Sephora Spring Bonus Sale - April 2019 - Dates & Coupon Codes

Sephora’s Spring Bonus Beauty Insider Event 2019Sephora’s Spring Bonus Beauty Insider Event 2019 event kicks off April 26th and goes through May 6th.  Details for Rouge members were shared earlier today, which can be found in full on Sephora hereSephora here, and as Sephora releases information about the other member tiers, I’ll be sure to update this post with that information!

This is the first year where Rouges will get 20% off, instead of 15% (which has been the discount available in the past for Rouges and VIBs and then 10% for Beauty Insiders), and Rouge members are able to shop ahead of other membership tiers.

Spring Bonus Event Dates

Rouge members get early access and can begin shopping the sale on April 26th.  Rouge members who shop in-store can bring a “shopping buddy” with them, who can also get 20% off their purchase.  Based on last year’s spring bonus event, VIBs and Beauty Insiders dates will start about a week later. As soon as I have official information from Sephora, I will update with details for remaining tiers.

  • Rouges: April 26th through May 6th
  • VIBs: May 2nd thorugh May 6th
  • Beauty Insiders: May 2nd thorugh May 6th

Spring Bonus Discount & Codes

Rouge members will get 20% off their orders, which can be used as many times as you’d like, during the event dates, and this used to be 15% off in previous years, so it is a nice bump for Rouge members.  We expect, based on previous years’ events, that VIBs will get a code for 15% off and Beauty Insiders will get a code for 10% off.  As soon as I have official information from Sephora, I will update with details for remaining tiers as information becomes available.

  • Rouges: 20% off with code HEYROUGE.
  • VIBs:  15% off HEYVIB
  • Beauty Insiders:  10% off HEYBI

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OMG…20% YAYAY!!!!

Talk You Into or Out of?: Talk me out of buying extra makeup I don’t need…haha. I need to buy my skincare stuff. (I do want to try the Peace Out dots…they’ve been hanging out in my cart for a while because I have this mark on my nose from a pimple a long time ago that won’t go away.)
Item you want: Things I’m tempted by…lipsticks or lip glosses.
Why you want it: I love shiny new things. Haha. And some have pretty packaging like the Ciate glitter storm lips.
Why you are hesitating: I don’t need more lip products because I have sooooo many!

Talk You Into or Out of?: More brushes. I’m in love with a few SC brushes and could always use a second one. Why are tools so hard to buy for me?

Item you want: Sol de Janeiro Rio Sunset

Why you want it: I wanted it last year but hesitated re: the lack of pump.

Why you are hesitating: I work in an office and can’t really wear revealing clothing, which only leaves weekends, which I mostly spend inside.

You should do a post of your top 5 to get on the sale or a worth the splurge. I want to know if you’re picking up anything, since it’s the first time I’ve seen that Rouge gets 20% in the Spring too.

About time Rouge gets 20% during the Spring! I’ve been going to Ulta more because they offer more 20% throughout the year for Platinum and Diamond members.

Talk Into or Out of
Product: Natasha Denona Biba Palette
Why I want it: it looks really pretty and I feel like this palette would create a variety of gorgeous looks
Why I’m hesitating: $129 is expensive for an eyeshadow palette. Not sure if I really ‘need’ it.

Right, Rachel? We’ve been at them for several years about this. Seems they have finally gotten the message! Thank goodness!

I just asked the SA at Sephora the other day and she was unsure when the next VIB discount would be. I joked with her that it usually takes place about 3 days after I’ve made a significant purchase at Sephora!

I need to replenish a few IT Cosmetics items and would love to be able to get the Game of Thrones items I want (Lannister Gold, The Night King and the eyeshadow palette) at 20% off. I may also pick up another bottle of Youth to the People Macqui facial oil – I love that stuff and I’m close to half finished the bottle I got a while back.

I probably “should” talk myself out of the e/s palette and The Night King liner (I have so many similar shades of liner) but I don’t really “want” to be talked out of anything. Why I want them….defies logic but I just do (and it’s not like I’m buying a 2 karat diamond or a Maserati…in the greater scheme of things, these are sort of small ticket items).

Talk You Into or Out of?: Either
Item you want: Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream
Why you want it: My mature skin is getting progressively drier with age and I’m running out of a seriously pricey heavy duty moisturizer which works extremely well, but I am considering a less expensive replacement and 20% off is a good opportunity to buy even cheaper.
Why you are hesitating: What if it doesn’t make the cut? Need feedback from others pref in my age group with very dry skin who have perhaps tried this.

I have heard very good things about the Tatcha Dewy skin cream for day. The Sunday Riley Luna night oil is amazing, but if you’re going to a retinol you may as well get a prescription strength one and pay 35 bucks for a tube instead of 120+ for the Sunday Riley. You can also get Differin gel at the drug store now (target for sure) in the skin care/acne section and you don’t need a prescription, it is a collagen builder and skin resurfaced much like retinol. Personally, as a person who uses prescription retinol and has mature skin, I would go that way and check out some of the Korean Skincare brands they have on Amazon. Hado Labo makes excellent products that work a dream and don’t break the bank.

I have the Luna night oil found it wanting. It’s sitting 3/4 full collecting dust on the box ? I didn’t see much in terms on consequence on my complexion. I used to use prescription strength retinol, but found it made redness issues with my skin far worse. I am also on prescription drugs for autoimmune which makes me highly sun sensitive so retinol is not big on my list right now. Vit C is pretty much where I am at and a super mild acid, PHA. I prefer the use of essences in lieu of strong acids, actually. I’ve heard good things about Hado Labo and will def check them out. Thanks for the input!

I was so shocked that they upped the % this year! I really want to pick up some surratt blushes, just contemplating whether I should pick up the 2 pan palette or the 3

Even though I saw Trendmood’s post about the 20% for Rouge a few days ago, I didn’t know just how legit it was until I saw The Muse also post it. And so, I stayed mum on that detail yesterday on FFHF. But hey; Sephora FINALLY listened to us!

My 20% is going towards the UD GOT Vault, unless I can talk myself out of it. Fat chance of that, though! This, even though I find a few of the e/s shades a little puzzling, ie; Nymeria should be gray-taupe, off-white, grey, NOT warm brown. Why is House Targaryen a peachy gold??? Oh, and the Night King lipstick really ought to be named after another one of the strong ladies on the show (Brienne? Arya?), and if not, then a blue shift ought to be going on! It’s not perfect, but I still love it, though.
If , for some reason, I back out of that, then it will be ND Gold Palette and a glossy sheerer lipstick like those by YSL. A backup of DE Protini Polypeptide cream, too.

Somewhat related, but un-related… I simply dislike the wastefulness of Sephora sending with the sale code a bunch of papers with tiny perfume samples.

I’ll just use the sale to purchase items I know I’ll finish soon (in the next month or so). I’m glad to see Skinfix products available on the website, I will get a hand cream and a body lotion (I tried their body care before and they are amazing for people searching for non-flagrance products). I’m still debating which new brow pencil to buy (I see the mini Benefit one as a perk, might get that for free with an order so I won’t spend money). I’m debating whether to get Olaplex 6… I’m still trying to understand if Olaplex 3 worked for me 😆 .
But I’ll make some non-sale purchases on Sephora as well, since I want to try some The Ordinary products and they are not included in the sale.

Talk You Into or Out of?: Natasha Denona Cranberry Palette. Kaja Mochi Pop Bouncy Blush. Kaja Cushy Vibe High-Pigment Lip Stain. Kaja 2’s Company Nude Lipstick & Liner Duo
Item you want: Kaja Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer in Rosewater
Why you want it: It’s really pretty, I have a dupe for the middle shade but it’s 85%, so it’s different enough.
Why you are hesitating: I’ve never tried any of Kaja’s brand. I know that the Beauty Bento has an A rating so I’m not worried about that one, it’s the other items that are I’m a little concerned about. The Natasha Denona Cranberry palette: I rarely use her 2017 Holiday palettes. Plus, I do have dupes at 85% for a few shades in that palette. I know I don’t need it, but I really really want it.

I also want ND Cranberry palette but I have 3 of her 5 pan eye shadows and 2 of the mini palettes that I love but rarely use. And my ABH Modern Renaissance palette never got much love. That beautiful pink with the cranberry is dope thou

I didn’t end up getting the ND Cranberry palette. I decided to get the mini-sized Farsali Skintune primer instead. I definitely don’t need anymore primers b/c I have two, but a makeup junkie is going to makeup junkie.

Talk You Into or Out of?: ND Cranberry palette and Camel palette, a few Sephora Collection brushes, either the new Cover FX concealer, or the Too Faced Born this way concealer (I don’t know which would be better). I’m ready for arguments either way!

Item you want: All of the above.

Why you want it: I really like the size of the ND 5-pan palettes. The Camel palette would be a great companion to my ND No. 9 5-pan, and I can see using the Cranberry palette all the time.
I just finished up my Bare Minerals serum concealer / it may be one of the reasons I’ve been breaking out lately, so I’d like to try something new, as I’ve been using that product (not that exact product) for about 5 years and concealer seems to have come a long way since then.
I have a couple of the SC brushes and they’re so lovely that I’d like a couple more, especially face brushes.

Why you are hesitating: I don’t actually NEED any of these things. Not really. But you know. Sales, amiright?

Celesta you don’t have to buy things if you really don’t need them! Getting a new concealer might be a good idea, though. Lol The truth is that us beauty hoarders can’t resist a sale even if we already have dupes.

Can anybody talk me into/out of Fenty Retouch Concealer?

I want it for the undereyes. Currently using MUFE correcter and it’s not quite as crease-proof as I’d hoped. The Fenty one got a lot of hype initially, and I’m wondering if it’s still everybody’s go-to now that it’s been out a little while. I have a great match but how does it wear?

It’s my go to concealer. I really like it. A little goes a long way. It took me a few tries to determine the way I prefer to use it, but once I did, I generally always reach for it. When I reach for my TF Born This Way Concealer it’s b/c I need a more hydrating concealer.

I use 3 dots under my eye, lightly blend it out a little with my finger, and then diffuse it with either a brush or damp beauty blender. I set it with a tiny bit of powder (current go to is the Fenty loose powder or Hourglass loose powder). It looks great that way on me and it stays put for my day. I do have fine lines under my eyes, and it settles into them a little, but not noticeably. It is cry proof. My ended up having a coughing fit one day and my eyes started watering really bad and it stayed put. I personally love it.

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