Friday, February 3rd, 2012

MAC Dish It Up Lipstick
MAC Dish It Up Lipstick

MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC: Lipsticks

The collection features six limited edition shades of MAC Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.). These shades include: Dish It Up (berry pink), Innocence, Beware! (light yellow pink), Naughty Saute (bright pepto pink), Quick Sizzle (bright pink), Runaway Red (rich red-blue), and Watch Me Simmer (bright pink-orange).

  • Dish It Up is a muted, medium-dark fuchsia-plum with semi-opaque color coverage and a natural sheen. It has a lustre finish, so it’s supposed to be semi-sheer and moisturizing. I don’t find the finish to be hydrating; I actually find it a bit drying. The color coverage is actually much more than anticipated based on the finish. MAC Plum Bright is much, much darker and less pink. MAC Hot Gossip is lighter and pinker. MAC Love Forever is brighter, pinker, bluer-based. MAC Something New was the most similar but still pinker and more vibrant.
  • Innocence, Beware! is a pink-tinted pale, fleshy beige with subtle pink micro-shimmer and a natural sheen. It has a cremesheen finish and yields mostly opaque color coverage. MAC Naked Bliss is a few shades darker and less pink. Maybelline Born With It is a bit less pink. MAC Hue is less pink-toned.
  • Naughty Saute is a vibrant blue-based light-medium pink with a good amount of sheen. It really does resemble Pepto Bismol. It has a cremesheen finish. It has a lot of glide and slip, so it doesn’t always apply evenly around the edges. MAC Viva Glam Gaga is much lighter. MAC All Styled Up is much lighter, less blue-toned. MAC Pink Friday is just as blue-based, but it’s lighter.
  • Quick Sizzle is a bright blue-based fuchsia pink with opaque color coverage. It has a matte finish. It’s not one of the dry-type of mattes; it’s creamy and applies evenly without pulling at lips. Make Up For Ever #203 is slightly pinker, less blue-based. MAC Show Orchid is less pink, iridescent. Milani Rose Hip is slightly lighter. NARS Schiap looks about the same. MAC Candy Yum Yum is more magenta, less pink. OCC Pretty Boy is darker. MAC Rare Exotic is darker, pinker. MAC Pink Pigeon is more fuchsia.
  • Runaway Red is a medium-dark blue-based red with a subtle fuchsia sheen. It’s mostly opaque on lips, but there is a hint of translucence. It has a satin finish. Make Up For Ever #48 and MAC Dark Side are browner. Guerlain Gwen is closer but not quite as dark. MAC Digna is similar but not as opaque.
  • Watch Me Simmer is a vibrant coral that leans just a tinge pink but comes across as a truer coral. It has an amplified finish. MAC Ultra Darling is pinker and less vibrant. Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink is pinker. OCC Trollop is slightly pinker. Make Up For Ever #37 is a bit darker. Chanel Phoenix is a touch darker. Bite Beauty Rose is slightly more orange. MAC Full Speed is very similar. VS Be Mine is pinker.

MAC lipsticks are vanilla-scented and tend to wear three to four hours on me on average.  Finishes like lustres tend to disappear within two hours, but I suspect the more opaque Dish It Up should get to around three hours.  Matte, satin, and amplified finishes tend to wear four to five hours, and some of the darker and more intense shades, like Quick Sizzle and Runaway Red, tend to last six hours or longer and typically stain the lips a little.

P.S. — If you’re worried about not being able to snag some of the lipsticks, because some have sold out on MAC’s website, the collection is still due to launch at other retailers, like Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc. as well as in-stores.

The Glossover


MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

The two shades that sold out so quickly were the two shades I found most dupeable, so hopefully that's good news for those of you who were disappointed to see them sell so quickly! These are pretty much on target with other MAC lipsticks; no real discrepancies (good or bad).











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MAC Dish It Up Lipstick
MAC Dish It Up Lipstick

MAC Dish It Up Lipstick
MAC Dish It Up Lipstick

MAC Dish It Up Lipstick
MAC Dish It Up Lipstick

MAC Dish It Up Lipstick
MAC Dish It Up Lipstick

MAC Innocence, Beware! Lipstick
MAC Innocence, Beware! Lipstick

MAC Innocence, Beware! Lipstick
MAC Innocence, Beware! Lipstick

MAC Innocence, Beware! Lipstick
MAC Innocence, Beware! Lipstick

MAC Innocence, Beware! Lipstick
MAC Innocence, Beware! Lipstick

MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick
MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick

MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick
MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick

MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick
MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick

MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick
MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick

MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick
MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick

MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick
MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick

MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick
MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick

MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick
MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick

MAC Runaway Red Lipstick
MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

MAC Runaway Red Lipstick
MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

MAC Runaway Red Lipstick
MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

MAC Runaway Red Lipstick
MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick
MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick

MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick
MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick

MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick
MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick

MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick
MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Online at MAC, $14.50 each. The release date is supposed to be February 9th for in-store.

Is it limited edition?


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See individual shade reviews! :)

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247 thoughts on “MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Aditi

    Would watch me simmer lipstick be flattering on my nw40 skintone?

  2. Lolly

    How does Naughty Saute compare with Saint Germain and Viva Glam Gaga?

    How does Innocence Beware! compare with Myth and Fleshpot?

    • I compared Naughty Saute to Viva Glam Gaga in the post – and Saint Germain is pretty much the same as VG Gaga, so no, they’re not dupes!

      Innocence, Beware! is darker and pinker. HTH! :)

      • Lolly

        Sorry about that, thought you said “Viva Glam” in the post (as in I, II, III etc.)

        Much appreciated Christine! :)

  3. Amanda

    Do you think if you already have saint germain and the gaga lipstick that you should pass on naughty saute? Or are they different enough to excuse having both?

  4. Pawsha

    Love these on you. I have Runway Red and just adore it. I wear reds most all of the time. Love these!!

  5. Melody

    Watch Me Simmer is gorgeous! I think it’s being repromoted in a couple months though, so I’m not in a hurry to get it. Haven’t even been wearing the lippies I’ve already bought recently. I like Dish It Up, but I want a backup of Innocence, Beware and should only get one. Decisions, decisions.

  6. Innocence beware and Naute Saute both look rather garish D: I love brights but for some reason this collection’s brights seem really unwearable to me. There’s something a little too neon about them that looks like they’d wash me out. Runaway Red looks beautiful though!

  7. sam

    I have yet to see a shade of lipstick that looks terrible on you; your skintone just suits everything. These are pretty nice- I’m a big fan of Watch Me Simmer.

  8. Miss J

    Quick Sizzle and Watch Me Simmer you WILL be mine! Thanks, Christine!

  9. GORGEOUS :) I love Watch Me Simmer! Have been waiting for this collecion !!

  10. April

    I really want Dish it Up and watch me shimmer…

  11. whitwhit

    so how does Naughty Sauté compare with Pink Nouveau?

    • I don’t have Pink Nouveau, sorry! From what I understand, it’s a blue-based pink and fairly vibrant, which makes it seem like it would be darker and more fuchsia.

  12. fabiola

    Quick sizzle, watch me simmer, and innocence beware are my favorites, and in the fence with naughty saute. It looks easy to dupe, but still pretty. Thank you for this review Christine. When I’ve tested so many lipstick so pigmented, I usally remove it with vaseline, it will help, because I imagine that your lips must be sore after all the testing.

  13. Steph

    I LOVE Innocence, Beware. I snagged it when it came out with the Disney villains collection.

  14. Kayti

    I like the way WMS looks here as it pulls more pink orange than orange which fits with the discription. I think if you’re warm toned, its going to look more like this and if you’re cool toned, its going to pull more orange.

    I’m very disappointed in Nauty Saute, it looks bad and another blogger mentioned it being hard to apply compared to the other lipsticks.

  15. Nora

    Quick Sizzle will be mine. Talk about gorgeous! 0.0

  16. jenn

    Naute Saute reminds me exactly of Melrose Mood from Heatherette… any chance you could check that? No swatches needed just a yes or no would be amazing!
    Thanks so much for all the swatches & hard work! We appreciate it!!!

  17. Veronica

    Can’t wait for these 2 hit stores!!! I’ve got my eye on 2 of these!!

  18. Nicole

    i dont see them on the website anywhere?? I thought it didn’t launch until the 9th ?

  19. Watch Me Simmer is gorgeous!!


  20. Anne

    So excited for Watch Me Shimmer! I managed to get one yesterday before they were sold out online, and it was sent out today. I’m also looking forward to checking out Quick Sizzle when they come out the 9th.

  21. Rayisha

    Which two shades sold out the quickest?

  22. whitwhit

    watch me simmer and quick sizzle are really gorgeous. I’m glad I decided to purchase these two.

  23. The lipstick swatches are amazing! For those that missed out on Watch Me Simmer, you either have a chance to snatch it up in stores next week or wait until it get repromoted with So Reel/Reel Sexy Collection.

  24. Venice

    i love MAC lipstick colors but just the shades. not the lipstick itself. i actually hate the lipstick because its drying.

  25. whitwhit

    I just hope they look good on me. Im stepping outside of my comfort zone buying bright lipsticks.

  26. ludwig

    Hey Christine (or anyone who knows), can you back 2 MAC for these? I know you can’t for products in LE packaging but it’s only the box that is different for this collection…

    • I’d call your local store/counter – the policy varies, even though there is an actual policy, stores are all over the map on how they follow it.

      • Romina Elorrieta

        I think you can only Back2MAC the permanent shades. You cannot do it with Viva Glam series because the profit goes to a charity, and I think you cannot do it with limiteds either. At least that’s the policy that my local MAC counter has got… They also have a no-reservation policy which I find insulting for large consumers like me.

        • I know that most stores enforce no LE shades if they’re in special packaging, but I know some stores will let you B2M for LE shades in the regular packaging. I know for sure VG is a policy followed very well. Some stores let you reserve, though, but I guess it all depends on the store :(

          Try Nordstrom or Macy’s – they are better about holds – if you have one near you!

        • dawn

          I Have gotten limited products from my back 2 mac. in the stores they do allow it but you have to wait 2 weeks. At least at my store :)

    • u can back to mac these i did and picked up dish it up

  27. Jen

    Are the new viva glam
    Coming out the same day?

  28. divinem (Melissa)

    I am SO irritated they launched this so early. I’m usually ready to go on the Monday night before the online launch. MAC’s release antics are really turning me off.

  29. Nancy

    Was at bloomingdales today and they already have the shop, shop collection available for purchase.

  30. sarah

    sold out? when were they online!? i’ve looked every day on MAC for this colletion!

  31. Veronica

    Feeling MACed out yet, by chance? 😀

    I really like Dish it Up and Innocence, Beware! I’ve been looking for a good pink-based nude, so I might go for it. :) The gold eyeliner you’re wearing in the swatch picture looks great on you, too.

  32. Sydney

    They all look so gorgeous!

  33. Carrie Ann

    I think Dish It Up is just gorgeous!

  34. Courtney

    When does this collection come out online?

  35. Mel

    I’m seriously eyeing Quick Sizzle, but I’m not certain it would work on my NC45 skin.

  36. Kathleen

    Watch me simmer looks similar to Ever Hip, except WMS is more opaque!!!

  37. Manda

    i like Watch Me Simmer, can live without the others…

    • Sarah

      Same! I was excited for this collection but this is the only product I actually really like (so far at least!).

  38. Michelle

    What eye products are you wearing in the photo of you with Innocence, Beware! lipstick?

    • NARS Lhasa eyeshadow and Urban Deacy El Dorado liquid eyeliner

      • HautePJ

        I thought that was Lhasa! So pretty and sophisticated on you. I would have never thought to pair it with El Dorado but it works so well. Also, do you think Watch Me Simmer would look OK on an NC50? I’m afraid it will maybe pull too orange and too bright, but maybe I could top it with Kumquat lipgloss? As always, thanks for the awesome reviews!!

  39. Tiffany S.

    I just picked up Quick Sizzle and it is AMAZING!!!!! I love it!

  40. Valerie

    Do you think that Watch Me Simmer is similar to MAC’s Cut a Carper?

  41. watch me shimmer and quick sizzle looks soooo pretty!!!

  42. Beck

    I missed Party Parrot due is there anything here that could fill the void in my heart for it?I don’t see an exact match but perhaps a suggestion?

  43. trayceeee

    Going to pick up Runaway Red and Dish it up!
    Woohoo! Loving this collection.
    I hope when everyone complains that Mac sucks, losing quality etc. that they remember these GREAT collections that have everyone excited.

    Side note: I don’t like when people complain that Mac releases too many collections. There are always new shoes, new fashion etc. coming out and they are just keeping up with the trends. I also don’t like when people say that Mac isn’t coming out with anything “unique”. “Oh, another pink lipstick”? HELLO! What other colors do you want to wear on your lips? Not many people are daring enough for blues, whites, blacks, grays. Also, not everyone is a collector. I own only 3 Mac lipsticks (only ones I own) so these pinks and berries and reds have me super excited :) I don’t buy unless I know FOR SURE I am going to wear.

    • Quinctia

      I think the “too many collections” complaints come in especially with things like last year’s “Miss Piggy Collection” that was a couple of permanent products and one poorly pigmented eyeshadow, all without any special packaging.

      Honestly, if you didn’t make any good new products and there’s no difference in the packaging, what’s the point? People get even more disappointed when that kind of phoning it in happens with a license or celebrity collaborator they enjoy. It’s easy to see why someone might think the company’s spreading themselves too thin with LE stuff.

      Can’t make the argument with this set, though I guess having more LE runs overall would discourage most collecting. I don’t see how that would necessarily be a plus for MAC, but I also don’t work in marketing, so who knows.

      • It think it’s about being a hype machine – built around the idea that this just might be the next most coveted lipstick or whatever and you better get it or else you’ll miss out FOREVER. People make more impulse purchases because they’re afraid products will sell out (and they do), so they grab it now instead of thinking about it. And then you have people who will buy backups because they know it’s LE and won’t come out again.

        But there is something to be said about quality over quantity. I totally agree with you, Quinctia – do it well or don’t do it at all!

    • Carla Souza

      Not to cause anything, but I am one of these people who believes that Mac launches to many collections a year. I do believe that fashion changes and new collections need to be realeased, but for shoes, clothes etc they are released every 3 or 4 months. So you have 4 or sometimes 5 collections a year, and just last year MAC released 42 and many of them were misses. Of course, from drugstore to high end brands, there are some misses, but if MAC could foccus more on a collection, they could maybe not perfect, but at least get the best quality product as possible. But then again, this is my opinion and Im not trying to make you change yours 😀

      • trayceeee

        I guess because I don’t consider myself a collector I don’t see the need to buy something from every collection, limited edition or not. I also think that means that I don’t get as upset when they have a bad product. My point in my post was that we sometimes need to remember the good stuff before giving up on the company when they put out something bad.

        I completely agree, do it well or don’t do it at all but I guess I’m just indifferent to the number of collections they have every year. It’s nice when I’m preparing for spring, summer, fall and winter that when I go into Mac there’s something new and fun to play with instead of the same old stuff.

        Can we all agree that this is a kickass collection though? We can find at least ONE thing that we love here.

        • divinem (Melissa)

          I only purchase what I know works for me, trend or no trend. If one looks like a trendy dead carp, what’s the point?

          I AM absolutely incensed that I tried THREE TIMES to snag Quick Sizzle and Watch Me Simmer without success.

          If one isn’t stalking Twitter, FB and the BBs, there’s no chance of getting what one is really interested in.

          MAC has become unnecessarily notorious for this practice. I went on a 9 month no-buy because of it last year. It looks like I’ll be doing it again — maybe permanently since I’ve developed a keen interest in MAKE UP FOR EVER products. They don’t play the LE marketing machine games (not yet at least).

          I hope everyone enjoys their hauls. Couldn’t do it without you, Christine. :)

    • whitwhit

      I agree. also, I’m not the type that just haaas to pick up everything from every collection. however, I do find myself collecting the baby pinks from every collection & I never get tired of them! but I’ve decided to change it up & collect some brights & these are gorgeous for starters, especially since I missed out on the Iris Apfel ones. so I’m really excited about this collection as well! :)

  44. Naomi

    Watch me simmer looks close to the evil queen lipstick from the venomous villains collection right?

  45. Jackie

    Hey Christine,
    Watch Me Simmer looks awesome.. how does it compare to Chanel’s Hyde Park and Lancome’s Chris & Tell?

  46. Reese

    I loooooove watch me simmer!

  47. I was eyeing on watch me simmer till i read ur post that its similar with Full speed which i already have. Your blog makes me buy more makeup cause ur always updated with product swatches, but tnx for ur comparisons you let your readers know bout some products that are almost similar to the ones your reviewing. :) thanks so much!

  48. Chiara

    Thanks so much for these swatches, Christine!
    I never really pick up anything from MAC’s collections normally. But I LOVE coral-pink lipsticks so I really can’t resist ‘watch me simmer’. I love this colour for summer! I hope it won’t lean too pink on me.
    Thanks again!!

  49. MAC has impressed me with this collection. I love the pearlglides and quite a few of the face products. And I will definitely be checking out the lipsticks for myself! MAC’s done good!

  50. Carla Souza

    Hello Christine,

    Thanks for the swatches! They all look great on you!
    But I do have a question: Are Watch me simmer and Flamingo (From Iris Apfel collection) dupes to each other?

  51. artemis

    i love the colors(all) but idk why they settle into lip lines like that :( i like how runaway red and dish it up look on the lips. i get a disco vibe from dish it up on you, hehe, must be the eyeliner and earrings, it’s cute.
    watch me simmer and innocence, beware would really be perfect if they didn’t settle, very nice shades

  52. layla

    is this collection not launched by nordstrom online like iris apfel collection?
    only mac online ?


  54. Christel

    I checked Macys and Nordstrom and this collection is not available online.
    May I know when will it be available online at Macys & Nord?
    How about in store, will it be available at Macys by Feb 9?
    I want the Watch me simmer & Quick sizzle so bad. :(

  55. Daniela

    I love Watch Me Simmer and Quick Sizzle! Why isn’t it March already? I’m dying to get these lipsticks :(

  56. These are gorgeous! I’m loving Watch Me Shimmer!

  57. Watch Me Simmer is coming home with me as OCC Trolop is one of my favorite lip tars. I always manage to get one Coral shade from MAC’s spring collections that I like. 😉

  58. Anu

    Will this collection be sold only at the Mac stores? Or can you get it at the counters?

  59. Cyn

    Hi Christine,

    Do you think Innocence, Beware! is similar to Revlon Soft Nude?

    • I don’t think I have that!

    • Miss J

      Soft Nude is a drier texture and slightly more opaque. Innocence, Beware! also looks a lot more pink-beige, whereas Soft Nude is a peachier nude shade. I personally prefer Innocence, Beware! It has a better texture, IMO. Hope this could help! :)

  60. Smidgeroo

    I’ll probably grab a backup Runaway Red, and I’m definitely getting Quick Sizzle and Watch Me Simmer! I like the variety of this launch.

  61. whitwhit

    is Dish It Up like Up the Amp or Spitfire? I have them both & never wear them so I’m not going to get them if they’re too close.

  62. diana

    does innocence beware is the same as the one with cruella de vil?
    thanks a lot

  63. Michelle

    was able to grab quick sizzle at the preview party…glad its a color everyone is loving since it sold out online. :)

  64. ellie

    How does petals & peacocks compare to quick sizzle?

  65. Grace

    What eyeliner are you wearing on your lower lids in the picture Innocence Beware? Looks great on you!

  66. Destiny

    Dish It Up Lipstick reminds me of Plumful by MAC. I wanted to get it but I’m not really impressed with the sheer coverage.

  67. Valerie

    Was able to purchase Quick Sizzle online (Canada) hehehe, with the code NEWS for free shipping. i’m way more braver with colour when i’m shopping online 😀
    By the way people i’m always lucky when I go to the nearest MAC Pro store I found last week Scarlet Iris on stand (still!!!) and i’m so happy I did buy it, it is such a nice red-orange!

  68. breyerchic04

    How does Dish It Up compare to Plumful both in color and finish (i think of it as being a really opaque lustre).

  69. Can you compare Quick Sizzle with Girl About Town? Or do you think they’re both completely different?

  70. How does Quick Sizzle compares to Full Fuchia from Tartan Tale?

  71. Marie

    How does dish it up compare to Mac Offshoot? Do you think watch me simmer will look good on NC50/NC45 skintone?

  72. Elisabetta

    Christine, there’s the risk that Watch Me Simmer Lipstick brings out the “yellow” of the teeth?? it’s a beautiful colour but I’m concerned about this…

  73. Laura

    Naughty Sauté and Quick Sizzle are definite skips for me. Dish It Up is VERY appealing but I feel like I must have something similar in my stash…nevertheless I will probably end up taking it home with me 😉 I already have Innocence Beware and Runaway Red, so the only one I can’t decide on is Watch Me Simmer. It’s a lovely colour and I don’t think I have anything similar, but I’m not sure I could pull the colour off too well (I’m an NW10-15 redhead). I might skip it for know as I believe it’s being repromoted soon anyway ( with Chen Man I think).

  74. Maria Fisher

    Hi Christine! How similar are Quick Sizzle & Fusion Pink?

  75. Ana G.

    Seriously..I’m freaking out!! In a good away, of course :-) I haven’t bought anything from Mac since last September and, between this collection and Vera, I’m going broke! Finally I can say I’m excited with Mac collections!!’s about time – I really missed Mac with quality.

  76. malkatz

    How does Runaway Red compare to Such Flare? Thanks! :)

  77. MichelleChefNYC

    Oh no, now I want all of these! This is the first MAC collection in a long time that has me lusting after products. Nice to see MAC step up to the plate again, finally…

  78. carmen

    these are all great colors! just wondering do you know what lip liner would be like trimmed in pink since mac does not have that one anymore?

  79. Chloe

    I love how you threw in a few drugstore colors in the dupes/comparisons! Thanks so much Christine :)

  80. Hi, DO you think they will have the lipsticks available at the counters on Feb 9th? Since they are sold out online =( I really want to get “Quick sizzle” and “Watch me simmer”

  81. MORENA

    How close is dish it up to playtime?? (if anyone asked this already sorry! haven’t read thru the comments yet)

  82. Karen

    How does Quick Sizzle compare to Impassioned? I don’t know if I should get one or invest in both :) Btw, I’m Asian, so I have yellow undertones…do you think it’d work on me?

  83. Selena

    which lipstick is more like mac’s pink nouveau, naughty saute or quick sizzle? and are they satin finish?

  84. Sara

    FYI Ladies: Mac’s website is mostly sold out of the lipsticks, but I went and bought 3 from Nordstrom online. Go get ’em while you still can! :)

    • Kelly

      Nordstrom is already out of WMS and Quick Sizzle!!!! They went so quick!!! Luckily I already snagged WMS at the launch party but I have MAC regret about not getting Quick Sizzle!!! hopefully my Mac store will re-stock before Thursday even though they say they probably won’t -_-

      • Sara

        I checked Nordstrom’s website this morning and they’re now accepting orders, but they won’t ship out until the 20th. Good luck on your hunt!

  85. Would you say that “Watch Me Simmer” is similar to “Flamingo”??

  86. blkrox

    Watch Me Simmer immediately reminded me of CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Fairy Tale, which I never wear – I don’t like corals on me very much, even pinkish ones.

    For those who are unable to get Watch Me Simmer I think it would be worth it to check out Fairy Tale, the Lip Perfection formula is a good one – not drying (although not particularly hydrating), long wearing ( I get about 6 hours without eating), the intense ones, like Fairy Tale tend to leave a stain, which can be good or bad depending on your preference, and they don’t have any scent or taste that I can discern, and I have about a dozen of them.

    Hope this helps. If anyone has both lippies I’d love to know how they compare! Thanks always Christine for getting such great swatches/reviews up so quickly!

  87. Dana

    Is watch me shimmer similar to costa chic lipstick ? Xxx

  88. ola

    I most excited for watch me shimmer.

  89. Gina

    Jeez, MAC really seems to like Runaway Red! Isn’t this the third time we’ve seen it since Fall?

  90. C

    nothing really stands out to me sadly

  91. Natalie

    How similar in color is Flamingo compared to Watch Me Simmer? Thanks! Love your reviews too!

  92. Michelle

    Do you happen to have Chanel L’Exuberante? If you do how does it compare to Quick Sizzle or any of the other pinks??
    I was on a hunt for the perfect bright pink and I though L’Exuberante was it, but if I can find one just as pretty for a lower price, im in! lol.
    Love your reviews Christine :)

  93. Zong

    How does watch me simmer compare to vegas volt?

  94. Haley

    Do you prefer Pink Pigeon or Quick Sizzle?

  95. sinai

    Are they all limited addition?

  96. rebelle

    christine, when i saw ur tweet that the collections were online at nords, i immediately check it out, but when i added watch me simmer to the cart, it was out of stock! it’s crazy how the sell out so fast in a new york minute! :( when i checked ebay, the price is up to $40-$90!

  97. jensie

    how do quick sizzle and girl about town compare to each other? how different are they?

  98. Hi, darling!

    Watch Me Simmer is very similar to lipstick Pausa para Feminices. Look:


    I love your website S2

  99. reema

    hey Christine could u plzzz suggest me some good coral lipsticks i m mac NC35 skintone.lill bit pink in corl will be fine.

  100. Nay

    WATCH ME SIMMER…. soooooooooo gorgeous !!!!!!!!!