Goodbye, Magellan. Forever in our hearts.

Goodbye, Magellan. Forever in our hearts.
Goodbye, Magellan. Forever in our hearts.

We said goodbye to Magellan this afternoon and wished him every happiness as he crossed over the rainbow bridge.

This is not a post I ever wanted to write, and it’s definitely not the post I expected to write today or any time soon. Magellan was doing as well as he has been–wiggling and wanting to play yesterday–even until 3AM this morning, but at 7AM this morning, he wasn’t able to get up (we thought he was paralyzed). We took him to the emergency room, and an ultrasound made them suspect bleeding in the abdomen. A CT scan confirmed this, and he had several masses in his liver and spleen, which was diagnosed as likely metastatic cancer and not considered operable due to the amount and spread of the masses.

If you are unfamiliar with Magellan, he is a labrador that my husband and I (then boyfriend) added to our little family shortly after moving in together, and he was eight weeks old when we got him. Magellan just had his 13th birthday this past Christmas Eve, so he is just a year younger than the blog. Despite having a long list of diseases and problems, he was the most optimistic, happy-go-lucky dog that defied the odds and lived a longer-than-average lifespan for a lab. He is truly proof of how successful modern medicine can be!

We are so fortunate and thankful that we were able to say goodbye to him and be with him to the very end. He was alert and recognized as we told him what a good dog he was, and we swear, he still looked around the room for treats. We are devastated to lose our baby boy, and it’s hard to imagine daily life without him as my husband and I have mostly been at home throughout his entire life, so he was so deeply integrated into our lives.

Thank you for the endless love and source of optimism, Magellan. Mellan. Spaghetti. Sketti. Scoops. Scrupulous. Pasta. Detective Sniff. The pawprints you’ve left on our hearts will live on forever. May you rest easy now ❤

Update 1/13/2021:Thank you so much for the tremendous support and love that so many of you shared with Magellan, myself, and my family yesterday. I cannot express to you what a comfort it is to receive so much acknowledgment of our loss, support for us during this time, and your love for Magellan.

For anyone who has felt like they never knew what to say (this is how I’ve always felt myself), I can tell you that for me, just the acknowledgment of my loss helped in a small way. It’s really not the words–it is you caring at all, so thank you. I also want to acknowledge and thank all of my readers for making Magellan’s life as beautiful and as full of life and longevity as it was. We talk about our home being the home that Temptalia built, but Magellan is the dog that Temptalia saved over and over again. Without the success of Temptalia, I would not have been able to give him as much care as he received throughout his life.

He cheated death over and over again. At 6 months, an ortho said he would not be able to walk after 2 yrs (was still fully mobile until his very last day thru conservative management!). He was supposed to have congestive heart failure by 5 years–we were able to fix the hole in his heart so that this didn’t occur. We thought it’d always be arthritis, but then he got liver disease–and then it was managed well. Then we found out he had degenerative disc disease in the last two years but was too mobile and too good of health for surgery!

And yet, he lived for 13 years and was an exuberant, happy-go-lucky dog. He was so full of life and would grab a toy so we could play–up until his last day with us.

Mellan was a mama’s boy, and from the minute I got up to the minute I fell asleep, my day really did revolve around him. Every morning, we cuddled before getting ready for the day. I fed him before I made my morning latte! He spent a lot of time by my feet while I worked at my desk, though as he got older, he did not like me out of his sight for long, especially when I was taking photos for the blog. The last thing I did every night was give him his “midnight treats,” tell him I love him, and give him a goodnight cuddle and kiss.

Thank you again for showing us such kindness and love ❤


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liz Avatar

oh I am so sorry Christine. this sucks to read and must be so hard to be experiencing, especially considering how stressful the general environment of things is right now. I am sending you guys lots of healing love. Mellan had a beautiful life thanks to you guys. rest in power big golden boy. <3

Mai Avatar

I am so sorry for your loss. I have been following you since your days on YouTube and considered Magellan the Temptalia Mascot. I hope you all take comfort in the fact that you were amazing doggy parents and showered him with all of the love, cuddles and treats that he so deserved. Take care.

Kuávsui Avatar

I am so sorry for your loss. Mellan was such a sweetheart and brought so much joy even to us who got to know him via the blog and instagram. My thoughts are with you and I’m hugging my pup extra hard today ❤️❤️❤️

Joyce Avatar

Oh Christine, I am so so sorry. I remember reading about you bringing him into your family all those years ago. Losing a beloved pet is a deep kind of grief. You gave Mellan a beautiful, perfect life. He was so beyond adored. I pray you and your family will have comfort and peace during this especially difficult time. We will all miss you, Sir Magellan.

Joni Avatar

Oh Christine, my heart is broken for you. I have been in your shoes and it hurts so much. You did the best thing for him though and that’s what matters. He had a blessed life with you. Sending hugs and prayers.

Theresa Avatar

I’m so sorry for your lost. I’ve been following you sometime now and enjoyed your post about him so much. I hope you find joy and comfort in the great life you gave. May he rest in peace.

Niki Avatar

Feels strange to say about someone else’s dog, but I’m just gutted. Take good care of yourself and please know how very loved he was by so many💜

Maryann Cole Avatar

I am so sorry about Magellan. I truly feel your pain as I just lost my sweet 2-year old cat the day before Thanksgiving and it’s so hard to say goodbye. Thoughts and prayers for you and your husband.

Alice Avatar

I am so, so sorry for your loss. We lost both of our cats last year (one to inoperable cancer, one to a clot caused by heart failure, they were 13 and 14 so fairly young unfortunately!) so I know how you feel, how much pets absolutely are a part of your family, and how devastating it is when they’re suddenly gone.

*hugs* to the both of you.

Khadija Avatar

I’m actually crying! Sending so much love to you guys. He was such a part of this blog . He’s gonna have so much fun across the rainbow bridge

Karen Avatar

Your loss must be so hard to take. I’m so sorry. Please accept my condolences. The death of a loved one is always so difficult, but Magellan is no longer in pain, and all three of you are better for being in each others’ lives. Love and hugs!

Ginny Avatar

Oh no I’m so sorry, Christine. I’ve been there and it hurts so much, no matter what their age is. He was so lucky to have you as parents and he knows how much he was loved.

Tracey E. Avatar

Oh Christine, seeing the title to this post brought a lump in my throat. It’s so hard to say goodbye to a precious dog whose loving parents integrated him so deeply into their lives that he was integrated into ours, as well. My husband and I lost my family’s cat during an emergency visit, so I know how stunning this day must feel. Rest in peace dear Mellan. Big hugs to you, Christine, and your husband. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Sarah Avatar

I am so, so sorry Christine! I had to put down 2 of my 3 cat in December. It is so hard to lose a beloved family member. I hope you and your husband find peace, and I know Magellan was incredibly loved and pampered during his lifetime with you. He will be remembered and missed not only by you, but by all of your readers who looked forward to your Magellan-updates! I’ll miss seeing his sweet face.

Erica Avatar

Oh I am so sorry for your loss. Your pictures of Magellan over the year have brought me a lot of joy. I know how hard this experience is. Sending warm thoughts.

Seher Avatar

Sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful dog. He will be missed on your blog and insta 😔. Wish you and your husband strenght in this sad time.

Stacy` Avatar

Christine, I’m crying as I read this. I’m so sorry for the loss of your handsome boy. He now is pain free and can run freely at The Rainbow Bridge. We have a Chocolate Lab, she will be 13 years old on Valentines Day this year. She has had a lot of health problems. We are dreading the day when we have to say goodbye. Sending hugs your way!❤️

Jeanine Avatar

I am so sorry – the loss of a pet is never easy. Take comfort in knowing you provided him with a life full of love to the very end with the greatest act of love. He will be waiting for you at the end of the bridge. ❤️🐾

Sandy Avatar

Oh, no, Christine! I’m so so sorry for your loss. Losing a furry family member is so painful. I hope you take all the time you need to grieve. We’ll miss all the adorable photos you shared of him. Sending you much love and prayers for your sweet pup, you, and your family.

Kellie Avatar

I am si sorry for your family’s loss! You gave your baby 13 wonderful years of love and safety. We lost our maine coon to metastatic cancer 3 years ago, and he was also 13 years old.

Liberty Avatar

I know how hard it is to be home and expecting to see that sweet face whenever you turn your head. Or trying to put away his favorite toys and accessories. His spirit is always with you, loving you and waiting to be reunited. In the meantime, Mellan is with stellar company…with all the good boys and girls, playing and enjoying all the treats and being happy.

Hannah Avatar

I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss Christine! I always loved reading all of your Magellan posts not only because I’m a dog lover but because he looked just like my childhood lab Abby. They’re such incredible dogs; there’s really no other breed like them. I lost my Jack Russell who was my everything in the fall of 2019 so I know how hard it is to say goodbye to them. Keeping you in my thoughts ♥️

Lenora Avatar

Prayers and hugs to you. Magellan was always such a bright spot on your blog for me. He was lucky to have you, just as you were lucky to have him. RIP Sweet Boy

Krista Moll Avatar

Oh Christine I am SO deeply sorry to hear this!!!! I always loved when you would share photos of him. Dogs have a way of getting in to the very soul of our being with their unconditional love. Know he will always be with you!!!

All the hugs!

Sarah Avatar

Christine, I’ve been following your blog for a long time every day even if I haven’t commented in a long time, and it has always been so clear how much you love and cherish Magellan. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Torie Avatar

I am so sad to read this. I am a long time follower (since before you were married and had Magellan). I don’t read daily like I used to but try to keep up from time to time. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Maya Avatar

I am so sorry for your loss Christine. Magellan was a champion and lucky to have so much love and comfort in his life from you and your family. I know no words can suffice right now – you did everything you could and gave him a great life. Thinking of you ❤️

smeegal9 Avatar

I am so sorry for your loss! I remember when you got him. It is hard to lose a pet. They are meant to be here with for only a short time and bless our lives with unconditional love. He is surely in puppy heaven, happy and healthy!

Nancy T Avatar

Oh my God. I’m just reading this now after a nap. Christine, I am so beyond sorry for your enormous loss. It’s a loss I’m just a bit too freshly familiar with, at that. Mellan was, and will forever be, one extremely special, very much loved pupper. No one on here will ever forget him. His Friday Check-in pics made him all the more endearing to our hearts. I know those did it to mine. But no matter what we may be feeling today, it doesn’t even come close to the grief and hurt that you and your husband must be feeling right now and will feel in the coming days and weeks. Again, I’m so sorry. Sending soft comforting hugs your way. 💞

Helene Avatar

Oh, Christine, I’m so sad to read about Mellan,
It is so hard, losing a pet, much harder than most think.
Mellan was such a lovely dog, so sweet. It’s been a treat reading the updates you wrote about him.
Take your time, take a day or a week off if you feel you need to.
One day you’ll be able to think about him without that searing pain, but it takes a long time. I feel so much for you and will keep you and your husband in my thoughts.

Chrissy Bell Avatar

Christine, I am so sorry for your loss. I’m a longtime Temptalia reader and can remember the posts when you first got him as a puppy and loved getting to watch his wonderful life with you from afar these past 13 years. Much love and virtual hugs to you and your husband.

kjh Avatar

Losing a best good boy is like losing the center of your body and your mind. Mellan has lightened our Fridays for so long. It’s not Friday without Mellan. Not the haul-share, the lab. The Rainbow Bridge moments are the hardest. Jussi, Patticake, and I are very sorry.

Agona Avatar

I couldn’t read your whole post because I didn’t want to cry. I’m sorry for your loss, hun. My old dog is getting chemo right now for her cancer. I wish dogs didn’t get old.

Laura Avatar

I am so sorry for your loss. I cried while reading this as I had to do the same thing last July. It’s hard, you don’t know how to function without them. It will take time but your heart will heal…

Sonia Camacho Avatar

My heart goes out to you for your loss. I lost my cat last summer and I am still missing her so much. We dont lose a pet, we lose a family member. Much love!

Mariella Avatar

Christine, I am so sorry to read this. It really rings a bell – our Daisy was 14 and in excellent health until she was suddenly no longer able to keep her hind legs under her or to stand. Our vet wasn’t sure if it was her spine or what but said it was no life for an active dog. It was totally unexpected – I thought I would take her in, he’d give her a shot of steroids or something and I’d be bringing my girl home. Instead, I had to make the decision then and there….It’s been 14 years and I still think of her every day.

I hope you are able to take some heart’s ease in your memories of your dear boy and in the knowledge that you gave him the best life a dog could ever have.

Wednesday Avatar

For all of us Temptalia readers who have travelled this road alongside you, we know what a gut punch this is and we feel it too.

I am still feeling the reverberations of my beloved Digger and Maggie whom I lost in 2019. Saying goodbye is getting harder as I age and the part taken from me grows ever deeper. I send my utmost sympathy for your loss.

Nicole Avatar

I have teared up reading your post and thank you for letting us know all the details. Having followed you for so many years I loved seeing your photos of Magellan and some lovely stories. I personally know how hard it is to say ‘au revoir’ to a beloved member of your family and know that it will be hard for you and your husband for some time. Thankfully Magellan was looked after so well by you both and you were able to let him go peacefully. Take care of yourselves and take time to grieve and also remember all the wonderful memories.

Macbeauty Avatar

Losing a fur baby is devastating. I totally empathize as I lost 3 within a 2-year span (one on a Christmas Day!!!).😢
My condolences to you and your husband.

Laura Avatar

I’m so sorry for your loss. Our pets are our family.. you will forever hold him in your heart.. knowing you gave him the best life, possible.

Donna Stone Avatar

I am so sorry. I enjoyed every single post and photo you shared of your sweet boy. Love to you and your husband, and to sweet Mellan.❤️🌈🐾

Susan Nevling Avatar

I know your house is too quiet and your heart is breaking. We dog people understand with our entire beings. I’m sorry he passed yet happy you were with him at the end.

Tiffany Avatar

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Magellan was a beautiful boy. My husband and I recently had two of our furry children pass away very close to each other and it was the hardest experience for us as a family. We dont have any children (by choice) so our dogs and cats have always been our kids. I will be keeping you in my thoughts. At least we know they’ll be waiting for us at the rainbow bridge and aren’t suffering.

Mandy Avatar

I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet boy. They work their way into our hearts and get woven in so tightly they become a part of us. They really are just like family. I’m glad you could be there with him until the end. He will live on forever in awesome memories and photos and be waiting to see you again one day, tail wagging like crazy. ♥️

Meredith Avatar

So sorry for your loss. I read your emails every single day and have always loved seeing Mellan (and your love for him) to brighten my day. My heart goes out to you and your husband during this difficult time.

Tara Avatar

I am so sorry. He was so beautiful. I had a black lab growing up and she spoiled me rotten. Ive never had a dog since. She was just to good. There is nothing better than a labs eyes when they look up at u! Take ur time to grieve.

Shalonda Avatar

OMG Christine!! I’m in tears just writing this. I’m so sorry for your family loss of an amazing fantastic family member. I wish you and your hubby much love during this sad time. I’m glad you guys were able to be with him to the very end. Again sorry for your loss😥

Debbie Avatar

Christine, I am so sorry to be reading about the passing of your precious Magellan. He was not just your dog, but the Temptalia dog, too. Seeing posts about him always brought a smile to my face. Magellan, Mellan, when you get to the Rainbow Bridge my best friends Shannon, Sasha, Valentine, and Sparkles, will be there to greet you and keep you company and call you friend. Rest in Peace, sweet boy. Love to you and to your family.

Hollie Avatar

Oh Christine. I immediately teared up reading the title of this post.

What a sweet, silly, blessed boy. He was happy every day of his life and so incredibly loved.

May it be so for all dogs.

I am making a donation to our local rescue in his memory.

Love love love to you and your husband!

Erin Avatar

I’ve been following Temptalia (and, by extension, Mellan) for years but never commented. Christine, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you are comforted by your memories and find peace knowing you helped Mellan live his best life. My thoughts are with you!

Lisa C Avatar

I’m so very sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it is, I just lost my baby in September. And I too was always there with her, since I work from home. Praying for peace and comfort for you & your hubby through this very difficult time. My heart aches for you.

Laura Avatar

I’m so sorry for your loss. He was just beautiful 😓 I was blessed w/ an owner surrender, 8 month old border collie last June. He’s enriched my life like I can’t explain.
My eyes just filled with tears reading your post. My heart goes out to you and your family. I’ll be hugging my boy Charlie extra tight tonight.

Veronica Avatar

Oh no, Christine. I am so, so sorry.

I lost a beloved Springer, Jack, four years ago. We still remember him daily, and we still tell Jack stories and we keep him in our hearts, always. No matter if you ever get another dog, the paw prints Mellan left in your hearts are forever and deeply ingrained. The heart does expand, but the love that is already there will be forever.

Rest in peace, Mellan.

Melody Avatar

I’m so very sorry for your loss as my husband and I too know the feeling of devastation when we lose one of our fur babies. The love in your heart, along with his paw prints will be there forever. We are truly better humans in caring for and loving these beautiful animals….they teach us how to love better and be better.🌈💐❤️🌹

Christine Avatar

Oh I am so sorry you have lost your baby!
Labs are the best! I had a black girl that all other dogs have paled in comparison…
We have lost 3 four legged children this year. Two dogs and a cat.
It is the hardest thing to have to make that choice for them, but so worth the unconditional love and wet kisses❤️🤟🏻

janine Avatar

Ohhhh no!!! Sweet boy. He’ll be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge🥲I’m so sorry Christine. I’m so close to my Scout he’s like a well behaved son that was never embarrassed of me. But he’s 9yo.

Prayers for you.. what a nice tribute.xo

Marla Veis Avatar

Christine, l am so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. I too know the pain of loosing your fur baby. I am glad that you were together until the end and know that both of your lives were enriched.
R.l.P sweet Angel.

Kuz Avatar

My deepest sympathies to you and your husband, Christine! Mellan was such a special boy, and I always loved hearing about him on the blog and on your Insta page. He was lucky to have two parents who loved him as much as you did! Sending you big virtual hugs during this difficult time. 💗

Linds Avatar

As a fellow animal lover who has lost too many beloved pets, I am so sorry for your loss. I looked forward to each new photo of Mellan each Friday. Pets are family. I hope your many happy memories of Mellan will comfort you and your husband. He lived a good life. ❤️

Cheryl Avatar

i remember this sweet heart from when you got him. I have watch him grow-up from a the adorable Pup , in your posts about him . I am so sorry . My condolences to you and your family.

Janelle Avatar

I am so sorry the day arrived for this post. It was a delight whenever his face made a cameo on this site, tears can’t be helped. He was adored. I know how much you love him. Much love to you both, please be sure to take of yourselves right now.

Dianna Avatar

Oh Christine, I am in tears myself reading this – I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I will miss seeing his sweet face and I wish you and your husband peace and solace dealing with his loss 💔I hope you can take comfort in the fact that you gave him the best life any pup can have and he was surrounded by love every moment of his life, right until the end.

Natasha Avatar

We are a special group that understand what you are going through. Devastated and blessed at the same time. People would refer to my dog as a child substitute and I would set them straight fast. She wasn’t a substitute for anything. She was my best friend who just happened to be a dog.

Shawne Avatar

Oh Christine, I am so incredibly sorry to hear this devastating news!! I know how much you loved him and you gave him the very best of everything he could’ve ever wanted or needed. If I could hug you I would! Thank you for sharing all the pictures of him through the years, I’ve loved seeing them all. I know this could not have been easy for you to write. Please take all the time you need, reviewing products can wait, this is more important. Sending you all the thought and prayers and love!

Stephanie Loftus Avatar

I’m so sorry for your sudden loss. I know that he will be watching over you both and will send you a new pup when you are ready ❤️

J.M. Avatar

Hugs to you and your husband! We said goodbye to our 13 year old doggie baby on 11/5/20, and our hearts still hurt. 13 years is a great life for big guys like ours! 😢💔

Celeste Avatar

Well, this just hurts my heart, and my heart is broken for you. I have loved all the pictures and videos of Magellan. He’s such a sweet boy. I know y’all will miss him terribly. I’m crying with you.

Drea Avatar

There are no words I can say to suffice how terrible I feel for you your husband and for Mellan himself. I felt I knew him as I have read your blog every single day since you started. I find myself in tears. God bless you I hope you find some peace eventually 😪

Kat Avatar

Oh what sad sad news you share with us today!! What a lovely and beautiful boy he was, much loved and happy and that is all we ever want to be. He was a very lucky boy to have been part of your little family until 13 years of age, I am happy he made you happy but sad that he now had to leave. I grew up with two dogs and we also had to say goodbye to them quite sudden, both times cancer and it also manifested itself from one hour to the other by them suddenly not being able to walk properly, just like your love. It is heartbreaking and no wordsare enough to comfort in such a sad time, it will easy with time and the happiness you shared will survive and be the biggest part.

Muck love from Sweden

Tigerlaf Avatar

I’m so sorry for your loss! I’ve been through the loss of my German Shepherd a few years ago and I know what you had to do today was the hardest thing ever. It takes a long time to recover from a loss like this, but it does get better. You’ll never forget him. This is the hard thing with pets: they go before us, and we have to be ready for that bad day to happen at some point, but you should focus on all the good days you had with him. Sending you hugs.

Melissa Avatar

Christine and family, I am so sorry. Magellan was precious, and you all gave one another the best of yourselves throughout his 13 years. I suffered through the same loss last year, but it wasn’t my first. It is one of life’s hardest trials, saying goodbye to a four-legged family member. I often say it is the only downside to loving an animal: They don’t live forever. But an almighty bond always carries the risk of terrible pain – and oh, do animals make the trade-off worth it. They are so dear, so joyful, so selfless, so cherished. All of my thoughts and support are with you tonight. Hugs.

Leigh Avatar

Oh so very sorry . . . I’ve dealt with those feelings many times. It took me seven years to get over my last loss, as just rescued a sweet white kitten last year. Now I’m over the moon with love for her and wish I hadn’t waited so long, May your love for Mellon turn into a positive direction with hopes for a new pet..
Hugs, love, peace, comfort

Sally Avatar

Christine , so sorry to read this . Sending peace and love to you both. He lived thirteen tender loving years with you both, I would say you all were all very lucky . Love will bring you all together again .

bubikiwi Avatar

I dont think I ever made a comment before on your blog even though I’ve seen it daily almost religiously for the past 5 years or more. I’m so sorry for your loss. I still remember the few times we exchanged dms on instagram because I also had a labrador and she was getting old, but the good thing about being a dog owner is that it becomes so easy to connect with people just because we both have a furry creature as a common thing. Nothing anyone can say will help with the loss, allow yourself to cry for as long as you need, it’s been over a year since my baby passed away and there’s not a day that I don’t think of her. Sometimes I still cry, sometimes I’m close to crying but most days I don’t cry anymore and just feel blessed that I got to haver her in my life. Magellan will always be with you, he was part of your family and while loss is a very “taboo” topic in society, it doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about his life anymore. When my dog passed away I found this thread on twitter trying to find some information on how to help with what I was feeling, it’s something I saved and always share it when people are going through the loss of someone they loved:

Tina Avatar

I’m so very sorry, Christine. I’ve so adored him over the years. They are our babies, with a love like no other. May the Lord bless his sweet little soul and bring comfort and peace to yours.

Candy Avatar

I am so sorry for your loss. I have been in your shoes several times in my life. It is one of the hardest things we as a family have had to do. Our 4 legged family members are so special that when we have to let them go the pain is heartbreaking. We know that they are now in a better place but our hearts and souls miss them like crazy. May he Rest In Peace.

StillSheryl Avatar

My deepest sympathy goes out to you. I know the heartbreak of putting a beloved and loyal friend down. Sending love to you during this very difficult time.


Denise Avatar

Christina, my heart hurts for you and your husband. I lost my little Sandy
in May of this year; I rescued her when she was 14. Only had her for 2 years,
but so much love on both sides. I believe we’ll see our angels again!

Louise Avatar

I am so so sorry. I can’t even imagine the heartbreak you are feeling now. You gave him a great life and loved him dearly. !! He is over the rainbow but will
Always be in your hearts. Always .. love and kisses. Always. Louise

ShariP Avatar

Christine, I am so very sorry. My heart is breaking for you and your family. Our pets have a way of coming into our lives all furry and cuddly and somehow they wrap our hearts up with unconditional love and blessings. I have always looked forward to your Friday pictures of Mellan. I am so sorry for your loss.

Sara Schaefer Avatar

I am SO sorry for your sad news. The more love between you and an animal, the more pain.
I’m glad you owned and loved this wonderful dog. He had a great home and someday that will bring you comfort. My sincerest sympathies.

ReaderRita Avatar

Oh, I am so sorry for your loss! What a sweetie-face! Just from his expression I can tell he felt very loved by you two. 🙂
We lost both of our elderly cats in 2019, and even when you know it’s coming, you are never prepared. So glad you got to be there for him right up until the end. I know nothing can fix the hole in your heart right now, but I’m sending you and your hubby healing thoughts and (((big huge hugs))).
Rest In Peace, sweet Magellan.

Stephanie Avatar

I’m so heartbroken to see this sad news Christine. Magellan will be watching over you in your hearts and memories forever until you and your husband meet him again in the heavens someday.

Susan Avatar

I am so very sorry for the loss of your fur baby. Animals that share our lives enrich it immeasurably, and I hope the beautiful memories of your life together help ease your sorrow.

Pami Avatar

Goodbye Dear Sweet Boy 😢💔 You will be missed but never forgotten!!!

When I saw this post it was like I got knifed in the heart. I cried and mourned your devastating loss. We know our loved ones can’t live forever (except for in our hearts!), but that makes it no less heartbreaking. You gave Mellan a wonderful life full of love and joy and the very best care, and he returned that love. I’m glad you were both able to be there with him.

My BFF has a yellow lab that I think is around 6 months younger than Magellan. I always thought Mellan would make a great boyfriend for her if we lived near each other. I very much enjoyed your pictures and stories about him over all of these years.

RIP Dearest One.😔 Memories of you will be forever close to my heart.

Lori Testy Avatar

So very sorry to hear about Magellan. Pets are not just pets, but family members. It breaks your heart when this happens. I have had to go through losing many pets. You will always remember the good times with them and all the love you shared with them. Just to let you know in time, it does get a little easier to deal with.

Bonnie Avatar

I’m devastated for you guys. Mellan was a beautiful and wonderful true friend to you… and I can’t even imagine the pain of losing him. I’m so sorry Christine. I hope you’re doing alright and I know you’ll see him again. ❤️

Penny Avatar

I’m so sorry, Christine. I loved his early appearances in your free for haul Friday postings. The paw prints they leave on your heart are indelible.

Lindsay Avatar

I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing him with us, for all these years! He brought a smile to my face more than once. I know he knew how very loved he was by you💙💙💙🌈🐾 Sending love and condolences ❤️

Brenda Avatar

I am so very sorry for your loss. It is so hard to tell the ones we love goodbye, especially the furry ones. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Patricia Avatar

My deepest sympathy to you and your husband, Christine. It is heartbreaking to lose a pet, even when one has survived the experience many times! Our last two dogs (sweet Vizslas) joined our family as puppies a year apart, and both experienced something similar to Magellan at almost the same age. Our first Vizsla had some problems with an upset tummy several months before he would turn 13. The vet didn’t find anything wrong with him, but two months later we took him back to the vet because he woke up in great pain. They found then that he had large masses on his liver, kidney and spleen as well as internal bleeding. Then last January, our other Vizsla suddenly had similar stomach issues exactly 2 months shy of her 13th birthday, so we immediately took her to the vet. They discovered she had large masses on her liver and spleen. My husband and I have survived two parrots and four dogs, and the loss never becomes easier. But, the love shown to us by our pets keeps us coming back for more!

Mariana Rodriguez Avatar

Nooooooo, I loved his weekly photos and large, squishy snoot. Very sorry for this heartache and terrible loss. He will be missed dearly.

Susan Avatar

OH NO! So very sorry for your loss. Our fur babies are so special and a solid member of the family. My heart goes out to you and your family. He will keep an eye on you,

Renee Avatar

Very sorry to see this; he DID live a long life! 13 is great for a Lab – you did well! You also gave him a stable, happy life of love and he knew it. Probably Hemangioma Sarcoma – a real effer of a cancer. Lost our 4th GSD to it and she was only 6 years old. Canine cancer is almost as bad as humans in numbers. You’ll see him again.

Audrey Avatar

Christine, I’m so sorry to hear about Magellan passing, I am glad he brought you so much joy and know he’s looking down on you from doggy heaven, sweet pup! ❤️

Ali Avatar

Aw im glad you included him here as he was there when it all started. My doggie went to rainbow bridge June 2020 & i still feel the heart break even reading your post. Rest easy Magellen❤️

Gabby Avatar

I’m so sorry about your loss! I can’t imagine how hard this must be. Sending you both lots of love. I’ll miss seeing his pictures and outfits. Rest In Peace Mellan! We’ll miss you sweet boy! ❤️