Sneak Peek: Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette
Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics PaletteUrban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette ($55.00 for 0.48 oz.) includes 12 eyeshadows with 11 shades that are matte (though a couple of very subtle sparkle in the pan but almost unnoticeable applied) and one shimmer. It releases sometime in September (I haven’t received a specific release date yet). Full review to come!

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Yeah they don’t look too pigmented. Hopefully they perform better with primer, which I know Christine doesn’t use during switching.

Uh oh, looks like a mixed bag, I see some duds already. I do like Extra Bitter, but between MAC C’Est Chic and ABH Modern Renaissance, I think I’m covered, and they were better quality overall too.

This will be a pass for me but I can see it being popular. The pigmentation looks not up to UD standards on some of them.

Oh boy! Here I just bought the MUFE Artist Palette 4, all matte and perfectly lovely…and then this pops up! I think this is perfect for having all of ones more BASIC mattes in one place, as opposed to scattered across multiple palettes. Very convenient!
Other swatches I’ve seen of Magnet appear to be much more pigmented, though? I do love that here it has a purple-gray cast instead of the blah duller gray I’ve been seeing.

Lethal, Extra Better, Faith, Lockout, Black jack just going wow at these matte babies. I can’t wait to get my hands on these! Christine, does black jack have some blue shimmers in it?

That’s the first thing that popped into my head when I found out about this palette… UD has run the Naked theme into the ground. That, and these shades are dupeable enough that I probably have at least two dupes of each shade.

Now that I’ve seen swatches, the only change in my original position is that Magnet is more unique and leans a lot more purple than I expected (which I love!). I hope they come out with a single in that shade, because I’m over buying a whole palette for one or two shades. Maybe I’m finally getting over my palette addiction! ?

Excited to see this. Probably only use 5 of the colors though, so not very cost effective. But, if texture is good & I like the colors, I can make it work.

I would love to see it compared to KVD, because I have been eyeing that one up for years. As I get older matte shadows appeal to me much more.

Every time UD comes out with a new Naked palette, I say I’m so done and I don’t think that’s changed with this one. 😛 I like the quality of their shadows in general, but I just don’t need that many neutrals in my life. But I think that’s kind of an unpopular opinion since most palettes I see from most brands are often neutrals.

Most shades look pretty good, they remind me of theBalm Meet Matt(e) palettes. The price though… I think it’s a little high for basic collection of mattes!

A very easy “skip” for me. Several of these look patchy and not nicely pigmented but the main thing for me is, to my surprise, how boring I find all these shades (maybe a bit of shimmer would liven things up a bit).

Hm… Not blown away by the swatches–this palette seems to have some patchiness going on! Between my ABH Modern Renaissance and MUFE custom matte trio, I think I’m able to dupe most of these (and with better payoff).

If the performance is awesome, I’d still consider it (dupes and all)–having a wide variety of everyday mattes in a single palette would be useful.

I really am a sucker for mattes! And I own all of the Naked palettes already, undecided whether this will make it to my collection yet…

Most of these seem to swatch really nicely! The one major dud looks to be Magnet, although it’s a shade I probably wouldn’t have gotten much use out of in any case.

I really wish the palette layout was the same as other Naked palettes, 12 shadows across in one row, rather than 2×6. It just seems like an awkward and bulky size.

This looked sorta interesting to me until I saw the swatches. I just got the Viseart matte neutrals and dark mattes and also the new matte MAC palette (and also have a few matte the Balm palettes…) I think I’m good!

These look pretty decent, but is it just me, or is does this price point seem high for what it is? I mean, not Viseart high (of course) but it doesn’t look Viseart quality either. I already have the Viseart Neutral Mattes, and the KVD Shade/Light so this is definitely not a must. I might have picked it up anyways as I’m a neutrals lover, but the price point is putting me off.

I’m looking forward to finding a single dupe of Extra Bitter, but between Naked Smokey, Gwen Stefani, and my singles I have all the neutral mattes I could possibly need.

I’m going to make an effort to use the matte pallets I have in the next week or two & see if I still feel like I NEED this one. I suspect I can find near dupes in what I have. This feels like it’s priced a bit high, for the money I’m thinking I’d rather get theBalm Meet Matte(rimony) – it seems like there’s more product.

Pretty, but I’m hoping I can pass.

I was excited when I first heard about this palette but now I think I’ll pass on it. I see some dupes and I think some of them look patchy.

I don’t understand why some of the shades have a bit of silver glitter in the pan. This is supposed to be all matte. The pigmentation is really missing on these. Magnet is a huge disappointment. I thought it would lean more purple than grey.

I’m excited for this, so handy to have one palette with an array of mattes. I have the too faced matte neutrals palette and even though it looks pretty boring I end up using it so so often. Call me lazy but I kinda find it a faff looking through all my pallets for the right matte shades. Also the packaging is beautiful 🙂

Nope. Putting my money on the Mac C’est Chic for a shadow palette hands down. B-U-T…UD gets my dough in the lippie department for sure! 😀

This is actually less warm toned than I expected, and I admit I love a good matte palette, but I think this may be a pass. I’d never use that first set of four in the second row. I think I’d rather go after the Kat Von D smokey palette instead.

Not really impressed by this palette. Looks easily dupeable, especially if you have either of the Tartelette palettes. Why is this retailing a dollar higher than the other Naked palettes? I remember when the Naked palettes were $50 and now they are steadily increasing while the pigmentation is decreasing in my opinion.

I’ve hit pan on my favorites from the Naked Basics 1 &2 so was going to be replacing one or both of them soon. Plus, I have recently gotten some lovely singles from MUFE and Anastasia that will go perfectly with this palette. Count me in!

Not interested in this one, I have enough mattes, I’m not a huge fan of them and I love color more than neutrals. As others have said, these swatches are underwhelming.

Not all that, really. Def going for the MUFE 4 9er before this. Also, might do more Viseart with Muse next year. I do like the mauve toned ones, but they gray is quite weak. Interested to see how some of the older Kvd matte rusts compare. Most of the weaker swatches are not freq use for me. Not as impressed as I was excited about this one. Cora A (vintage or tacky) has a video up, FYI. Didn’t look as if she had to finagle this much. But I always remember how skill level can overcome palette weaknesses. C can make gross product look fairly decent. Awaiting review, dupes, in the sincere hope that I can talk myself out of this one.

Dang, I kind of really want this, that wine shade looks great, although some of them seem to be lacking pigmentation.

Does one girl need that many light pinks though? I wish they would include a couple more colours, maybe one or two extra shimmers would have made this palette perfect (at least for me).

Yep, the more I look at this, the more I like Benefit’s Eyes Are the Window: Mind palette. BEAtW:M doesn’t have the cool trio (Instinct, Tempted, Lethal), but it has all the others and does them better. Still, a nice idea from UD.

I was already thinking, like Stephanie above, that this palette reminds me of the Stila In the Light palette – which was excellent. Some of the matte shades look a little dry and dusty. I think there are better matte ones around.

So many reddish shades. I said this on another post but I feel like I spend half my life trying not to emphasise the pinkness in my complexion. It’s a big part of why Naked 3 just DOESN’T work on me.

I love Lethal and Extra Bitter, but these swatches just leave me feeling “meh” about this palette. Thanks for saving me $50-ish, Christine! 😉 Seriously, though, I appreciate that you bust your butt to get swatches up for us ASAP. 🙂

I’m very undecided. I’ll just wait for the reviews, and make my mind up then. I really like some of the colours, not sure about others. I do think I’d get quite a lot of use of it, but there are other interesting palettes to consider.
Yes, absolutely undecided 🙂

Not interested, never cared for their other palettes, gave them away. Several of there shadows didn’t show up on me, bad pigmentation and the fall out dust was terrible. I don’t like shadows that do that.

I really wasn’t that interested in this palette at first, but after I saw a shade was labeled the same as my name I feel like I have to have it! xD I don’t know why I do this to myself… haha

Christine, don’t you think that Ultimate Basics palette is an exact copy of Stila’s Eyes are the window of the Mind palette? In fact, Mind looks a lot more interesting, colorful and better executed. (I don’t appreciate 5 pale colors that look almost exactly the same in one palette -UD ). As for swatches, I would love you to compare the two.

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