Sneak Peek: Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Photos & Swatches -- The Purples

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick ($17.00 for oz.) is a new formula that will debut on June 5th. It will have 120 shades total, with 20 of those shades exclusively available at Sephora (subsequently, Sephora will not have 20 shades–each retailer will have 100 shades in total). There are six finishes, and some you’ll recognize; Cream = the original Revolution formula, Comfort Matte = the Matte Revolution formula, and Sheer/Sheer Shimmer = the Sheer Revolution formula. As you might imagine, 120 is a beastly number of shades to photograph, swatch, and edit (let alone review–I will be reviewing shades from the different finishes well in advance of the launch date, but I definitely will not have all reviewed by the 5th but will work toward eventual completion!). I’m going to preview swatches in color groups, which is sort of how I have them arranged/ordered. I haven’t even finished swatching all 120 yet (!) — I just started editing some of the photos I took yesterday, and purples are first! I hope to post a few groups tomorrow as I’ll spend most of today editing photos.


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Erin Avatar

Mmmm, maybe a little much. So long as there’s no duplicates within the 120, it should be fine imo. Though Jawbreaker and Pandemonium look just sliiiightly similar but be a little redundant. I imagine it might be two shades that look better/different on different skin tones πŸ™‚ Maybe they’re going for such a large amount to make sure there’s something for everyone!

I’m tempted to pick up Speedball as that shade has a nice sheen to it and I love the color! Though I’ll hold off until the actual review is posted.

Deborah Avatar

I agree – I think it is thoughtful for a brand to put out a lot of different colors since so many of us like different shades/colors. I always have appreciated the fact that MAC has tried to do this over the years with their lipstick and eye shadow.

Jenn Avatar

I think it depends. Some of the shades that might look identical on one person, could still look very different on another person depending on their undertones, the strength of those undertones, and whether their lips are pigmented or not. Ultimately, though I think it’s great to have such a large variety of colors b/c everyone will be able to find something they love, regardless of their skin tone.

Julie Avatar

Kind of my dream, the almost same color with different finishes without having to doctor the lipstick up with glosses or powder. Pure heaven from the tube.

Katie L Avatar

I agree to a certain extent. I am a little over whelmed with all the shades, and it is kind of making it hard to determine which ones I will purchase.

I appreciate that there will be shades that are good for a lot of skin tones, though.

Nancy T Avatar

There are some real STUNNERS here! Bittersweet doesn’t seem to appear as matte as previously, though. Or , at least my tube doesn’t.
Cruz, Twitch and Violate look really good. And very intriguing! The dark purples, though…. Idk. I had wanted Pandemonium so badly, hopefully it does better in its review than initial swatches indicate.

Christine Avatar

In general, the “Comfort Matte” finish has been reading more like a true satin than a matte, IMO. I really have not had much time to process the range yet, and I anticipate doing a comparison post after I get all the swatches done and photos edited for the new stuff! My other thought is mostly that there are redundant shades but in different finishes.

Carly Avatar

Could you possibly add the finish of each shade? The matte revolution lipsticks weren’t very matte so I have a hard time distinguishing between what is “comfort matte” and “cream.”
These are beautiful for the most part! Pandemonium and Jawbreaker look a little patchy though, and they are so close in color! They could be dupes for each other.

Christine Avatar

Please see the original launch post for detailed list of finishes:

The photos, swatches, etc. are automagically populated, so I cannot add more information that doesn’t already exist with the shade name.

Anna Avatar

This will be an insane amount of work for you! I am not in any rush to buy new lipsticks so will wait until I have seen reviews. I am looking forward to seeing the comparisons between old and new lipsticks that are being relaunched.

Christine Avatar

I am trying to stay motivated (it’s not too bad, really!), but when I was starting to get ready–you’d be surprised, but it took over an hour just to open and arrange tubes for a group shot–I was like, “That’s 720 photos… not including group shots, ingredients, etc.” And then I thought about the review process and realized I won’t even come close to getting them all done by June 5th, LOL!

So the encouragement is much-needed and appreciated, Anna! Thank you!

Maggie Avatar

I am cheering you on! I just realized that even if you were able to test 3 lipsticks for wear time per day on no sleep that there is STILL no way you can get this done on time. Everyone comes to you for honest and quality reviews and that always takes time and effort. That is VERY much appreciated so please take your time! I am super thankful you are doing sneak peeks and that this launch occurred before I did a NARS Audacious haul. I am excited!!! Thank you!

Christine Avatar

Haha, yes, I used three as an average per day marker, and it’d be 40 days – and while I enjoy UD, inevitably I will be testing other products between then and now as well, so I’m guessing at least 2 months, if not closer to 3, for all reviewed. My approach will be to spend the next week or so testing more heavily and across finishes, so that I can get some data points out there. It would be a surprise if with 120 shades that they were all wildly different in performance, but we’ll see.

Nancy T Avatar

That is one seriously HEAVY workload when one stops and really thinks of what this will entail! Just know that your hard work and dedication to this, the most respected and reliable of my blogs, is highly appreciated by us. I definitely understand how time consumptive this massive amount of lipstick reviews will be. I don’t believe any of us in here need to buy a *specific* lipstick on June 5th, so patience on our collective part I’m sure will help you out.

Sarah Avatar

I hope you realize the how much we appreciate the staggering amount of work you do for the beauty community. Your reviews are always spot on and your photography, organization and comments are invaluable. I use this website so much it’s crazy. Can’t imagine my life without it.

Tiffany Avatar

Hey Christine,

Just wanted to say thank you for working so hard and getting these swatches out already. It can’t be easy but your previews are always the best/very appreciated. Have a good weekend! πŸ˜€

Alexandra Avatar

I actually just got the original Bittersweet in the mail today and the shades look totally different to me. This one looks way pinker. I’m super super excited if you do get around to comparison post!

Eliz Avatar

Nice to meet you, Violate…come to mama! What a nice shade. And, wow, 120 shades. At least they are keeping many of the tried-and-true favorites. Thanks for the sneak peek.

Lacey Avatar

I’ve been wondering what your plan of attack for this launch would be, or if you were going to do them ALL. I admire your dedication!

Super cool pinks and purples aren’t the most flattering on me, but good to see that these swatch well overall. The darker shades seem a bit iffy, but they might work better over a primer or liner.

Christine Avatar

Thank you, Lacey! I was originally going to try and release swatches in 30-40-shade chunks, but by 12 today, I was lucky to get these 12 edited, LOL! Plus, it is easier to keep track of what is posted/still to go when it’s by shade, and I think it organizes the posts/swatches better for readers (hopefully).

Maggie Avatar

I like the way it is organized so far. I think in terms of color, then tone, then finish in that order when choosing a lipstick. So this seems great!

Kylie5 Avatar

The First three colours which Are more Pink Are noticed.
So for now I have already 3 of 120 to buy.
Waiting for the next swatches.

Nicole Avatar

Some of these look quite nice! I like Violate (freaking hate the name though), ZZ, Bittersweet and Notorious. Just wanted to say thank you, Christine, for all the time and effort that goes into reviewing in general, but especially such large collections like this!

Tiffany Avatar

I have been a little skeptical of this release considering how good the Revolution formula is and the fact that the price is a fair amount cheaper (most companies don’t lower their prices when improving quality); however, these swatches have me interested. Most of these look really good. I am set on lipstick for now, so I’ll wait for reviews. I think your method for working through these is great! Thanks for all your hard work!

Claire L Avatar

This makes me very happy! All the purples, what’s not to love?! I love all the medium pinky-purples and dark purples, it’s going to be very difficult to choose amongst those, never mind amongst the other 100 shades, haha! Do you know if this is a permanent thing or just for a limited time?

Lodawn Avatar

These look beautiful! I am really happy they reformulated them and lowered the price. I hated their last formula. They were so drying!

Anne Avatar

Oh my god, thank you for these! I’m so looking forward to this collection, especially the purples! I’ll have to start saving right now so that I can do a major haul as soon as these babies launch…

_An_ Avatar

WOW, first of all, thank you for sharing these swatches I know this collection is going to be a ton of work.

Violate looks nice, but maybe a bit cool/pastel.

I look forward to your reviews and notes. I’m not in a rush to get these new lipsticks. x)

Gillian Avatar

I am so excited for this release! My only problem is lack of funds to be able to purchase all of them! I don’t need anymore lipsticks but I’ve had such good luck with their current lipstick range that I can’t help but want to fill every gap in my lipstick collection with one of these.

Wednesday Avatar

OMG this rocks!!! I’ve had an insane day, super hot and I was so completely covered in grime and dust dealing with mechanical problems all day and my air con crapped out in my tractor and so was forced to have my rear window cranked open and the dust and dirt and diesel fumes.. OMG it’s so nice to be in the house showered and looking at purple lipstick. I could kiss you. ?

Violate and Notorious are my favs of this bunch.

Audri Avatar

I’m a HUGE Urban Decay lipstick fan and I cannot wait for this new line! UD lipsticks are the one brand I own that never feathers, has intense pigmentation that won’t budge, and is just the right amount of hydrating. I’m obsessed with purples and magentas so I can’t wait to get my hands on these! I’ve already added Violate, Cruz, ZZ, Twitch, and Vanity Kills to my list. Bittersweet has been a mega favorite of mine forever! This collection will kill my wallet, especially after I stocked up on a few of my Revolution favorites after they went on sale for $11 this week!

Alison Avatar

Violate will be mine…and I imagine many others, too. Christine, I can’t thank you enough for doing this. Even just seeing the swatches is really helpful in determining whether or not I will like a shade. There’s a reason why you’re the first and sometimes only makeup blog that many people, including myself, turn to!

Gielle Avatar

I can’t wait for the mauves and nudes!! I’m super excited about this launch, so much to choose from, I am bound to find something perfect for me!

Zoe Avatar

And so it begins!
Good luck, girl.

Surprised so many of these purples are similar in color. Jawbreaker and Pandemonium are practically dupes for each other. Hope there are more berry and dark purples on the way.

Helene Avatar

I’m glad you started with the most tempting colour. I drool and feel very Pokemon-y (catch them all).
Take your time, testing this release. I’d rather wait for your reviews then throw good money after bad lipsticks. Not that I expect UD to make bad products, but sometimes it happens to the best.

Have a nice weekend y’all!

Tatiana Avatar

I really do appreciate you trying on and swatching all these colors. What an incredible amount of work. My lips are feeling dry and parched just thinking about putting on and take off all those colors. You do such amazing swatches! I’m in no rush, so I’ll wait and see if any of the colors move me enough to buy. Thanks again for taking on this huge task.

Katherine T. Avatar

OMG, me LOVES purple lippies!! The last 2 swatches look like there’s some weird clumping on the arm (but not on lips) , but other than that, these all look awesome! Even the pastel pinks and purples look good, and those can be really hard to get right, without looking dry, patchy, and chalky. And since purples are so hard to get right, I bet the rest of the colors look just as good, if not better. Very excited!!

Lulle Avatar

The task of reviewing 120 shades of lipstick sounds daunting, lol!
I was wondering how they could come up with 120 shades without any dupes, but already 2 of these 11 shades, Jawbreaker and Pandemonium, look very close – close enough to be called dupes I’d say!

Julie Avatar

I definitely want to say thank you, I’ve been so excited about the new colors, I hope UD has also thanked you!
The first colors are beautiful and colors are amazing. The finishes are stunning and I cannot wait for the rest to find out how much the damage comes to! I’m in love with violate, and really want speedball. Whew, too much emotion. Lol.

Hana Avatar

Hi Christine! I am so excited to see the swatches and reviews (you always do such an amazing job) and I hope we as readers will help you stay motivated <3.

A question not related to the colors: How is the packaging? I know a lot of people weren't happy with some of the most recent packaging (e.g. Alice through the looking glass) as it felt cheap and really difficult to open. The finish looks really nice in the photos, but I was wondering if it had a nice weight or smoother mechanism given the price drop.

Rochelle Avatar

I have to ask. How does the formula compare to the Nars Audacious Lipstick line and the EstΓ©e Lauder Envy Lipsticks?

Veronica Avatar

While their color line is impressive, I’m rather curious just how long they can sustain this kind of variety sales-wise. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it pare down as time wears on. I’m glad to see the quality is more or less consistent, though.

yolanda Avatar

i really wanna know which purple lipstick is that ruby rose wore in the ud vcommercial!!!
if anyone know plz tell me!

Quinctia Avatar

Oooh yay, purples! I guess Rapture’s gonna end up with the berries or with slightly more pinkish colors?

Pandemonium looks more interesting as a bullet than once swatched out, which is interesting. And it’ll be cool if I could finally check out some form of Speedball in person, since it was once an UD exclusive shade.

Patiently awaiting the sparklier ones. πŸ™‚

Mollie Avatar

Some of these look awesome! Did UD give you an ingredients list? I’ve got allergies so I’m trying to calm my excitement until I know if I will even be able to wear them. Thanks!

KJH Avatar

Idk. But, would you mind sharing some of the allergens that provoke you in lipstick? Think I’m a bit sensitive to new bite. Stings around the lip line (vermillion border, to clarify.)

Dova Avatar

I hope I’m not too late to the party. I wanted to ask your opinion on the packaging, Christine. I love the old one, it’s so sleek and sturdy. And I heard that Alice collection packaging is cheap plastic so I got concerned. Is the new packaging as sturdy-feeling as the old?

jaz Avatar

Hmm. These look interesting – especially the deeper purples. I think I will look into them later this summer- once I’m off of my makeup low- buy.

Kendall Avatar

Violate is literally everything I’ve ever wanted from a lipstick. I hope the formula’s similar to the Gwen Stefani Lipsticks- I adore mine and I find it’s super long lasting and hydrating.

Liz W. Avatar

Vanity Kills ??? As soon as I knew that UD is releasing the all new 120 Vice lipsticks, I’ve been dying to see real swatches of them. Then I saw your posts/notifications on IG & FB, and I was like OMG! And then I read that the lavender & purple group are up first, and I was like OMFG!! This really made my day! Because these are my kind of shades and I really love them especially the lighter ones. I fell in love with Vanity Kills as soon as I saw it, definitely getting it & I’m really excited. ZZ is also a very lovely shade, definitely on my list also. Thank you 120x in advance Christine, really appreciated this. Looking forward to seeing & reading your review on this (& more swatches too) Wishing & hoping that the lavender group will be up first on it also. Thank you again & more power. Xoxoxo, always.
Liz W.

LadyPink Avatar

Are the cream ones really comfy cause my male submissive wants to try either twitch or vanity kills and he has sensory processing disorder so he can’t have anything sticky or glittery that feels weird on his lips..

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