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The formula is supposed to have "insane glide" that is "creamy upon application" but sets. The brand says that they can be used as eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, or lip liner. I found the performance to be underwhelming both on the eyes and lips, though on lips it was particularly disappointing. Fenty has been fairly consistent, and where they've missed, it's usually not a total failure, but I had no luck with this formula at all.

The pencils feature a very waxy, thinner consistency that does tug somewhat (eyes and lips) and often requires multiple passes over curved areas--they'd swatch well enough on my arm but in practice, I had trouble getting even, opaque coverage whether I tried the formula as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, or lipstick. They were easiest to use on my lower lash line, as they only tugged a bit, but the coverage seemed to lift slightly as I tried to layer and even out the color or else it would pull away along any fine lines. However, if I tried to diffuse or blend out the line, product flaked off or lifted away randomly. While swatches were difficult to remove on my arm/hand, most shades disappeared within six hours on my waterline and were noticeably faded after eight hours on my lower lash line.

As an eyeshadow, they applied poorly with fingertips and a brush as the formula dries so quickly that most of the product remained on my fingertip or wouldn't adhere to my skin (from the brush), so applying directly from the pencil was best, which resulted in decent coverage but was often patchy or uneven. If I attempted to go back over areas with the pencil, I couldn't glide the pencil; I had pat and push it onto just the area or else it would lift away other areas. When I tried to diffuse the edges, whether I just used a fluffy brush or fingertips along the bare edge or if I tried to use a powder eyeshadow (say, in the crease) to blend the shimmer shades and a matte crease shade together, the cream eyeshadow lifted away and left behind bald patches. I reached the point where it was a game of applying and accepting that they'd never look great on my actual lids. They did have decent wear on my lids with about eight to nine hours without creasing but the color started to flake off.

As a lip product, the formula actually managed to get worse! They take some maneuvering to apply evenly, as the texture was thin and drier, and the pencil tugged a bit in order to get even coverage on my lips. The big issue was that I could not press my lips together, not even once, whether intentionally, accidentally, or while talking, or else the color would lift away noticeably. I tried leaving the color alone for a solid five minutes in case there was some "dry down" that I needed to wait for (nothing about the texture suggested that), but it didn't help. The strange part was that it stayed on well with respect to drinking/light meals but if the product came in contact with itself, it gave up. I tried not to press my lips together, but inevitably, just talking proved enough to cause patchiness within an hour of wear that worsened over time. (Please reference Sunfrost, where I took a photo after gently pressing my lips together, not even rubbing, just a gentle press, and see how much lifting occurred--it continued to lift as long as I had it on.)

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Eyeliner or eyeshadow? Lip liner or lipstick? You call the shots with these multitalented crayons, which come in a trio of complementary shades designed for everyone.

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