strangers asking if I’m ok so want to try quick powder foundation with a cream blush stick (hence all the questions) so people quit asking. Right now I don’t care about putting on makeup but hate inquiries while trying to figure out next steps. Thanks again :) :)

  2. I always use a stippling brush to apply my cream blush (and I wear it very often).

  3. Jessica

    I really struggled with my applying my MAC cremeblush but I recently picked up the Real Techniques stippling brush and it works like a dream! I’m still no pro but that brush has been much better than the MAC foundation brush I had been trying to use.

  4. DJ

    My first blush was a cream blush (Stila peony) but I’ve used powder for years since. Recently picked up a Bobbi Brown pot rouge (blushed rose) and I’m struggling! Maybe because it’s a darker shade, but any tips on the actual application with fingers, ie where to start, what direction to blend out, how to avoid looking like a clown…!

  5. lily

    i have acne-prone skin so i used to have a problem using cream blush on top of my concealer/foundation… but i started covering spots by mixing concealer and cream blush together :)

  6. blueraccoon

    I like cream blushes but I usually use my fingers to apply. My tip is to use less than you think – sometimes all I need is to touch my index finger to the blush and that’s enough for one cheek. But I’m really pale and like subtle blush, so obviously YMMV if you’re darker in skin tone or prefer bolder cheeks.

    I don’t tend to mix cream blush with powder foundation, though. Normally if I wear cream blush I’m wearing a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I stick to powder blushes with my powder foundations.

  7. Suzana R.

    I love Real Techniques Expert face brush for applying and blending cream blush! I apply it on bare skin or bb cream, then blush, then a light touch of setting powder. My favorite cream blushes are from Illamasqua.

  8. CeeBee

    I always use my fingers.

    I swirl my (clean!) finger around a few times to warm and “loosen” the cream and then gently pat it where I want to apply. Then I use a quick sort of pat-and-roll dabbing motion to blend it out, not spreading or wiping but sort of a “pressing then drag off” technique, just with my fingertips.
    I use another clean fingertip (ie, not the one I applied the initial colour with) if it is really pigmented or I have overloaded with product.
    Then I gently buff powder (or another powder blush) over the top) to set it.

    I am very particular about cream blush, mostly I stick with BB Pot Rouges and my old Scott Barnes Colour Cremes because they blend beautifully – I find MAC and Stila too tacky for my liking.
    I have just ordered some Mehrom Cheek Creams and I have high hopes for those!

  9. Elyse

    I dab it on with my fingers, then blend it out as I normally would with a blush brush.

  10. Holli

    I have a cream blush from Sephora and it seemed to dry out really quick… I only used it like 4 times and there is a TON left… Any tips on what to do with it? I don’t want to have to waist it all :( I’m a college student an don’t have the money to replace it…

  11. Dimsixx

    I usually use a duo fiber brush, such as MAC 188 to apply. Then I use a beauty blender to blend cream into skin. Works great.

  12. Ingrid

    I use shiseido foundation brush 131. It is soft and dense, easy for precise blending.

  13. Lia

    Real Technique’s Stippling Brush is the best tool for cream blushes, IMO. It has just the right stiffness to it.

  14. .F. K. S.

    Am I too late? Over sunblock/moisturizer and under foundation (either liquid of powder). I use my finger tips. I take a wee dab of color on the tips of each hand, and then tap them all over my cheeks, temples and wherever else I want to apply it. Works like a charm and gets the blood flowing at the same time.

  15. Sandra JT

    When using liquid, wax based, mineral or any other type of foundation, i just stipple my cream blush on after my foundation application using a medium density stippling brush – right now my favorite is one from Bdellium – then set with a silk-based setting powder which I tinted just very slightly yellow. It keeps my blush in place all day & dampens the pigmentation a little bit. Over that I then dust on a tiny bit of a similar shade of loose mineral or pressed powder blush, blending it out very softly, then follow with any powder contouring or bronzing product I might use, then a final mist to set everything.

    I don’t like the results I get using fingers for this type of product.

  16. aileen

    anyone know if it’s necessary to use a setting powder for a cream blush? just curious if it will melt off without setting it.

  17. Chase

    MAC 109 brush pressed into the cream blush several times then pressed onto the cheeks. Then I take the same 109 brush and gently buff the blush out. Works amazingly well.