Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)

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Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Quintessence Palette
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia On the Horizon Palette
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Radiant Reflection Palette
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Radiant Reflection Palette
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)
Sydney Grace x Temptalia: Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)

The Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection is coming together and moving along at a steady pace! I just received packaging samples yesterday (we’ll be removing the names from the front of the palettes when they go into mass production; the names appear on the spine), and it’s so amazing to see the three images come together. The biggest concern was how well the three palette images would align in reality but that came out quite well, I think!

We always envisioned triptych artwork with each palette’s artwork standing alone, but we wanted there to be something special if you purchased all three. I will go over the shade names in depth when all the shades are approved and I’m able to share how the colors all came together 🙂

  • Quintessence: An ode to space and the night sky.  The artwork reflects the northern lights (aurora borealis) along with the Milky Way galaxy. The canis major constellation joins those two elements as a tribute to Mellan.
  • On the Horizon: My take on neutrals; I’d call them “new” neutrals; they’re a little grungy, earthy, and muted with a bit of desert inspiration along the way. Hints of the northern lights trickle into the palette’s artwork and is centered around a surreal moon and Mellan’s silhouette. The mountains represent the horizon line where sky and sea meet each other.
  • Radiant Reflection: A celebration of color that takes its cues from jewels, rainbows (but intensify the depth and brilliance), and metals.  Reflection can be a literal, mirror reflection, but it can also be about looking back, sometimes looking under the surface and seeing beyond the literal reflection. The northern lights beam through the water and illuminate a mirror with its own, more turbulent waterfall. While it’s hard to see in print, Magellan’s silhouette is in the mirror’s reflection… which is rather fitting now that it his presence is in memoriam.

Here are some in progress swatches I’ve shared! They’re really about sharing my own excitement but also taking readers along the journey. It’s less about teasing or hyping anything up–I swear! We’re looking at more of a true spring launch (late March/April/May), but one of the biggest pieces that dictates the release date is finalizing packaging.  I’m still working through many shades, but Sydney Grace has started to press shades that have been finalized! 😏

In the below Instagram slideshow, you’ll find four videos:

  • a look at MAC Jealousy Wakes (from my MAC collab many years ago) compared to Borealis (from Quintessence, approved) and Jealousy’s Descent (from Radiant Reflection, approved).
  • first “quad” of shades in Quintessence: Umbra (almost approved), Orion Nebula (approved), Celestial Bloom (approved), The Mielke Way (approved).
    first “quad” of shades in On the Horizon: Heart-dog (approved), Earthbound (approved), Flying High (almost approved), Midnight Courage (in progress)
  • last “quad” of shades in Radiant Reflection: Our Starry Night (in progress), Glossover (in progress), Jealousy’s Descent (approved), Sublime Reverie (in progress)

Some additional info: there are three eyeshadow palettes, each with 12 shades, that will be available individually or as a bundle (of all three). It is a spring 2021 release, and as soon as I know more specifics on the date, I’ll be sure to share! The collection will not be limited edition; as long as they sell well, the brand will continue to restock if it should sell out.

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I can’t wait! I am loving everything you have shared with us and it is exciting to follow your journey and see how much thought you have put into everything about this collection.

Oh wow. Seeing Mellan’s silhouette made my eyes tear up. Then packaging is gorgeous. I’m most excited for your take on antique gold/pewter as I find it’s impossible to find a really good one that doesn’t lean too yellow or green.

This is really exciting! The packaging is gorgeous and the homage to Mellan is really touching. Looking so forward to this launch, especially your take on neutrals.

Yay! yay! But I’m crying all over again. Heart Dog. Magellan’s Way. Well, he is memorialized forever. As he should be. Love from the wrong side of the Rainbow Bridge, dear Mellan.

Congratulations Christine! This all looks fabulous. The tributes to Mellan are the sweetest thing and I love the art and the way the palettes look all together. I don’t have instagram, so I can only see a white box that invites me to join the Zuck empire (no thnx), but I’m hyped anyway!

I can on my phone! not on my PC, it’s a recent change and affects all accounts i used to lurk 🙁
Now that I’ve seen them, the colours are gorgeous, and I’m glad you mentioned considering merch based on the artwork because I’d be in!

Thank you for sharing the journey with us. The packaging looks amazing! Almost wish that there was merch and artwork (like prints) available with this design.

I had a few Discord readers mention this, so I ordered two different types of paper prints and a canvas print for myself to see how they look so I can see if this is something I’ll do.

I’m here for the journey <3 I'm just more and more sure that I will want all three, the colors are looking all so rich and beautiful. I might cry a bit at first when I get these, because I'm a crier, and these have become very touching tributes.

The packaging is so cool! I love that it creates a full picture and that it represents your beloved Mellan. I can’t wait to see the whole set!

I am so excited for this! The packaging and swatches are all so beautiful. I’m definitely going to get at least one but I might eventually get all 3 — I really appreciate that you and SG decided not to go the LE route so I can pick these up as my budget allows rather than feeling rushed and pressured. That said, a Spring release date lines up veeeery nicely with my May birthday 🙂

I’m so glad they’re happy to keep restocking if they keep selling! (And it totally makes sense to me NOT to keep restocking if they don’t sell well, LOL.)

They’ll keep restocking as long as they sell well, so hopefully, there’s plenty of time to buy any on your radar without any pressure!

This is very exciting! I appreciate that there will be three different palettes to choose from, and the packaging is stunning!

I’ve been buying makeup for 30+ years and I’ve never been so excited for a launch. Your color stories and SG’s formulas…ugh, Mother may have to hang up her brushes. Thank you for giving us what tidbits you can as the process moves along.

I know you’re incredibly busy, so I hate to bother you with questions, but I’mma do it anyway. 😂

Are there nerves as we get closer to the drop? Or are you as confident as we are that this is going to blow our minds?

How do we pronounce our beloved mascots name? I’ve been pronouncing it like ‘melon’ in my head for the last decade. Thank you for sharing the goodest boy with us. We loved him from afar and he was such a trooper. ❤️

Thank you, Jessica! 🙂

Not yet – I had more nerves when initially announcing, not so much at the moment. I’m sure when I’m ready to reveal each color story, I’ll be all nervous again!

Yep, it’s pronounced like melon!

Happy for you! These look amazing. And the artwork is so beautiful and touching… I love everything about it. <3

WowWowWowWow!!! The artwork on the palettes is STUNNING!!! I LOVE it and the theme and how the three palettes line up, and I LOVE that Mellan is there enjoying all of that beauty. I also LOVE the names you’ve chosen. Pure Perfection!!! I’m so excited for you and for me. Yippeeeeee!!!

OmG!! congrats on your collaboration!!! I would definitely get this! So exciting!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I know you will do a great job with the shades!! Can’t wait!! ❤️💖💜

The packaging is sublime! I teared up when I saw Mellan’s silhouette. The color stories sound amazing, too. I’m going to have to try to snag all three. I’m so happy for you getting this collab! Congratulations!

I love that Mellan Magellan is on the palettes, but surprisingly I didn’t shed tears this time because it made me feel soooo happy that his presence will always be with all of us who’s heart he’s touched. He was a well loved, beautiful, sweet boy! Ugh, now I’m tearing up…

Thanks so much for sharing! Very excited for you and excited to grab these up! I’m on a no buy but keep telling everyone the no buy doesn’t apply to Christine/Temptalia’s x Sydney Grace palette releases hahaha!

Oh wow! I’m super excited! That’s some really gorgeous artwork: I feel like I have to have all three just for that! So lovely that Mellan is in there…he is missed.

Absolutely resonated! I’m not sure if anyone else said but if prints were offered for sale I would purchase. I’d feel compelled to keep the palettes constantly displayed together like that otherwise and I can’t think of a way to do it and make it easy to access/store.

The artworks are stunning!! But the swatches seems to be even more promising! I’ve always know that if someone able to arrange my udeal colour stories exisist, that person are you Christine! Now hope for international shipping 😉

This is going to be so gorgeous! Do you know if they’ll be selling the empty palettes and/or shadows separately if we wanted to pick and choose select shades from all three?

They’ll be sold filled with each palette’s respective shades, so you won’t be able to purchase shades individually!

So excited about this launch Christine! This is how to get people excited – share the journey. We know what’s coming to a degree but there is still excitement about seeing the final product. I’m not a fan of the tease most releases do. I can’t wait to order them.

Also the packaging is so beautiful and I love the tribute to Mellen on each package.


Thank you, Vanessa! I appreciate you letting me know how it’s coming off to you, too 🙂 That’s exactly how I wanted it to 💕

Yass! I can’t wait to get my greedy hands on these bad boys! Love the packaging the Galactic beauty is dreamy looking. And Mellan’s got his paws all over these palettes, lol. Mellan lives on!!

He really does! I was worried about having him so incorporated (given his age when we started going over the concept), but I’m so glad we went forward with it because it is a nice tribute.

Well that’s just breathtaking packaging! I may not be able to get the first stock, but I hope to snap this collaboration up in the case of subsequent restocks!

Congrats again, I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

I’m very excited! Safe to say, this collab will most likely be the only makeup item I’ll be buying this year. Very happy for you and this awesome project.

I just love the packaging Christine, they do reflect your artistic and creative style. I think these three eyeshadow palettes are eagerly anticipated by all of us, who have followed you for a long time.
The reference to Mellon is just beautiful. I love the shades you have shown us – so very pretty.

The packaging on these are so pretty, and I really love how Mellan is incorporated into everything. I can’t wait to see all the colours.

This is so exciting for you! Once again, congratulations on this accomplishment!

Oh, wow! Thank you 🥰 I’ve been more confident about the artwork, but I still wasn’t sure if everyone else would love it as much as I did!

I am so EXCITED for your collab! I know this is going to be great. I trust you and your love for makeup. I have a feeling you know what we want and want we need and your about to give it to us. This is so exciting and I can not wait! I love how the image to the palettes can stand alone or go all together. You did fantastic on it. I’m loving the shades so far and can’t wait to see them all together!

The cover artwork paying tribute to sweet Mellan got me teary eyed on the bus ride home. Even though I never met him, he literally became Temptalia’s mascot. He’s a part of this page and we loved him. Although, realistically, no one could have loved Mellan more than you and Shaun.
All I know is that I think I will wind up getting all the palettes. Clearly, you’ve poured your heart and soul into these.

Aww, the perfect way to memorialize Mellan! What a way to choke us up! It’s breathtaking Christine, congratulations! I can’t wait as I’m sure that is the sentiment of everyone here!

Everything about this collaboration that I’ve seen thus far excites me. There is so much care and imagination going into creating these palettes. I especially love how you incorporated Mellan into everything…I think that’s wonderful. So very sorry that you lost your boy, my heart goes out to you. The worst part about owning a pet is losing them but it’s awesome that Mellan’s memory will be kept alive through this creation. I love it!!!

This is so incredibly exciting!! I love that you’re posting the progress as you’re able to. It’s neat to see the process of it all coming together! I’m so happy for you Christine, and can’t wait to buy these and use these. The artwork alone is gorgeous! But the shades that you’ve chosen so far are so perfect. When you said a new take on neutrals / more earthy and grungy, I was like yeah, these are my kinda shades!

YAY! I kind of think of them as grungy neutrals, new neutrals – hopefully reading “neutral” in a way, but I guess you could think of it as… me trying to push the boundaries of neutral, e.g. by including navy blue or muted green vs. all brown!

This is a must have for me. I would not dream of not getting all three. If you are the place I go for the final word on makeup (though I do occasionally disagree with you), I am absolutely 100% behind anything you do. So looking forward to it and I know they will be amazing (A+).

You are so sweet, Megan! 🙂 I appreciate the support — hopefully, you love all three and that makes sense to purchase, but just a comment is all the support I need!

Me too! It is really quite the relief not to worry much about quality – like I don’t feel concern that mass manufacturing will bite me in the butt, LOL.

Plus, since they have their own facility, they create and press the eyeshadows themselves, so tweaking colors is infinitely easier than working with a lab. It has also enabled me to keep working on certain colors longer without it pushing back the release date.

Super exciting news! I can’t wait to see the final result. Very, very sorry about your pup, I missed that original post and was very sad to hear about him. But he’ll always have a place in your heart so he’s never really gone!

Coming along well indeed!! It’s gorgeous!! I love the colors and how your Mellon is in it😢

What a work of art!!!

Like so many I’m on a low-buy so these palettes will probably be my only major purchase this year. When you first told us about the collab, I was so excited, I’m even more excited now, and I haven’t been very interested in anything makeup for quite some time. I guess that can happen when you have gathered loads of everything makeup-y.
I sat with tears in my eyes when I saw that lovely Mellan silhouette. I will feel honoured owning palettes that are a tribute to the lovely boy.
I think it looks like perfection, the artwork is so beautiful and would make for a lovely art print, the swatches looks absolutely gorgeous.
Thank you for letting us follow along a bit on this incredible journey. And thanks for giving me something to really look forward to.

I’m sure I will. I think of all the “quads” you’ve put together and all the looks you’ve made that are so gorgeous. I have complete confidence that this will be epic!

I am so freaking happy for you. I never buy collabs, but this one is different. You’ve helped me so much with discovering and learning about makeup. This I’m getting.

Congratulations Christine! So excited for this and very happy for you 🙂 I am looking forward to hopefully purchasing all three once the final palettes and swatches are released. Radiant Reflection and Quintessence seem like the shades I would love though I am less able to pull off those grungy shades you work with so well (olive greens, muddy yellows, brown based purples etc)!

This is so exciting! I like seeing the works in progress! Can’t wait to buy them all – you and Sydney Grace are the perfect collab.

THIS IS BEYOND, CHRISTINE (I am not screaming, I am just over!!! I LOVE how the packaging for all three have a correlation and belong together. I LOVE how you can read the names on the spine!! Brilliant from a storage perspective and so original. LOVE the concept, and seeing the shades while imagining them in that AMAZING Sydney Grace formula is the perfect cherry on top! How exciting this must feel for you. I am so amped and can’t wait! Super looking forward!! xo

It seems SUPER useful to have the name on the spine! Definitely think that should be industry standard.

Thank you, Daniela!

Congratulations Christine!! I feel overwhelmed by this launch ‘cause I want it and just worry I won’t be able to get it. I hope you guys decide to do pre-orders. LOOKS AMAZING!!!

GIRL! 😮 I’m shook over here. It’s only 5am, the dog had to go out, and I 100% wasn’t ready for this. I’m SO excited!!! And because I’m excited and did some ooh-ing & aah-ing? The dog’s now excited! 🤦‍♀️😂

Please just tell me this will ship to Canada 🤞🤞

I checked their site, and they ship internationally, except China, and basically wherever USPS is shipping currently (based on whatever restrictions for COVID exist at the time)!

Thank you! For the dog lovers 🙂 I liked that they were Mellan to me, but I figured they weren’t so obvious (like a literal photo of Mellan) that they could just celebrate dogs in general, too.

Gorgeous!! It’s really nice to see a collection well thought out (compared to some big brands latest releases)! I can’t wait to see the final products

Thank you, Ariane! I definitely like to think I’ve really tried to go through each shade and palette methodically. Trying to balance giving something interesting while still being a cohesive story (though not with your typical light beige/lighter brown transitions or the like, of course!).

This is so incredibly exciting and what a touching tribute to your beloved boy! I only wish I could check these out “in store” but perhaps when the time comes, if they don’t sell out in 30 seconds, I will actually bite the bullet (or the chew toy!) and order one of these. No question but that they’ll be a huge success and that you will ensure the quality of these will be excellent.

You will have my jaw dropped on the floor if you actually buy sight unseen, Mariella! I know how important it is to see things in person for you 🙂

Christine, you are just amazing! I am so excited for this release and can’t wait! I plan to purchase all of them! I agree with the pre-release if possible so your followers can buy them first!!! BTW, I’ve been following you since your early days. Sneaking peaks at your site during work on another internet tab. You still have the very best beauty site on the web and I rely on you for your honest reviews and fantastic displays of all the products. You are just amazing!

Ummmm yes please. This is something that feels truly “inspired” and is a welcome departure from mass produced cash grabs. So proud of you, Christine. Such a poignant, beautiful otherwordly collection!

I have so much respect for the work and creativity that has gone into this collaboration. The swatches look fantastic. Congratulations on this collab. I most certainly hope I can get my hands on one!!

Oh Hell YES!!! I haven’t event peeked yet and I’m already hooked and ready to BUY!! What a collab!! Your names are spectacular and that’s a bonus!! Ok now I’ll go look and set my calendar and say THANK YOU in advance because I know it’s going to be wonderful!!!! MUAH XXXXOOOO

Wow! I’ll totally buy this when it’s all ready and set up! I have 100% trust and faith in each eyeshadow pans!! So glad we will have something that’s curated by your talent!!

I can’t wait! Such pretty packaging. Love the tribute to Mellan in these, just makes it feel so meaningful.

I’ll be stalking your site and Sydney Grace for the release date, like a hawk!

I’m SO excited about your collaboration with Sydney Grace! I love their quality and how they stand behind their products. The palette artwork is breathtaking! I love all of the color swatches thst you have shared with us and find the process fascinating. Is there going to be a bundle deal if we purchase all three palettes at once? Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I can see the palettes selling out numerous times!

I teared up at Mellam’s silhouette too. He’s looking down, barking at the collection in approval of it 😁💙. I’m so excited and I plan to purchase everything to show my support. I am very proud of you. God is good!

He was really the mascot of the blog, so I had to have him all over the packaging — kept trying to tell him that he had to at least make ’til the release, lol! But it is nice to have him memorialized 🙂

The packaging is so gorgeous and I love how our beloved Mellan was incorporated into it. I can tell you have lovingly poured over every detail with your team at SG. I wasn’t planning on buying eyeshadow this year but I’ll make an exception for you!

It is absolutely beautiful ! Congratulations ! I really hope there will be a pre-order for these, because I predict your collection will have a tremendous success 😉

Fingers crossed! Thank you, Aurore!

I know there’s no pre-order at this point, but I’ll certainly ask again about it. I believe that since packaging is what takes the longest to get, the pre-order doesn’t do much initially (without it being a super long wait, basically).

TBH, your collection is just the push I needed to order from Sydney Grace (as I live in France the tax fees can hit quite hard), so I really hope I’ll be able to grab them 😀

Hi! Congratulations cutie! I have been anxiously awaiting more info on your collab. These shades are gorgeous and SG is so wonderful. But I am most thrilled by how your baby-M is woven into this project. Love it and I can’t wait to buy all three… because you are designing them and they are Sydney Grace shadows. The best of two amazing worlds!

I am excited to see this. Can’t wait!! This will be my FIRST Sydney Grace purchase and all because of you. The packaging spoke to my soul.

How did I miss this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What????!!!!!! I’m thrilled ! I already know I’mm purchase this!!!! I KNOW it will add something special to what I have. Congrats!!!!

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