An Open Letter to Old Friends and a New Chapter

There are not enough words to convey how thankful I am to have had so many dear readers frequent Temptalia over the last 17 years. There have been times where all of you have kept me going and moments where even just the kind words of a single reader was enough to make my whole day. I have to send a special shoutout to the readers of Temptalia’s Discord who have been there for me over and over again in an extra special way. The trajectory of my life is the result of all of your support and continued readership; I cannot overstate how much my life has been enriched by Temptalia on the whole nor how much this endeavor has positively impacted my family and extended family.

I do not know where I would be without Temptalia. It gave me a job that I never imagined but found deeply fulfilling for almost 13 years, when not enough people get the opportunity to love the job that they do. It is what has made so many achievements in my life possible. I’m so proud of what I’ve done on Temptalia and how it has shaped the person I am today. I am a better person because of all of you. I am forever thankful for having the support of so many people in the community from readers to brands to my family that have made it as successful as it has been.

It is time for me to confess that for the last four years, I have struggled mentally, and this year is really the first where I’ve started to feel closer to normal. I lost a lot of my passion for Temptalia in late 2019, and when you’re entire life revolves around one thing that you love and you no longer love it… that really does a number on your mental health. It took me awhile to even realize that falling out of love with Temptalia and not having another outlet that really brought joy was the source of destruction of my mental state.

I worked 80+ hours a week on Temptalia without fail, but it often did not feel like work. I felt like I had a dream job, loved what I did, felt fulfilled by it, while it all supported my family. I’ve always been someone who tends to have only a few interests, and I’m still that way (0/10, do not recommend) despite trying to discover or cultivate other interests. The reality is that those 80+ hours a week that used to bring me joy started to bring me misery because I didn’t enjoy it any more, and it worsened as I pushed through and did everything I always did, just without the joy.

For awhile, the feeling that I would let readers down by taking a step back sustained me and kept me going enough to get it all done, and I felt like the love would be rekindled eventually, so I’d push through. It’s not like every single day for the last 17 years was the Best Day Ever, but even during times where I had more on my plate between the blog and personal life, I could get through tough weeks or months.

By early 2020, I spent most days on the verge of a nervous breakdown; I felt like I was ready to burst into tears all of the time, and I wasn’t managing my emotions well. There were other things going on in my personal life, too, that contributed to a heightened level of anxiety, and they were things that I needed to get through but couldn’t really “change” or offset. It was at this point that I started recognizing that I couldn’t live with that much anxiety, and I did reach out and start taking anti-anxiety medication, which was a massive help to manage that anxiety and get “through” the rest of the year. It gave me clarity at just how far I had let my mental health get away from me.


Then, Magellan passed away, which has been the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me (which does make me pretty fortunate, all things considered). It was my first real, intimate loss and experience with grief. I actually felt like I had so much closure that I was sad about his passing but I had no regrets; Mellan was just such a huge part of our lives that his lack of presence was still something that took a long time to process and work through. Do you know how inconvenient it is to be someone who tests eye makeup but tears up 10 times during the day?!


When Winnie entered our lives a few months after, he helped me center my attention and brought out feelings of joy again. He was a new hobby, allowing me to pour energy into him as I trained him, watched him grow up, and bonded with him. He was NOT an easy puppy to raise (turns out, Mellan was basically a perfect puppy and Winnie was more like 7/10 difficulty-level puppy), but he is the most affectionate and cuddly dog I’ve ever been around, so he always made it (and still makes it) worth it 🙂

In early 2022, with Winnie being able-bodied and youthful, I begged my husband to let me try fostering puppies for a local rescue. I’ve always wanted to foster, but so many dogs always tried to attack Mellan (even though he was dog-friendly!) that I did not feel comfortable doing so. My husband relented, and I had my first pair of foster puppies and promptly broke my hand within 24 hours of having them–of course, I didn’t realize it was broken until a few weeks after I did so. Obviously, this meant no fostering, so I started volunteering on-site at the rescue for the next several months. I’d go almost every morning for an hour or two. My heart felt lighter, my mood was higher, and I realized just how much I was missing from the last couple of years.

Between having limited mobility in my left hand (and my right hand was already in a state of chronic pain from overuse) and realizing what fulfillment felt like again, I decided to make some changes on Temptalia that would help minimize the stress on my hands as well as reduce some of the time spent on getting things done on the blog. These were changes like bullet-style lists (which readers actually loved) rather than trying to write the same sentence over and over again in slightly different ways, allowing me to enter dupes as I could rather than pushing beyond my pain thresholds, and reducing the number of images I took and had to edit.

It was also in this period of time that I recognized that I had been in some stage of burnout, just in general, for years and so I knew that I had to allow myself to make bigger changes, even if it would upset some readers, in an effort to try to move forward without breaking myself down in the process. Those changes have helped tremendously, as I used to be in a constant state of pain and soreness with my hand and now only have that after a particularly long photographing/editing session. One day of pain in a week instead of all seven days with little to no reprieve was well worth making changes!

As you might expect from someone capable of living in a perpetual state of burnout for four years, it is difficult to make changes, and I have always found it difficult to do them on the sly. I find I have to say it loudly so I actually hold myself accountable to those changes, which is why I will be officially transitioning away from working on Temptalia full-time to part-time over the next few months. I need to make it official so I’ll actually do it, which will give me time and space to figure out what that looks and feels like. After going at full-speed for almost 17 years, it will be an adjustment to navigate what easing off actually means.

Freddie can’t believe I’m going to work less on purpose (he was one of my fosters)

You might not see any immediate changes as I have about six weeks of content already written but likely by Temptalia’s 17th birthday (October 2023), changes will be felt. I’m currently going to see how many posts per day makes more sense and how I want to approach the mix of brands/products I review. I’m hoping to have more time to just play with some of the makeup I have. That being said, if there are particular aspects of the site that you would be loathe to lose, I’d love to hear it as we consider archiving certain aspects of the site that we feel are non-essential and/or underutilized to help button things up and streamline parts of the site overall. This is not the end, it’s just me turning the page to the next chapter 🙂

I’m hopeful that I can rekindle my love for what I do here while giving myself more time to embrace and seek out the paths that currently bring me joy. Those paths include volunteering more, continuing to foster, and spending more time with my family. Fostering and volunteering with my local rescue has felt like it has saved me from the gaping chasms that felt like they were going to swallow me whole, and it has made it clear that in life, acts of service for others brings me the greatest sense of joy and fulfillment. It wasn’t a love for makeup but a love for helping readers love their purchases more that fulfilled me for so many years in the past. Now, I am going to embrace what has given me a sense of purpose in life and see where that path takes me.

The Yoga Poses (bottle baby fosters)

Finally, I am incredibly privileged to have a partner in life, my husband Shaun, who has been a pillar of support for over two decades, and is truly everything that I could have ever asked for in partner. Without him, I would not have even had a chance of getting through the last few years (especially because no one else would put up with, nor appreciate, my grim humor). It is also thanks to his genius that we have built successful sites outside of Temptalia over the last decade (I help to manage those), which have given me the luxury of choosing a different path forward. He is the best, and I love him to the end of the universe!

Thank you for letting me share what’s been weighing on me these last few years as I finally feel like I’m in the right place to be vulnerable, share that vulnerability, and move forward in a meaningful way. I’m looking forward to make these changes and opening myself up to what is ahead!

Love & Lipgloss, Christine


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Denise S. Avatar

Change is the one thing we can all count on in this life. Life feels like a roller coaster sometimes and All we can do is hang on. I’m so happy you are stewarding your mental and physical health before career/work. Life goes by in a minute so grab all the happiness and content you can. I teared up seeing Mellan’s pictures! Winston is adorable and all beautiful the little fluff balls who you gave a good start in their new lives. Will continue to follow Temptalia in it’s new format. Proud of you Christine!!!

Christine Avatar

It is really a credit to how far acceptance of mental health as being something one SHOULD prioritize in the last several years that I am where I am today! I followed grind culture for so long, and I feel like I’m fairly built for it – like it did take a very long time to burnout, lol, but balance and being able to take care of yourself so you CAN take care of others is so important… and not everyone has the luxury to even do that sometimes.

Justine Reyes Avatar

First off, thank you so very much for all the hard work you’ve done over the years. You were one of the very first makeup. Logs I found, and you still provide some of the highest quality, most thoughtful reviews and swatches. When you rate a product highly I am confident that it will also work for me.

I am happy that you feel able to step back and I hope you find respite and joy. Congrats on fostering so many adorable pups- they are definitely a highlight on my feed to see!!

Best of luck with everything in the future!!

Dawn Avatar

Thank you for being so brave and honest and for sharing your love of animals. I’ve always loved reading your reviews more than any others, but I’ve also loved seeing photos of such beautiful happy souls. I wish I had the strength to foster and I believe it takes a truly special and selfless person to be able to nurture animals in need. I wish you all the best as you enter this new chapter

Julie Avatar

I know I can’t be the only to shed a tear at this news, but I understand. I’ve been a daily reader since 2008, and I still habitually check multiple times a day despite no longer wearing makeup. The pandemic, an injury, and unexpectedly losing my sister did a number on me that I have yet to move past, so I completely understand the need to move on. I hope you can find something new to bring you joy, and that you continued to move towards peace. Thank you for the colorful joy you’ve brought to my life!

Lauren Avatar

Oh my gosh, I saw this title and started reading and thought it was going to end with a farewell. I’m glad you will still be here and that Temptalia is not completely shutting down. You’ve put a lot into it and we have such a great little community here.

As someone who has experienced severe burnout and finds joy with my animals I can completely understand wanting to step back a bit and enjoy LIFE. We only get one and it should not be spent working all the time. I have always volunteered at rescues, but recently started fostering and currently have my first foster puppy and three foster rabbits… who am I? I am loving it though and they have been helping me get back into a routine and out of my depressive funk I feel like I’ve been in for a handful of months. Glad you will have more time now to do things for you that make you happy 🙂

Christine Avatar

You went in on fostering! Have you had rabbits before?

The biggest thing with volunteering with animals/fostering them has been how it’s really forced me into the present and to stay in the moment. And sometimes, while it can be hard to take care of ourselves, taking care of an animal that is dependent on us really does help reestablish routines and order!

Lauren Avatar

I had a rabbit in college a very very long time ago. Two of my fosters are a bonded pair and hang out together. The other I only brought home Monday and is in a separate area (not neutered yet). All are very sweet and so silly… but it is a LOT of cleaning and feeding. I’m trying really hard not to foster fail the bonded pair, they crack me up.

I completely agree about helping reestablish routines. I was sleeping too much and not being active which, of course, does not help depression. Now I am getting up earlier for morning feeding, doing a bit of cleaning every day for both pens, evening feeding, and play time. They really are so much fun and I’m not longer in that funk!

Louise Sharpy Avatar

I hope you can find your peace thru all of these changes. You do need to do what brings you happiness. And being a long time follower , I for one, and glad you took time for you Took time to find out what brings you peace !! We will be here. As always. Good luck ! Thank you for all you have done

Raven Avatar

Christine, thank you so much for the meticulous reviews and your hard work here! I know I just started commenting (thanks to my own anti-anxiety journey) but I’ve been a daily reader since the early days and the swatch gallery and the review breakdowns (and even the Weekly Features, when I’m looking for a product) have been a tremendous help figuring out what’s going to be worth it for me to spend my money on!

I’m glad you’re taking steps to figure out what’s going to work for you. Life isn’t easy and I understand needing to try a change. Thank you for communicating and I look forward to what you can do at Temptalia and whatever you decide to do in the future! <3

Kira Avatar

Okay, I cried. Not because of loss, but because of joy for you being true to your heart and doing what you know is best for you, and how exciting this new stage will be for you. 💗 💗 💗 Thank you for all that you’ve done over the years. This blog has been a companion to my studying and working life too and you deserve all the flowers for these 17 years 💐💐💐

Sabrina Avatar

Girl, you do whats best for YOU!! Thank you for all the years you have provided us with reviews and swatches, you are the OG swatch queen and the first blogger/beauty guru I followed back in my late teens (Im now 33, my how time flies lol). I love the instagram posts of all your puppers btw, beauty and animal content is my jam!!

Rebekah Avatar

You’ve been an absolute machine for years. You earned whatever type of reconfiguration you need. Thanks for everything you’ve provided over the years. Looking forward to more puppy content on Instagram and whatever you offer here.

Andrea J Avatar

Omg I thought you were going to stop Temptalia entirely, so I had a mini heart attack/meltdown!!! I am so grateful that you’ve decided to stick around part time! Your service is so appreciated. My main outlet has been makeup for many years, and you have been an integral part of that outlet for pretty much half my life.

I’m so happy you were able to find joy in life again. I’ve been there with the anxiety and medication/lifestyle changes really do wonders. Hoping that you’re able to find continued fulfillment in all areas of your life – you deserve it 🙏

Christine Avatar

The medication helped SO much to just like… get out of the abyss and even feel like “Okay, I can handle this. I can get through it.” It was like training wheels for me and helped me be in a place mentally to start working through it, making changes, etc.

Lisa NKB Ellis Avatar

Dear Christine,
I have enjoyed your content and eye looks for many years and puppy pictures.
I think it is awesome that you are taking some more time for yourself. Life is way shorter than you think it is. I say this from the vantage point of being 65.
You should enjoy life and also get enough rest.
Sending love, light, and blessings to you.
Lisa NKB Ellis

Karina Mackenzie Avatar

Christine! I’m so happy you’re choosing you! Even if you decided to give up the site completely, we would all understand, as you have given everyone so much for so long! It’s brave and freeing to say “hey I need a change” and to do it and I selfishly am so happy that you’ll continue to foster pups because your posts about them being me joy each day and inspire me to do the same one day (we lost our “Mellan” soul dog in January and while we don’t have a new dog yet, the loss is so deep and the joy you have with Winnie and the fosters gives me hope I’ll feel that again some day).
Excited for all your future endeavors <3

Christine Avatar

Losing that heart dog is so, so hard. Even though Winnie filled me with joy, it took me longer to really bond with him than I expected, and that’s even when I had a ton of closure with Mellan’s life and passing (like I just couldn’t have asked for more since he was fine until the morning he wasn’t, and he lived a long life for his breed and an exceptionally long life for all his health issues!).

You will feel it someday, when you are ready. It might take years and that’s okay 🙂

Helena Avatar

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Christine! Whenever I realize that you’ll eventually have to retire, I feel dread lol.
I remember a long time ago you used to have guest posts. Would it be feasible to have those again?
The most important features for me are definitely the swatch gallery and dupe list, and I enjoy being able to catalog things in my vanity and wishlist.

Nikki Avatar

I second the idea of guest posts! Not only would it take a good bit of the burden off of Christine, it’s also always interesting to get a different perspective on makeup. Maybe some of the guest posters could even cover products that Christine’s already covered and give a second opinion on them.

Blanca Avatar

Christine, I can’t really add much to everything that’s been said since I’m late in reading this, but I’ll try: first of all THANK YOU for everything you’ve done, I’ve been reading you for about 10 years and your blog is one of two I try to check every day that I’m in front of my computer.
Second: please do whatever you need to feel better – been there, done that. It’s tough but you can get through it with help, I had to learn that asking for help is OK!!!
Finally and least important, I mostly agree with Helena on the features: most important for me are the vanity, wish list and dupes (particularly dupes in vanity).
Sending you a big healing virtual hug.

Alyssa Avatar

Thank you for all your hard work! I’ve turned to your site and reviews countless times because I knew you were honest and thorough! You’ve set a precedent for others blogs, the bar is high! I’ll always appreciate this site and you!

Sarah CT Avatar

Sending you immense love! I look forward to see what the new and slowed down Temptalia looks like. I’m happy you’re prioritizing yourself as there is no Temptalia without you. <3

monica Avatar

So awesome that you have found your balance. You have helped me aide manynof my clients in finding alternatives to items they’ve loved but could no longer find. You’ve helped me as an MUA see brands before I invested yet another unnecessary amount of money on something I didn’t need. Im so pleased you’re staying with us, even if its only part time. Please know working Makeup Artist worlds of tv, film & theatre YOU ARE A GEM!!!!
The one source you provide that would literally make me cry with unending pain if you stopped is the DUPES AND COMPARISON!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP THE DUPES AND COMPARISONS!!!!

Stephanie Guerrero Avatar

This was such a heartfelt post! You have always gone above and beyond in your reviews and I have often wondered how you did it. I am so sorry that your health has been impacted by doing all the work you have done. We have been absolutely spoiled by your love and dedication to all things beauty. I had wondered if something was up because this week is the Sydney Grace Christmas in July sale and you didn’t post. I am so sorry that you have suffered for so long! I do appreciate your puppy posts and thoroughly enjoy them. I honestly think that your long time readers understand your need to step back. I know you were worried about letting us down, but sometimes you have to step back and take care of yourself. We support you no matter what. Please go kiss those delightful puppies and Winnie.

I thank you for ALL of your hard work and dedication!

Much love, Stephanie

Maggie Avatar

Thank you taking time to write all this! I visit the site almost daily, though I rarely comment on posts. My favorite features have been the inventory and the ability to find dupes. Using Temptalia as a resource has helped me to be more mindful of my purchases and my uses (but please don’t look at how many of my lipsticks are dupes of each other!!). Your reviews seem to be the most thorough and the most consistent. I’ve never worried that you’ve been influenced by hype, and certainly never been bought. Truly, thank you for all the time you’ve put into Temptalia, this site has been a treasured part of my journey through the beauty community.

Nancy T Avatar

This is what I have been sensing for at least the past few years, Christine; that the love that you once so fervently felt towards all things makeup was rapidly going away. When the dupe list pretty much died, when we stopped seeing your amazing eye looks, when the Friday Finds weekly check-in became forgotten more and more often. Just so many little things here and there, but they added up to a noticeable lack of joy towards the website. This is nothing to feel bad about though! Because we are all in a near constant state of flux, even though we may not see it at first. Our interests change. Our lives change. What we value changes even when we don’t want that to happen. And those are just the deeper, more personal reasons. Then there was the 3+ years of the Covid pandemic and all the outward changes forced upon all of us. This includes the dissolution of so many CHERISHED, deeply loved makeup /beauty brands (Bite, Becca, etc.) Yes, these sucked the joy out of this venue/interest on a once unimaginable level. I believe that most of us would gladly rather have just 3 instead of 5 articles/reviews per day, but with the dupe list getting back to what it was before. Friday Finds kept as a constant, as this is like a “town meeting/gathering” for so many of us out here who may not have anyone else with this specific interest in our lives, plus many of us have maintained and nurtured relationships with each other there! Also, please keep the survey? Perhaps give ColourPop, the redundancy factory, the boot? IDK? But, I do know a thing or two about emotional and mental burnout, though. Please, just take care of YOU. We do collectively care for you and appreciate all the hard, demanding, difficult work that you’ve put into Temptalia for these past 17 years. You are its HEART.

Mariella Avatar

Nancy, I also had the sense over the past year or two that Christine’s fervor was waning (and this is NOT meant as a criticism in the least). Oddly, one of the things that really kept me “happy” during the worst of the Pandemic was coming here and visiting with everyone else at a time when we couldn’t even visit family or next door neighbours – we could still “visit” our Temptalia “family”.

Friday Finds and the occasional survey would be enough for me – a chance to “touch base” with all the people I’ve met here over the years and who have become like friends. I’m also really blown away by all the names I see in this thread that I’ve never seen here before (or don’t recall) – Temptalia touched a whole lot more people that I was ever aware of and I hope that Christine is buoyed by that.

Lily Kelley Avatar

Nancy and Mariella this is what i have also been sensing for the last 2 years. Your health and happiness is what i important. i rather have 3 post or so a day and you be happy. We all support your decision.
I lost my lab Sunshine in 2011 and i still miss him, it gets easier with time but a little pain is still there.

Jenny Adelman Avatar

I’m sure it took a lot of introspection and strength to make this decision. You deserve the best and only you have to power to make it that way. Recently, it’s seemed that you have really enjoyed fostering and I know personally how much time that takes. I appreciate all of your hard work and support your decision. I’m very happy for you!!!

Erin Avatar

I support you totally! Temptalia has been an amazing resource for me over the years. We know you’re not a machine and can’t keep producing high quality content forever and ever!

The best lifesaver of this website has always been the dupes for me. I’ve saved so much money through this website, made new discoveries, and I’ve even discovered when it was worth it to splurge. I will continue to support you in whatever way.

Lauren Avatar

I am so sorry you have gone through all of this. Temptalia was one of the main ways I learned it was okay to love makeup, and I will continue to support any way in which you want to evolve or change not only Temptalia, but also your life in order to continue to do what is right for you! I still adore your reviews, but I would never want to read them if the result is your burnout. Hope that makes sense!
Thank you for spreading your love of makeup with us 🙂

Christine Avatar

The older I get, the more I feel that in my heart of hearts – if you have the ability to pursue happiness, it’s worth the risk to do so! Not everyone is in the place where they can, and many of us go through periods where it’s more or less feasible, but when we can, we should.

Melissa Avatar

As someone who has followed your posts since 2007 when I needed inspiration on what to do for eye makeup for my senior prom, I want to thank you greatly for providing a welcoming and wholesome site for us makeup addicts to visit all of these years. Watching the site develop and grow in so many ways, I’ve always been in awe of your ability to put so much of yourself into this work, finding more and more means of connecting between content you post and a really great user experience for your audience.

But also, lady, after years upon years of swatches, how do you keep your skin from rebelling? Lol.

Anyway, I wish you all the best on this new chapter in your life! May it be filled with joy, recovery, and lots of puppies!

Denise Avatar

Christine, Temptalia has been my go-to for years, for the best quality swatches and honest reviews! I completely understand that you need to take care of yourself and do what feeds your soul. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!

Melanie Avatar

Wooohooo! I’m so excited for this new path. You’ve consistently given us incredible resources for over a decade and if this is the end of Temptalia as we know it, I for one am left feeling grateful and optimistic. Life is so short and you deserve every happiness. Keep seeking out your passions. I just want your life to be full of joy and relaxation 🙂

Jess Avatar

Christine, thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us. I for one am cheering you on as you strive to find a new balance…it’s something I am struggling with myself as I find myself in a job that is 40% rewarding, 60% nightmare, and 100% the only job I have available to me at the moment if I want to keep paying the mortgage, so feeling trapped is a daily experience. You’ve found such joy in the puppers, and I’m so glad you are taking this step forward. I will be a faithful reader of Temptalia no matter what form it ends up taking!

Christine Avatar

I am rooting for you, Jess, to find more reward in your job or else to have the opportunity for a more rewarding job in the not-to-distant future! I can only encourage you to find any outlets outside of the job to help add joy to your life while you have to deal with the parts you can’t change 💖

Carol Samaras Avatar

Thank you for all your work thru the years! Losing our animal partners is certainly devastating but the fact that you are helping other ones is truly inspiring.

Amy S Avatar

Dear Christine,

To quote a great philosopher, the only constant in life — is change. May you find joy and fulfillment (and many, many adorable puppies) in all your new endeavors. You have given us so much, been so helpful to so many; whatever aspect of Temptalia works out to be part of a comfortable and enjoyable future for you will be just right.

(I broke the metacarpal on my left hand decades ago and still have some issues with the adjacent pinky! Hopefully your orthopod is better than mine was.)


Amy S.

Lorena Nepomuceno Avatar

Christine, I can not thank you enough for everything you’ve being doing these 17 years! Temptalia brought me so much joy through since I started reading it in 2008. It has been my bible. And seeing you with Winnie, the mamas and the puppies brought me a new kind of joy. It made me admire you even more (which I didn’t think it was possible). You’ve been inspiring me to search for a new purpose as well! I wish this new routine bring you the happiness you deserve and the time you need to spend with your family and the dogs. Thank you for everything

LisaJG Avatar

Good luck to you! I’ve supported you and visited your blog everyday and multiple times a day 🥸 since you started. You changed the whole Industry for consumers in a way Karla Sugar never did!! Remember her?!!!

Life is short and you have to do what makes you happy and we will all be here rooting you on!

Jennifer Czarneski Avatar

Christine! I think it’s great that you’re acknowledging something that once brought you a lot of joy and an income is no longer fulfilling to you. This is harder than many realize. Things change in life, our priorities change, and what we choose to give our time and energy to also changes. I think many of us know what it’s like to go through life just trudging through a job that kills our souls but pays the bills. You’ve identified your priorities and developed a plan for how to move forward. Congratulations! I truly wish you happiness and success in wherever your future takes you.

Kellyn Avatar

You are so incredible, Christine, and thank you for creating this space for us to enjoy over the years. The quality of your work is unmatched and your kind and passionate soul radiates through each post. I wish you well and can’t wait to continue supporting you in this new chapter!

Abbey Avatar

Oh, Christine! Thank you for being open and vulnerable when you didn’t need to be. Others who struggle will benefit from your recounting your experience. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I will be grateful for any and all content you create and share. I appreciate everything you do on the site and highly, highly value your opinion on product. I hope these changes allow you the time and space you need to care for yourself. Light to you and yours!

Mary Dixon Avatar

I know exactly how you feel. I got into a dogs, rescue and showing in 1990. And sometime in 2020 I had just had enough. Like every other hobby it’s full of good people and bad people, and situations that you would really rather not find yourself in. I hope that your involvement with brings you a ton of joy. It can be very rewarding. Much love.

Christine Avatar

That is a long time to be part of the dog world, Mary! I know rescue folks face a lot of burnout in particular because it’s just overwhelming, never0ending, and a heartbreaking sphere to be part of.

Hope you have found something new that brings you joy!

Pami Avatar

I’m so happy that you are taking care of your health, both mental and physical, and finding your joy again!

Please put yourself, Shaun and your family first, you are not letting us down in any way. I know writing this was difficult for you, I hope telling us a little of what you have been going through, relieves you of that burden you’ve been carrying, and you can feel the love we’re sending.

I have such a deep admiration for you, your integrity, thoughtfulness, kindness and love that you put into everything you do. Thank you for sharing this deeply personal information with us, may you soar even higher in your next chapter!

Leslie Avatar

I have enjoyed the puppy content as of late and had a feeling that you were shifting gears somewhat. You are my number one place for reviews and dupes and honest opinions on products and I’ve always really enjoyed your personal touches and feeling about you. Thank you for all your hard work and best wishes for putting you first. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Enjoy your new passion. Love from Canada

Pandora Avatar

Hi Christine!
First I just wanted to thank you for so thoughtfully explaining that Temptalia will be changing up . It really is an internationally known and loved site and service among the beauty community (even for those of us who don’t have a lot of disposable income.)
I have been in the same kind of burn-out state myself, and now as I’m entering my 50s, I’m seeing how much that has affected things like physical mobility and fatigue. My full time job is to bringing up my now 10 year old ASD kiddo, while being diagnosed with several new and exciting (eye roll) diagnoses myself. I’m not a fan of “live laugh love” style platitudes, but the expression “You can’t pour from an empty cup” – as the kids say, where’s the lie? Often as women we’re expected to do just that, and while it’s heartbreaking to hear about how difficult things have been for you, I’m sure you have plenty of readers and followers who have been in the exact same space.

I will absolutely miss Temptalia as a resource, as a tool, and just a general “site I habitually check for updates”…. there’s no point fibbing about that. But I’m glad you’ve found a way to move forward into a healthier headspace.

While you’re asking for suggestions, I’m wondering if there’s any way of keeping the Vanity archive active, and the Dupe List. While I love and would very much miss your reviews, I would still be happy with swatches only, the compare tool, and the Colour Story tool. These have helped me out so much as a low-income earner for years now.
(Another suggestion would be just leaving a rating for a swatch eg A+, B, C, F… instead of you having to type endless repetitions and descriptions, as you mentioned.)

Whatever Temptalia becomes, it will always be a permanent bookmark for me, just as it has been for over ten years now. Thank you so much for creating it in the first place; I’m unaware of anything else quite like it, and I’ve been a makeup addict for a good thirty years now (yikes!)

Most of all, I’m glad you’ve found a beginning to a new stage of life, where you no longer have to see Temptalia as a burden. As much as I would hate to lose it completely, it is a huge job for one person, and I’m certainly guilty of thinking it must indeed be a “dream job”!

I hope things continue to improve in your health and well-being, and also that we’ll still have some version of Temptalia to interact with. I suspect we couldn’t be more different in real life (Gen X Australian Goth Lite with a very low elegance score! 🙂 ) but I do appreciate you giving us a heads up.
All the best,
Pandora, Melbourne, AUS

Christine Avatar

Thank you, Pandora! Sending you hugs and strength as you manage raising your kid with your recent diagnoses 🫂

It is very true about having to take enough care of yourself first if you want to care for others. I wish it didn’t take me so long to understand that, but better now than never!

We definitely will keep the Dupe List available, and I think we’ll make a few modifications to the vanity stuff like make it so only I can add brand new products/brands (I have never been able to keep up with submissions there anyway) but hope to keep a lot of that intact as I know users have spent a lot of their time building that out!

The Color Story builder will stay as well – surprisingly well-used feature!

Suziekate Avatar

So Beautifully said and shared. Good for you for having the courage to do what you MUST/NEED!!
Best of luck with all of your decisions. I have very much enjoyed your hard work!
You were the first Beauty expert that I followed <3

SC Avatar

Christine, I’ve been a long-time (since the early 2010s) reader. Take the time you need, find what fits you best at this stage in life. Your reviews have been incredibly valuable. I’ve been on a strict budget for years, and so wasting money on products that didn’t deliver was a major issue. But the reviews weren’t what kept me coming back. It was hoping for another article by Shaun (to share with my husband), the glimpses into who you are as a human being, the stands you chose to take, and how kindly and patiently you explained your convictions. I greatly appreciate that you chose to share some of your personality with us. It’s made sticking with Temptalia easy, and it’s what makes sticking with you, now, a no-brainer. I grew up with many pets, so I always enjoyed the Mellan updates, and I definitely cried when he passed, and when your collaboration with SG was released.

All of that to say, I hope you find balance. As a reader, I’ll be here for as long as Temptalia is going. As a fellow human, I wish you a success in finding harmony, rest, and rejuvenation. *internet hugs from a long-time reader*

Celena Avatar


I’ve been with you since the start and have relied on your comprehensive reviews and images too many times to count since then. Hundreds upon hundreds of times!!
Wishing you all the best on this next chapter as you work to find the balance that allows you to feel fulfilled. Thank you so much for all your years of devotion to Temptalia. I’m so grateful you’ll still be focusing on it part time, moving forward. All the best!! Celena

Tiff Avatar

So happy for you and excited to see where you take the soon-to-be reduced site next. I personally have loved the site for the ability to “peek in to the makeup bag” of a friend. And I have loved having your insight on what’s worth the money. Any capacity you feel like keeping will always feel like a gift. Thank you so much for your commitment to your readers! We will still be here no matter what you decide to post.

Seana Avatar

Thanks for sharing the depths of your hear with all of us! Even I you quit tomorrow, I’m thankful for all the content you created and shared with so many of us all these years! I’m really glad to hear you’re going to spend more time taking care of you and not pressuring yourself to put us before your health. I hope that the future holds more joy and excitement for you than you had at your peak years ago.
I look forward to seeing Tempatila’s next chapter ❤️
Btw, you have the sweetest fosters. What breed are they?

Christine Avatar

The first mom + pups I did were a mix of pit bull, husky, and bull dog! The Yoga Poses were a mix of cattle dog, Australian shepherd, pekignese, and pit bull, lol! I didn’t DNA test Freddie & co., so I am not sure about them. My current ones I have a DNA test out on but I am guessing mastiff something-rather!

Sarah Avatar

I wish you nothing but the best, Christine! I have been a loooooong time follower (2009!). I don’t believe there’s been a makeup product I have purchased over the last 14 years that hasn’t had your seal of approval.
Burn out is real. I hit it once in my career (teacher), and left the profession for two years. I did return to it, when the timing and the setting was right. And I’ve held on for 10 years and maybe only regretted a few of them (looking at you 2020-2022). It is totally possible to fall back in love with what you do. Take time and think about what aspects bring joy and let that recenter you. Temptalia will undoubtedly change, but for the better.

And a quick note as a reader making observations- I did notice a change in your writing over the last 4 years. It was subtle, but as someone who knows your writing and reviews, the excitement wasn’t there. I actually wondered a few times if all was well. I stopped getting that feeling of excitement for new releases I used to get when I would see your swatches. I’m so excited for what Temptalia Recentered will be like!

The last four years have been brutal for a lot of people. Thank you for being candid on your mental health journey. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Genevieve Avatar

A couple of years ago I went back through your site from the last page onwards. It was an amazing journey through a world of makeup, that at that time, I did not know existed.
The millions of hours you and Shaun have put into the site is truly amazing and there were many times, particularly when you were developing the SG Temptalia palettes, that I feared for your physical, mental and emotional health at the hours you were working and your sleep issues. Mellan’s passing was devastating.
So I am not surprised, but still saddened to read, of your burnout feelings and ambivalence to the very thing that you once loved so much. I guess it’s about knowing when you are done and dusted.

I am so glad for you that you have found another passion – taking care of rescue pups, bringing love, joy and serenity to your life.

Moving forward – I guess what I would like to see here are some lipstick, eyeshadow and blushes. But what is most valued by me is the online community that you have created – so the the Surveys and Friday finds would be, if possible, what I would like to continue with.

Thank you so much Christine from the bottom of my heart.

Chacha Avatar

Ooooooh Christine 😍 We loved you and we love you for ever because you will be and Tempatalia too forever in our head and heart 😍

Barbara Henner Avatar

OMG I am grateful that you are well now. Please do not stop informing us and detailing cosmetics. I look to your posts before I purchase! You would be missed.
god bless you and your husband.

Lacey Avatar

Thank you Christine for sharing a heartfelt update on your situation, and where you need to adapt Temptalia to better suit the workload you can effectively manage. I’m glad you are taking care of yourself and your family as that’s the most important thing in life. Makeup is the fun stuff that’s not necessarily required.

I love everything about Temptalia, if I had to pick the most helpful, it’s your swatches and descriptions, they are the best on the internet with your encyclopedic knowledge and attention to detail for actual shades, color, texture, wearability, etc.

Whatever you think is best for Temptalia is A-OK with me, you’re the expert I trust and I’m happy to interact with your site however you see fit. (apologies for formatting, I’m on a phone).

Be well Christine, thank you for all you do! ☺️

Diane Oprean Avatar

Love you! Your happiness should always be first! I’ve been following for at least 14 years, always amazed at all you would cover! But now, there is just so much fun watching you foster! I’m so glad it makes your heart happy! Take care of what’s important, love, and ENJOY!

MarciaF Avatar

You are the premier blogger and when you cut back it will break a lot of hearts. But you deserve love and happiness. No one needs to go through depression. You are embraced by hundreds of thousands readers and have a positive effect on them. I’m one of them and will miss your daily posts but I completely understand your reasons. Thank you for what you do.

Mariella Avatar

Christine, it’s perhaps ironic that the post right before this one deals with products named Contentment, Integrity and Well-being. Your integrity is what has made this site the useful tool that it is for makeup products and information. I know I won’t be the only one wishing you both contentment and well-being and I hope that stepping back will bring you closer to those things. You are to be admired for prioritizing your physical and mental health and I don’t think anyone here will feel let down by you stepping back. Most of us marvel at how you’ve been able to keep up this pace for as many years as you have and it’s not just keeping up the pace but continuing to improve. It’s been clear that fostering all these puppies (and their moms) has brought you a massive amount of joy and purpose and I hope that continues, just as I hope that Temptalia, in whatever degree of attention you can give this site, will continue however it works for you. Sending you love, positive thoughts and huge admiration!

Sara Avatar

Thank you for sharing Christine. I’ve always enjoyed your site for thorough, reliable reviews and swatches. It was always so nice to come on here and get your take on products and get away from the “noise” of online influencers. Your foundation matrix has helped me so much over the years too. I can’t believe it’s been 17 years! Wishing you all the best for the adventures to come. I hope you find all the happiness (and less anxiety) you deserve.

Carrie Avatar

Thank you, Christine! I found you in 2007 and you were the reason I finally decided to try wearing makeup – as a 27 year old! As I approach my 42nd birthday, I now happly rock a full face because I can and because I love it. I love following your foster posts and I hope you find the balance and happiness in your life that you deserve!

Jennifer Avatar

I must have sensed this announcement because I surfed on over the day you posted this! I truly assumed you would be a “lifer” but I’m glad you decided to do what is right for you and your happiness. Temptalia content has always been the gold standard among the original “beauty blogging” community, and the features you launched over the years like the Dupe List and Foundation Matrix are innovative and amazing! Thank you for all of the years of gorgeousness and entertainment. Best of luck with your new chapter! xox

-Jen (aka Raging Rouge and Realtor Extraordinaire)

Miucha Avatar

I’ve been here since 2009, maybe.
And Temptalia have been my beauty bible over the years. I trust in your opinions and reviews, I love the way you write about things.
I’ve cried when Mellan passed… I was so happy when Winnie arrived and you started to Foster puppies…
That’s ir, I’ve been here and really hope you take care of yourself, cause you’re a diamond ❤️

Maria Avatar

Hey Christine 🥰 I’m a very longtime lurker of your blog. I have followed you for 10+ years now. I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done for the makeup community, temptalia community and now doggy community too 😉. Take all the time and rest you need, we have had 17 wonderful and dedicated years from you. I’m sure no one will complain. I wish you the best of luck and the biggest of hugs for being an amazing creator ❤️

Chelsea Avatar

I’m just glad it’s not goodbye. Your health is more important. You’re doing great things especially caring for those fuzzy babies. They need an advocate like you. I’m only sad because I’ve watched you for many years. You’ve been so helpful and I always looked forward to your content. I wish I would’ve been more vocal in the temptalia community but I’m working on that. Take care my dear

Lucky Avatar

All the best to you Christine as you begin your next chapter! I’ve enjoyed Temptalia content for many years and made purchases based on your excellent reviews. However, I understand burnout and the need to re-calibrate and follow one’s’ passion. Best wishes!

Natalie Avatar

I am so excited (but also bittersweet) for you to be moving forward and discovering other joys in your life than your current work. You mentioned particular aspects of the site that we would be loathsome to lose, and for me that would be the arm swatches. They are enormously helpful even just for me comparing swatches on the site to find dupes myself.

Jessica Avatar

Thank you for all you have shared. You were always my go to reviewer because you stood strong in your beliefs and showed integrity. And you were so thorough and detailed that your opinion had a lot of weight. Take care of you, and I am glad you are following your happiness!

Katrina Avatar

I have to confess that when I saw the title of this post, I thought you were going to announce that you were retiring from blogging, and would be archiving the site. (Coming from the indie nail polish community, burnout among swatchers/bloggers is extremely common, and it’s rare that someone lasts more than a few years these days.) So it’s a relief to hear that you’re only planning to slow down to part-time!

I’m glad that you’ve been able to find some new passions, and that you’re taking the initiative to slow down. We’ll be fine with a slower pace, I’m sure.

bunny Avatar

You are extraordinary. You’re a trail blazer wrapped in grace and art, and we all owe you a mountain of gratitude for your incredible labor and your fierce work ethic.

Onward to new chapters! You’ve built a community that will laud your talent and professionalism from here to high heaven. So step boldly onto the next page and explore and delve into all the things that tug at your heart. Thank you for opening your heart to us and letting us peek behind the curtain. We’ll love a scaled back Temptalia if it means that our best girl is enjoying quality time with loved ones, and exploring new avenues and paths.

Rosa Avatar

Big hugs Christine!
Thanks for sharing your feelings, so sorry though you felt so bad for so much time…
Don’t worry about changing, developing, it’s part of life, not even a stone remains the same through time, and it makes life never boring.
To be honest I always wondered how did you release new reviews and concepts every-single-*******-day, and still think if it was me I would have quit years ago, so cheers to you, and thanks for all.
I’ll go on following you, waiting to see which awesome creature will leave the chrysalis.
Again, big hugs, dear!

Eloise Avatar

Phew! I saw your Instagram post earlier and I was fearing you would stop posting updates or content on your blog. After reading everything that you have shared, all I want to say is big hugs to you, Christine! Thank you for keeping this blog alive. I would visit this site daily since the early days and see if you posted something new. Your blog also kept me entertained when I was not feeling too great about myself, thank you for that!
As a reader, your reviews are important to me. Before I would buy a new product, I would always check your site if you have reviewed such. Your swatch database is a treasure. I would be sad if it went away.
Do take care of yourself always. xoxo

Renee Avatar

I am so happy (and sad) to read this post! I have loved going to Temptalia for swatches and reviews for years, so I am sad to see that you’ve lost the passion you once felt for it. However, I am beyond thrilled to hear that you are stepping back to enjoy your LIFE – something a makeup review site should never come before. Hopefully this endeavor will transition into a hobby for you instead of remaining your entire all-consuming job. In the end, it doesn’t matter what WE want… It only matters what will bring you peace.

Carol Avatar

Hello Christine,

I am happy to hear that you have reached a point in your life where you know what you want to do. I think all of us need to realize that at some stage of our life.

I also lost my beloved dog of 14 years in 2021. I was completely and utterly devastated. I sunk into the deepest and darkest depression of my life. It took me a long time to get over her death. So I completely understand what you went through when you lost Magellan. I also lost my passion for make up during that time.

I read your blog every day, but I never comment. I realized that make up just didn’t give me any joy, and I have no interest in it anymore. I like to read your blog, because I do like to see what is new in the make up world however, I have scaled back tremendously on the things I buy. I have realized over these past few years that make up should not be an obsession, which it sort of was with me. At this point I just look at your beautiful pictures and I move on. I don’t buy as much and I use what I have and trust me, I have a lot of make up.

I just want to say thank you for the many years that I have followed your blog. It has been a wonderful resource. It is the first thing I check when I am out at a store and I see a new product. I think you will find that most people will be supportive of your decision to take a step back. Only you know what is right for you and you must follow your heart. Thank you very much for all you have done for all of us. We are all strangers in this world, and I really am appreciative of your blog and the time that you have taken out of your life to post these photos and write terrific reviews.

Take care.

Christine Avatar

Those fur-babies really get into our hearts! I’m so sorry for your loss of your baby but encouraged to hear that you have been able to process your grief and get to a better place now.

I feel like so many of us have scaled back on our interest in makeup in one way or another, whether that’s being totally less interested or just reducing purchases! It is hard to remain obsessed with something for long.

Thank you, Carol!

susan Avatar

Thats great! Everything has its season…… and I think alot of us feel the same I too still buy makeup but not to the degree I was prior to covid! That put a blanket on the fire I held for the stuff….. and I am not missing it at all! I too love dogs and agree they help us heal emotionally! I love your site and encourage change and growth! Sounds like your on the right track for you! Love it! Keep going see what new doors may open for you on your journey! 🙂

Stacy Brown Avatar

I’ve been with you from the beginning. I haven’t been interactive but have always been the person advocating your website for people to refer to and to check out. Your post has helped me as I’m sure has helped many. Blessings to you as you move forward. XO

Aspasia Avatar

“I will be officially transitioning away from working on Temptalia full-time to part-time over the next few months.” When I saw the title of this post my heart sank as I thought for sure you were quitting altogether. Although I love getting your emails every day, it’s more important that you do what is right for you and your family. Your true fans will understand and wish you the best no matter what lies in your future. You’re right, you have helped us over the years whether it’s just getting a fun email or providing a sense of normalcy during the pandemic by providing a way to window shop online when a lot of places were closed. And you have helped us save a buttload of money or the guts to try new colors, formulas, brands, etc. But wait there’s more! You hosted a safe space for makeup lovers to share their opinions and you took your knowledge and creativity and created one of the most thoughtful and beautiful makeup collabs I have ever seen. We love you and wish the best for you!

Christy Avatar

I wish the best for you Christine! You have done an awesome job with this sight. I love looking at it every night to see what new products you are reviewing. I also look up reviews when I am looking at buying a new product. Have you thought about maybe hiring an assistant?

Cathy Avatar

Christine, I have enjoyed Temptalia for many years. Your site, and you, are a true inspiration to me.
I am so sorry about Mellan. I did not know he had passed. Thank you for sharing him with us. I so enjoyed seeing his photos and hearing about him.
I,too,struggle with anxiety and depression as well, due to chronic pain and other illnesses. I know how difficult it can be to just get through the day, much less work or run a business. Please learn to put yourself first. It’s a difficult lesson, but it’s so important. Like they say on the plane, ‘put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others traveling with you ‘. Lol. It’s a cute little way to remember that you are important too.
No matter what you decide to do, I wish you all the best I know that you will be very successful going forward, even if it doesn’t include Temptalia. You are an amazing, intelligent and powerful woman and I am proud to have known you in some small way.

Christine Avatar

I think of that instruction on the plane often! I tell myself that line to help me prioritize my needs at times.

Unless you’ve had to deal with chronic pain, it can be so hard to understand just how big of an effect that can have on your entire life!

Lisa Marie Avatar

Be happy and be well! You deserve to be. Temptalia has been a wonderful source of information and inspiration for me and many others and you have a lot to be proud of! If it’s time to scale back or change, do what is best for you. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Marla Avatar

Hi, l have really enjoyed your blog. I have read it every day for years and recommend it to many people over the years. You need to take care of yourself, find your way and feel better. I even read some of your older posts and l appreciate how hard you work. Keep us posted and l hope you are doing well.

Sarah Avatar

Oh, Christine. I understand, and I’m sure others do, too. It’s so much to pour your entire life into something you love and make it your job — because then it becomes work. My lovely boyfriend says I should focus on art full-time, but I know if I did I would hate doing it. So I work doing refunds for a health insurance company by day (monotonous, glorious, work-from-home work) and do art by night or on weekends. It’s okay to just have hobbies for the sake of enriching your life.

I hope you find some extra joy and relaxation by scaling back Temptalia. Honestly, I’m excited that you’ve come to this decision, which I’m sure was so hard to do. I have been a reader since 2009 or 2010, and have gotten the daily email for as long as it’s been available. It’s part of my nightly routine to go through the posts, “Ooo” and “Ahh” at everything, add things to my wishlist (or take screen shots), and then forget to buy it later. 😂 Can’t wait to continue reading, in whatever form that will be. 💚

Fiona Avatar

Hi Christine,
I’m a relatively new visitor to your lovely website, which has helped me make many important decisions on the makeup that I purchase, especially with shade descriptions of lipsticks, concealers and foundations. I’m so thankful for your work as it has been most helpful, so thank you!
Reading through this post touched me because I can relate to your experience. I too have made one aspect of my life everything in my life and experience very similar emotions to the ones you have expressed. Life took me down a path, forcing me to slow down and reprioritise what truly matters to me and to evaluate who I am today because I’m not the same person I was even 2 years ago. Humans grow, evolve and change, it’s necessary to change gears to adapt to those changes. Being forced to slow down honestly saved my life, although I didn’t appreciate it for a long time, doing so made me realise just how miserable and unhappy I was living that way.
Like you, I’m also transitioning from one phase of my life to another. It was scary at first and now it’s becoming increasingly more exciting. I’m glad that you have found something you truly love to channel your creativity into that uplifts you. Finding this website has helped me reawaken my love of makeup and the desire to do more with it that could uplift and sustain me too, it comes with a kind reminder not to make it my whole life and to not take it too seriously either.
Take all the time you need and go at your own pace. Self-love and nurturance is just as important, if not more important than work. I hope you find a balance that works wonders for you so that you live your best life.

Kelsie Avatar

Sending you all the love and kindness. I’ve loved your content and am so glad you’re prioritizing your health, nothing is more important ❤️

Ryou Avatar


Thank you for sharing all of these with us. While my own situation prevented me from being an active member of the community for the past few years, do know that Temptalia is the one blog I routinely check,. Losing interest in something you were passionate about is never a good feeling, and I imagine it was mortifying to communicate to so many people that your boundaries have shifted!

I sincerely hope you’d be able to find a good balance — While I love Temptalia and have been reading your posts religiously for over a decade, I feel like it’s important to remember that there’s a person behind all of these posts and reviews, and since there’s only one of you, of course your well-being should take priority. Please do what you need to do to take care of yourself. ♡

As to what I’d hate to lose from Temptalia, I always appreciate your objective, no-nonsense approach to reviews and your clear, detailed arm/lip swatch photos. If I have to pick between the two, however, I think the swatches would get my vote — I do enjoy your swatch-only posts, after all! And if it would allow you to spend less time testing products and more time living your life, I’d happily take it. Of course, less posts per day would be more than okay by me as well. 🙂

Once again, thank you for everything you’ve done, and still strive to do, to help us readers.

Do take care,

Moxie Avatar

To be honest, I could sense this was coming for a while now – but not the why. And the why is the most important part.

Taking care of yourself and your happiness is huge and really brave thing to do, especially when you feel like you “owe” it to people to keep doing something.

You don’t owe anyone anything, least of all your mental health.

Take care of those puppies, and yourself.

Sherry Avatar

Thank you for all that you have done for us and our love of beauty. You are the one I trust the most for advice on where to spend and where to save. I hope you are able to rekindle your passion to your site, but mostly, i want you to have all the happiness and joy that you bring us! Trust yourself like we trust you!

Kate Avatar

For what it’s worth–I completely, fully, unabashedly support you and these upcoming changes, Christine! Even as a practically-anonymous lurker, I adore your content and what you’ve done to empower beauty consumers over the years. It’s honestly incredible, but none of that should be at the cost of your well-being and health. I’m really, really glad you’re finally in a place to make decisions that fulfill you. As awesome as this site may be, *that* is also something to be very proud of.

Mariah Avatar

You have been my North Star for many years but I am so glad to hear that you found your joy and that you have an amazing support system. I am so happy for you and wish you a life time of good health ❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer Avatar

Brava! Good for you. Take care of yourself. Rescue is awesome-so wonderfully hopeful, satisfying and necessary. We will be privileged to have Temptalia part time.

Patricia Avatar

Your posts have been a constant in my life since I learned about Temptalia 8 or so years ago. Your daily posts helped distract me during the isolation of Covid and gave me some sense of normalcy when I was later diagnosed with cancer and dealing with surgery, chemo and radiation. I am very grateful for all of the work you have done for our benefit – the accurate color swatches, the spot-on descriptions of products, the notification of upcoming sales – so thank you! But your happiness and mental health are more important than makeup. Thank you for honoring us by sharing your struggles and challenges. Thank you, too, for letting us share in the joy of your fostering (and the ADORABLE photos of those puppies).

Marina Avatar

I’ve followed you for the last 10 years or so Christine, and your passion and commitment to your blog and SM channels is so inspiring to see! I’m so happy you’ve found something you enjoy doing! I wish you all the best and all the happiness!

Rebecca R Avatar

I have been reading your blog since 2008 (sometimes consistently, sometimes not, sometimes commenting, most of the time not) and have so appreciated all of the hard work that you do. Whenever I think of something I may want to purchase I always come to see your thoughts and or/swatches. But I totally understand that life is just… A LOT. Please do whatever it is that makes you happy and makes your life better. Hearing how much volunteering with animals is great to hear because I’m thinking about doing the same; I need something in my life that fills that hole. Thank you for all that you do and have done.

Christine Avatar

I hope you give it a go, Rebecca! There are so many organizations that could use another volunteer, and while fostering definitely isn’t for everyone, there are lots of ways to volunteer that suit your skill set / preferences.

I help transport puppies and dogs sometimes, just from vet appointments, but I’ve done longer trips, too! I tend to avoid more of the people-interfacing bits, haha.

Bren Avatar

Hello Christine. 🥰🙏🤗 I feel you are a beautiful friend who had given me so much joy over the last several years! Especially when it comes to duping eyeshadow palettes using my plethora of Sydney Grace shadows. And I think I have tried hundreds of your looks, again using your Sydney Grace shades or duping other brand palettes. I am so happy to hear that you are seeking your happiest place and that puppies are helping. They are so adorable!! And most of all what a blessing to have such a wonderful husband. That is what makes life the very best. Love you and I hope it all works out, whatever path you choose. 🤗💖🥰

ReaderRita Avatar

If there is one thing I’ve learned in this life (because I’m old now), it is that you cannot live your life for other people. You have to live your truth; it is absolutely essential to your wellbeing.

Please, do not feel bad for taking care of yourself! It is your life, and you need to do what brings you joy and sparks your creativity and intellect!

I am heartbroken that you have been suffering for such a long time; please- do what you need to do! I know that I do not speak only for myself when I offer you a huge THANK YOU for all you’ve done with Temptalia for so long- you are truly one of the OG makeup mavens. Your swatches are THE BEST (bar none), as are your trustworthy reviews. Thank you for all of your incredibly diligent, thorough, incisive, and really, really helpful hard work!

That said; please don’t feel beholden to us, please do the things that YOU like- we’ll be along for the journey, because we respect and admire you. We want you to have peace in your soul and be truly happy in/with your life! Best wishes for your wonderful future and big hugs to you and all the adorable animals in your home!

Christine Avatar

It took me so long to get to a place where I feel like I am in agreement and feel like I am a full person above being the person behind the site! Having so much support shown after this letter reinforces that and is healing wounds I thought had healed.

Thank you, Rita!

Jennifer T Avatar

I thought this was a goodbye post and was going to take the time to tell you that I’ve been a follower and reader since the beginning. I would have hated to see you go but at the same time- I also understand.

It’s hard to do ANYTHING for 20 years. Even something you love. You are not A makeup blog. You are THE makeup blog.

You are and will always be a pillar of the beauty community and will always be regarded as one of the most thorough and extensive sources of information in the business.


Sarah Avatar

Christine- I have been an avid/daily reader of Temptalia for at least a decade. You have brought so much joy to my life! For part of my job, I am a career services provider and I can’t tell you how happy I am for you to be making specific, deliberate occupational changes to lead a healthier, more balanced life. You get an A+ from a career coach! I support you and I can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings for you. ❤️

joy Avatar

i’m happy to hear you prioritizing mental health. i’ve always felt that your review pace seem brutal. the only thing i would hate to lose would be dupes and compare swatches. i do like the ad to list function but tbh i’ve never actually looked at that list to buy something bc i already have too much. i’m not sure if you’re still posting your eye looks to the eyeshadow for your reviews. when the page underwent the first restructuring, i wasn’t able to find it and i didn’t want to bother you. if they still exist, i’d love to see an easy way of being able to find it. i also love the editorial pieces you write when there are issues so please keep the think pieces! i love the puppy content over on ig and really admire you taking on fostering.

Amalia Avatar

Deep down, I had felt the changes. Covid was a catalyst for many things and revealed many hidden aspects and distortions in society. Also in humans and families. You were my daily company. You brought changes, quality and progress to this community. Your hard work has led you (at least to me) to be the number one and the only place for reviews, dupes and honest, in-depth product opinions. I learned so much from you and I had expressed it many times in my comments. I never bought anything that didn’t have your stamp of approval. Pandora’s suggestions I read here, are great. As a wife and mother of vets, I know the joy of fostering. There are fine balances to be struck here, so that the joy doesn’t get lost and turn into avalanche. Although I studied obstetrics, I worked for many years in the veterinary clinic and saw a lot. Everything changes in life and I wish you to be healthy and happy in your life. May all your dreams and your family’s dreams, come true. Everything gets better in life. Keep us updated with wonderful news! Thanks for everything, be well always!

Colleen Avatar

I am longtime reader; I am so grateful for all the work you have done over the years and most importantly, this community that you have helped shape. The Temptalia community is a reflection of you: it is great because you are. I am so glad that you are putting yourself first. I will be grateful for whatever you continue to post (though please keep the dog posts coming because they bring me such joy!).

I hope you find a path that brings you joy, peace, and purpose. Thank you for all these years of beauty!

Wajiha Avatar

It has been a very long time since I bought any makeup without checking your review first. There are so many things that I love (especially Japanese makeup brushes) that I would not have considered without your ‘nudge’. But life is a marathon and not a sprint and you must do what fulfills you.

All the best for your next chapter and we will be here when you are.

Perrine Avatar

Dear Christine,
Thank you for sharing this letter with us. If there is a particular aspect of the site that I would be loathe to lose, it’s you! Your readers will always be there, even if Temptalia changes. It’s so important to take care of yourself, and to work for yourself: it’s YOUR website and we will be happy to see it’s evolution.

Nina Avatar

It’s good to hear that you have found and prioritized the things you find fulfilling and make you happy. Work is NEVER as important as one’s well-being! I’ve been reading Temptalia at least for the last 10 years and the work you have done to the beauty community is outstanding. Just take the steps that you need for feeling better, I’m sure that we readers will support you 100%. I’m excited to see the future of Temptalia and will continue reading!

I wish you all the best for the future, I’m so proud of you!

Christine Avatar

Do what you need to get better!
I’ve been there too with burnout and anxiety – dogsitting was my joy then when I couldn’t manage much else. I’ve been reading for six years and am so grateful for the lovely reviews. In my eyes you don’t owe anything else to give, you’ve already done so much.
Good luck 🤞

Katharine Avatar

The beginnings of Temptalia coincided with me becoming more interested in wearing makeup. I found makeup counters so intimidating and I had no idea what I was doing, and your website helped me learn more about makeup products and become more confident in approaching makeup counters. You taught me a lot about makeup products and application and in doing so, you also helped me with my overall confidence. Thank you. I haven’t contributed a lot through comments, but I’ve been “lurking” and referring to your website frequently over the years. Thank you for all the time and passion you put forward into your work on Temptalia! I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles over the years. I know how it feels to experience the loss of a very special furry family member, and I also know how it feels to lose passion for your work and have it replaced with soul crushing anxiety and pain. Please think of yourself and your health and don’t worry about us. I’m happy you’ve seen some light at the end of the tunnel and sought help, and have found something else that makes you happy and gives you purpose. I wish you all the best with your next chapter, and sincerely hope you continue to experience the weights lifting off your shoulders, and a sense of peace and joy as you move forward.

Asli Avatar

Thank you for all your effort, Christine! I owe you so much; believe me. The beauty community owes you so much. I wish all the best for you and your big, cute family… 🙂 I’ll continue to follow Temptalia 🙂

Michelle Avatar

Oh Christine! I’ve been reading since the beginning and I am so honestly proud of you for writing this, being honest (mostly to yourself) and for embracing change. Temptalia is one of the only sites I’ve come to almost daily without fail and know that we all love and support whatever changes you need to do for the sake of your own happiness and joy.

Excited to see what this new chapter brings for you – and all the doors it will open for you creatively, emotionally and spiritually.

Erika S Avatar

I love Temptalia and check in daily. I am so grateful for what you do and if you need to cut back, by all means do so. It’s important to follow your passion even if it means less posts. You could always go to posting twice a week to free up time for yourself. Thank you for your hard work.

Jenny B Avatar

Dear sweet Christine, thank you so much for sharing this so openly with us! I think a lot of us will listen and learn from what you now wrote. After returning from a burnout two years ago I myself have become better at seeing what is reasonable and say NO with conviction when demands get ridiculous.

Even with you “only” working part time, Temptalia will be the most worthwhile beauty blog, filled with your honest and well-done reviews. I am always amazed at how professional and prolific you are! And I know that you will help me find gems or even just brighten my day when I get my dose of beauty news from you.

One million hugs from a happy reader who supports your wise decision!

Stacey Avatar

I went to see the Barbie movie today and it made me nostalgic for my younger self, who had a beauty blog back in the very early 2010s. I looked up my old blog on the Wayback Machine and smiled and teared up at my old writing and pictures. One post mentioned you, which made me think of your blog for the first time in a long time. I looked you up to see if you were still active, and saw this post. Funny timing! So, thank you from a reader and admirer from much earlier in your journey, and good luck 🙂

Julie Avatar

Christine, thank you for everything you have created! You have built such an incredible resource. I visit your blog ever day and use the “create a color story”, “wishlist”, and “vanity” options religiously. I am sorry makeup is not bringing you the joy it once did, but I am so happy to see you experiencing that joy elsewhere in your life, like fostering puppies. I love your puppy posts on instagram and will continue to enjoy seeing wriggling worms grow into puppies with real personalities who will soon find their forever homes. I love how much attention you give the mamas. I will continue to enjoy anything and everything you put out, whether it be makeup or other things, and I wish you the absolute best!

Marissa Avatar

I followed your blog for years! You had the most comprehensive resources available over a variety of product categories. I completely understand that you can burnout and you should find a way to work that keeps your physical and mental health as the top priority. Please take care of yourself and we will always be around to read your blog.

Celesta Avatar

I’m so happy you’re in a place now where you have found some joy. That’s what life is about. I, and I’m sure the rest of the readers of this blog, appreciate what you have done for nearly two decades of your life. You’ve created and fostered a wonderful community. Thank you for that, Christine. I will be here, continuing to read this blog, no matter what form it takes.

Adrienne Avatar

As a daily reader and Insta follower, I was expecting something like this “on the horizon” (haha). I’m happy you are doing what you need to do to take care of yourself! I love the doggie photos too!
The volume of quality makeup content you have created here is incredible, and I’m grateful. The site has been a real mental health resource for me over the years. And I’ve discovered new brands, discerned what to buy and skip, and learned more about eyeshadow application. Thank you, Christine, and I’ll look forward to seeing what happens next!

Jamie Avatar

Good for you and thank you for what you have done for the beauty community. What I love more than anything is how pigmented something is and the dupes! I do think that is something that could be done without face swatches or longevity tests. Also overtime if you do find you still love makeup but not the work , there is nothing wrong with hiring assistants to either take your notes and post them/edit photos, etc. That’s been something personally that has been hard to accept for me.

Joanna Avatar

Thank you for being so open and honest – this must be a difficult decision. I’ve been reading your website since 2009 when Guerlain used to release fabulous seasonal collections and I always enjoyed your thoughtful and thorough reviews. Wishing you all the best in this new chapter.

Beverly Vinson Avatar

You have been my go to source for 17 years. I recall once I submitted a look to you – it was with a teal light pink and black MAC eyeshadow trio compact, and I guess it got so many bad comments (probably about my blending, it wasn’t the best as I was new to wearing more than one color of eyeshadow at a time) you ended up deleting the negative ones and I think turning comments off. God’s saving grace was that I was at work and didn’t see any of the negative comments just your supportive note and other supportive or truly constructive comments by encouraging viewers. It would have crushed me had I seen the negative comments, as it really was the beginning of my makeup journey and newfound makeup love. Thank you so much for that protection, support and encouragement!!!! I have always loved your site and will continue to follow it no matter what happens. Thank you for everything and your hard work these last 17 years. Beverly

Michelle Avatar

I’ve been a reader of Temptalia for at least 10 years and the information has been valuable. Burnout is certainly possible even with enjoyable professions. I do see how much you love you have for your pets and for the fosters, so I can understand if you want to pull back from so much work on the blog. You definitely have the luxury of being able to do what you enjoy, so please enjoy it to the fullest!

Bianca Avatar

As someone who’s been following and consistently reading your blog (can we still call it that?) for the past 12-13 years or so, I can safely say this has been the best makeup content anyone has ever put out there. You’ve made an astounding work and I don’t think there’s anything similar. I’ve always wondered how were you able to do it all by yourself, the level of work and dedication that it required to keep it at such a high standard – so it’s not exactly a surprise that it eventually wore you down. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything you showed us, there were many difficult moments in my life as well, and in a way coming here and reading about products, and seeing the always pristine pictures gave me some sort of calmness. So thank you so so much for everything! You’re a star to me <3

Nina Avatar

It’s obvious you are loved and adored. Many rely on your swatches and comments. You’re the tops in the beauty I business. Stay well. Get to where you are not burned out. Go slow. And here’s to the future.

Shelly Avatar

Christine, you have been my go to authority on all things makeup for 17 years and I will miss you bigly! The first thing I do when I am interested in a product is google it with Temptalia on the end of it to see swatches and grades. I will miss your insight and I’m profoundly sad that things will change but I’m so here for you taking care of yourself and doing what you need to do to live your best life however that may look. We’ll be ok but just know you will be a part of makeup history forever and we are so grateful to have had your for as long as we did! I do hope Temptalia can live on in some way by passing the torch to someone, someday. Best of luck to you always!

Becky Avatar

Like so many others, I have been a reader of your blogs for years and it’s been a huge resource for me in many different ways even if I didn’t comment much at all. But I’m going to pass on to you the the advice that a previous boss of mine shared with me: You are not working on national security. This is makeup. In the big scheme of things it’s just not that important. (Gasp! Don’t tell my hubby I said that!) While I LOVE makeup and reading your reviews it in NO WAY is more important than your physical, mental, and emotional health!! It is hugely important to put yourself first. No one can keep going at the pace that you’ve set for yourself. Especially not year after year after year. So I would much rather see you fill your cup with things that excite you and bring you joy. Life goes by so damn fast, hun. You can’t waste a minute of it on things that are killing your creative passion. Give yourself permission to completely reimagine yourself if you want! That can be done with or without Temptalia. I would love to see a few posts a week but if that’s not where your heart is then don’t force yourself to do it. Heck, I would love to see posts about your fostering experiences too! My husband and I have thought of doing that at some point also. If that is bringing you joy then share that experience with others. We would love to read about it. And anytime you post pictures of puppies I am going to be the over the moon. 😉 Puppies and dogs in general are the biggest form of click bait for this old grandma. Seriously, though…please don’t feel like you owe any of us anything. You’ve provided a great service and a wonderful community but that is not worth the price you are paying. So slow down as much as you need, or even make a full fledged change if you feel the need. Your health and well being is worth far more than any blog posts about anything.

Christine Avatar

Thank you, Becky!

I am trying to figure out if I want to share puppy-stuff here at all or start a fresh site (as a hobby with no schedule or demand to post). For so long, I tried to separate Temptalia as a business from me as a person, which is why it has been adamantly beauty for 99% of the time.

silvia Avatar

Dear Christine, thank you for sharing. you do you! I am sorry that you had to experience such pain. and i love your word about vulnerabillity. i used to work a lot in the non profit sector and then in the last 3 years my surroundings changed and i could not quit. i tried to push through. but in the end every cell of my body said no. I needed some time. I also had the feeling that i lost something that meant so much to me and i had no way to stop or change it. and that hurt as i really always tried to do everything right. also as a mother of two my power is limited. there i can never quit. so i have to arrange my strength and take good care of myself. which means to make smaller steps and slow down. this is something i am learning. and i know the feeling of being vulnerable. but before when i had it all together i guess i just ignored my body and his signs. It was not healthy. I wish you lots of joy with the puppies! you gave so much on temptalia. when it comes to me i would say take a break and see where it takes you. we are all grown up.
I just turned 43. I have a closet about 1.20m high and 40cm width with makeup and started reading your blog early on. it was so helpful. And fun.
make up was creative for me and just a way to get to now me. your blog and Karen were among the most read by me. now I am a mother of two boys 7 and 5 and i am more in the 10 minute make up category or none at all. But i moved up my skincare game.
life is a journey! thank your for your work and your passion. Big hug! Silvia

Christine Avatar

I can so relate, and I hope you’re able to find moments of joy and ways to offset the things you can’t change and must endure to support your boys! It is amazing that you’ve been able to go through that in the last three years and find smaller steps to improve your life and take care of yourself.

Kiersten Avatar

I’m proud of you! You’ve got this…let the universe do the rest. We have a lot more in common than makeup and dogs and I understand how difficult this is because it’s been your identity. You’re stronger than you know.

Helene Avatar

Sweet, lovely Christine.
I feel so bad that you’ve been feeling worse than any of us understood, I’m happy for you that you are going to address the issues and I hope you’ll find your way back to being you.
I’ve had, and have mental issues myself due to burnouts, work related, it’s kept me from being able to function as I used to, and from working for 20 years. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.
I hope you can keep a scaled down Temptalia going, I feel very selfish, sorry for that, but your honesty is awesome and is to be admired.
I came to Temptalia for nail polish swatches years, and years ago and stayed just for that honesty. I’ve had so much fun, reading your reviews over the years. I’ve saved money, I’ve met others with the same interest in makeup and also other shared interests.
As for features to keep going, I love the Friday check-ins and the surveys as it’s so much fun seeing what all the others are up to.
The dupe list, wish list and vanity lists are all awesome. I don’t know how much work it is to keep those up.
Your swatches are the best, and they would be missed.
All that said, you are the only one who can decide how much of Temptalia you can keep going. I’ll be happy with whatever you feel you can do, but your health is what’s most important.
All the very best!

Shannon Avatar

Christine, you are amazing. Give yourself permission to evolve, and transition to your next passion. I think for most of us OG beauty bloggers, letting go was difficult because we were passionate about what we did and the sisterhood and community were such a big part of our lives.

As you transition to the next season of your life, you will feel a weight lift and joy return, but you will absolutely cherish the memories, opportunities and lessons that these last 17 years gave you.

Beauty blogging for as long as we all did was such a gift that we will always share. I’m happy to have met you in person so long ago. You are amazing and kind.

I wish you all of the joy and success in your next step.

Victoria Carter Avatar

Dear Christine,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to reach out and express my heartfelt gratitude for your incredible blog. It’s been a remarkable journey for me since I stumbled upon it 12 years ago when I was on bed rest during my pregnancy with twins. Those were challenging times, and your content became a source of comfort and joy for me. I religiously read your blog every day, and your reviews have always been spot-on!

When you recently mentioned the hand pain you’ve been going through, I could empathize completely. Having been a cosmetician for 27 years, I experienced severe pain in my hands too. It’s crucial to protect both our mental and physical health, and I’m glad to hear that you’ll be continuing the blog part-time. Your dedication to providing us with amazing content for so many years has not gone unnoticed, and I want to thank you for the inspiration and positivity you’ve brought into my life.

As you move forward, I wish you boundless success in your endeavors. May your blog continue to shine brightly, uplifting and inspiring countless readers just like me. Stay strong, stay grateful, and remember to take care of yourself.
best wishes,

Christine Avatar

I hope you’re able to manage the pain in your hands, Victoria! I am not as worried now since I have been able to manage the pain + reduce some of the tasks that made it worse, but I started to get anxious over how much use of my hands I might have in 20, 30, 40+ years!

gina Avatar

thank you for opening up. as being a reader for many many years, I look forward to your emails daily. thank you for your work in the beauty community. preserving your mental and physical health is always number one. sending love and strength always.

Miranda Avatar

Lots of love, Christine. 🙂

If Temptalia could ever move into a wiki-style, more open-to-contributors for swatches and dupe identification (maybe even a volunteer main-page review team?), I think that would allow the makeup loving community to keep the site moving with less day-to-day effort on your part.

You really set the standard for swatching and reviewing makeup, and I’m so thankful!

Pamela Avatar

My fabulous Christine, I have always appreciated your honesty in makeup reviews but your honesty in your personal struggle shows us how strong you are. It is never easy to conquer any adversity in our lives so your candor may help some of your readers. Thanks for showing up for us despite your inner pain. I’m so glad that you have found something else that sparks joy for you. So, I wish you well. (((hugs)))

DUA Avatar

We owe you a Thank You for all the time and dedication you poured into the website and other social media streams all those years. Day in and day out and you became a daily routine in our lives and a source of information we trust and relay on.

Life and people change and we respect your decision as your mental health and family comes first.

Chau Avatar

I started to follow Temptalia 15 years ago when I was in grad school. Until these days when I’m a full-time working mother of 2 young kids, your blog is still the first source of opinion I want to hear about beauty products/trends. Your dedication and passion are admirable. It comes through the quality and quantity of your posts. It is obvious how much you respect your readers and how we readers respect your opinions and hard work. Whichever direction you take, I wholeheartedly support you!! Adjustments and changes are part of life. Good luck and take care!! Love you and thank you so much!

Leah Avatar

Take care of yourself first, nurture yourself, love yourself. Oh Christine, you could NEVER let us down. Ive been on this site near daily since 2009. I bet most people here(okay all of the readers here) would be happy with weekly self care posts and just general things you’re loving. Maybe throw in some crappy products to avoid too. I am thrilled you’re taking these steps for YOU. As an avid animal lover and former shelter volunteer, I appreciate your work in fostering as well. This will be a beautiful new chapter for you. I am excited for whats to come.

Tora Avatar