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MAC 3N Lipstick
MAC 3N Lipstick

MAC By Request – Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC By Request is a collection that’s voted on by the fans–there are 18 shades of lipstick, lipglass, and eyeshadow that MAC has listed for grabs, and your votes will determine the top three from each product type that will go on to be launched in an online exclusive, limited edition collection in August. Voting is open and closes on March 30th and users can vote once per product category per day. Not sure where to cast your vote? I’ve got the goods on the six lipsticks up for a comeback! :)

  • 3N is a pale pink beige nude. It has a lustre finish. The color coverage is semi-sheer and adds a touch of pink. Cle de Peau #129 is more opaque, slightly darker. MAC Lazy Day is a bit pinker, almost a little gray. Korres #13 is similar but warmer.
  • Candy Yum Yum is a bright, neon magenta pink with cool, blue undertones with opaque color coverage. It has a matte finish. MAC Pink Pigeon is a bit lighter, pinker. MAC Show Orchid is darker, more fuchsia. MAC Quick Sizzle is pinker. MAC Rose Hip is lighter and pinker.
  • Eden Rocks is a subtly pink-tinged coppery brown with a frosted shimmer. It has a frost finish and semi-opaque color coverage. MAC Felicienne is subtler, less coppery.
  • Moxie is pinky-red with opaque color coverage. It has a matte finish–I think! Not to worry, it feels like a modern matte: creamy, easy to apply, and doesn’t shrink-wrap your lips. MAC Party Parrot is more coral, no blue undertones. OCC Queen is darker. Guerlain CHamps-Elysees is darker. Guerlain Gigi is very similar but has a glossy sheen.
  • Rocker is a darkened brown-based red with subtle shimmer. I’m not quite sure what the finish is–I had the original listed as a matte. Will inquire! Nonetheless, it yields opaque color coverage with very subtle shimmer. shu uemura Rouge Luster is slightly more orange. MAC Such Flare! is a bit lighter, more orange than brown. MAC Extended Play has more brown in it. MAC Unknown Pleasures is a bit darker. Rimmel Metallic Seduction and Make Up For Ever #48 are darker.
  • Shitaki is a medium-dark warm brown with a pale gold-champagne shimmer-sheen. It has a glaze finish, so the color coverage is semi-sheer. Guerlain Chant d’Aromes is pinker, less brown. MAC Flustered is more golden. MAC Kraft is darker. Lancome Bronze Show is a bit darker, more orange.

The formula on these was typical MAC–I didn’t have any unexpected issues with these.  Generally, I find lustre lipsticks to be drying and wear only two hours or so.  The more matte-like finishes (Candy Yum Yum, Moxie, Rocker) felt creamy and opaque, so no trouble there.  Glaze finishes (Shitaki) are less drying than lustres though still a touch drying over time and tend to wear for a similar short time.  MAC lipsticks are vanilla scented.

Continuing with the fun, here are some shades I think could have been good choices: Ahoy, There! (Naughty Nauticals ’08), Angeldish (Aquadisiac ’03), Big Bow (Hello Kitty ’09), Blue Eve (Eden Rocks ’01), Blueberry Fizz (Cocktails, ’01), Brave New Bronze (Style Warrior ’09), Curtsy (Dance ’06), Fashionably Fuchsia (Classic Coordinates ’06), Flash-n-Dash (Fafi ’08), Gladiola (Dame Edna ’08), High Top (Fafi ’08), Isabella Blow (MAC for Isabella BLow ’05), Jazzed (In the Groove ’10), Legendary Femme (Raquel Welch ’07), Lollipop Loving (Heatherette ’08), Marisheeno (Lustreful ’04), Mellow Mood (Electroflash ’08), Merry Mistress (Black Tied ’01), Pink Maribu (Lingerie ’05), Port Red (Naughty Nauticals ’08), Queen’s Sin (Antiquitease ’07), Rebelrose (Rebel Rock ’05), Red No. 5 (MACouture ’06), Rococo (Rococo ’04), Strawberry Blonde (Catherine Deneuve ’06), Tiger Tiger (Raquel Welch ’07), Wild ‘Bout You (Rockocco ’06).

I was confused when I saw both Eden Rocks and Shitaki being promoted–I thought they were both permanent, but I guess they were discontinued in the past two years or so. (If they were such bestsellers, why were they ever discontinued?!) With a collection concept like this one, I think the older the better–and certainly not shades that were permanent for years! If we’re going to go so recent, might as well repromote the Iris Apfel lipsticks, since those sold out so quickly. It’s just such a great concept and one that fans have been asking to see forever, and I’m left wondering, “What data did you use to come up with these lists?” Because I can’t seriously believe that there was no top selling coral lipstick–historically, MAC corals sell out quickly!

I am however pleased to see Moxie and Rocker make the list — those are two I’ve heard about, and they’re both oldies (but goodies). I don’t think I have most of these in the original forms; I should have 3N and Candy Yum Yum, but I’m not so sure about Eden Rocks. I know I owned Shitaki once upon a time, but I don’t think I kept it.

The Glossover


MAC By Request - Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

I think MAC was most successful with the lipstick category as far as picking shades that would make sense--I loved that they brought back two really old shades (Moxie and Rocker), though they are more dupeable today than they probably were when they initially launched!











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MAC 3N Lipstick
MAC 3N Lipstick

MAC 3N Lipstick
MAC 3N Lipstick (Diffused/Bounced Flash)

MAC 3N Lipstick
MAC 3N Lipstick (Studio “Natural” Lighting)

MAC 3N Lipstick
MAC 3N Lipstick

MAC 3N Lipstick
MAC 3N Lipstick

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick
MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick
MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick (Diffused/Bounced Flash)

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick
MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick (Studio “Natural” Lighting)

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick
MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick
MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick
MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick

MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick
MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick (Diffused/Bounced Flash)

MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick
MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick (Studio “Natural” Lighting)

MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick
MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick)

MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick
MAC Eden Rocks Lipstick

MAC Moxie Lipstick
MAC Moxie Lipstick

MAC Moxie Lipstick
MAC Moxie Lipstick (Diffused/Bounced Flash)

MAC Moxie Lipstick
MAC Moxie Lipstick (Studio “Natural” Lighting)

MAC Moxie Lipstick
MAC Moxie Lipstick

MAC Moxie Lipstick
MAC Moxie Lipstick

MAC Rocker Lipstick
MAC Rocker Lipstick

MAC Rocker Lipstick
MAC Rocker Lipstick (Diffused/Bounced Flash)

MAC Rocker Lipstick
MAC Rocker Lipstick (Studio “Natural” Lighting)

MAC Rocker Lipstick
MAC Rocker Lipstick

MAC Rocker Lipstick
MAC Rocker Lipstick

MAC Shitaki Lipstick
MAC Shitaki Lipstick

MAC Shitaki Lipstick
MAC Shitaki Lipstick (Diffused/Bounced Flash)

MAC Shitaki Lipstick
MAC Shitaki Lipstick (Studio “Natural” Lighting)

MAC Shitaki Lipstick
MAC Shitaki Lipstick

MAC Shitaki Lipstick
MAC Shitaki Lipstick

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148 thoughts on “MAC By Request – Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Moxie is so gorgeous! I hope it wins.

    • Ghoulina

      I hope so too! I actually have it but use it sparingly since it had been discontinued. It’s such a gorgeous colour! I’d love to be able to buy another tube!

    • Mar

      I’ve been voting daily for it but it seems to be stuck in fourth place right now (Candy YY, 3N, Rocker) so it might not make it unless it gets more votes. :(

      • Jessica

        Christine says in her post that she is sure that moxie and rocker made th list, and I’m thinking the other one will be candy yum yum. I’m looking forward to moxie coming out. Christine do you know If it will be available At counters if so when internationally?

  2. I love shitaki and 3N. super excited for this collection!

  3. linda

    wow, i love eden rocks and shitaki!! they all look amazing on you, Christine. you’re gorgeous!

  4. Lee

    Moxie looks awesome, I hope it makes the final cut. Yes! Queen’s SIn should’ve been offered, I’ve waited years to try it. And Big Bow, I’m wearing it today over Pink Pigeon and I’m halfway down the tube, I’d love to get a back-up one day.

  5. Laura

    I so want Rocker to come back! I love that colour!

  6. Laura Garcia

    Thank you for the pictures Christine, but the pictures look different. Especially the ones of just the lips. I like the older way in which you took pictures better.

  7. wolframio

    Tough i like more the other lip swatches, i think this seems to be more like the real color and finish 😉

  8. Sandy

    Christine, this diffused flash/ bounced flash thing is confusing me. Can you explain why the swatches look so different in these lightings and which is more true to life?

    • Flash is a bright pop of light that you’re probably familiar with – diffused means that the flash is softened in some way. I use an actual diffuser cap for my flash, but the idea is like holding a tissue over the flash itself so the light is softer, less harsh. Bouncing means you angle the flash of light so it reflects off something else (ceiling, wall, reflective surface) rather than directly on the subject. Here’s a Wikipedia article on Flash –

      Both, for different reasons. Flash undoubtedly is more light than you will find yourself in most of the time, but flash enables textures and nuances to really come through, while “natural” light tends to make things appear softer, almost washed out. Overall, I find flash more accurate as long as it is softened, whether it’s just turned down, diffused, bounced, etc.

  9. Margaret

    This collection is going to make me broke! LOVE!

  10. Vivian Martin

    the candy yum yum pictures aren’t working :(

  11. Jennifer

    I have Lazy Day, but I wish I had voted for 3N ….I voted for “Moxie,” before I saw the swatches. While “Moxie” is so me! I have similar colors… And I probably do of 3N, but 3N looks so nice…

    Candy Yum Yum is winning right now, which is cool… I happen to have 2 of them and love it… But I mean I don’t need it to come around so quickly again.

    I voted for Moth Brown e/s and Bait L/G .

    • [email protected]

      You can still vote for 3G or whatever ones you’de like. There’s also 2 ways to vote on Facebook and on the mac official site. You can vote twice if you do both everyday until March 30th. Xo

  12. I’m really looooving the Moxie lipstick, it’s so intense!

  13. Out of all of the whole By Request collection, I only wanted Candy Yum Yum. Overall, the selected items are boring and dupeable.

  14. Lisa

    Moxie looks redder and warmer than the original. (Original is comparable on me to Revlon Cherries in the Snow– CITS is a touch brighter and redder, Moxie is pinker and darker. But very, very similar after you blot CITS.)

  15. Rocker is a Matte. I have the original and it says Matte :)

  16. Lauren

    You look stunning, Christine!

  17. Great point about the corals! Why no corals, MAC? I’d love to have Jazzed! Here’s to hoping they repromote it in a collection this year ^.^

  18. fabiola

    3N, moxie, and candy yum yum are so beautiful. Thank you Christine for taking time to do this.

  19. Nicola

    The pics for shitaki seem mixed up, some are the bright pink of moxie, some the red of rocker and some the brown which I think is the correct shitaki :(

    • The pictures are not mixed up – I just double checked! I’m not sure what you’re seeing – Shitaki is brown in all the photos, definitely no bright pink or red!

      • Nicola

        I was reading the blog on my iPad andthe pics still appear in the wrong order there, but reading on my phone they all look right. It must be my iPad being naughty, sorry! I might have to use this as my excuse to buy the new one 😉

  20. Victoria

    Why people aren’t really voting for Shitaki I don’t understand… :( I want it to win<3

  21. Laura R

    i love how these all look on you! i wish i could pull off as much of a range of shades as you do. (love the eye look too.)

  22. Neshie

    I really hate that they did Candy Yum Yum with this.. Not because I don’t like CYY, but because it came out so recently it was almost guaranteed to be repromoted, especially since it did so well. I think that they should’ve stuck with the older stuff that you can’t find anymore. Moxie and Rocker have my vote for this one.

  23. Mel

    Mac Rocker looks beautiful

  24. Alyza

    Loving the new setup for lip swatches that you’ve got going on!

  25. Sara


  26. laura m

    thank you for taking the time to swatch all those, it leaves us who are voting with more of an idea what we really want to see back especially if we weren’t familiar with the color! THanks so much!

  27. Gisela

    I love MAC 3N and MAC Eden Rose…chances for a sweepstakes?

  28. Therese

    I feel the vibe of the 90s;)

  29. Eileen

    Moxie is the nice surprise on just how pretty it is! That, along with Candy Yum Yum & Rocker, will get my vote!

  30. Jennifer

    Hi Christine,

    I wish they would have brought into the mix “Packed Pink” lipstick… I know it was discontinued quite a few years ago… And I know there is the drug store dupe… But I want this color.

    Rose McGowan was such a fan of this color she bought 21 tubes, before they discontinued it… I really love it on her and think it would suit me well.. I think it’s a pink-coral or yellow midtone/brightish pink… Pretty.

    I think at any rate they should have brought that back and “Made with love” was another great LE Pink coral lustre lipstick… I have a back up new one still, but like you said MAC has great corals, this imo being one of them.

  31. Arianna

    shitakiiii *_*

  32. Hannah

    Rocker just looks divine on you!

  33. Sarah M

    Moxie! Moxie! Moxie! :)

  34. angelina

    These are all gorgeous on you!!! I can’t decided between 3n, candy yum yum, moxie and rocker! they are all so pretty!! especially on you!

  35. dzhenie o

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! To moxie. I hope it wins. Rocker looks gorg to but my vote goes to moxie!

  36. Amanda

    Shitaki and 3N. Hope they will be winners because they are beautiful! Also love Eden Rocks!

  37. hannah

    Thank you for writing this post! This is really helpful.

  38. Julie

    your eye makeup complements the lipstick colors so well! the natural lighting photos are stunning

  39. Kayvid

    I love Moxie!!!

  40. Emma

    is 3n similar to hue at all?

  41. I really like 3N and Eden Rocks. Hope they both make the cut.

  42. Meha

    Moxie stole my heart :)

  43. Roo

    No way these are their most requested colours. I think some of them are in-line with Fall trends and don’t have current MAC dupes though.

    I like your new photo style and that mascara looks really good on you.

  44. Jennifer

    i love 3N!! It’s so naturally gorgeous!

  45. I LOVE this new lighting set up!!! It looks so natural and amazing!

  46. angela

    i loove your eye makeup in this one :) i’m liking 3N but i already have something like that (kinda-too faced totally nude) and i like shitaki. i think i will vote for them.

  47. Stef

    I’m soooo happy with these new changes u’ve made to the blog :) thank u so much! Dear, could u please tell me the different types of finishes of mac lipsticks available…or if u have done an article before, could u please link me to it? Thanks..

  48. angela

    and eden rocks i like.

  49. Silvana

    Candy yum yum and Moxie!!!!

  50. abby

    Hi Christine! thank you for always being so amazing with reviews and swatches. I have been a fan for about 4 years now and i appreciate your hard work. To be quite honest, and please dont take this a complaint because it is not :), but i like the previous way you did swatches on lips and eyeshadows. Because they looked like they do in real life. This is way i find harder to tell what the colours actually look like. I am sure people will have different opinions and of course i understand u cant satisfy them all. Thank you in advanced :)

  51. At first I was like “OMG CANDY YUM YUM YESYESYESYES I NEED TO GET IT THIS TIME”… Then I read “online exlusive”.
    I live in Sweden and I assume Kicks’ webshop won’t get this collection then. :c

  52. Liz

    I (and I think a LOT of people) totally agree that most of these are odd choices to be in this collections. Yeah, where’s Lollipop Loving or Queen’s Sin. I’m also a little surprised to see you mention Ahoy, There! This is one of my MAC faves – it’s the only lipstick that I’ve ever had a backup of, and now I’m on my backup. I didn’t realize anyone else out there felt the same :)

  53. Veronica

    Moxie, Yum Yum, and Rocker. I WOULD WEAR THEM ALL.

    I also like this new lighting setup, though I imagine it’s added quite a bit of work to putting these posts together. Thank you so much for all the work you put into these!

  54. Nat

    Why not Eager loooved that lipstick sooo much!!!

  55. ericka

    When I heard that Shitaki was being discontinued I snapped up the MAC counter’s last three and I’m soooo glad I did. It’s one of my faves from them, however, on my skin tone (NC50) it reads more like a beautiful mauvey taupe. I absolutely LOVE this.

    So, with that being said, I would vote for Rocker (wow!) and/or Eden Rocks. Funny enough, the lipstick photo of Eden Rocks looks more like the Shitaki I own and love! :0)

  56. Allie

    …Can we vote in all of these lipsticks please? LOL
    But seriously, I kind of want them all.

  57. I love the new photo system! FYI, since I’ve been with Mac long enough to remember the original, Rocker was a velvet finish lipstick, which they don’t have any more. It was a matte base with flecks of glitter in it, sort of a matte/ frost hybrid. I was curious to see how the new one compared to the old, although it doesn’t look like I’ll get to find out, since it was well behind in the voting last time I checked :-(

    Glad to see that you were able to get these to review and swatch, to let everyone see what they’re all about.

    • Good to know! These had no finishes on them (all marked sample), and the press release didn’t use finishes either! I had to go by the information I compiled years ago for past MAC collections, which is mostly accurate, but for some of the older products and launches, less so! Thanks, Kate!

      MAC can release 20 lip products in a single collection multiple times during the year, but have something like this, and they can only muster six (three lipglasses/three lipsticks)? Pfft.

  58. 3N looks surprisingly nice and non-clingy! Moxie looks nice too!

    On a side note, loving your new ‘full face’ pics Christine, you look stunning! Tech Guy is a lucky man!

  59. lily

    THANK YOU for doing this!!

  60. Eileen

    I want Rocker and Eden Rocks.

  61. Elizabeth

    I really wanted pink packed to come back. There is no dupe at all for this colour, I know..Ive looked for years.

  62. Wow, I love the new picture lighting/format! I can see texture in the products! Love it!

  63. yussra

    I wish they had mehr or yash instead of shitaki or eden rocks

  64. Moxie is gorgeous, I sure missed out on that one. Hope it wins along with CYY

  65. Kristine

    I love Moxie but was really hoping for Port Red or Queen’s Sin to be on the list :(

  66. Z

    Rocker and Shitaki are both quite pretty. However, with MAC doing animal testing now our already shaky relationship is pretty much kaput. Love the idea of bringing back old favorites – wish more companies would – but I’m not down with a company who puts out products with decreasing quality while picking up unnecessary animal testing.

    • Maggie

      Agreed. I’m so saddened and appalled that Estee Lauder would regress to animal testing after not doing it for so long. I won’t be buying anything else from MAC unless they stop.

  67. Z

    Oops, I meant to add: “You’re looking prettier with every post!” :)

  68. td

    Christine, do you know if Moxie is a retro matte like Ruby Woo b/c I could had sworn that was the finish of the lipstick, unless they changed the formula?

  69. Cristy

    Because they aren’t Cruelty Free, I don’t buy them anymore! I prefer
    The same shades in Lime Crime, Wet n Wild and Jordana :)
    They are only lipsticks…

  70. Cheyenne

    Pretty excited for Moxie! But I really wanted to see Big Bow from the HK collection- I never could think of a dupe. Do you have any, Christine?

  71. Emma

    Interested in 3N and Eden Rocks!!
    Also, I wanted to say that I love the new style of pictures you’re doing, Christine. The color is really sharp, but I also noticed that the lighting seems to flatten the finishes so that they all look kind of matte. Other than that I LOVE the full face pictures…really cute!

  72. Melody

    Oh I would have LOVED for lollipop lovin’, big bow, or roccoco to come back! Darnit, MAC! I do really hope to see Moxie make a comeback, though.

  73. Ko Ching Yen

    I would love to own 3N and moxie!!!!!!!!!

  74. loulouhex

    here’s hoping for rocker, moxie and candy yum yum! i still have rocker from back-in-the-day and i’d love a fresh one!

  75. Jackeline

    3N y Shitaki

  76. Amalia

    I want Toxic Tale come back!I love the new lighting of the photos,excellent job!

  77. Hannah

    The lipsticks are cool and everything but I’m LOVING your new swatch system! As a photographer lady I appreciate that you have both flash and more natural lighting and so we get to see the product in both situations, especially since I feel like the natural lighting swatch is a lot closer to how the product would typically *look* to the naked eye :) cheers!

  78. Josie

    You´re beautiful, Christine!

  79. OMGAH.

    3N is such a beautiful nude!!!! I want Candy Yum Yum!

  80. artemis

    these look cute 😀 3N and Candy Yum Yum are the prettiest

  81. coco72

    Moxie and Rocker are gorgeous! they will be mine, like candy Yum yum I already have

  82. Liz

    Definitely Candy Yum Yum! Very pretty! (Its color is unique for me) =)

  83. Kella

    I am LOVING the full face photo format. It makes you look so gorgeous!!

    My votes are for Moxie, Candy Yum Yum, and 3N!

  84. Brittany

    Love the new “layout” Cristine! Its so nice to see what the colors look like on a face. It makes such a big difference. Thanks!

  85. Melissa

    It’s ridiculous that they’re only bringing back a couple from each category instead of all of them–obviously they’re all in demand so why tease people? Considering the way people are pooping themsleves over candy yum yum, it’s likely going to be candy yum yum and 3n coming back, and people who wanted moxie are still never going to get a chance to try it. Cmon, MAC. Get it right.

  86. AmyD

    posts like these is why i love your blog, christine – sometimes when i’m in a mac store, i get so overwhelmed by the selection of lipsticks that i get a little intimidated, and i like coming here to learn more about particular shades. without temptalia, i would have never known about a color like eden rocks, which is a color i’m just in love with – a nude-brown with just enough pink and shimmer to keep it soft and pretty. i hope eden rocks; much more so, though, thank you for this post!

  87. Rocker lipstick looks so awesome…I didn’t want to buy anything from this By Request collection but I just might 😉 damn you MAC haha :) jk

  88. Stephanie S.

    I really like the new way you’re taking the full-face pictures. I can’t believe how pretty Rocker is on you!

  89. Rebecca

    Moxie, it’s just so nice.

  90. Christina

    I love them all *__*

  91. Miss J

    I’m hoping for Candy Yum Yum, Moxie, and Rocker!

  92. Naomi

    New camera?? Omg you look soooooo gorgeous!!! :O

  93. Carmel

    I absolutely love the new way you’re doing your swatches. Thank you for all the hard work you put in! :)

  94. Christine, your eye makeup is absolutely gorgeous in these! I really like the idea of this collection, and thanks for putting together such a thorough post. I’ve got my eye on Candy Candy Yum Yum and Moxie.

    One thing, did you mean to say ‘lipsticks’ instead of ‘lipglasses up for a comeback’ in the intro paragraph?

  95. Bianca

    i’ve waited years for this moment. It’s my FAVORITE. Stocking up in August i see!

  96. Melissa

    Christine, may I please have your tube of Moxie? MAC should have never discontinued that colour. That was my first strong pink matte lipstick. I have very nice memories of it. I wish Delish was one of the lipsick options. That’s another gorgeous shade that was dc’d about two years ago. I still have a tube and I wear it sparingly. Shhh was another amazingly gorgeous red shade that was also dc’d. Rocker is great, although the tube you swatched is different from the original Rocker shade. The original had a bit of glitter in it and I don’t remember it being so warm. I wore that shade back in the day. Anyways, enough reminiscing. I look forward to August.

  97. dom

    I love Shitaki! Then again I’m more of a MLBB shade girl :)

  98. ellie

    I agree with you Christine. They should have added the lipsticks from the iris apfel collection particularly the pink pigeon and party parrot. They were sold out in a matter of minutes when it was launched!

  99. Alexia

    rocker, eden rocks, and candy yum yum look amazing!