Introduction to Urban Decay

Introduction to Urban Decay

I’m new to this brand. Where should I start?

What would you recommend to someone just trying Urban Decay for the first time?

Introduction to Urban Decay


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Tova J Avatar

I only own two products from Urban Decay but I absolutely love them – Naked Skin concealer and Electric Palette! I’d recommend the concealer to anyone (it’s just my favorite formula), and for someone who likes bold colours Electric Palette is a must have!

Tova J Avatar

Ohh well there’s a lot of hype around it of course. I needed a new concealer and I had heard good reviews for UD’s so I just went for it. As for the Electric palette, it was one of the more easy accessible bright palettes and I didn’t have anything like it!

Erin Avatar

I found Naked 2 to still be too warm to be called cool. About half the shadows worked on me. I think Naked 3 works because almost everyone looks good in pinks/peaches/taupe-y shades even if they are a bit warmer. While not cool themselves, perhaps “warm tones that look better on cool toned people than our other offerings” would have been a better marketing pitch!

Megan Avatar

Your assessment is so interesting!! I am also a cool toned person and I love Naked2, mainly for the Tease/ Snakebite/ Suspect/ Pistol/ Verve/ YDK colors. I don’t think they are cool per se, but they are cooler than the first Naked palette, which I think is gorgeous but don’t use as much as the second one.

I have Naked3 and I have used it maybe once. I just can’t seem to make it flatter me. Maybe I haven’t tried the right combinations though…

The Silver Nail Avatar

If someone had never tried UD before, I’d recommend one of their travel sets that had several things they could wear, such as the Naked on the Run set. For newbies who maybe aren’t used to spending so much on one product, this would let them try some eye shadows, a blush, a bronzer, an eye pencil, and a lip product.

UD’s old Shattered Face Case is what got me hooked!

Nancy T Avatar

Definitely get a Naked palette, be it the Original, 2, 3, or Smoky! One caveat however with 1 or 2, make SURE you really know your true undertone! I say this because swatched on the back of your hand or arm, they don’t seem too different, but applied is another story! I genuinely wish I’d have gotten Original instead of 2.

I would also say to try their lipsticks and blushes, because they are beautifully pigmented and have VERY comfortable formulas. Some of my favorite picks are Rapture blush, Liar and Catfight Lipsticks, and the Matte Revolution lipstick in After Dark.

Single eyeshadow picks: Roach, Sin, Rockstar, X, Fireball, Dive Bar and Tonic! And I desperately want to see UD release Junkie as a single, too!

A Avatar

Nice list. Hmm, Mushroom (eyeshadow) looks like cool grey on me, weird.
Also, I have 5/7 of your eyeliner picks, and I only have 6 of them total, so looks like I made good choices!

Julie Avatar

I have the same experience! I would say both the eyeshadow & eyeliner are about the closest thing I have to truly neutral (On me). They’re basically the warmest I can go, so I use them whenever I want to look warm-ish. The eyeshadow works for me, as long as I don’t sheer it out above my crease. Actually, Sin is like that for me, as well, and they pair up quite nicely!

I love all these UD picks, especially Mushroom and Rockstar! My favorite, though, is probably the 24/7 pencil in Sabbath. It’s one of the deepest blues I have found, and I love to use it on my upper lash line during minimal makeup days.

Pearl Avatar

I was in Sephora last night with my best friend, a die hard MAC fan like myself, and I sold her on the UD Gwen palette! I am new to the brand myself but I think the eye shadows and/or palettes will become a staple purchase for me. My favorite makeup products are eye shadow and lipstick, and I really like UD’s eye shadow palettes, so I would tell someone new to the brand to start there.

Anita Avatar

I absolutly love the eyeshadow primer potion and can’t use eyeshadow without it because my eyelids are so oily – that was the product that caught my attention in the first place. Now, I’m the proud owner of a Naked 1, Smoky pallete, several eyeliners and, most recently, I discovered the Perversion mascara….just in love with it! Maybe I’ll try the concelear next time since I’ve read such good reviews.

Leslie Avatar

Outside of the color arena, I’d recommend the UD original eye primer, it’s fantastic!! I also agree that an all-in-one like Urban on the Run would be great for a new comer to the brand.

Karen Avatar

Love UD line all of it. Always big on the lipsticks and 24/7 eyeliners. There’s nothing I wouldn’t recommend except that I would say the Nakeds are good for warm undertones so maybe try something like Smoky or Vice first if not.

Ray Avatar

Great list! Bust is a wonderful eyeshadow shade that doesn’t seem to get much love. Virgin is the quintessential highlight shade, and I know a lot of people who wear Sin or Half Baked every single day. Ladyflower is a major fave in the lipstick category, and the eyeshadow primer is an essential workhorse product.

Mariella Avatar

I love Urban Decay. I am WAAAY past their target market, I’m sure but that doesn’t stop me. I’d recommend either the original Naked Palette or either of the Naked Basics (my personal preference is Naked2Basics), UDPP for sure and also their newer lipsticks (Manic, F-Bomb and Rapture are my favourites). I also like their new blushes as well.

Helene Avatar

Any of the Naked palettes, I have and love them all. My skintone is quite neutral so that could be the reason I like them all.
Perversion eyeliner, it is fantastic, so rich and so black.
Lipsticks Venom and F-bomb.
I don’t think my choises, except for the Naked palettes are for anyone who might be intimidated of strong colours.
I must try the blushes, Bittersweet is very tempting. I also need to get the foundation I was trying, it looked so good. Must find the little jar so I can see the name of it.

Genevieve Avatar

I would recommend either Naked 1 or 2 depending on your skin tone definitely. These are holy grail palettes of perfect quality. If you are into colours – the Spectrum palette has it all, especially if you are cool toned. Even though I prefer cool toned colours I do love Mushroom…. As for their other palettes, I would check out how many of the colours you would actually use and see if it is cost effective for you to buy (Vice palettes, book of shadows etc.)

Erin Avatar

Gosh, that would depend on their stash! I’d recommend trying the base products, one of the Naked Basics if they were short on neutrals, and depending on their coloring or preferences the lipsticks, glosses, eyeliners, and eyeshadows. I have yet to try to try the new blushes though they look rather exceptional. I like about 80% of what they put out, so it’s a safe bet to recommend most of the collection!

Rachel R. Avatar

These are all great products, I think, though I don’t own every single one.

*I’d recommend grabbing the Gwen Stefani palette while it’s out. It’s more varied and versatile than first meets the eye (sorry about the pun). I’ve seen some pretty dramatic and colorful looks done with this, as well as easy daytime neutral and glamorous pin-up style eyes.

From the permanent Line:

*Grindhouse pencil sharpener. One of the best I’ve ever used.

*Primer Potion. I like Too Faced Shadow Insurance better, but PP is a close second.

*Really, most of their single eyeshadows, eyeliner pencils, lipsticks and lipliners. Of course, UD does great nude shadows, but they also make fantastic blues, greens, teals and purples whereas most brands have major fails with these shades. Woodstock is an amazing hot pink shadow. UD’s 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Perversion is my HG black pencil liner. Roach is my HG brown eyeliner pencil. I also love Deep End, Woodstock, Chaos, Tornado, and Psychelic Sister. Rapture, Sheer Rapture, Sheer Coral, Liar, Anarchy, 69, Gash, and F-Bomb lipsticks (I haven’t tried any of the mattes yet).

*Ozone is a great lipliner to start with, as it goes with anything and can also be used as a primer over the entire lip.

*The Electric Palette is a must-have for brights lovers.

*Afterglow Blush, especially Rapture and Bittersweet. I think they’re both beautiful, unique and high-quality. I’d steer people away from the Flushed palettes. I think they’re awful.

*Subversion lash primer and Perversion Mascara.

*Anything from the Naked and Naked Basics eye palettes, just make sure it work with their skin shade and undertones. I didn’t get Naked,Naked 2, or Smoky, as I felt they had too many of the kinds of medium-browns and grays that go muddy on me when I use them together. I think they are all nice palettes, though. I prefer Smoked to the Smoky palette, as I like more color variety. I think Smoked is an excellent palette. The original Naked Basics is my favorite from the Naked line, and I find it incredibly versatile. I also like Naked 3 a lot. Naked on the Run is an excellent travel palette.

Katherine T. Avatar

I would recommend starting with one of the Naked Palettes, then add some of their singles ( Dive Bar, Tonic, Backfire) and if you like sparkles, Moondust shadow in Vortex is my fave, and Bittersweet Blush

Lexi L Avatar

I use a ton of urban decay but what got me started on them was the 24/7 liners. The array of colors is just fantastic and you’re not really a UD junkie unless you have about 5 in various versions of purple. For someone new I would agree that the naked basics are great introductions because you won’t error on the side of too much satin or shimmer which looks terrible on woman of a particular age when applied incorrectly. Also their all nighter liner is the only one that lasts in my waterline all day and I love that you don’t have to sharpen it.

Bea Avatar

Great selection! I have several of the Warm picks myself (Lounge, Catfight, Scorch) and I’m thrilled with them all. I’d also recommend Voodoo or one of their other purple 24/7 liners, and Smog as a versatile bronze liner.

rashmi Avatar

I’m so crazy about the five waya series and still follow old post to complete my stash
which to me is nearly perfect with all the reviews you share with us

having said that
I still dont own original naked palette

you think I should buy that ??

I have naked 2 n 3 , smoked n vice 3 , pulp fiction ….
naked original and naked smokey are missing
m most worried about the original though
pls pour in your suggestions

as far as my two cents

UD revolution in shades like Anarchy , Catfight , Jilted , Gash are my absolute fav
1993 and bad blood is another stunner
love palettes like smoked and UD 3
and linersssssss
mars , deep end and covet 🙂

Traycie Avatar

Most of the entire line is fabulous . I would tell them what not to buy to help them out. If they wore contacts , I would not recommend Perverson. Way too creamy. I would not recomend the cheek highlighters and the naked smoky.

Amy Avatar

Dang, I really wish I could have read this post before I bought Naked 2. I’m definitely warm and I didn’t understand why the colors always looked a little funky on my eyes until just now. Do you have any recommendations on how to make the shades look a little more cohesive in a look Christine? Maybe by adding in another (warmer) color? Any advice appreciated 🙂

ps what are some really good UD singles? I’ve really been wanting to get a few!!

Christine Avatar

What kind of colors are you into? Finishes? Undertones? They have a pretty big range, so let me know a little more about preferences so I can suggest a few 🙂

Have you considered taking some of the Naked2 colors and pairing with one or two more overtly warm-toned shades in your stash? Might not be ideal but it could work. You could also use a warmer cream eyeshadow as a base underneath!

Amy Avatar

I’m looking for some neutral shades I could use every day, or some really special shades that you feel that they do really well and would be hard to find elsewhere. I’m thinking matte, because most palettes are filled with shimmers and I have trouble doing a completely shimmery eye with all sorts of glitter in the crease (I just feel like glitter gets everywhere). Thanks Christine!!

Trish Avatar

Oh great, thanks for reminding me how much more stuff I want from Urban Decay! 🙂 I love their lipsticks. My favorites are Anarchy, F-Bomb, Venom, Liar, and Matte Bittersweet. I’m in love with Bittersweet, and I need to get more of their mattes since they are so beautiful and comfortable. And the Naked palettes. When I started wearing makeup again regularly, I didn’t have any good neutrals, so I got Naked 2 and it has worked really well for me (my skin tone is kind of neutral but leans just a little cool).

Pteetsa Avatar

I’ve been a big fan of Urban Decay ever since they came out with their subversive and unusual color names. I didn’t use to wear much makeup, but I always had something Urban Decay around.

I would recommend any of the eyeshadow singles. My favorites are Roach (the best!), Mildew, Lounge, and Scratch. The new Afterglow blushes are also great. I love Rapture.

Daisy Avatar

I recommend the eye primer, setting spray and certain eyeshadows, not my favorite formula but like Mac, it’s a reliable formula for certain shades. I like Roach and Toasted the most.

Eye primer is my holy grail though. I swear twelve hours of wear and when I take off my makeup, everything has faded except my eyeshadow and eye liner. It’s holy grail status for me that I have not tried anything else. I purchase this and only this.

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