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Sephora kicks off its’ Spring Bonus Beauty Insider Event in April! Here are the short and sweet details (fine print here):

Start Dates & Codes

  • Rouge: 15% off, valid 4/13 through 4/16, 4/20 through 4/23, use code YAYROUGE
  • VIB: 15% off, valid 4/20 through 4/23, use code YAYVIB
  • BI: 10% off, valid 4/20 through 4/23, use code YAYINSIDER

I don’t have much that I know I’m going to get–it’s more likely that new products will launch during the sale dates, and I’ll be buying some of those items (depending on what launches, of course!). So, here’s my tentative list:

What’s on your list? What do you want to be talked into or out of? Comment below using the following format (and please make sure to observe whether someone is looking to be talked into or out of a product and respect that direction!)

  • Talk You Into or Out of?:
  • Item you want:
  • Why you want it:
  • Why you are hesitating:

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Also, I thought it might be useful to highlight some of the bestselling formulas at Sephora that I’ve also reviewed  and link below for those looking for a deep dive into research prior to purchasing:

You may also find our roundup of the top 100 products released from January through March this year useful (but will include products available at all retailers, not just Sephora).  Similarly, our Best of 2017 posts include picks across categories and price points with many products picked being permanent.  I also put together annual gift guides during the holiday season using only permanent products, so you can find even more picks from 2017’s gift guides.

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Talk You Into or Out of?: Either one, just looking for feedback.
Item you want: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
Why you want it: Most lipsticks get all over my Invisalign so I’m only wearing long-wear liquid lips. My lips are wrecked.
Why you are hesitating: I’m supposed to be on a no buy through May, but arguably that’s just on actual makeup products. I have a ton of lip balms but the only thing I have similar to this is the Bite Agave mask and it doesn’t seem to be working. Not to mention my husband kisses me good-night and says it feels like wheel-bearing grease.

Should I buy it?

I like the Lip Sleeping Mask, but it never became a go-to for me after a particularly rough day of lip swatching or testing, though it seems extremely well-loved. I still found myself opting for Bite’s Agave Lip Mask or Hourglass’ Lip Oil.

You might try looking through some of the lip balms you have and seeing what the major ingredients are, because my guess is if they are similar, then it might not be better, you know? Laneige definitely has more of a smooth, non-tacky, almost primer-like feel on compared to the Agave Lip Mask, which is definitely very tacky!

Can I recommend a really inexpensive alternative to try? O’Keeffe’s unscented lip repair is one of the few lip balms that has ever worked for me. I’m sensitive to lanolin, essential oils, etc., and this has worked really well for me. I just use it at night, and I can still feel some in the morning. The Laneige I liked okay, but I didn’t find it as moisturizing. However it does have petrolatum if you’re avoiding that.

I got the Laneige lip mask as a point perk some time back. I’d heard so many great things but honestly wasn’t impressed :/ I tried it a few times but still didn’t feel it did much. I bought the Aquaphor Lip Repair at the drugstore and slept with it and noticed a difference. I haven’t personally tried, but lanolin is also very helpful with chapped lips. Hope this helps! 🙂

If you’re not allergic to lanolin or other ingredients in Vermont’s Original Bag Balm, give that a shot. I found it recommended for chapped hands on a dermatologist blog but fans say to use it on everything except hair. I LOVE it for my lips. I used to be addicted to lip balms but now I just use this once a day if even that.

A dermatologist would tell you to not use balms with fragrance or essential oils BC these are irritants. Same with cinnamon.

Here’s what I’m doing: getting the mini lip sleeping and waterbomb (iir the name c) combo set from yesstyle, and that will tide me through until S fall sale. Bite agave became a big no for me, too. To start with, can’t get it out of the tube. I put long-forgotten Paula Lip and Body over the lip sleeping; seals it in, far better results than the bite. Am ‘outgrowing’ reactions to aloe..and prob can commit to fs by fall for both, but not now. Or just get the fs now. Color cos is a completely different thing, and usually completely justified for a no buy. Lip sleeping is a treatment, not an appearance item. Color cos is a ‘want’ in most instances. Skincare has some need factor, and want vs. need is a sliding scale, depending on the usual factors.

By chance I came across an almost exact dupe of the Laneige Lip Mask on Ultas website. The brand name is Mamonde, and both brands (Laneige and Mamonde) are under the Amorepacific umbrella. I use them both, love them both, and the Mamonde is $14 for the same amount of product. It heals my daughter’s lips overnight, even when they’re at their worst!

Talked into: Or talked out of. I don’t want to be talked into it if it’s not worth it.

What: A facial steamer.

Why you want it: Always up for something to make my skin smoother/pores smaller, etc. Seems like a good way to relax. Anti-aging perhaps?

Hesitation: Price. And having another unused item in the bathroom for the price. I probably won’t get one but at $150 (for the Dr. Dennis Gross one anyway) the sale is the time to buy it. Maybe somebody knows one that is a better price but still worth it?

I love to steam my face I’m thinking the broken capillaries would be with extreme? I bought one very inexpensive years ago and love it. I put alittle cinnamon in the water. Otherwise boil a pan of water and use a towel😝

I have one that I bought at Target a few years ago. I don’t think I spent more than $25-$30 and it works great. ***Just be sure to follow all the instructions about the type of water and temperature/heat so you don’t injure your skin***. It seems that you may be paying for the name with the Dr. Gross one. (In my opinion many of Sephora’s appliances are way overpriced, if you get the Ulta 20% coupon you’d probably save a bunch too.

To-buy list: Milk blur stick, Amika dry shampoo, UD Perversion mascara, Milk watermelon serum.

Maybe (talk me into or out of it): UD Troublemaker palette. I really only want Relish and Afterhours, but the whole palette is $1 cheaper than a single and I can depot it into a glamtech palette & give away the ones I don’t want.

If you’re confident you’d depot the whole palette and use it that way, I don’t think it’s a bad way to go. You still get a good amount in each pan in the palette!

I did that with the UD Kaleidoscope palette. I only wanted Corona and was able to get it on sale with an extra 15% off. I will pass along the rest of the palette and keep the shades I want at a great price.

Talk You Into or Out of?: C-Tango Muli-Vitamin Eye Cream
Item you want: C-Tango Multi-Vitamin Eye Cream
Why you want it: I’ve been using eye creams forever with various drying acne treatments and I’m always on the lookout for those that don’t irritate my eyes, yet are still fairly effective at moisturizing and youthifying my eye area
Why you are hesitating: The price!! If DE products weren’t so consistently effective, I wouldn’t get it.

It’s dropping on April 24th along with a coconut-scented summer collection !
And by the way, the bronzer is coming back permanently.

Talk my in to/ out of, pros vs. cons of the *one* special something that I was planning on and waiting patiently for the Sephora sale to get: Pat McGrath Decadence Palette. I absolutely LOVE it, but just very recently learned that 2 of the 10 shades DO have sodium saccharin in them and I have a sulfa allergy (sodium saccharin is a sulfa, unfortunately, but her 2 shadows show it lower on the ingredient list that TF Chocolate or Peach palettes?) I just don’t know what to do! This was a very unexpected find, so I wasn’t mentally prepared to nix it? Mind you, those 2 shades would only be used on center lid in a halo, IF at all. Help!

No help here on the tmi vs o, but if you do get it, I would f’sure patch test the offenders with occlusive tape somewhere reasonably sensitive and sleep with it. If you wake up, swell, itch, whatever, get those offenders out of your palette, before some of the saccharine falls out into the shades you can use. Do antihistamines help? I was able to wear mufe waterweight despite allergy to BS for about 4 hours, when I took Zyrtec and chlortrimeton beforehand. Always do your cost/benefit. Is it worth it to pay 125- the 15%, for X shadows, minus the 2 to 3 you could not use? Cost per pan that way? #dupes you have for each? I know it’s drop dead gorgeous, but don’t be plunking the card down just to have those colors in one place. I’d wager you have close dupes on all, though you might have to pull out 4 palettes/ singles. We all are easy prey for quality HE dazzlers. So, good luck.

Yeah, and that was one four hour wear, with red face in the AM, but no welts. My rethought is to boycott all products with saccharine, do your research, and pray Ms Pat discontinues using that sweetner. (Sp?). I can’t believe we s.t. put beauty before health. Step back and think how nuts that sounds.

I did the math, KJH! $13 and change per each of the 8 remaining shades. Not horrible, yet still a bit much, I’d say. I did see that I do have a few dupes: CP Coconut and EEG&G dark blackened teal, MAC Sable. Not one for all 8, though. Do have dupes for the 2 shades that I’m nervous about, though! Still painfully undecided.

I was going to suggest that you go swatch them in the store and see if you react, but of course they don’t actually generally carry those high-end palettes in store :/

Over all I feel like if you’re going to spend that much on a palette you should feel confident that you can use all of the colors. Maybe join me in waiting for Pat McGrath to release a palette you feel 100% about?

I’ve made a decision. I’m not going to buy it. Perhaps it’s time for me to become proactive against the use of this chemical sweetener being used in beauty products instead of my just complaining about it. As in a petition, writing to the companies who are actively using it, always keeping the information out there for others with sulfa allergies, etc.

I have a sulfa allergy too (like no drugs prescribed with this) but have never heard of it being in makeup or having to look for it… Have you had a reaction to cosmetics with sulfa? Should I be worried?

Hi Tina, yes, I did have a rather serious reaction to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette just over 4 years ago. It was culmiltive in its effects, so at first, I had no idea what was going on. By day 4, I knew it was the palette. The problem is that sodium saccharin is a SULFA, and for reasons that continue to baffle me, Too Faced, and now Pat McGrath, are adding that to eyeshadows! And with no warning on the packaging where ingredients are listed. This is so irresponsible and even dangerous towards those with serious allergies to it. BTW; it is also in many Too Faced cheek products and many lip products. If something tastes sweet, and it’s a cosmetic, check the ingredients list.

I’m going to restock my FAB moisturizer, probably get a new Sugar lip balm, and the Viseart Absinthe theory palette. Oh, and the Fenty Midnight Wasabi lipstick!

I was thinking of the Pat McGrath Platinum Bronze palette but I’m pretty sure I have dupes for most of the colors and I never wear them. I wish she’d make a palette that really really spoke to me.

Talk You Into or Out of?: It depends, I want to know which one is truly worth it and someone needs to be fair.
Items you want: ABH Soft Glam, Dior Skin Perfect Foundation, and Lavanila Grapefruit and Vanilla perfume,
Why you want it:

The palette looks absolutely gorgeous and to be real honest I hardly touch my MR palette, I think it’s bad I got it because of the hype. I love it and all but I want to get to using it again, but I feel like I would actually use that palette more?

The foundation is absolutely gorgeous and I loved how my skin felt when I use it. I tried it as a sample but I didn’t want to spend on it. After application, it didn’t feel tacky and setting it looked lovely through the day. Best of all it didn’t cling to my dry skin.

The perfume is a blind buy, but it sounds like everything that I’ll love and the review sounds good, too. Also it looks to be inexpensive for a high end brand, too.

Why you are hesitating: It’s the money but also I just want to make a good choice. I am incredibly indecisive with everything make better judgement on what I do. I seriously need some help in every way possible.

I have the regular Pure Vanilla by Lavanila and it is amazing amazing amazing. I always try scents before I buy – I’m not sure how the grapefruit is, but I know the vanilla is wonderful and natural smelling – more vanilla bean than cookie.

I also finally caved to the pressure to buy the MR palette about a year after its release. Like you I hardly reach for it. I just don’t look right in those ultra warm shadows. So when the Soft Glam came out I decided that I’d try it since it was a bit more neutral. I’ve taken it out of the box to look at but I just don’t know if I am going to keep it. It has some lovely shades but is still pretty warm toned. I’m torn and I guess I’m being no help…sorry, lol.

Talk You Into or Out of?: Becca hydra mist – I have been eyeing this since it first came out. I want it but feel maybe I should wait for Christine’s review 😊

Why you want it: The ‘wet’ feeling seems like something I would like. Since I can never get setting mists to look natural

Why you are hesitating: Mixed reviews from dry skin gals

Item you want: Protini ( back up ) and Blithe essence

You should know, in regards to the Becca hydra mist, it darkens your under-eye area since it is made of 50% of water. If it is not something that bothers you, go for it !
I wanted it because I have dry skin, but seeing Thataylaa review it on her channel made me decide not to buy it because of the color change on the skin upon application.

Talk You Into or Out of?: either, I keep vacillating so I need help

Item you want: Hourglass Vanish foundation Brush

Why you want it: I’ll be purchasing the foundation and considering I don’t have a lot of brushes I don’t think I have a brush for it.

Why you are hesitating: cost essentially. I’m ok with spending the $ if it’s worth it as I know the benefit of quality brushes but I’m happy to find another vegan brush as an alternative.

Love the site, Christine! Thank you for all your hard work.

I’ve been interested in the brush as well. I have a deluxe sample of the foundation, and have used different brushes with it, and it seems to blend and look just fine to me! One of the ones I use is even an Elf brush that’s $6 I think. On the other hand, Jessica Braun (jambeauty89 on YouTube) always mentions how she feels the Hourglass brush makes a significant difference in application. Hence, my curiosity as well!

I’ve had so so experience with Elf brushes. They are super soft and one I have is nice and dense but the handle of almost each one I have has come apart from the head. :/
Might give the hourglass one a try and return if necessary.

Talk You Into or Out of?: Into (I think)
Item you want: Either Moroccanoil curl control mousse or intense curl cream
Why you want it: My hair is so dry and my curls can lack definition, so I want something that gives body, movement, and softness to my hair
Why you are hesitating: I have very fine hair and am afraid of heavy products that will make my hair sticky or crunchy, but if I don’t put anything in my hair then it is a static-y, frizzy mess.

Talk You Into or Out of?: Into (unless it’s a bad product)
Item you want: Nudestix eye pencils
Why you want it: I love the idea of having some neutral eye pencils for quick looks
Why you are hesitating: I have fair skin and oily eyelids so things can look harsh on me, and things tend to crease. Unsure whether nudestix pencils would suit my needs.

Talk You Into or Out of?: Into
Item you want: Nars NARSissist wanted cheek palette (Volume 1)
Why you want it: I love blushes and have heard such good things about the nars blush formula but have never tried them. I use blush daily, and often layer blushes and use them around my face rather than bronzer.
Why you are hesitating: Do I really *need* more blush

Talk You Into or Out of?: Into/Out of – looking for feedback
Item you want: Too faced peachy mattes eyeshadow palette
Why you want it: I prefer matte > shimmer and find that pink/peachy toned shades are more flattering on my fair skin than orange toned warm shades which seem to be the trend right now
Why you are hesitating: I have a lot of eye palettes already, and if I pulled singles from other palettes could probably get away with similar looks.

Talk You Into or Out of?: Into
Item you want: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Why you want it: Looking to start using anti-aging products and this seems to be a longtime favourite (I’ve seen it on so many ITG top shelfs) and doesn’t contain anything harsh so I think it would be safe for my sensitive skin
Why you are hesitating: I have oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin so I’m always hesitant to try any new skincare product

… I literally have 30 products in my cart right now (not that I’ll buy even half), but I think I’ll stop now before I end up writing an accidental dissertation on my wish list.

Sorry if I talk you out of a lot of stuff, Zoe! Only because I also know you irl 🙂

Item: Either Moroccanoil curl control mousse or intense curl cream
Curly hair is such a pain (I feel you). Have you tried doing the curly girl method, or gotten a deva cut at a local salon? I find using silicone and sulphate free are the best things for moisture. Looking at the ingredients for Moroccanoil, I would get the mousse over the cream (cream was high in silicones, sulphates, and alcohols). Deva curl has a really good conditioner (go for the regular or the light), and using light defining gel or their regular super cream. Not a huge fan of the smell though 🙁

Item: Nudestix eye pencils
I would say give it a try 🙂 Laura Mercier also make really nice ones too, or the mac paint pots. I have dry lids (so ymmv), but you could start with a really dry primer (like paint pot in painterly) and set before using the eye pencil?

Item: Nars NARSissist wanted cheek palette (Volume 1)
Haha only because I know you… I say no 🙂 I would go for 1 Nars blush if you want to try (Sex Appeal, Sin, Madly, or Impassioned on skin tone). I personally love and recommend Hourglass blushes if you haven’t tried them (Mood Exposure is the bomb)

Item you want: Too faced peachy mattes eyeshadow palette
Pass 🙂 You could dupe a bunch! Get a z-palette (or I will give you an extra I have) to depot if you want.

Item: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
I would start with The Ordinary, or get a retin-a script from a dr here. Both are more than sufficient for anti-aging/cell turnover at our age. Pricey pricey skincare isn’t really necessarily in young 20s 😉


Talk You Into or Out of?: Into!
Item you want: Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial
Why you want it: I’ve heard incredible things about this product. I’ve tried a few DE products in the past and they’ve really worked with my skin. I have large pores and have heard this reduces pore size.
Why you are hesitating: The price tag! Even with the 15% off (VIB Rouge), it’s so steep and I don’t know if I can justify it.

Well, I can definitely talk you into the Sukari Babyfacial because I adore it and it has definitely made an impact on my skin so far. I can justify the price to myself because I only use it once or twice a week so it lasts a long time. You mentioned that you like other DE products. They do have a kit called Acid Trip that has the C Serum, TLC Serum, and Babyfacial in smaller sizes for $100. You could try that instead if you would use the other products?

Everyone I’ve talked to says that it’s made a HUGE difference in the appearance of their skin. I really just need to bite the bullet and buy it! I like the TLC Serum but currently have a sample size of that & the C Serum that came in “The Littles” kit that I bought a while back.

Talk You Into or Out of?: Either way, not sure if it’s worth it
Item you want: Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Color Quad
Why you want it: I’ve been really enjoying the Glossier lid star in the color slip, and am after that shimmery pink/iridescent sparkle on the lid. However, the Glossier lid star creases on me and tends to apply patchy when blended with my finger. After reading about the quality and eyeing the color scheme of the Nude Dip color quad, I’ve been debating whether to pull the trigger.
Why you are hesitating: The cost… not sure if eyeshadows that are $85 are worth it. And I do have a lot of palettes… Also it seems a bit out-dated.

Talk You Into or Out of?: I’m trying to decide if I should get the MUFE face duo with H106/S214 or get a full size of S214. I have a sample of the blush and I love it, and I have multiple dupes of the highlighter. But the duo is $22 and comes in a container and the blush alone is $23 but you have to purchase the container separately or put it in a z-palette. I do own a z-palette. I’m just trying to decide what would be the better choice.

Item you want: The Bronze & Colorful PML Mini palettes, Lancome Skin Feels Good Foundation, Nars cheek palette, and Bareminerals Vital Eye Power eye cream

Why you want it: Mother Pat has the best eyeshadows, a BB cream that looks like it comes in my shade, Nars has great blushes, and I’m restocking my BM eye cream.

Need help figuring out which powder: MUFE Super Matte loose powder in 18, Viseart Setting powder, Lancome translucent powder in 200, or the Becca hydra mist powder

Why you are hesitating: I don’t need all of these powders, but I have super oily skin and I need an under eye powder and I need a powder to set my face. I want an under eye powder that is a little yellow but not banana yellow and doesn’t give flashback. My all over face powder I need no flashback and I don’t care what color it is as long as it’s not too dark like the Laura Mercier medium-deep powder. That powder I have to mix with a lighter powder to be able to use it.

If anyone has any thoughts, I’m all ears. Thanks!

I have my eyes on Kat Von D’s Brow Struck Dimension Powder which is launching April 20. I hope UD’s Naked Basics will be restocked by then, at half price it’s worth it!

Talk me into or out of: All three of the smaller Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes.

I want them because of the hype and my love for a few of her eyeshadow shades. Maybe I would love them? I have a love/hate thing going on with Pat McGrath eyeshadows, which I’ll explain below.

I hesitate because I have the Decadence Palette and I’m not in love. I don’t like the color scheme of Decadence (jewel tones), the longevity was poor, it was difficult to create eye looks with just Decadence, the ones I did create did not stay put (weirdly reminded me of feathering lipstick, when the feathering is barely discernible but the edges look fuzzy), and the shadows are prone to emphasizing texture on my lids. That being said, Gold Standard, Sinful and Sterling are three of the most beautiful eyeshadows in my collection and I do get compliments when I wear them.

I also hesitate because the Rose one is the one that sets my heart a flutter and I’ve read reviews of some of the shadows being dry.

I generally try not to have the attitude of returning products I don’t like. I would like to feel fairly confident before I pull the trigger on one or all. These are not available locally for me to see or swatch before purchase.

I love the La Vie en Rose palette and think it’s best to use the shadows with primer, although they can be used without primer as well. I feel like I know what you mean about the fuzzy edges, where flecks get in unintended places if you apply with a fluffy brush. I think it’s probably likely you have dupes for the colors in the other MTHRSHP palettes — that’s at least how I’ve talked myself out of them!

I got the Becca Hydra Mist Powder already–very cool stuff.
The Chocolate matte bronzer is on my list as are:
t3 rollers
TF Natural Face Palette
Fenty Body Luminizer
Amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout
Nars Danger Control Eyeshadow palette
Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter

Talk You Into or Out of?: Sunday Riley new foundation
Why you want it: I love everything SR, so I’m curious about this one.
Why you are hesitating: Haven’t seen the colors yet, waiting for my VIB discount to kick in.

Has anyone tried it yet? Thoughts? Thanks!

The only things on my list so far are giant bottles of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner, and some of the new Sunday Riley foundation. I’m so excited to try that!

Talk You Into or Out of?: Either one? I’m so on the fence I can’t decide.
Item you want: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation.
Why you want it: High coverage? Check. Oily ok? Yes. Longwear? Check, check. I’ve watched Sharon Farrell review it and she considers it to be a HG for oily skin. Sharon’s skin is (was?) way more oily than mine, I’m more combo but I do get pretty oily and foundation likes to separate on me but if I remember correctly that foundation can be managed back into looking perfect even after oil overload, which to me is a HUGE plus. I’m also thinking it would be good for traveling, one foundation, lasts all day, would put up with my sweaty face (its a struggle).
Why you are hesitating: I *do* have a high coverage matte longwear foundation. I have EL Double Wear, however its so…big and clunky, with no pump! Which could be good for traveling? (Do pumps get weird from altitude?) I do like my Double Wear, the color (from memory) is good for me currently, it stays put, I actually plan to wear it, and I still use it. I might be getting bored and just wanting to buy a new foundation because it’ll feel nice and new and “exciting” (is my life sad?), and if it fits in my check boxes then I should give it a go? Maybe I’ll like it more? The price is a bummer but I am willing to spend for a great foundation.

I’m so torn!!

I need an advice: Sunday Riley Good Genes or Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid? Which is more efficient for exfoliating and improving skin’s texture? Is PC stronger than SR?
So far, I’ve I used the SR in 30 ml that came in a kit and I was pleased with it but I’ve never tried the BR one. As I’ve finishes the SR bottle, I’ve been using for the past weeks, in the evening, the Cosrx AHA& BHA Toner followed by Paula’s choice 8% AHA (trial size). I love how my my skin looks in the morning but I still have some keratin bumps.
However, I’ve placed and order for Paula’s Choice for the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid as it was 15% off, plus I had to choose a full size item army bday gift. It has not arrived yet
I wonder if I should still order SR or order Biologique Rechercher P50T instead (the version available in Canada along with P50 PIGM 400) and try BR with PC?
I should mention that I want to try to get pregnant for the first time (I’m approaching 40s 🙂 and my doctor recommended to stop all retinols, retinoids (including Luna Oil) for a year before trying.
I also read that the BHAs are more efficient in that they exfoliate deeper that the AHAs and are not that harsh on the skin.
Some feedback from someone who tried all these products is greatly appreciated. I’m looking for quality (like good ingredients) and efficiency. Thank you in advance!

Update on my order placed around 2am when the discount was available: DE C-Tango Muli-Vitamin Eye Cream, DECIEM Niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum 2:1 and MJ Highliner in Brown(ie). I already have the latter in Earth(quake) but I wanted a softer brown.
FYI, in less than 2 min, NIOD CAIS was sold out. I can’t wait to try it as many (including Caroline Hirons) hail it as a HG for skin and eyes.
This year as I slowly approach 40s, my focus is on good (quality and ingredient wise) skincare.

NOTE: I went yesterday in a Sephora store to check in person a few makeup items that I was eyeing. BECCA Vanilla Quartz is out of this world on my fair/light skin. Wanted to try Armani Eye Tint in Rose Gold but they didn’t have the swatches available. Same for Guerlain Rouge G no. 77 for which a Sephora assistant refused to open a box just in order for me to see the colour of the lipstick.
I’ve tried BECCA Anti-fatigue Under Eye Primer and it did nothing for my eyes. Also tried MILK Watermelon Brightening Serum and personally found nothing special about it.

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