Urban Decay Torch & Alkaline 24/7 Eyeliners Reviews, Photos, Swatches


Urban Decay Torch 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($20.00 for 0.04 oz.) is a muted, medium-dark copper with warm, red undertones and a matte finish. It was intensely pigmented and was opaque in a single stroke. The consistency was smooth, creamy without being too waxy or too emollient, so it glided on with ease but did not slide around on the lash line. This shade wore well for ten hours on me with very minimal thinning/fading.

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Urban Decay Alkaline 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($20.00 for 0.04 oz.) is a medium-dark, reddish plum with subtle, cool undertones and a mostly matte finish. It had medium, buildable pigmentation (up to mostly opaque) that applied evenly on the lash line and did not skip. The pencil was smooth and velvety going on, but it had a little more waxiness compared to Torch, which might have been why it wasn’t as pigmented from the start. The eyeliner lasted for nine and a half hours with minimal thinning.

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Urban Decay Torch 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Eyeliner)

Urban Decay Torch 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Eyeliner)

Urban Decay Torch 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Eyeliner)

Urban Decay Alkaline 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Eyeliner)

Urban Decay Alkaline 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Eyeliner)

Urban Decay Alkaline 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Eyeliner)

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Christine has normal-to-dry skin with areas of dryness (cheeks, nose, and under the eyes). She has a light-medium skintone with subtle, warmer yellow undertones. Her best foundation matches include: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea in Light-Medium Neutral (best match), Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup in Desert Beige 2N1, Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow in 4.0, Hourglass Warm Ivory Vanish Seamless Finish, Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous in Dusk, MAC NC20/NC25, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Liquid in Y305 (140). For more matches, please read our full Foundation FAQ. For more information on our review process, please read our Review FAQ.

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Thanks for this quick review. Anatomy looks like a very close dupe and since the Basquiat collection is already on sale, I’ll get that one. Seems strange that they’d release two such similar colors so quickly.

Anatomy is super similar – if you have one, you definitely don’t need the other! 🙂 So yes, on sale is better!

Yeah, especially if you also have Sephora fox. They really are too close for comfort(able purchase.). That doesn’t mean not seeing how close in person, when Torch arrives. Well! Alkaline is unduped, unless I have an old Chanel Grenat hanging around, which I think I do. Do like UD pencils, and these look great!

Thanks…yeah, better swatch that puppy for comparison. Got 2 faux blacks, and they escaped me, when they got more melded into storage. Def tms. Gotta use them more.

Why not just do the entire collection together!?Why be such a tease / drag this out? Ppl are really wanting the review of the eyeshadow palette as standing UD stores are letting ppl pre order now! This waiting for a review when you have already previewed looks, is ridiculous! Even Muse already has the palette review up and she is usually behind you! Get on with the palette already!!!

Hi Liltcey,

If you’ve looked at my past reviews, I typically review by product type, which helps keep posts organized and streamlined. I do not review collections in a single post, that’s just not my process 🙂 I also maintain a posting schedule on a daily basis, which means that posts are published throughout the day, not all at once.

I did not have the eyeliners ready for review yesterday, but I had the lipsticks finished in time to post yesterday, so I posted those as soon as I could. I have worked as quickly as I can, but it does take me some time to test 12 eyeshadows for wear along with writing out reviews for each shade and then entering in dupes (anywhere from 10-50 dupes for a single shade – something like a light beige might have over 50 dupes!). I have absolutely prioritized the collection and worked at the speed that I’m capable of, and I can only do my best – I do not compare myself to someone else’s speed.

Luckily, if my speed doesn’t work for your needs, there are great bloggers like Muse that you can rely on instead 🙂

It’s permanent, so why rush it? It will be available through all retailers within a month, so you won’t miss out, nor will you have to wait very long. I plan to buy this palette either way, but I hate ordering online, so I have to wait until mid-July, but I’m not throwing a fit about the way UD is rolling out the release. Again, if it were LE, I would be pretty upset, but once it hits all retailers, I have more options of where to buy-at least ULTA will be one, and the upside is I’ll get Rewards points!

The review will be up before it’s available to purchase (in fact, later today) – is there a reason why this isn’t fast enough / would be upsetting? The earliest the palette can be pre-ordered is 6/12, so I did not there was any issue here. Thank you for your insight!

Well, I do intend to read what Isabella said about Heat, but you have to understand (or you clearly don’t) that this is a vastly different type of blog. Muse has new products, DS, and an acute interest in AB, both skincare and color. She was on that train long before anyone else. But is it in depth, with spreadsheets, product scheduling, ingredient analysis, like Cat on Snow White and the Asian Pear? No. And Isabella does not purport to be. Nor is she Christine. Christine posts no pop culture vids, Dr Who, or Asian boy toys. The humor and the wry view are a reason to follow Muse, for entertainment. She does not claim to do the in depth analysis or databases of dupes, comparison swatches. Christine is excel up the yang yang. Business analysis approach. Please stop to consider the length of time that must be spent on testing, data entry, and comparisons. And how complete collections are reviewed…not a shade or two, like Muse. I like Muse, too, but you are talking apples and oranges. Both bloggers are good, but in radically different ways, with radically different outlooks and purposes. You have to be a bit more patient for depth. Not to mention more understanding. These people you mention are waiting for a UD release, not for a court case or surgery. I find the magnitude of your annoyance quite baffling….and troublesome.

Haha, KJH! I can tell you are an avid reader of the Muse.

Yes, we are very different, and it’s those differences that make reading both blogs less redundant and can give different perspectives on products. Muse is one of my best blogging friends and an amazing lady. I admire how prolific and on top of things she is when I know she still works full time. She has always inspired me with her work ethic and dedication to her blog.

I love both your blog and Muse’s. Asking me which one I like better would be like asking me which of my children I love more.

I think you both got thorough, helpful reviews of these new products written amazingly quickly, and thank you!

Christine, it is at times like this that I wish we had a thumbs up/down for each comment!!! I appreciate the work you do and cannot tell you how much I admire your restraint. This is suppose to be fun and informative and not a race to the finish line. Thank you so much.

You are very kind, thanks Deborah! 🙂 Many years ago, I was more concerned with being first, but I’ve since adjusted my schedule to post swatches ASAP (which may not always tell the right story but often do!) and then the review when it is ready. I do try to prioritize and post what I think the majority of readers want to see sooner rather than later when I can.

I always think of you as a scientist when it comes to makeup reviews. You take time and look at all aspects of the product from how it compares to it’s claim, longevity, quality and comparisons to other products you might already own. I don’t know of any other blog that does that as thorough as you do. I’m grateful for your in depth reviews, appreciate the time and effort you put into your work! Muse is cool too.

SAY IT! Totally agreed. I LOVE all the work Christine puts into the dupe lists etc. Soooo helpful. And for realz, it’s just makeup. Ha.

kjh, I read both Muse and Temptalia and totally agree with you! Different approaches to reviews, but both are well worth reading. And Christine, I’m so sorry you have to deal with such rude remarks on this blog. I know you work super hard for us, posting and reviewing tons of products in detail, thanks so much!

Ate you for real? You are unbelievably rude. Presumably the reason you are waiting for Christine’s review is because she is the most in depth and thorough reviewer out there. That level of detail takes time. You can either deal with it, base your decision on a more superficial review or just order it already and if you don’t like it return it. All of which are better options than coming here and barking at Christine. If I were her I wouldn’t even have justified your misplaced sense of entitlement with a response.

You are very kind!

I still appreciate their criticism, as I know that sometimes I can’t turn around every review as quickly as something is released, so I can understand some of the frustration. I try to my best, and sometimes I miss the mark, but you’ll never find me sitting here, twiddling my thumbs holding back a review for ha has! 😉

I too from time to time wish my favorite bloggers would review x, y, or z faster, or in a different order, but since they provide us with a basically free service (and entertainment), I really can’t complain. Plus I’m willing to wait a little longer for a thorough review vs. a gloss over or “first impression” devoid of important information.

Christine — I think it’s great and amazing really how quickly you got these done at all. In segments makes sense to me, I cannot imagine one huge posting on all the parts of these one collection. You’re amazing, the work you put in and guidance you give is unassailable and invaluable. And free to anyone with a computer — amazing. All kinds of gratitude and respect from me!

This must be the rudest post I’ve read here!

You are a much better person than I am Christine. I would not have bothered to explain my work process.
I follow very few blogs, I follow Temptalia as I know I will get good honest reviews, and a grade system that seems very reliable.

I must thank you for reviewing this new release so quickly.

I don’t have any of the dupes…. well I did order Sephora Sly Like a Fox but it was dried out when I got it. 🙁

I think I’m going to wait for a clearance sale though just to save some money if they don’t sell out.

Even mine dried out …. picked SLF n the other Pink matte which you featured in Top 10 of the year …

both dried and I cannot return …

wonder whyyy ???

Am going to pick these though

sooooo prettyyyyyyy

I think S mfg effed up. Really. Maybe they changed the formula. I did notice the originals in that formula were quite fine for the most part, with good professional and consumer reviews. Then the consumer reviews dropped, both abruptly and drastically. I got 3, including fox. They’re still fine. Being a sceptic, I wonder if they deliberately made them lousy, to d/c them. Their margin wasn’t high enough, so get rid of them.

It’s not just them though. It’s probably the packaging is the #1 reason these gel based tiwst up pencils dry out. Touch of Sol are all dired out and even Marc Jacobs redid thatir packaging as well for this reason.

If the pencils are not air tight with the lid, the combination of a slipped in gel lead rather than encased wood gel pencil makes a huge differnce in how quickly the gel product dried out. it the reason I go with mostly wood/combinate pencils instead of the mechanical twist up ones.

Thanks for reviewing so fast. Was hoping alkaline has a cheaper drug store dupe but oh well. Although I’m excited to see your review of the eyeshadow palette, I understand and appreciate how thorough you make your reviews instead of something quick to get traffic. ud announced the palette will be permanent and it won’t really be available to buy until end of this month, so I think taking a little bit of time for a quality review makes sense. Thank you for all your reviews Christine!

@xamyx mentioned that NYX Oxblood Faux Blacks Eyeliner may be similar!

The review goes up today, but I still needed to finish it up this morning so it will be the last post of the day, but I always intended that it would be up before it was available for sale, since the earliest it can be pre-ordered is 6/12.

Another “dupe” for Alkaline is NYX Faux Blacks Eyeliner in Oxblood. It seems a bit more matte, and a tinge warmer, but for those looking for something less pricey, or (like me) UD pencils just don’t work well, it’s a great alternative.

I have had good luck with some of the Nyx liners, specifically the faux whites they did. Are the faux blacks comparable in formula? I’m still mad that Stila discontinued their Kajal liner. Literally had that stuff in my waterline for days. I still grab the every time I spot them, but it’s so far and few between now.

As soon as I saw UD Torch, I thought, hey that looks just like UD Anatomy, which I have 2 backups of already, love how it matches UD Epigram lipstick, so I’m good. But looks like Alkaline is a must buy for me, such a unique shade

I have Anatomy, so I’m set there. I’ll look at Alkaline in-store; I have only one purple liner (MJ jazzberry, which I like a lot), this is a good one to check out as a possible good addition to my stash.

If you like Jazz(berry), I think you’ll dig this. Or else check out Fine(wine) by MJB if you like the formula enough 🙂

I really like the time and effort put into finding the dupes for new products, Christine. It is a helpful reference. I had a thought that if the eye pencils do not look good on the eyelid, perhaps a person could use them as lip liners. An UD salesclerk in a Macy’s suggested to me to use Woodstock as a lip pencil instead of as an eye pencil. Woodstock looked ghastly on my lid edges but looks great on my lips!

I am definitely getting Torch! That one is just a pure winner in my book, especially for when I use my ABH Modern Renaissance Palette!

I might end up buying both, I am sure I’ll get Alkaline as it’s quite unique. I will check out the probable NYX dupe though.

I don’t think I say this as ofthe as I think you deserve to hear it, Thank you for all the hard work you do, for being honest and for interacting with all who posts!

Alkaline will be mine! This is what I was hoping the palette would be…Thank you for reviewing everything so quickly!

Too bad Alkaline is the weakest of the two, I really love the color. Torch is a beautiful shade too, but I just don’t see how I could wear it on my eyes.

I really like Alkaline! I’m not sure if the shade would work great for me, but I do think it’s pretty!

Do you think the eye pencils would work ok as lip liners as well (if you don’t fill in the whole lip, just the lip line)? I have been looking everywhere for a colour like “Torch” to match one of my lipsticks, but I can’t find one… thanks for the review 🙂

Good colors — I’m surprised it took UD so long to get here (though I guess Anatomy hit the shelves earlier, but that’s still this year). These both seem like colors that should have been part of their line all along, especially the red. (Maybe they’ve had similar colors in the past that were discontinued? Not as familiar with UD’s history.) Anyway, I have both Fine Wine and Anatomy, so I’m covered.

There are plenty of YouTube reviews up.I watched 3 last night June 9th.Today is the 10th.Christine’s reviews are in depth,detailed,and each shadow is tested without primer and worn for a lengthy period of time.I trust her reviews.She is honest and if something isn’t good she lets us know.If I’m on the fence about something Christine helps me make my final decision everytime.She reviews a ton of product and does a fabulous job.Some people have no patience.Like many have already said it’s just makeup calm down.That being said from what I’ve seen on Jackie Aina,Angel Merino,and Babsbeauty’s channels the palette looks pretty good in action on the eyes and the mattes look creamy.Im going to purchase on the 12th.

At first I thought they were lip pencil shades, and if they were, they were gorgeous. But as eye pencils – this would work too if you only wanted these kinds of colours instead of buying a whole palette.

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