MAC Perfect Topping (2014) & Stereo Rose (2014) Mineralize Skinfinishes Reviews, Photos, Swatches

MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Perfect Topping (2014) Mineralize Skinfinish ($30.00 for 0.32 oz.) is described as a “pale pearlized pink.” The one I just purchased from this collection is a peach muted by beige with a frosted finish. The one I have from when it launched in 2009 is distinctly pink, almost cool-toned really. The colors of the veins did not even appear that similar in the pans, as it seems to be more than an issue of a different distribution of the types of colored veins. The texture was soft but powdery, and it will most likely be a highlighter on all but the very fairest of skin tones. It wore well for six hours before it turned patchy and slightly faded along the edges, which is the norm for me when wearing MAC’s Mineralize cheek products. bareMinerals The Many Splendors #2 (LE) is lighter. MAC Amber Glow (LE, $25.00) is less frosted. Le Metier de Beaute Whisper (P, $30.00) is similar. See comparison swatches.

Stereo Rose (2014) Mineralize Skinfinish ($30.00 for 0.32 oz.) is described as a “copper bronze.” It’s a light-medium, warm-toned peach with a frosted, somewhat metallic, sheen. Oh, the difference between this Stereo Rose (again, just purchased from MAC’s website on Thursday AM!) and the one I have from the end of 2012 are like night and day. I used a paper towel to rub off several layers of product from the new version to see if it would get better but no luck. Still a very light peach compared to the deeper pinky-coral of previous years. The texture is soft but on the dry side, so it can be powdery, and it wore well for six hours before showing some fading. It is a couple of shades darker than Perfect Topping #2. bareMinerals The Many Splendors #2 (LE) is lighter. MAC Amber Glow (LE, $25.00) is less shimmery. Le Metier de Beaute Whisper (P, $30.00) is a touch lighter. See comparison swatches.

Mineralize Skinfinishes can differ from pan to pan, as it is a mix of different shades and veins, so sometimes there is variance, but I think these go beyond variance. The pans of Perfect Topping don’t look alike at all; we have a mix of lilac, pink, and peachy-beige compared to beige, peach, and a murky lavender. Swatched, the original is definitely pink and on the cooler side. The differences between the two Stereo Roses in the pan seems less obvious–the newly released version appears lighter and less pinky-red, and the most obvious missing component is the coppery veining. However, when swatched, it is such a huge, huge difference.

It’s extremely frustrating that MAC re-releases sought after products, and they’re different. (As an aside, Lily White pigment is also very different from the previously released Lily White.) It is inexcusable to see Stereo Rose so drastically different from when it was released a mere year ago. If MAC can’t keep the color same, they should name it something different – that’s all there is to it. They put out an endless stream of new shades and products with minor differences from something they’ve previously released, but they have new names, so at least no one’s buying it off of older swatches or from previous hype.

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MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Perfect Topping (2009) vs. Perfect Topping (2014) Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Perfect Topping (2009) vs. Perfect Topping (2014) Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose (2012) vs. Stereo Rose (2014) Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose (2012) vs. Stereo Rose (2014) Mineralize Skinfinish

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Makeup Look
On face:
  • Guerlain Parure de Lumiere Foundation
  • Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Liquid Highlighter (mixed with foundation)
  • Urban Decay Naked Loose Finishing Powder
On lips:
  • MAC Pagoda Cremesheen Glass
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I ordered Perfect Topping and I’m feeling a little let down because I liked the look of the old version so much but this will still work on me, and I like it better than any of the permanent shades.

I think it’s still pretty/workable (aside from wear time), so I don’t think it’s flat out BAD, but I’m appalled at the differences.

I think this is irrefutable proof MAC releases too many products. Either they can’t think of original names, or they simply can’t keep names/shades straight…

The idea that it’s not someone’s job to be the archivist and make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen is crazy to me. Like you think someone’s job might be to maintain a catalog of past shades and the like, and then do a search to make sure they’re not re-using names.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to such “iconic” shades! I wouldn’t think a separate “archivist” would necessarily be needed, but whoever is designing the “new” shades has all the tools necessary to find out what the “original” look like, and should either stick as close as possible, or simply change the name.

Then again, there’s the camp that complains about the “same shades”, they already have them, “Why can’t MAC come out with something new?”, etc… Perhaps MAC feels by altering the shades, they’ll sell more? Never mind many of the LE shades are rereleased *years* apart, LOL! People will have either run out of the original, or there are those who were unable to get it, so the sales will still be there…

Yeah I’m sure it’s workable, and that’s why I’m only a little let down, I really loved what it was, though I’ll like this as well.
And I agree, they need an archivist.

good news – i just bought stereo rose from a store yesterday, and it does have the copper bronze veining. not as much as your 2012 photo but at least half of it!

I bought Stereo Rose from this collection (its the only thing I bought from this collection actually) because I missed the previous releases. I saw your tweet and saw other comments about the differences between the new one and the old one on social media. Mine isn’t arriving until Monday and I’m already ready to send it back. I bought Stereo Rose because I thought it would be WOC friendly. This new Stereo Rose does NOT look WOC friendly. That Perfect Topping swatch looks like a completely different skinfinish as well. MAC, if the skinfinishes aren’t even remotely similar to past releases then give them different names! I’ll return for a refund and get one of the Hourglass Blushes instead. MAC and their false advertising won’t be getting my money. No wonder they didn’t send any press samples before the launch!

It’s straight up peach, so it’ll probably be more highlighter than anything. Stereo Rose (2012) could look straight up sunburn on me, because it’s SO pigmented and quite dark/red.

I believe my press samples arrive today, actually, but I had already bought the collection since it went up on Thursday – they usually send pretty much as soon as the office gets them, but bloggers are considered short lead/online media, which doesn’t get them really far in advance like print.

No problemo Christine! πŸ™‚ i love your swatches. I think Perfect Topping still looks great but yeah you are right they should have named it differently. Oh! I adore the “new” Stereo Rose since its not too coppery. Can’t wait for these to be released in Asia πŸ™‚

Why give the same name to clearly different products, and give different names to products that look exactly the same?.. I understand selling, marketing and all but sure this is pushing it a little?

If someone told me that my Perfect Topping (2014) was just off and that everyone else’s looked pinky. I’d hedge and say it was a fluke. Stereo Rose though, no fluke there. Ridiculous.

It’s been awhile since Perfect Topping came out, but Stereo Rose was out late 2012… not exactly that long since the last release.

It seems so shady to re-release a product that is not even similar to the original. MAC needs to be held accountable, but I doubt this will happen. My love-hate relationship with MAC continues.

I like 2009 Perfect Topping a lot more, but I prefer this year’s Stereo Rose. Might have to swatch them in person though as I’m on the fence about Mineralize products generally.
Are MSF supposed to be blush or all over type products? I was kinda confused by the recent Divine Night collection that had both.

They can be highlighters, blushers, bronzers, etc. It depends on your skin tone + color of the product. What might be a highlight on me might be a blush on you!

Shame on MAC for those formula changes, what a tease. Christine could you tell me what else you’re wearing on your skin in these pictures? Your pores are near invisible!

Here you go, Georgia!

On face: Guerlain Parure de Lumiere Foundation, Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Liquid Highlighter (mixed with foundation), Urban Decay Naked Loose Finishing Powder. On lips: MAC Pagoda Cremesheen Glass.

Right? The differences between the two Stereo Roses :/ When I applied for swatches, I was like, “Why isn’t this showing up….”

I ordered Stereo Rose like many others thinking I could get my hands on this highly coveted product since it sells out so quick. I’m so disappointed it’s not like the previous release. I was so excited about it. It still looks pretty and like something I would wear and use, but it’s such a let down because I was expecting that deeper color. This is why I should always wait for your swatches and review before buying.

This is exactly why I think it’s frustrating and disingenuous… how doesn’t MAC know that people are excited for these exact shades because of the original/past releases?

It is funny, but THIS right here is why I re-purchase shades that get repromoted. I’m trying to limit to coveted/highly anticipated/it’s been awhile since they last did it shades (so not one they released 6 months ago!), and I almost didn’t do it on Stereo Rose, but I’m SO glad I did.

Aw, that’s disappointing! I got so excited when I saw Stereo Rose!! Why don’t they just give it a different name if they are going to change it up so much?

This is a HUGE disappointment especially for perfect topping (for me) waited years for a crappy “dupe” they can keep it.

Thanks for making this a easy skip

Hoping better for the lipsticks

I like the previous versions better. Stereo Rose has a cult following, so I’m really surprised at how different the two products look. I share your opinion, MAC should’ve thought of another name for this year’s version.

That’s what I thought too. What happened here is really disappointing, especially for those who have been wanting to own Stereo Rose but missed its previous releases.

MAC, get your act together!

You’re totally right about the new versions being completely different. Stereo Rose is a little closer to its last release but Perfect Topping is SO far off and it looks so plain in the pan. Not the swirly lavender goodness I was hoping for. I still like the new swatch. It’s pretty. Just disappointed it’s not the Perfect Topping everyone raves about. Boo you MAC!

Yeah, the differences between new and old Perfect Topping are noticeable but not as drastic as Stereo Rose, but I was surprised at how drastically different new and old Perfect Topping looked in the pan! I was like, whoa!

This is so frustrating! I understand that with marbled products there can be some discrepancy between individual products, but this is way past the acceptable margin of error! Get your act together already, MAC. >:

Yup, that’s how I feel like. A little darkness/lightness, more frost/less frost, sure, I can get behind that as part of the process. Total difference in undertones? Ehhh.

Hm, it’s a shame they changed them so much from what seems to have been a good formula, but they do both look pretty and natural on you!

Wow! I read about Stereo Rose online and how great it was, re-release exciting, etc. I decided to skip this collection…bought too much else lately! But to read about how different the two versions of Stereo Rose are is very disappointing. Why do companies do that? Especially today, when customers can so quickly look up reviews? Amazing.
I’m so excited to read your reviews on this collection. As above, since I skipped it I’m very curious to see what I decided not to buy! The concept is so pretty!
You seen to have had a very busy week! I don’t know how you do it!!!

2010 isn’t the original, right? I believe I have 2010 and 2012 but not the original. My 2010 and 2012 were very similar – normal variations at most.

I believe there was a 2005 release, which is actually more similar to this years release. Sabrina at the Beauty Lookbook compared them when Into the Groove was released.

Wow. I definitely like the older versions of each product. I’m glad I have an older version of Stereo Rose but I don’t have Perfect Topping. Do you know why they made them so different?

It’ s a shame that two skinfinishes like these, considered such as best sellers products, now are complitely different in colour, pigmentation and quality! It looks like you had swatched two different highlighters from different brands! Why is so difficult for MAC to follow the original “recipe” mantaining the same quantity of pigment and sell the original product throughout the years?

I have no idea πŸ™ Frankly, if they can’t keep it the same (at least within an understandable range), they shouldn’t bring it back!

You’re right! This happened with Lavender Whip l/s, Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish, and how could we forget the many times Carbon eyeshadow, looked messy in limited edition quads?MAC is one of my go-to make-up brand since few years, so i don’t own the original Stereo Rose and i would have been happy to get one!:(

That is really annoying about Stereo Rose! I have the last one the released and it’s just like yours too. So now because I am addicted to MSF’s I feel like I need this one too haha wish they would give it a new name if it was different!

This is what I had feared when they re-released these. Same thing happened with Lightscapade. I have an older version that has beautiful veins and swirls, but the new ones are flat. Thanks for showing the comparison. These are a skip for me!

Wow – Perfect Topping is now off my list of only 4 items I was considering. This one looks like way to many products I already have – the cool tone was what I was looking forward to. And Stereo Rose! :O For shame.

Wow! The new versions and the previous ones are totally night and day different!

I’m not really into mineralized products, so I won’t get these, but I have a few MAC LE products that are in my all time favorites, and I would absolutely hate it if they were re-released in colors so different from the previous versions.

I wanted to see what the hype was about Stereo Rose and the new color is not great. I still very much prefer Laura Geller’s baked blushes to MAC MSF’s. Overall MAC has pretty colors but I have never been all that impressed with my MAC blushes…

Thank you for your honest review and showing the variation! I was thinking of trying Stereo Rose but I am going to pass. You rock Christine!

Why would they even mess with two gorgeous MSFs like this? Was there a shortage of pigments or something? I’m glad my original Perfect Topping is only lightly used. Whew.

Ugh!!! My Perfect Topping is already on its way, and I was depending on it looking similar to the previous version. I need that cooler tone.

I absolutely hate to return makeup…

Mine came today and it has a wide streak of lavender through it which is the only part of it that is close to pink, but it’s still super frosty. The rest of it is frosty light peach, and mixed is still pretty much peach.

Same here. I’m pretty cheesed about it actually. I ordered based on the promo pic and the description because I wanted a cooler pink also. It’s like the Lightscapade repromote all over again

I, too, would have liked the original version. The new one is very pretty, but not so unique. Champagne highlighters are ubiquitous, but cool/pale pinks are rare. The only one I have is NARS Luxor, but I’ve lost count of my champagnes a looong time ago!

I’m so glad you posted this. I had skipped stereo rose because of how dark it always applied on me and i felt it wouldn’t make sense to buy two but after seeing this I need the new one, not because its stereo rose because its a totally different shade. With that being said its so wrong of Mac to release shades of the same name when they are different. Mac addicts like myself would have bought it anyway even either a different name but this tricks us and that’s not fair.

I’m not looking to get either of these products, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when companies re-release a product under a (usually highly coveted) name… and then it’s different from what was released before! I hope people complain to MAC, because they should have renamed these since they are so different. I feel bad for customers who bought these expecting something else. For shame, MAC!

Wow I have heard that Mac changes LE re-promotes but this is extreme…I’m glad I got Stereo Rose in the previous collection!!! Glad I didn’t purchase some extra for the future… Thanks again for the swatches.

Thank you for the swatches!

I’m super disappointed… I bought Stereo Rose when it first came out in 2005 -2007 (not sure what year). I called beauty counters around the country and got two back ups shipped to me! I sold one (stupidly), and was on my last one when I dropped it and ruined it. Why change a great thing.. and like everyone has said, why just not rename it? I am excited for the Dreaming Dahlia lippie from this collection

Im so annoyed by this! I’ve been trying to get a replacement for mg old (much loved) Stereo Rose but I’ve missed out the last time it got re-released. I’m not gonna waste my money on it now because it so different! It’s not Stereo Rose at all. I think it’s terrible that a company would make a new batch and although it to be sent out when it is clearly nothing like the original!

Hate to sound like a broken record, but I, too, am disappointed to see that the latest version of Stereo Rose carries the hallowed name, but not the revered formula/color. I totally agree w/you, Christine, that MAC should have made this known, even if they had named it Stereo Rose Redux or Part II or The Second Bloom… well, you get my drift. The point is, it’s deceiving. Not cool and so unnecessary.

I scrolled down to see the images and I must confess I thought Mac must have cocked something up in the process… but it turns out Mac cocked up something in the planning stages. I was really hoping to pick up another stereo rose as… I wanted one. But they are two different shades. Why the f*** does mac do this? And perfect topping is not even what it was back in the sugersweet collection. Dont mac keep point of reference for older products in their archives? Or do they not give a crap anymore? ?

LOL! It’s funny, because with MAC, I make a point to keep the shades more so than other brands, as they do bring back shades… and sometimes they mess up!

Oh wow they really are completely different. It just seems so weird that they would release something so popular with the same name unless it was exactly the same. Gives the impression they care more about selling than releasing quality products

It is really weird to me that they rereleased it a little over a year ago – and some said it was slightly different from the original (which I don’t have), others said it was fine! So more within that normal difference for MSFs.

Wow, big difference between the two Perfect Toppings. The one from this collection is really pretty, though. I may have to check it out in the store and see just how different it is from my old Perfect Topping. Stereo Rose just looks like they removed the veining. Weird. Thanks for the comparisons. Very helpful.

Yes, my first thought when I saw the new Stereo Rose was, “Where did the veining go?” Even after removing layers and layers, no sight of any in mine!

am i the only one that actually likes the 2014 releases better than the previous ones? maybe? yes? thought so lol but only because i can’t do super red or pink tones like the previous ones were without looking… just plain horrible. since the new perfect topping is close to a champagne-y color, i think it’d look better on my skin. but i do agree it is super disappointing that they’re not the same product for other customers who wanted the previous formula/color of the msf. why name it the same if it’s not the same? that’s just absurd.

I have the previous version of stereo rose and as you said it does look a lot different! That is too noticeable a difference for relaunch!


These look nothing at all like the originals! Perfect Topping is one of my favorite MSFs ever, mostly because it’s pretty cool toned (mine is a lot lighter and cooler than yours, btw) and less frosted than the other MSFs. This version is just an ordinary, boring peach.

And don’t even get me started on Stereo Rose. Original a bright and nice coral, but now turned into a muted, muddy orangy color.

Good thing I didn’t order backups!

What I love about your blog is how you phrase your thoughts on products. You’re so professional and very clear about everything. I see it’s a fine line you tread and you do it with such class and character. I’m so glad you are honest and don’t sugar-coat products. I like how you say how they perform and pros and cons with each one. Your unbiased commentary makes your site truly unique. I had been curious about these products because of the previous hype. I stress myself out trying to buy before they sell out. Thanks to your fantastic review, I am able to see the huge difference in the products. Thank goodness you still had the previous version to compare it to! You not only saved me from more stress but saved me from spending excessive money. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words! You don’t know how much it means to me to hear them πŸ™‚

Always happy to help!

That’s really unfortunate that Stereo Rose looks so different. I guess I’ll just request one that is more peachy with lots of vaineing. Does anyone know how Perfect Topping holds up on tan skin? I’m an NC30 now in the winter and I get very dark in the summer. Thank you πŸ™‚

I wish I had seen post earlier! I ordered Stereo Rose this morning as I have missed out on getting it in the past. I have a warm skin tone so I am hoping it will still work. I think I we should all boycott and call it Stereo Peach. πŸ˜‰

What is supposed to be the appeal of mineral-based makeup products? I’m not very familiar with them, so it just looks like a gimmick to me.

Some people like the texture, some like the softness/muted quality you can get. With MSFs, I’ve always gathered people like the glow/sheen they add! I haven’t been a fan personally other than a few shades here and there.

For me, I try to keep away from talc in my face products, as much as possible (not because of “toxicity”, but because I find it impacts my skinsntexture), and alot of mineralized products are talc-free. With eyeshadows, if I wet/foil them, they don’t get ruined.

I don’t understand why MAC keeps making repromotes that end up looking nothing like the originals. Just slap a new name on it and call it a day.

I wanted the “original” Stereo Rose but am glad I didn’t jump on it this time. MAC has been getting very little of my money lately as I’ve become so aggravated about things like this which seem to happen A LOT the past few years. They have some great products but they need to change their attitude about thinking they can just ride on the name and cut back on the quality. By the color difference it looks more like a knock off bought on the street.

As a regular customer, there are some things about how they do business that make it hard to continue to be a customer.

I wanted Stereo Rose so badly. But would’ve been totally disappointed πŸ™ It does look like a knock off. I adore a lot of MAC’s products but between LE items selling out within minutes, low inventory, their attitude of quantity over quality and now this….I’m really looking into other companies that offer less drama and quality products. I will admit that for department store products MAC’s prices fit my bill.

I’m so glad I didn’t buy anything from this collection! Thank you so much for the comparison swatches with the old versions! Scandalous!

Just voicing the same as everyone else… it’s shocking to me how different the products are. These limited edition products always sell out anyway, were they concerned they couldn’t sell either mineralize skinfinish without naming it the same as a past product that had a lot of hype surrounding it? I just don’t get the logic.

That is NOT Stereo Rose! I hope this creates huge backlash for MAC. It’s such a lie and a trick. They KNOW everyone will jump to buy a product with the name “Stereo Rose” whether it looks the same or not. It’s a trick to get us to spend money on a so-so product. So underhanded.

Hello Christine! I just want to say that my Perfect Topping from 2009 that I got upon its release looks very close to the one you have as the new version and hardly at all like the photo of the original, which is posted beside it. It really could be the difference of batches, not just between the releases, but within them as we’ll. Also, sometimes I wonder if MAC is playing us to see if we’re after the product because we like it, or if we are collecting the names and following the hype. A solid product is a solid product, regardless of what is printed on the back. Whether or not the new release underperforms is another topic.
Thank you so much for your blog and all the work that you put into it!

Is yours really a warm peach, Elena? That’s a bummer! I think the majority seem to have a cooler pink, whereas it seems like the majority have a peach this time around πŸ™ I know that the official description is “pale pearlized pink!”

Thanks for letting me know about yours!

Thank you for replying! My 2009 product is definitely a warm peach. I wanted to get more lavender veins in mine, but that’s the luck of the draw. It is still lovely and usable for me, though.
Also, I cannot believe the attention you give to your readers, in the most positive way. Thank you!

So sad that you have the 2009 release and didn’t even get that cool tone of it πŸ™ It’s definitely helpful to know that there was that level of variation even originally! Thanks again for letting me know.

Have a great weekend, Elena! xo

Had to sign up to comment. Thank you for posting the differences between the two releases.
Regardless if the new release is nice or not, its wrong to use the same names as the previous collections. I was so hoping perfect topping would be the same as the previous release based on swatches from the internet.

Christine thank you for doing what you do.

This is infuriating! Last year I tried to get my hands on Stereo Rose (After seeing so many amazing swatches!) but couldn’t, so for the past few weeks I’ve been stalking my MAC Counter waiting for them to bring it out, and I find this out?! Terrible! This is SO misleading to people like myself, who wanted these products based SOLELY off swatches from previous years! They need to re-release the EXACT product, or don’t release it at all.

If you get a chance to see ’em on counter, maybe not all are like this, but I’m not sure πŸ™ The early reports have not been good!

Thank you for being so honest in your review! Some people think Mac can do no wrong. It’s an insult to our intelligence that they keep coming out with the same colors over & over & naming them something different, but then when it’s a re-release, it’s not the same!

I’m so happy I read this blog post! I was so close to ordering Stereo Rose because of its reputation in the blogging world and I had seen it in so many YouTube videos and lusted over it. But after seeing the huge difference, I’m not really into the colour of this new formula. Thanks for the always informative post!

i was totally ready to go to the mac store on feb 6 to pick up stereo rose because i missed out on it last time… but this new version is just freaking wrong. NOT OKAY, MAC!!!!! NAME IT SOMETHING ELSE! thanks christine, if not for you, i would have wasted my time and money buying it.

It’s kind of pathetic that other brands are launching great stuff that you can buy anytime and MAC still has these very limited time collections. On top of it they can’t even dupe older versions of their own products. These are very disappointing. It’s almost like they released these under past names to draw people in to make money.

It does. They know what is popular based on sales and instead of relaunching a product all they did was relaunch the names. These aren’t cheap either, so I feel bad for people who really wanted the original colors.

You know, I thought it was strange when there were absolutely zilch swatches to be found anywhere for these before the online release (aka no press samples sent out). Now I know why.

This is beyond ridiculous and shameful of MAC. They may not be a high-end company, but their products are still not cheap, and to outright lie to customers about the colors of the products and to claim it is the same product as years prior is plain low and poor business practice. I was really looking forward to Perfect Topping, but I can’t wear this! Peach is not my friend.

MAC makes it easier and easier for me not to give them my money when they pull stunts like this. All they had to do was give both products different names, but no.

Usually press samples for online media get sent out pretty close to the on-counter date – I actually ended up receiving press samples on Saturday.

christine. someone stole my perfect topping from the sugar sweet collection. And i was so excited its being released again. but im just heartbroken its just not the same. should i still buy it? im an nc 40…will it look the same as the 2009 one?

I don’t know if it will show well on NC40 skin either way, but it may be more flattering as a highlighter given that it’s very warm-toned now.

So sad about Perfect Topping. I have already ordered it. It’s pretty, but not what I wanted. I wanted Perfect Topping. They really should have renamed it, and then there would have been so much hype over a new MSF.

I hope I can make it work for me. Maybe as a bronzer lol, since I am THAT pale.

Thanks for the indepth review and comparisons. I wish I would have waited for your review before ordering them. I was looking forward to receiving the colors of the older versions, especially the cool pink of Perfect Topping. I will wait and see what I get when my order arrives, but I’m not expecting a miracle.

Nothing wrong with the shades as they turned out in terms of color, but it’s really just that most would be expecting something else!

Wow, I’m so bummed!!!!! I was really looking forward to getting this two, since I missed them last time. I’m so glad I read your review first, because I already have MAC blushes that are peachy like this.

So bummed about these differences… I have the 2012 release of Stereo Rose and it’s beautiful… So different than this release. I was dying to get Perfect Topping as I was searching swatches from the old release. I am so bummed to see yours side by side and see it looks nothing like the original. Such a disappointment.

MAC is getting more inconsistent and yet their prices go up. I mean Carbon should be renamed to “the dust on the bottom of your shoe” because we all know it’s hardly black in pigmentation anymore. But they continue to sell out of their collections so they will continue to be inconsistent. I bought these two MSFs. I was shocked to see them not sold out yet. I’m anxious to see how different they are. Thank you for this research. I love what you do Christine! You are very professional at blogging.

I’m so upset πŸ™
Stereo Rose went up on the Macy’s website about a week before it was released on the MAC website so of course I jumped on it and ordered and was so excited that I would finally have it since I missed it the last time around and have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently – who am I kidding lol) for it to be re-released. I got it in the mail a few days later and I did like it, but was expecting it to be much darker and just figured it was maybe because of the veining in the particular product that I got. Then I saw this review and now I’m just plain mad at MAC for changing a highly coveted product so drastically!

I was also going to be showing up bright and early to get perfect topping from my nearest counter, because I liked the unique cool toned lilac hue of the product – which the new one doesn’t seem to have πŸ™ without this I feel like it looks like so many other pinky peach toned highlighters that I have in my collection. So very disappointed!!

Thank you for another great review!! Any recommendation of a highlighter available now that is similar in color to the old perfect topping? With the cool toned lilac hue to it?

Sorry to hear that the one you purchased recently is similarly very light πŸ™

You could try Hourglass’ Ethereal Glow, which I think is lighter and not has lavender-ish, but it is a cooler-toned, pale pink.

This whole Stereo Rose and Perfect Topping debacle is a perfect example of why I’m so over MAC and their over hyped collections. Don’t get me wrong they have some great things but it seems like they’re putting less and less care into the actual product and more and more into the marketing.

It is so disappointing to see how different the colours are from the original releases. I was so excited to see Stereo Rose and Perfect Topping which happen to be my favourite MSFs being re-released. Although it’s a good thing that my money is intact, I find the quality of MAC’s releases to be declining and it’s almost not worth checking out anymore.

MAC really dropped the ball on these repromotes… Almost all of the previously released shades are SO far off from the originals… it’s quite irritating.

Ok my perfect topping has a little more color than yours, though the swatch is basically the same of yours. So I contacted MAC, we’ll see if they respond.

I have a 2012 Stereo Rose, and while the new version almost seems like it might be easier for me to work with (I’m around an NC10 and have to use a duo fiber brush and great care to wear the one I have), I totally understand the frustration with the not-really-repromote shades. MAC seems to rely heavily on the frenzy created by their hard-to-find products, and it almost feels disrespectful to the longtime MAC collectors and fans out there when a release like this only resembles the product the buyers thought it would be.

Whoa, quite a difference. I actually prefer the new Perfect Topping – I prefer a warmer peach highlighter to a cooler pink – but they seriously should have named it something else!

Just received Stereo Rose and Perfect Topping. So disappointed in Perfect Topping. Like you said, it is nothing like the original. I swatched it next to By Candlelight and they are almost the same, so Perfect Topping is going back. Even though Stereo Rose is not like the original I will keep it because it suits my skintone and I don’t have a MSF that is similar. Thanks, again, for your in-depth review and comparison swatches.

I ordered Stereo Rose online on launch day and mine is much more like the 2012 version. Hopefully that means there are other good ones out there too!

Oh what a pity! I was really looking forward to Perfect topping….now about Stereo Rose, I suspect if the product was launched under another name everyone would be like “why is Mac releasing Stereo rose under a different name??? MAc won’t fool us! ” LOL. Anyways, MSF’s are so cute Im sure I will end up bitting the bullet πŸ˜€

I just picked up Stereo Rose today from a local mac store, and it does have the coppery veining and the veining looks pretty much identical to the 2012 version of yours. I tried it on my cheeks and it showed as coppery/coral slightly mid-tone pinkish color. I am really bad at describing colors, but the color looks like muted version of the mac lipstick ON HOLD i also picked up. I think the Stereo Rose is too dark for me and the cool tone AZALEA IN THE AFTERNOON suits me better since I am NC 15-20. After reading about lots of people noticing the differences of the Stereo Roses, I am thinking maybe order it from Canadian cite(I picked it up from a local store in Canada) and you might be lucky to get something similar to the 2012 version.

I’m so glad someone did a post on this! I had the original Stereo Rose in my collection for years & unfortunately shortly after I hit pan with it, I dropped it on a tiled bathroom floor & it just went everywhere. I have been hoping for it to be re-released since then…so when I heard it was coming back this year I ordered it immediately online. I’m so disappointed with it! It is still a beautiful product but since I had the original I just miss the pigmentation & finish of the true Stereo Rose & the 2014 is just underwhelming.

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