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In a room that had a large window that got a lot of light, but I wouldn’t position it directly in front of the window (could be too much direct light). Black, sleek, maybe a little shiny in places. A large, full length mirror. Lots of drawers and pull outs for storage. I’d also like a sink, and that requirement has always been why I prefer setting up in the bathroom!

— Christine

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Think about a walk-in closet or a really small bedroom – 6×6, or possibly 8×8. Straight ahead, the full-size mirror and makeup counter. On the walls on either side, shelves to store and display all my loose-powder makeup. Beneath the makeup counter are spaces for storing several of my boxes for my nail polish. Daybulb in the ceiling fixture, daybulbs in the sconces on the walls, but no window – living in the Pacific Northwest means we rarely get sun anyway, hence the daybulbs :). A separate area (directly to the left, as you enter) which would have a small sink and storage cabinet. The floor would be heated somehow – electric coils or padding underneath hardwood? Don’t know. But carpet is just asking for more spills, and I don’t want to walk on cold floor to put my makeup on.
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I’d be the same with natural light. It would be a clean white table with big drawers and draw separators with minimal perfumes on display (i hate clutter) probably a comfy little seat. A sink would be great too! This is fun haha
Gemma Recently Posted: The Liebster Award

I totally agree about needing a sink during makeup application. I also like to get right up to the mirror, so I prefer to be standing while doing my makeup, since it might be chancy to get a makeup mirror to be at a comfortable level while seated.

In a large room, with lots of easy options to check different lighting, which would include big French windows with damask drapes. The vanity itself would be a gorgeous antique wooden one, with a half body length oval mirror. It would have little drawers where things could be kept that ‘lock’ with a big old key with a silk tassel on it. The wood finish would be satin, and the edges of the desk an around the mirror would have carved embellishment. The room would also contain an antique scotch chest for storage, and a Japanese folding screen.

…clearly I have given this totally no thought whatsoever, 😛
Sylirael Recently Posted: A Rogue Can Dream, Right? – January Wishlist

OH! I might have to put more thought into this! But my knee jerk reaction is natural lighting, preferably in between 2 sinks in my huge dream bathroom or close by said sinks. I’d want a large surface area, tons of drawers, an appliance garage for tools (I don’t use them often but it would help and keep them handy for when inspiration strikes), and a magnifying mirror. A low backed chair or stool for proper seating position would also be ideal. And if I’m going for broke a near by mini fridge filled with water, red wine, rosé, and champagne! Such a change from my little apartment, lol!

I just realized I already have mine. I have a floor length mirror on wheels in my bedroom and my bathroom has a huge mirror and a similarly sized 3 feet marble slab with a sink in it. I just don’t have a lot of drawers although I could have had but I never needed them before. My makeup sits in a plastic container in a jumbled mess (I have zero organizational skills)

Ooooo Good Question.

It would be very clean and sleek, everything away and tidy
Ideally either part of a dressing room or large bathroom
Large Mirror, Lots of indirect natural light and lots of lights
Large, high table, Narrow in the middle and wider at the ends,More like a console table (I like standing up and being able to get close to the mirror)
Draws and cupboards from the floor upwards
A small Basin nearby
Plugs hidden in a draw for hair appliances

A nice antique-style vanity with a three-way mirror in black or brown, good lighting set-up, and easy-to-reach, fully organized drawers/storage.

Something big and also in a room with a nice big window. Natural light is the best kind of light to apply and photograph makeup! I want a huuuuge round mirror with vanity lights and tons of drawers. I need this now lol
fancie Recently Posted: Birthday Haul!

Lots of storage space, a large surface to work on, large mirror, good lighting. I’m actually eyeing my younger son’s bedroom and thinking I might turn that into a makeup room once he moves out permanently (he is still in university and will always have a room here til he no longer wants one; older son’s room is a guest room/extra den now, though he still comes home to visit a few times a year) and daughter’s room is the designated “nice guestroom”. If I were willing to give up the sitting area in our bedroom, I could conceivably turn that into a makeup area but I’m not willing to sacrifice the nice little retreat I’ve made so I struggle in my little bathroom with insufficient makeup storage….a whole vanity area would be so lovely….

A vanity with lots of space on top/in drawers that can fit a lot of product, but is also antique looking. Next to a big window is also a must too!

Ideally all products would be standing up in the drawers so I could see everything I have.

Well, I already have it—one 5-foot long dresser with two large drawers, a collapsable rectangle mirror covering 4 compartments, and countless acrylic organizers + drawers containing my countless makeup items and another round mirror on the tabletop area opposite the collapsible rectangle mirror—except I’d really love to have better lighting. Also, I never really thought of having a sink in my walk-in closet/vanity because I have a bathroom right next to it, but now that I read Christine’s dream vanity set-up I think I want a sink in mine, too!
Erika Recently Posted: Guerlain Haul: Photos and (Late) Announcements!

Definitely old school looking. Right now it’s my goal to search threw thrift stores to find old tables to revive so I can paint them. I’m definitely buying a brand new mirror and a new chair for it so it’s a piece I put together on my own. I’m thinking of black with hints of grey on my table. I also want it to be thin and long with only two small drawers. Then I put a tall drawer next to it to store all of my beauty essentials. This is a good question because I’ve been recently on the hunt for an old table. I don’t need to spend a fortune on a new one

Don’t really have a dream vanity set up… Much rather have a bigger walk in closet with a center drawer island, good lighting and two full length mirrors.

My vanity right now is in my bathroom, and has the sink, good counter top space with nice marble, and has three large drawers to one side. Maybe it could get larger by 3-4 more feet and have a seat in area, and maybe I could have a window in there too. 🙂 still, I would have it in the bathroom, maybe my closet, but I don’t dream of having a room solely dedicated to makeup, I’d rather have a home office and dedicated room to make my jewelry.

i have my dream vanity: a big bathroom with two windows, 2 sinks with a large expanse of marble counter in between and a mirror all along the counter, behind the sinks, with lighting fixtures above the mirror. cabinetry beneath the counter, except in the center which is cut out and contains a wide open area and a comfy padded stool. directly in front of me when seated, a 10 x lighted mirror and a large drawer. on both sides of the stool, two deep drawers with a tray on the upper part of each drawer for all my smaller items and storage underneath the trays for the larger stuff. i can reach everything. before you feel envy i have to say that i’m OLD now, and never had anything this cool when i was younger. this bathroom was a remodel done about 4 years ago, and my beloved is a generous sweetie who doesn’t need a lot of space and wanted me to be happy. and i am–happy and grateful. course, i don’t always like what i SEE in that mirror, but that’s life.

Not really sure except that it can’t be one of those little things with a fold up mirror and tiny stool. Maybe when I was ten, lol. Can’t be what I grew up with either which was one of those long, low dressers with a mirror. You have to stand the whole time because it’s impossible to sit and still see what you’re doing. I thought I’d set something up when I moved into this apartment and my bed is too big – or the room is too small, lol! Mostly the bathroom or on the way to work has been my vanity but I’m sure I’ll figure something out eventually.

I recently made a vanity room so with my space and limited resources I think I did ok so far… My dream vanity though would also have a sink which I think is super important.. And I would also love a huge walk in closet.. I would love to hear some of your ideas ladies on what I’ve done so far and what I could work on..thanks for looking ….http://www.pinterest.com/prettymami1982/

P.s. I love your insight on everything makeup Christine!!!!

My ideal vanity set would be in a lush, victorian style boudoir in shades of antique rose, black, and gold. The vanity itself would be a large mahogany vanity with a three way mirror. It would have fabrics along the top and beautiful atomizers and baubles adorning it. It would have lovely jewelry boxes and music boxes to hold jewelry and trinkets. Perhaps feathers as decorations in a vase. The vanity would have a matching mahogany chair with a tapestry fabric cushion in golds. There would be drawers perfectly organized with makeup and a magnifying mirror. The room would have heavy curtains that would allow natural sunlight in when desired.

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