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The Dupe List: Check Vanity for Dupes

The Dupe List
Limit your search results to show only dupes you own!

We made a slight tweak over on The Dupe List to help manage and find dupes for those who want to avoid purchasing too many of the same shades.  Now, when you want to lookup dupes for a particular shade or formula, you can limit the results to items in your Vanity by clicking the checkbox.  You can also check your Vanity for dupes whenever you’re browsing a product’s dupes, so whether you’ve read a review and are looking at the product’s dupes, you can easily refine down to shades you already own.

The Vanity is a way to keep track of the products your own.  You’ll need to be a registered user to start adding products to your Vanity.  You can view dupes within your Vanity, and you can also view dupes between your Vanity and your Wishlist.   (You can keep track of products you’re wanting by adding them to your Wishlist.)

And hey, while I have you, did you know that you can compare any two palettes to see both official dupes and similar shades between the two of them?  Or that you can compare any two swatches side-by-side we have whenever you want?

P.S. — We are currently working on improvements in the way products (that we don’t have) are added to make that a faster process for readers (this is our next big project!).

The Dupe List
Check your vanity for dupes when browsing any product’s dupes!


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Hello, it’s Temptalia! Let’s do an AMA! :)

If you’re newer to the blog, let me formally introduce myself: I’m Christine Mielke, and I’m the owner, founder, editor, swatcher, writer, photographer, and pretty much the go-to person for everything except the technical stuff. I started Temptalia in 2006 and have been doing this, officially, full-time since I finished graduate school (2011). If you’ve had a question floating around in your mind about me, blogging, or Temptalia, now’s the time to ask it 🙂

What is an AMA? It stands for Ask Me Anything! I’ve done two of them on /r/makeupaddiction (one in 2014 and one this year).

I’ve been more absent from the comment sections this holiday season (one of the things I’ve had to scale back on in order to focus on holiday reviews), and I thought this might be a fun way to connect with readers during my “down time” today. Back in the day, I used to hold “Ask Temptalia” sessions periodically but have not do so in many years, so I look forward to answering your questions throughout the day!

Another year, another anniversary | Happy 11th Anniversary, Temptalia!

This October, the blog celebrated it’s 11th anniversary, and I remembered briefly the first week of the month, meant to acknowledge the milestone with a post as I often do, but with the madness of holiday review season, I forgot all about it the next time I sat down at my desk!  I didn’t even remember again until yesterday evening, and I figured, it’s still October, right? What I like most about the blog anniversary is its an opportunity to express my gratitude to my readers, and then the second aspect I enjoy is reflecting on the last year and what has changed (or what hasn’t).

Beauty blogging has changed dramatically over the last five years; its viability as a full-time job is completely different today than it was five years ago.  I’d say that 11 years ago, it wasn’t viable.  Beauty blogging was still getting its legs back in 2006, but I think by 2010 or so, it started to emerge as a successful niche with lots of opportunities. There’s always been some back-and-forth since beauty has taken off on YouTube, but the last few years, I have seen an increasing number of long-time beauty bloggers retire, back off of their blogs considerably, or transition to lifestyle content.

It makes me feel particularly fortunate that Temptalia is not just still here, still surviving but that it is actually thriving with a strong, loyal readership.  It is the ongoing, tremendous support of all of you, my readers, that has made it so I can focus on creating content and improving the site without fear.  That’s why the trust of my readers is so paramount to me because that’s who I consider my #1 customer, so it’s all about how can I help you, how can I make your life better/easier/more fun when it comes to beauty.  Your support gives me strength on a daily basis to make the right decision and to make those so-called tough decisions very easy more often than not.

The blog is as much my baby as my fur-baby, Magellan, is. It is home. It is also family.  It is what has given my life purpose and direction and a place where I can always be.  It has created a community of knowledgeable, enthusiastic people all in the name of beauty. I am deeply committed to and passionate about what I do and doing it to the best of my abilities.  I never want to take this opportunity for granted because doing this has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I always want to look for ways to improve and be better and do better for you each and every year.

There are, honestly, no adequate words to even express to you how thankful I am to have you here on this journey with me. Thank you for reading, whether it’s been an hour, a day, or 11 years.  Thank you for your trust, which I know is earned and not just given.  Thank you for being such a huge part of why Temptalia is where it is today. I look forward to seeing what the next year brings 🙂

Temptalia By the Numbers

Here are some interesting numbers I pulled out in honor of our 11th anniversary 🙂

  • 150,000 dupes on The Dupe List
  • 210,000 photos in our database (comprised mostly of photos from 2011 to present)
  • 11,500 lip swatches (again, mostly from 2011 to present)
  • 16,881 reviews since 2013 (estimated 20,000 from inception)
    • 2013: 2,285
    • 2014: 3,251
    • 2015: 3,564
    • 2016: 3,996
    • 2017: 3,785 (so far!)
  • 25,371 blog posts
  • 1,557,204 votes cast in our weekly poll

I reflected more deeply on a personal level with respect to blogging and the journey last year (which was the big 10!), so if you’re curious about that, check out my 10th anniversary post 🙂

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Stila Holiday 2017 Collection

Stila Holiday 2017 Collection
Stila Holiday 2017 Collection

The Details

New holiday gift sets from Stila.

Now at Stila, coming soon to other retailers

Eye for Elegance Liquid Eye Shadow Set, $45.00 ($72.00 Value) (Limited Edition)

These shadows feature a water-infused formula that is lightweight and glides on effortlessly. It dries down smoothly and comfortably. The unique combination of varying sizes of pearl and glitter offer maximum sparkle with minimal fallout.

  • 6 x 0.07 oz Liquid Eyeshadows in Kitten, Grace, Twig, Peachy Sheen, Smoldering Satin, Next to Notte

Star-Studded Eight Stay All Day Set, $45.00 ($96.00 Value) (Limited Edition)

Lavish lips with this decadent, deluxe-size set of comfortable, long-lasting, full coverage, and creamy lip color. It features a mix of six iconic matte shades plus a preview of two shades of new Shimmer Liquid Lipstick, making its debut in the Spring.

  • 0.05 oz/ 1.5 mL Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina Shimmer, Beso Shimmer, Perla, Patina, Aria, Chianti, Rubino, Sagno

Big Shots HUGE Extreme L, (Limited Edition)

With an easy-glide, quick-dry eyeliner and a mascara formulated with a blend of soft, malleable waxes, these iconic big shots are the best in beauty for a perfect lined and defined eye look.

Glitterati Lip Top Coat, $22.00 (Limited Edition)

This ultra-sparkle top coat is specially designed to wear over matte liquid lipstick. Its innovative, bi-phase formula contains ultra-fine pearls in a clear water base, so it washes over lips to impart an original, matte finish.

  • Ignite Transparent berry sparkle

Help Me Help You! :) Holiday Coverage Feedback Requested!

Morning! With the holiday season right around the corner (at least, you know, when it comes to beauty!), I wanted to check in with you on whether I should readjust any of my review practices for the holiday season.  It is by far the busiest, most difficult season to cover, and it’s pretty much an endurance race from September through late November.  I’d like to find out what aspects are useful and important to you when it comes to holiday sets and palettes (not standalone products like lipsticks).

Here’s some background on how I prioritized and handled last holiday season (you can check out what I managed to cover for 2016 here):

  • Post sneak peek swatches
  • Test smaller palettes/sets at a higher priority
    • one eye might be shades from a larger palette but ensuring faster turnaround of reviews by simultaneously testing smaller sets instead of using all available face space for a larger palette for 2-4 days consecutively)
  • Alternate testing of larger sets/palettes with standalone, new-for-holiday shades and products
  • Prioritize larger palettes/sets from key brands with higher chance of selling out
    • Examples:  such as more popular, consistent brands like Anastasia, Becca, Bite, Kat Von D, NARS, Urban Decay, etc.
  • Reduce priority of larger palettes/sets that seem mediocre from initial tests
    • Especially if it has been performing consistently with how it swatched (e.g. sheer, powdery swatches -> poor wear on the eye, no surprises there)
    • Or from brands that tend to release several mega palettes/sets and are known for sub-par performance in those releases

For desktop users, the survey should display below, but for mobile users or if the survey below doesn’t display, click here to take the survey directly.  Thank you so much for your time!

Best Plum Blush | Top 10 & Share Your Recommendations

Urban Decay Rapture Blush
Urban Decay Rapture Blush

Today, I’m asking for your go-to, plum blushes (specific shades, please!).  The 10 most recommended plum blushes are listed below, and the list will automatically update as more recommendations are made!

You can view all recommendations here, where you can also refine recommendations by things like price, skin type, skin tone, etc. and share your own recommendations. If you think you might be making recommendations often, consider registering and filling out your profile as the form will pre-fill with your profile information for you each time!

Thank you for taking the time to add your recommendations to our database! 🙂

10 Most Recommended Plum Blushes

Recommendations Wanted For…

You can also browse all of our recommendations here! 🙂