ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches

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ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches
ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Swatches

ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection arrives February 20th at 10AM PST. The collection includes a palette (with one Pressed Glitter, two Pressed Pigments), two powder blushes, two Ultra Glossy Lip glosses, and two Ultra Blotted Liquid Lipsticks. The packaging on the palette and the blush compacts shifts between images.

The collection is available here.

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100% agree. This could have been absolutely amazing, but the shades in the eye palette look like rejects from the latest Jaclyn Hill morphe palette. Plus the images they picked for the packaging… just, why??? Not interested in any of this collection.

Ugh, the color story could have been so much more vibrant for the scouts.

But now I’m contemplating finding an empty Sailor Moon-related palette and making my own Sydney Grace version.

I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I was almost shaking when I saw this collection!!! Childhood memories!!!!! Hope they are good, because I want everything in the collection.

OMG! I am so excited for this! This will probably be the biggest Colourpop purchase I’ll ever make, even though I’m not getting the whole collection. I cannot pass up Luna. LOL!

no buy? what no buy?

From the Moon and Bunhead caught my eye particularly. The palette looks SO pretty but it turns out Pressed Glitters really are, in fact, a deal breaker for me, even when put to the test.

I’m a die-hard Sailor Moon fan, but I’m probably going to skip most of this. Pressed glitter is a deal-breaker, and I can shop my stash for most of the eye palette shades. I was tempted by the Cat’s Eye blush and the lip duos, but based on the swatch, I’m worried that the blush is not going to be pigmented enough, and I only want one of the peachy glosses because the ultra blotted lips are both going to be too light for my complexion.

These shade selections are pretty disappointing. I know the series aesthetic pretty darn well and they definitely could’ve made a more interesting color story for the eye palette as well as more POC-friendly shades for the lip/cheek products.

Oh, you are so right, I didn’t even think about that. (Talk about pale skin privilege. Sorry.) Considering how much CP makes highlights and stuff, it is pretty surprising that there aren’t any with this, specifically a very gold highlight which could work on different depths of skintones. It would be amazing if a BOMB/black owned brand did something with Sailor Moon as well, but really, brands like CP should do better and not leave the burden on black creators to make stuff for darker skinned folks too.

I completely agree. I understand the aesthetic’s as well and they could’ve done is so much more. Sailor moon is such an iconic figure and I something I’m not really honing in on power that is in the series. They always manage to placate the very surface level look of the anime.

Agreed! Are the sales of “glitterally obsessed” pots really sky-high that they keep pumping them out for each collection/collab??

I’d love to see an expansion of CP’s duochrome super shocks!

I might get from the moon… think a fair skinned individual could pull it off? Does it sheer out? ?? Thank you for the swatches, Christine!

None of these colors and shades will work on my skin tone. Luna (Sailor Moon) is the only color I like from this collection. Hard pass.

Is this gonna be a frenzied sell out kind of thing when it launches? I really want the blushes because I am obsessed with blush and I love the cats in Sailor Moon, but I am nervous that it’ll all sell out so fast. I like the Usagi blotted lip too. The palette does nothing for me, and I don’t think it captures my idealized version of Usagi/Sailor Moon. Sailor V, maybe!

Yup. I just looked. 3 hours after launch and it is all completely sold out. Sorry I have a job and can’t sit at the computer watching the minute tick by. I stopped buying both MAC and Besame because of this crap. Collabs are great and all but not if you aren’t going to make enough knowing there is going to be a big demand for a very large audience.

I am a die hard fan but I do not love this collection. The glitter is awful!! I get the theme but still. I wish there was a more natural blush and lux lipstick. Blotted lip products are extremely uncomfortable to wear for me- why didn’t they do that new liquid lux formula? I’m really disappointed in the actual products. I wish they had an eye shadow topper for each of the support senshi (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter) and some kind of deepening color. I rarely struggle with color stories but I definitely am here.

I was so excited when I saw the announcement, and then very quickly disppointed after seeing the collection. No other characters, very boring color story… The only saving is the packaging… I don’t know about this. I have no doubt this will sold out, and I am hoping that because of that, there will be more releases with other characters in the future.

The eye looks you did using the palette made me think of rainbow sherbet! Sadly, another palette I will probably pass on due to ColourPop’s redick insistence of including one of those pesky (and DANGEROUS) pressed glitter shadows. Beyond that, I kind of like it. Cat’s Eye blush looks nice.

Hmm .. I am an absolute Sailor Moon fan but I am a little disappointed in this purple-pink-neutrals color story. I would have liked to see more blues and duochromes! I’ll probably skip the palette as a whole unfortunately. I love blush so I may grab one of those, and Bun Head is a sweet soft pink! overall, nothing special or groundbreaking for such a fun collaboration opportunity …. meh 🙁 I feel like some super sparkly gel liners and crazy sparkly glosses and pastel-duochrome eyeshadows would have been way more exciting

The Sailor blue is definitely missing for this collection, it would have made so much sense even as a standalone single-shadow.

This is literally a Sailor Moon focused palette. That’s why the other scouts aren’t represented. There’s no green, blue, red, deep purple, sea green, orange/tan, burgundy/emeralds, or eye-vibrating pinks.

I’ll be honest I was slighting thinking of ordering this but actually looking at the color story and palette . Its the palette art I want and not really the colors . I think Sugar Pill would’ve been a better pic for a Sailor Moon palette . These shades look a bit washed out . The colors in the very bottom are probably the most interesting with everything else just being a rehash of CP’s other palettes.

I got so excited to see Sailormoon, and holographic packaging!! I think the pictures they selected are fun. Will skip this though, as nothing is calling out to me color-wise.

I am a huge, huge fan.

Unfortunately, I find this release very disappointing, especially for Colorpop.

You can’t even see Luna’s crescent moon! Who picked this artwork for the packaging?!? Certainly not a fan. What a silly oversight.

I was immediately thinking that I NEEDED this but in reality, it’s just the packaging that is calling to me. I’m getting the new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette and that has these colors. Not to mention there is NO depth in this palette, just light colors that wont do much on my tan skin.

I had such high hopes for this collection since I’m a die-hard Moonie, but ColourPop really could have done so much better with this collab. The packaging is adorable and the shades do have a Usagi/Serena feel about them, but it would have been so much better and daring if they included colors that represented both the inner and outer sailor scouts. Even doing eye shadow duos in the super shock formula for each scout and even Tuxedo Mask would have been killer. It seems like a really big missed opportunity.

I think Cora Alvilar did some sailor moon looks way BITD. This boomer is older than Barbies, so def had to do some research on Luna, et al. These swatches aren’t true to the Moon, IMO. If you cannot channel an icon well, forget about it. Though I agree, it probably will sell out in a nano. But most true fan girls (now the fan women CP is targeting) will be dissatisfied. Plus, the newer liquid blotted lip formula is dreadful, as in instant give away dreadful.

I LOVE Sailor Moon, Sailor Scouts, the entire Sailor Universe! I am completely disappointed in the names of the eyeshadows and their colors! It’s as if basic research was done into this and just slapped a name and done. Where is the bunny from her lunchbox? Mamoru uses “Usako” as a term of endearment for her representing small bunny. This whole collection could have been excellent and it totally fell short.

Again, kinda hideous colours for my personal tastes but oh my – Sailor Moon!!! I remember my daughter (now in her 30’s) watching that cartoon. Is Sailor Moon still popular?

I love sailor moon so i was beyond excited at first. But from the looks of it, the shades may not be the best for my skintone. I wish they had super shock eyeshadows because I could justify getting one product from the collection since I am on a low buy. But I will say I appreciate the holographic packaging.

OK I’m actually angry at this? So many of us grew up with Sailor Moon and this…this is so low effort that it boggles my mind. Wow, what a wholly awful – and lazy – collection. Fans deserve better.

Loved Sailor Moon as a kid. This palette does not scream Sailor Moon though so is of little interest to me. I know most makeup connoisseurs are over the rainbow palettes, but… c’mon Sailor Moon has such vibrant colors. This could be any old generic CP palette. I’m sure it will sell out because it is CP and there are lots of Sailor Moon fans who will be into the packaging, but I’m disappointed that this is the color story they used.

I used to love Sailor Moon so much as a child! I remember scheduling my homework in the afternoon around the time it was on TV. 😀
Somehow I don’t like this collection as it plays too much on the `childish` aspect of the Anime series… but this is also Colorpop. I would love a more `mature` interpretation of the Sailor Soldiers, a collection revolving more around the `Diana`, not the `Usagi` facet of Sailor Moon.
I really don’t like the amount of pinks and yellows, the pictures they choose for the packaging… but the cat in-print on the blush is a hit!

Very pretty and some of the eyeshadows look like they could double as blush! As a 90s girl this collection is exciting! First Colourpop release I plan to buy in a while. I want the palette, peachy blush, and one of the lip duos. Did they send you two of the same lip gloss? Oops!

This is interesting, they used the old Anime art, which is not the best, but they did a good job with the palette. Not my color/finish interests. I look forward to the other soldiers getting their collections. Inner Guardians, Outer Guardians, Future Family, Moon cat family, Three Lights and their princess (Hello highlighter opportunity!) So many different options they can do.

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