What beauty product have you always wanted to try but haven't had the courage to?

What beauty product have you always wanted to try but haven’t had the courage to? Think you’ll try it soon?

All of the lash growth serums! I don’t want anything that can do that much near my eyes; it just makes me wary, and I’m not that desperate to have lashes (I’m OK with what I have + mascara!). You can’t replace your eyes!

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You aren’t missing anything! : ) falsh eyelashes are the worst..and that glue, shudder….

Although I did recently get eyelash extensions and i love them.

I don’t know about lacking courage to try anything, money is more of a problem. Actually I don’t have the courage to wear super vampy shades like MAC Media but then again I don’t really want to wear them either. I love my bright lipsticks though!

I definitely agree with you about lash growth serums. I’d love longer lashes of course, but I don’t want to use whats basically a glaucoma medication when I don’t have the condition. also, there are some concerning side effects that go along with it. I’ll stick to olive oil on the lashes, thanks.

Hmmm. I agree with Christine on the lash growth stuff. My eyes are sensitive as it is already, so I am weird about what I put near them. It took a lot for me just to put on lashes since lash glue near my eyes freaked me out! I still have a weirdness about that, so I can’t imagine trying lash growth stuff. Other than that, it’s price that stops me from trying certain things rather than lack of courage.

Hi Ryou,
I’ve had lash extensions for two years and here are my thoughts: They look amazing, no falsies (even the individual ones), or mascara could ever create the same effect. I always get compliments on my “beautiful” eyes and my last boyfriend never knew they were fake. But, I can’t rub my eyes, I wash my face in such a way so my eyes only get a tiny bit wet, and I always try to sleep on my back (these things extend the time between refills from 2 weeks to 3 or 4). It was a huge pain at first, but now that’s just part of how I care for my body. I would say the biggest thing for me isn’t the maintenance cuz I’m just used to it, it’s the price.
If you ever do go for it remember not all salons use the same kind of glue! They may say they do, and they will all quote the same wear time, but some places use much higher quality glue and it will make the difference between you going in every week or two, or you going in once a month if you’re nice to your extensions. So ask around before you go in. Also, it’s not always the posh salons who use the best glue, I’ve been to a lot of places and to be honest the place I go all the time now is actually a tiny nail parlor in a strip mall next to wal-mart, looks can be deceiving, and they really did use the highest quality glue.

Everyday normal shades or mascara. I’m fine with not wearing makeup at all vs. boring neutrals but mascara…I’ve always wanted to be able to wear one but I’m always put off by the tiniest clump. But recently I’ve picked up some new techniques+products so hopefully I’d get to try it soon and love it!

There are so many products that frighten me! One is orange lipstick; I think it’d be dreadful against my teeth (which aren’t ultra yellow), and I’d rarely wear it.

Ive tried lash serum. seem safe to me, although it felt like they didn’t do anything but wasted money and time.

I wanna try la mer and botox. la mer is too expensive and I’m scared I’m allergic to botox.

One thing I’ve always wanted to try is orange lipstick. I have no problem wearing bright pink, red, or even black, but something just scares me about having orange lips. Another thing I’ve never done is contouring, because I’m afraid I would overdo it and then it would end up looking really unnatural.

Black or black-based eyeshadows. I love the look you can accomplish with them, but with my pale complexion and fairly novel blending skill, I find them more than a little intimidating. It’s going to take a lot of time and practice before I ever wear them out of the house.

Clarisonic. I have psoriasis on my scalp which had led to a few small patches on my face would love to try clarisonic but not sure if it would make it worse advice please?

I used to have psoriasis on my scalp and my hairdresser gave me this stuff called “orchid oil” by White Sands (for conditioning my hair, not at all related to my psoriasis). This stuff cleared up my psoriasis too. It’s amazing and inexpensive. You should try it. I have to get it from her or on Amazon.

I’ve only tried cheapie lash serums (WnW, L’Oreal and Rimmel) and I didnt have any adverse reaction so I feel all right about it. But I also wear contacts sometimes and at first I was scared of those! I can’t think of anything beauty related I’m afraid of though.

I was going to say bright lip color, but I just ordered NARS Mexican Rose the other day so we’ll see how it works! I think the whole problem of a bright lip color is that I have to get used to seeing myself with it, and so far I am not 100% convinced.

Fake lashes! I am so scared of putting glue near my eyes. Plus, I usually wear glasses so I could only wear them if I wear my contacts, which aren’t very comfortable.

Kevyn aucoin Scultping Powder. I use mat bronzers for contouring, but I really want to try this product. For It’s expensive, but I’m afraid it’s all hype

Guerlain’s lipstick ‘Garconne’. It’s so beautiful but I just feel self conscious in anything but the sheerest lipcolor. I can’t justify buying it until I feel like I would wear it outside the house.

I just bought this color and love it! I’ve been getting bolder with lip colors, especially on days when I don’t have the time or patience to focus on eye makeup. Maybe check for a dupe that’s much less expensive to get started with bolder colors.

Something else scary: I have an appointment to get my brows tattooed in on Tuesday. My brows are naturally scanty and it’s a real pain to fill them in every morning (and I’m not very good at it). I’m terrified it won’t look natural and I’ll be stuck with horrible brows permanently. But if it goes well it’ll save me a lot of time, and I can spend more morning time on fun parts like eyeshadow. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

I know many women who did it including my mom. It looks really unatural and painted on, no matter how good the person who does it is ! For the first weeks, it looks so dark, it looks like sharpie drawn, and it will fade until at some point, the color can change from dark brown to redish-purple ! And I’ve seen many many many people, not just one bad experience ! Then, you’re stuck with it for life, but will be obligated to have them redone every few years because of the fading ! If you can avoid to do it, I recommend you don’t !

I’ve seen some amazing results with tattooed eyebrows. There’s a newer method where there are individual hairs tattooed on and they look so real. Just make sure the person who is doing yours does them with this method and not a total fill in and you’ll be fine. I really want to have mine done but price is an issue for me. Good luck!

in all honestly, FOUNDATION! I have not at all put on foundation on my face, Im scared if I do then I will be addicted to it or will begin to need to put it on.

I have light-medium skin and I typically stick with very subtle blushes. I love NARS Cactus Flower. It blends out to a beautiful shade that is so much more subtle than the way it looks in the pan. I have not noticed any glitter in it.

I’ve been wanting to try a BB cream. I don’t know which is the best for my skin (oily/acne prone) and tone (fair). All the articles and reviews I read are so varied about color choices and ingredients that I get overwhelmed and just give up.

I started Latisse 2 weeks ago – I’m already amazed at the difference! I’ve had a very good experience but everyone is different. I will absolutely keep with it. After I lost my awesome, lush pregnancy hair when my son was born I lost a lot of lash volume with it. If you can afford to try it and you really do have barely any lashes, I say go for it. Life is too short to always feel self conscious about weird, gaping holes in your lash line like I did.

Christine, if I may say something about growth serums.

I have had okay lashes, except for they would fall out and wearing mascara was not an option or else more lashes would come out. I wanted to try something. I thought my only option was Latisse. After doing some research and talking to my Dr, I didn’t want to go the Latisse route. Top 3 reasons:

1) probability of my eye colour turning brown
2) having to get an RX + Dr visit
3) cost of Latisse

I had heard about Rapid Lash and heard really good things about it. I decided to order a couple when I saw it on Haute Look. I was quite skeptical about the serum. I just knew I wasted my money but to be honest their was that little bit in me that wanted it to work.

After using the serum for about a week, I noticed my lashes were MUCH stronger. It grew a bit of length and seemed a bit thicker. I don’t really care so much about the length but just to have MUCH stronger lashes was AMAZING! I wear mascara all the time now and only loose maybe a couple lashes a week, if that. Even when taking off my mascara I very rarely loose lashes.

Rapid Lash has not bothered my sensitive eyes. It has not turned my eye colour and has not stopped working for around a year and a half. Once I got them stronger I layed off putting it on every night. I now put it on every other or 3rd day. Also when it’s about gone, store it upside down, then before you are ready to use it, flip it back right-side up and wait a minute.

I don’t work for Rapid Lash, nor am I being sponsored. I just want people to know what my results have been.

And now after I blabbed on … The beauty product I have always wanted to try but have not had the courage to is: air brush make-up.

It looks so easy and fast but I have this inherent aversion to just closing my eyes and letting a little sprayer go over my face. I feel like I’m going to have splotches and un-evenness. *LOL* I know, a silly thing to think.

BB creams…the korean brands….maybe I will try clinique or estee lauder…but not the korean brands…it may look good….but is it made of?….silicone, artificial blah blah blah….

Actually, they generally put good-for-skin stuff into BB creams – after all, they were initially created to treat the burns of laser-surgery patients. Even if you don’t want to try a Korean brand, if you go to Skin79’s website (skin79northamerica.com if you live in the US or Canada) they tell you what beneficial things they add to each of their BB creams. 🙂

The Clarisonic!
It’s not available in the Netherlands so I have to find a trusty online store that ships overseas…
And to be honest, the price is holding me back. I think it’s pretty expensive.

Red lipstick. I usually wear pink lipstick. So red lipstick is a whole new frontier. I am afraid of the lipstick bleeding. One day I will have the courage to try it.

MAC’s Future Lash Serum is amazing. it says its all organic and has no chemicals. ive been using it for a month and already see results! i have so many lashes now!

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