Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish ($29.00 for 0.24 oz.) is described as a “peachy pink with gold shimmer.” It’s a light-medium peach with hints of pink and a golden shimmer-sheen. There is light peach, light-medium yellow-toned pink, and bronze. On my skin, it looks more peach, but in the pan, it seems more peach-pink. I would expect those with pinker undertones to see more peach-pink coloring (I have warmer undertones). Tom Ford Lovelust is darker, more coral. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is very similar.   Mine did have a peach haze over the bronze vein, which didn’t go away with a quick swipe, so it seems like the peach color ended up slightly layered over the rest of the product. I don’t think it really affects the color, since each pan is a swirl of various colors, some with larger veins than others.

Light Year seemed to embody the characteristics that I see others rave about when it comes to Mineralize Skinfinishes. It has that glowy effect that’s just a little obvious but not over-the-top and bordering on disco-ball territory. It didn’t emphasize my pores too much (just minutely), and it was very blendable.  This is a lighter shade, so it’s going to be more like a highlighting blush on light to medium skin tones, and then more of a highlighter on medium to dark skin tones.

The texture is slightly powdery, though very soft, so I liked applying it with a stippling brush like the 187 so I could still get some color but not end up with a powdery finish.  (And of course, as with anything powdery, a spritz of water, or Fix+ if you’re a fan, will take down some powderiness.)  When I tested out the wear of this, I put it on at 6AM this morning, and it’s now after 1PM–it’s slightly faded but no separation after seven hours.

The Glossover


Light Year

Light Year is just a bit on the powdery side and doesn't wear for a full eight hours, but the texture is soft, highly blendable, and looks good on the skin.











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MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish (Diffused Flash)

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish (Studio Lighting)

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC, $29.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Tom Ford Lovelust is darker, more coral. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is very similar.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: MAC Bright Moon, Sky, and Earthly mineralize eyeshadows, Burberry Trench eyeshadow, Tarina Tarantino Kanzashi Eyeliner. On cheeks: MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish. On lips: MAC Cusp of Dawn lipstick.

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69 thoughts on “MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Cat G

    It’s astonishing how you are getting all these reviewed up, thanks so much! So glad something out of this collection is getting an A rating! Light Year was of the reviews I was waiting for!

  2. This is so much prettier on your cheeks than I imagined it would be from the swatch; it went from kind of “blah” to looking really glowy and luminous, very brightening! Thanks for all your hard work getting these swatched, tested, and reviewed! 

  3. ooooh!!!! I was on the fence about this beauty but your review pushed me off the edge. It will be mine! 😀

  4. mybeautyboxblog

    Wow I really like this one

  5. You broke my will on the no buy for this one! I just hopping it looks good one me at the $38.42CAN it came to with tax but I rather try it out then pine for it once it’s gone.

  6. Gina

    YAY! This looks beautiful in the pan, AND on the cheeks! I was so excited for this, and I’m so glad it’s up to par. This is going to be my first Mineralize Skinfinish!

  7. Rafaela

    I’m sorry for the silly question, but I don’t get the concept of the MSF, how does it compare to a blush and to a highlighter?

    • It can be used either way – it depends more on the color of the MSF + your skin tone. A lot of them can be used as a highlighter but some can be used as a blush or as a bronzer. Light Year is more highlighting blush – so it can add some color but not a ton. Think Benefit Sugarbomb!

      • Rafaela

         @Christine (Temptalia) Thanks so much, Christine, for the quick answer! It was very helpful! Cheers from Brazil :)

  8. Suzanne

    Love it, want it, need it!!!

  9. ChelleBelle

    This one looks the best you! 

  10. KimVersluis

    Thanks for the review. I’m really going to buy it when its coming out in the netherlands!

  11. Nicola

    So glad this one rates a little higher than the others as I had my eye on this one! I’ll be purchasing this one. Thanks Christine! Looks great on you, as always.

  12. Sarah

    how would you say does this compare with dainty mineralize blush?thank you so much for the quick reviews!!

  13. CiaraAinsleyFears

    Wow, lovely. It makes you look like a painting.

  14. AlexSteproe

    Do you think this could work as a good blush for someone with super crazy pale skin? :)

  15. Sandy Elle

    Christine, do you know if the collection is out in stores or not yet ?

  16. Brittany Thomas

    Can’t wait til this gets to me jus ordered it :-)

  17. Ebonye Bee

    Sandy it comes out in stores July 5th but it’s online now

  18. Temptalia

    It’s not supposed to be in stores until July 5th Sandy Elle but you could call yours to double check. MAC doesn’t usually update bloggers if the launch date gets moved up!

  19. Henny Yun

    Christine, i have MAC’s beauty powder in Too Chic, is this one similar at all? im debating on whether i should get Light Year or Star Wonder skinfinish. please answer!

  20. Danielle Madden

    These are online only, right?

  21. Temptalia

    Too Chic is lighter and peachier Henny Yun! The collection will be in all stores/counters on July 5th Danielle Madden!

  22. It’s late and there’s not enough time in the day so it’s another after 1:00 a.m. excusion through Temptalia..  Had to comment on this product..  It is the only pick so far that has impressed me from this collection.  It’s gorgeous on you Christine! and I think it would be really flattering on most.  Still, I’m going to resist and not buy.  
    Great reviews as always Christine!  I know we all appreciate your superhuman efforts!!

  23. I swear you make all of these, no matter how dark or orange, look so fab! I really love this one. 

  24. amelia_t

    Hi Christine, how would this compare to Rose Ole SRHP? xx

  25. ZulaikhaMuddassir

    How does this compare with mac whisper of gilt? I’m nc40

  26. SophiaK

    it looks like ”by candlelight”

  27. MeiHueyNg

    looks wonderful on u! how does it compare with soft & gentle?

  28. corallista

    this will make a gorgeous highlighter!

  29. Shelley

    how does this compare to MSF Light Flush?  It looks very similar to me.

  30. Lacey J.

    Oh I wanted to get this… but I’m trying to keep my hoard in check and I have so much blush I am never going to get through! This looks lovely though, so lovely. I’m just afraid it will emphasize my pores and also I have a slight bit of bumpiness on my cheeks from battling acne and that probably won’t look so great! But I agree Christine completely looks like some kind of painting in this… and I’m wondering if it will give me the same effect :))

  31. Christina

    Hi Christine,
    How would this compare to NARS Luster blush and MAC Refined MSF? Thank you :)

  32. Laurin

    you make blue eyeshadow look normal and what i mean by that is a lot of times blue eyeshadow is look at me i’m BLUE on people but on you it’s flattering and pretty

  33. If someone already has Soft & Gentle, is it worth getting this one too? Is there that much of a difference in color when applying?

  34. gabrielleB

    i am in love with this shade! i am very pale (Nc15) and i hope i can use it as a blush when its released in the UK. but the only thing thats bothering me is on the photo of the back of the packaging it says ‘7g’ usually aren’t MSF’s and Beauty Powders 10g each? i just whipped out a few of mine and they all say 10g on the packaging. correct me if i’m wrong!

  35. Tygerlilee84

    How does this compare to MAC MSF light flush?  it looks very similar in pictures.

  36. KelliG

    how does this compare to porcelain pink msf?

  37. xiaoomantou

    @tame_bunny you should get light year!! 😀

  38. Lacey J.

    I caved and ordered this at after it sold out on mac. LOL. Still waiting for it. Hopefully it makes me look as amazing!

  39. AbigailOD

    Hi Christine! Need help: Do you (or anyone here) know or experience any dryness on the skin when using MSFs? My skin is usually normal but I’ve noticed some dryness and red patches on my cheeks after using MSF which I have in Gold Deposit and Light Year. And I believe I’m moisturizing enough, I use a serum and moisturizer. Saddens me because I just adore the colors!
    Any recommendations to *fix* my situation? I’d hate for these products to go to waste. =/   Thanks in advance. Any input will help! =)

    •  @AbigailOD If you’re not sensitive to primer, you could try using a primer to essentially act as a barrier between your skin and the product, BUT red patches would make me a little wary of telling you to keep using it.  I haven’t heard of it happening, but this could be an allergic reaction and you wouldn’t want to keep using a product that you’re allergic to :(

      • AbigailOD

         @Christine (Temptalia) Many thanks for the input Christine! I’ll keep the primer in mind. Maybe it’s time to venture into it. Thanks again! =(  I hope I’m not *officially allergic because that will just break my heart.

      • AbigailOD

         @Christine (Temptalia)  UPDATE: Good news Christine! My skin is now coexisting very well with the MSFs (Phew!). I don’t know if it’s the brush, I gave in to the #188, and it is fab!  I finally figured out who the culprit was – the cleanser I was using about the same time I started using the MSF. Yay! So that was an easy fix. Just thought I’d share the good news!

  40. pinkrickjamespony20

    how does this compare to rose quartz msf?

  41. Carla25

    hi christine, i need some advice please, I’m wanting to get either this shade Light Year or star wonder. I’m fair skinned, and was wondering if both of these would be okay to use, or would you just get the lighter one Light Year? Is Star wonder really bright?Many Thanks

    •  @Carla25 Star Wonder isn’t really bright – if you want a blush, Star Wonder; more of a highlighter, Light Year.

      • Carla25

         @Christine (Temptalia)
         Thanks Christine, helped me make my mind up! I’ve ordered Star Wonder as i do wish for more like a blush. & Its selling out so fast. (light year has just sold out in the last 8hours)

        • Carla25

           Hiya, Ive recieved my star wonder, and i love it so much, i might buy another before it sells out. Ive also just brough Light Year, can never have enough blush/highlighters!!

  42. brigidbeauty

    This is my favorite make up look on you that I have seen EVER. Gorgeous– you should always wear color on your eyes with these lovely light cheek/ lip combos… :)