OCC Fall 2011 Lip Tars (Banjee, Femme, Narcissus, Pretty Boy, Queen) Swatches, Photos, Reviews

OCC Banjee Lip Tar

OCC Fall 2011: Lip Tars

OCC Lip Tars ($13.00 for 0.27 fl. oz.) see the addition of six new shades with the Pretty Boy Collection on September 6th. I reviewed Butch previously (blue can’t help but be an individual, y’know), so this post includes these five: Banjee (freshly sliced mango), Femme (pale flamingo pink), Narcissus (creamy pink/lavender), Pretty Boy (deep, true fuchsia), and Queen (screaming neon red).

If you have any experience with Lip Tars, the best advice anyone can give is: a little goes a very, very long way. You really need much less than you’d think. It’s also much easier to use a lighter hand and add more as needed. You can apply straight from the tube (and the angled applicator works well to maneuver around the natural curves of the lips) or with a lip brush (OCC recommends their #009 brush).

  • Banjee is a vibrant, light-medium orange with opaque color and a subtly glossy sheen. I couldn’t think of any similar shades (you would think with all of these orange lipsticks, there would be something!) because this is lighter and less of a dark orange or true orange–there is a yellowness to Banjee.
  • Femme is a softened, pastel pink with subtle blue undertones. The color coverage is opaque. It’s similar but a touch pinker than MAC Royal Azalea, bluer than MAC Overtime, pinker than MAC All Styled Up, similar in hue but lighter than YSL Fetish Pink, and a tad lighter than MAC Viva Glam Gaga I.
  • Narcissus is a medium, fuchsia-lavender with a subtle sheen. It delivers opaque color coverage. It is lighter and pinker than MAC Love Forever, very similar to MAC Asian Flower, and lighter but similar in color to MAC Petals & Peacocks.
  • Pretty Boy is a dark, blue-based fuchsia pink with a subtle shine and opaque color coverage. It’s cooler toned than NARS Carthage, which leans redder. Illamasqua Welt is similar in coolness but lighter overall.
  • Queen is a neon pink-red with a soft shine and really rich, opaque color. Guerlain Shalimar is pinker, while MAC Insanely It has fuchsia shimmer and is less vibrant. MAC Gesina is similar, a touch redder and less neon.

Femme is one of the nicer pastel pinks I’ve seen on me, which is due, in part, to the opacity as well as the subtle blue-base–so if you’re warm-toned and have always wanted a pastel pink, this one might work better for you than many of the alternatives.  There are some similarities with MAC’s recently released Sheen Supreme lipsticks (Azalea Blossom and Asian Flower), but I think OCC does them better–the texture and formula are more flattering to the lips and give them a more even appearance.

Lip Tars are very creamy; they’re very much a liquid lipstick, and as such, they’re extremely rich in pigment.  As stated earlier, you only need a tiny dab for total coverage.  They can be mixed with other Lip Tars for your own custom combination (which is how the Lip Tars were initially, but now they have many shades that are great as-is).  The richness in color makes these long-wearing, too–I usually get six hours, sometimes as long as eight.  Shades like Pretty Boy and Queen do stain over time, so sometimes they wear even longer than eight.

They are mint-scented (from the inclusion of peppermint oil), and I don’t find them drying, but if I wear one color for eight hours, I do need to pat on some lip balm, because I don’t find these very moisturizing on their own.  I don’t have issues with these bleeding, but it will happen if you apply a thicker layer, so you may want to wear a lip liner with some of the darker shades.

OCC Fall 2011 Lip Tars (Banjee, Femme, Narcissus, Pretty Boy, Queen) Swatches, Photos, Reviews

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OCC Banjee Lip Tar

OCC Banjee Lip Tar

OCC Banjee Lip Tar

OCC Femme Lip Tar

OCC Femme Lip Tar

OCC Femme Lip Tar

OCC Narcissus Lip Tar

OCC Narcissus Lip Tar

OCC Narcissus Lip Tar

OCC Pretty Boy Lip Tar

OCC Pretty Boy Lip Tar

OCC Pretty Boy Lip Tar

OCC Queen Lip Tar

OCC Queen Lip Tar

OCC Queen Lip Tar

We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!
We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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Is it bad that I really like Banjee on its own and wouldn’t mix it with anything else? I mean, I wouldn’t wear it in public, but if I had a blog and wanted to do a FOTD, it would be a nice change to do a look that revolved around an orange lip.

These are so FUN!! I love it. Too bad I’m way too lazy to wear lipstick/colours that way, and that cool colours suit me. I love cool colours. Otherwise I’d be, like gently said in a famous comedy movie, allover those things like a fat kid on a cupcake. Seriously. Fantastic.

Queen is gorgeous, and this is coming from someone who rarely does in-your-face-pinks, but usually the darker, reddish hues of it.

“You can apply straight from the tube” I would never, ever recommend this. You usually get way too much product, it goes on uneven and you often run outside the lips. Very difficult way to apply it.

I haven’t had problems applying it from the tube myself 🙂 It’s how I applied all of these! You just need to be aware of how much you need!

Huh, then it must come down to your lip shape; I don’t have as defined a cupids bow as you do, so it always ends up a mess for me. You’re lucky, Christine! Relying on brushes can be an evil making me reach for other lippies quite often, unfortunately.

Like the idea of all these new liptars – the best parts of a lipstick only no broken bullet or mushed bullet to deal with or worse – a pot with lip cream in it. But these colors are mostly really odd. Only 1-2 that I would wear.

omg i was NEVER interested in these after years of them being out but after seeing these colors I seriously want some, and im not a gloss kind of person always into lipsticks but these wow.

the last three are beautiful on u!!

i never would have guessed that these would be so opaque, otherwise i would have snatched a few up at IMATS last year!

queen is uber pretty! I have never really been interested before in the OCC Tars but WOWIE!

I love how even that pale pink looks well on you!

They’re all stunning! Femme is a big win since it’s so hard to find a pastel like that that isn’t chalky. I’m in love with the smooth textures here!

I realize these are meant for blending together to achieve custom color – Banjee is still one of the most startling lip colors I have ever seen. Queen is incredibly pretty on you!

Queen is the nicest of the bunch. I had a few liptars, and I am no longer a fan. My personal opinions are that they should make smaller (and cheaper) tubes, since these do last forever, and if you have many lippies, like me, you’ll neer use up a tube. Also, they can be messy to mix in a jar, and they do tend to run. I also find the peppermint scent annoying. I still prefer the MAC lipmixes.

Hi Christine. LOVE the Pretty Boy look on you. Would you know how long these last in the tube? You mentioned a little goes a long way so i was just wondering.

I think you meant Royal Azelea not Azelea Blossom. Because from what I know, Azelea Blossom was a blush & Royal Azelea was in the new Mac Seasonally Surpreem collection, which is the page you linked it to(: Just trying to help ya out!

*swoons* Banjee, Pretty Boy, and Queen look AMAZING on you! I’m dying over here for Pretty Boy, but I don’t think it will look as good on me. A girl can dream though, right? 😉 Thanks for the beautiful swatches!

Hi Christine! I have YSL RV in pink lingerie, so do you think I should still get Femme? They look similar.
Oh and thanks for all these lovely swatches! I’ll definitely grab Queen, Pretty Boy and Narcissus…. maybe Banjee too…
The name Temptalia really suits this site. You really tempt us all!

OCC, I hate your politically incorrect name but love your color range.
And I just talked myself out of getting the lip tar set, too…le sigh.

Christine, how does Narcissus compare to Pageant? Pretty Boy vs Anime? I’d love to see more comparisons when you get a chance! Thanks for the photos! I love love love Lip Tars 😀

Narcissus is less pink (more lavender), not as bright. I don’t have Anime. I pulled out the comparisons I could think of – sorry if that is not enough!

Hi Christine, I love these!!! I would love to see more of the lip tars, do you own any more? If you do, could you swatch them???? THANKS!!!

These colors are so pigmented and amazing. I cannot wait for the release because there are more than a few that I would love to try. I perused their website for a bit yesterday as well and had no idea there were so many colors in their collection already! Gotta love the 100% vegan and cruelty free, too.

Banjee looks like the radioactive goo I get when I pre-mix the cheese flavoring from my Mac and Cheese with the milk in a little bowl: neon and not particularly appetizing. XD I can definitely see it being used to change the tone of other products, though.

WOW, these colors really pop!

The only color I might want is Femme. I don’t have a light pastel pink lip product yet… But I’m not sure if that would look good on me.

Pretty Boy & Queen are so pretty too!!!

Thanks for putting swatches up! I have been looking for a color like banjee for so long, and am glad to have found it. I just have one problem; I have OCC lip tars, and when I wear them for more than 20 minutes or so, it builds up on the inside of my lips and the corners. Does this happen to anyone else? It’s very unattractive, and discourages me from buying more lip tars.

I cant’t believe you apply straight from the tube.. you must be some kind of wizard! I use MAC lip brush and I have a problem with the lines that the brush makes on my lips (sorry the bad english).

Hi Christine.. I am having a little trouble deciding if I should order Femme.. I have MAC’s Infinitely Likable Pro Longwear Lipglass and was wondering if that is similar to Femme at all.. Bc I find that pink looks good on me .. Also, I am not sure about the OCC lip tar in Trick.. Is that light like Mac’s Peachstick lipstick or darker?? If you could help me with these questions I would greatly appreciate it bc I have a coupon for a site that I want to use to order today and not sure when it expires.. Thanks in advance!!

A lot of people have been asking comparisons to Anime. Queen is very bright and slightly more orange-pink neon, Pretty boy is much more similar to Anime but Anime is brighter and more vibrant. The differences are subtle btwn the two, but I would choose Anime bc I prefer brighter.

Hi Christine 🙂

thanks for the wonderful swatches and pictures! it can be quite difficult figuring out what lip tars are going to look like on yourself without great quality pics :). I plan on getting a bunch of these for my birthday and since they are cheaper in the US, i’m going to have them shipped to australia. most sites advertise lip tars as $14 each (one site I found them for $13.50) and I was wondering if you knew of any other sites that might sell them cheaper? if not, no worries. still beats paying over $20 a pop! thank you xx 🙂


I don’t think there are any cheaper – I am not sure if OCC ships internationally, but I know they sometimes bundle their lip tars together, so you can save on them that way!

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