Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up

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Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Palettes: Light Versions
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Palettes: Deep Versions
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up
Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection: Round-up

Thank you so much for making the launch of this collection a tremendous success — and that’s everyone who commented, shared, liked a post, read a post (or a dozen), used Temptalia in the past, and those who placed an order! It has exceeded my personal expectations in every way. The collection will continue to be available and be restocked as necessary so long as it continues to sell well. The products can be purchased at Sydney Grace.

We have stock remaining of  the Light versions of all of the palettes, while On the Horizon (Deep) has the lowest stock (the other two Deep versions are sold out right now). I don’t have any restocking information at this moment, and I expect that we’ll start discussing next steps after the collection gets a few more days of sales under its belt, so-to-speak.

International Shipping Update (6/19/2021 at 1:25PM PT): At the launch start time, there was an issue with international shipping reflecting a higher charge than it should have, which was fixed shortly after launch, but if you placed an order right away and your jaw dropped seeing the shipping (or your jaw dropped and you abandoned cart!), this update is for you!

Shipping should have been ~$23 to $24 depending on location if you purchase up to three Temptalia eyeshadow palettes and one eyeshadow single (like Dear Reader). If you add additional items to your order, the weight has gone up enough to move you to the next pricing tier (~$35).

This is now reflected when you go to checkout. For those who only ordered 1-3 palettes with or without Dear Reader eyeshadow single, you should expect to see a refund from Sydney Grace that reflects the actual cost of shipping. Sydney Grace refunds on international shipping when the estimate is higher than the actual cost to ship (and if it costs more, Sydney Grace pays the extra, you would not be charged more).

If you have a question about an existing order, please reach out to Sydney Grace first (use me as your way to escalate if you have an issue, though I am not anticipating anyone to–Sydney Grace is known for good customer service!).

The palettes are magnetic, so you can switch out shades or rearrange the layout (I recommend getting a magnetic grabber to help release the bands as they are a tighter fit!).



On the Horizon

Radiant Reflection

Here are some swatches and looks from people who received their press samples!


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I am so excited for this tomorrow! Now I just have to make a decision between On the Horizon Light and Deep. I adore those dark browns but I’m worried I might need the light shades to make the palette more cohesive for my skin tone – decisions, decisions!

While all are simply gorgeous, there are far too many shimmers to really flatter me, so I will have to pass.
I really was so looking forward to this.

Best of luck!!

Well, I did buy Radiant Reflection in deep because I just adore the colors and completely know I can mix it into my neutral mattes.
Plus I am just so proud of this collection for you!!!!!

I have opened an account…ME, the “I hate ordering online” woman! I don’t know that I’ll feel comfortable ordering on my iPad from school though and tomorrow’s lunch and dance party with the kids. I hope there are On the Horizon Light palettes left when I get home tomorrow. Mind you, Quintessence is kind of drawing me toward it too…

Mariella, those are my own two favorites of the trio, too! I am going to get the trio because I can see myself pulling some very unique jewel tones from the 3rd one to mix and match with the first two.

Well, I’m in good company, then. Quintessence is gorgeous but so many of those jewel tones are colours I’m drawn to but actually never really wear in eyeshadows (fabric or scarves, sure but I’m more conservative with eyeshadows). Who knows though – in a few weeks, I might change my mind….and kick myself for not getting it (though I think Christine said that SG will continue making the palettes for as long as there is a market for them…which should be for the next 5 years at least, I should think!)

I am getting On the Horizon Light as well and ordering from Sydney Grace is pretty easy. I am sure that you will be able to order when you come home from school tomorrow.

I’m just terrified that they’ll have run out by the time I’m able to get home (figures that Fridays are the days I have to take down our “touchless” gym circuit so the gym floor can have a thorough cleaning AND it’s the day we order out for lunch – there is just a small group of staff and students in the school and it’s kind of fun and special AND we have “dance party” with the students in the afternoon). I just hope there are thousands and thousands of that palette so I can snag one when I get home….

Too bad that I don’t still live over that way (or drive), because I would have volunteered my Medium color arm for swatches. Came to find out that my foundation matches are different from what every other SA had ever given me, so NW30-35 winter, and it goes warmer and a bit warmer in summer, NC41-ish. And that’s with my scrupulously using sunscreen.
Interesting fact: according to that most recent MAC SA, NW at and above 25 is very neutral, not pinkish! Just blah-ish, LOL.

I have already worked out that On the Horizon Light is the best one for me and I think tomorrow’s launch is going to be spectacular. Congratulations Christine on all your hard work bringing this together.

Feeling the hype! Been limiting my spending recently so I could buy all 3 without guilt, and I’m glad I did because I really can’t choose between them. My alarm is set!

Booooo hooo! I missed them! I looked this morning early CET and couldn’t find them and then saw the e-mail from yesterday and of course once used the purchase link EVERYTHING is gone. Great for you and Sydney Grace and well, fo me…I’m on the waiting list. Boo hoo!

They aren’t gone yet! It launches at 9AM PDT. There’s a countdown at the top of Temptalia, and we’re about 4 hours and change away as I reply to you!

What a fun post this is. I love seeing the swatches on different skin tones.
I already know that I’m getting all the light ones, and I’ll be a bit out of my comfort zone, and I love it! I just want to play with blues a colour I hardly ever (that’s never, actually) use. And the greens, I tried greens (from Dior) not long ago, and remembered how much I enjoy green eyeshadow. This is going to be so much fun!
I LOVE the count down timer by the way.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them, Helene! I love that you are excited to go outside of your comfort zone a bit!

Ordered with no issues! The three Temptalia palettes in Light + 3 singles: Go for it, Shine Bright and Siren.
I really hope they make it in time to my friend who is coming to Europe next Saturday.
Great shopping experience, well done Sydney Grace and Christine!

Also wanted to add that I HAD to have been one of the very first orders – seriously :D. Have a great weekend, Christine! 😀

I just ordered On the Horizon Light and some other singles I’ve been side-eyeing. Checkout was smooth as can be! Can’t wait to try my first ever SG shadows! Congrats Christine!

Grabbed all three! Can’t wait to share looks I make with these <333 !! The whole collection is so opulent and you, and my creativity is sparked just looking at them!!

Just placed my order! I ordered quintessence deep, on the horizon light, radiant reflection light, and the dear reader single. For reference, with US shipping and the temptalia15 discount code, the whole kit and kaboodle came to $94.10 for those who are wanting the entire collection. I’m so excited, Christine!!

I’m one of the lucky ones who could schedule my work time around the launch, so I was on the Sydney Grace website when it went live. Had my cart open with a couple non Temptalia shades and my coupon code ready, lol. I got the light version of Quintessence and the dark version of On the Horizon and dark version of Radiant Reflection. I’m MAC NW 10, but I love the deeper version of the two palettes. I also picked up Temptalia Dear Reader. I’m so looking forward to them. Congratulations Christine.

just ordered all three in the light version! i am soooo excited i cannot wait. I wear eyeshadow maybe twice a week these days but that’s mostly cause my current palettes bore me to tears. i am actually excited by the color stories in your palettes!!

Love to hear that these color stories are getting you excited to wear more eyeshadow, Liz! Thank you so much!

Christine, thanks for launching the collection at 9 am PST. This West Coast girl can get a little more sleep! 😃 I just got the 3-palette bundle, can’t wait to get it!

I would love to get my hands on all the palettes unfortunately the shipping cost to Switzerland is extortionate! Christine, I’m sure your readers from all over the world would like to place their orders but with the shipping cost it’s just not worth it. Perhaps you could feed that back to Sydney Grace. If they could lower their shipping I’m sure their sales would go up tremendously.

Hey Gina!

I know when they weighed the palettes ahead of launch, they gave me $27 to $32 (for up to three palettes), but Sydney Grace did reach out earlier today to let me know that they automatically refund the difference between actual cost and what was estimated if it ends up being less when actually weighed/labeled so it sounds like it might be an estimate based on however the system calculates per palette (because we allowed all the mixing/matching) vs. if it had been sold as a trio of palettes (one item in the cart).

I want them (3 palettes in total) so badly but the shipping cost is not the mentioned above, but $54 to Spain… half the price of the three palettes, it’s too much 😱😢

Hey Fatima!

I know when they weighed the palettes ahead of launch, they gave me those numbers, but Sydney Grace did reach out earlier today to let me know that they automatically refund the difference between actual cost and what was estimated if it ends up being less when actually weighed/labeled so it sounds like it might be an estimate based on however the system calculates per palette (because we allowed all the mixing/matching) vs. if it had been sold as a trio of palettes (one item in the cart).

Thank you very much for your kindness and super quick response!! 🙏🏻❤️
I’ve just checked your update info about the shipping cost and it’s absolutely right, I’m going to purchase your beautiful palettes right now before they’re gone!!
Thank you very much for the effort to reduce the shipping and for making such beautiful hues!!! ❤️😘😘😘

Yea!!! I was able to squeeze in and purchase the one I really wanted, only three pseudo dupes for On Thé Horizon in Light fir me and Deep for my daughter. She’ll receive them and have to do an unboxing for me since they’ll go Stateside. 😜🙌🏽 Note Christine that yours bid my last palette. That’s it. Show us over and the ride was lovely and colorful ! 🌈

Purchased. All three and the single shade. The last thing I need is more eyeshadow but you are one person I am honored to support (plus, nothing wrong with more eyeshadow – I just don’t “need” it). Congratulations! I am so excited for you. You deserve this launch and for it to succeed. I wouldn’t know what to get in the makeup realm without your help.
I’m also excited for me – to get these lovely shades and to try them on.

Hi Christine, the palettes are lovely. Just a note on international shipping costs – I ordered all 3 palettes, Dear Reader and a single matte shadow and the shipping was $53 to Australia. I don’t think those 2 single shadows would really driven up the international shipping costs by that much, so it might be worth having another look at your estimated shipping costs ($32)?

Sorry Christine, just realised that the 2 single shadows were working out to $32 of the $53 postage; the 3 palettes (if bought separately with no extra singles) only cost $23 in international shipping (unlike the full $53 I’d been charged). I’ll contact Laura to see if there’s a way for me to cancel those 2 singles.

Just putting this here but copied from my previous reply (that I left just now) – They weighed and estimated costs to be $27 to $32 for up to three palettes, but they did reach out earlier today to let me know that they refund the difference between actual cost and what was estimated. Could you let me know if you get refunded? They refund automatically if it is less than estimated (they cover if it is more).

Hi Elizabeth!

They weighed and estimated costs to be $27 to $32 for up to three palettes, but they did reach out earlier today to let me know that they refund the difference between actual cost and what was estimated. Could you let me know if you get refunded? They refund automatically if it is less than estimated (they cover if it is more).

Hi Christine, thank you so much for replying. I will definitely let you know what happens. I am happy to know SG will refund any postage overcharges. I think they may be having some problems with the international shipping calculations at checkout.

If I order the 3 palettes, plus Dear Reader, it comes to $23 to post to me here in Australia.

For the 3 palettes, plus 2 x Dear Reader, the shipping jumps up to $32.

For the 3 palettes, plus Dear Reader, plus one extra single non-Temptalia shadow (Pismo), shipping was $52.

I’ve emailed the lovely Laura to see if I can remove that single shadow from my order. Because right now, I have effectively paid $35 for a single non-Temptalia shadow and I am kicking myself for paying it without checking it out more.

P.s. thank you to you and SG for making these in light and deep versions, and also making them permanent-ish and reassuring us all that supply will be ongoing so long as there is demand. So ethical and considerate of you and SG. Thank you.

I’ll be sure to update you.

How interesting the combos that change shipping! I’ve only heard great stories about Sydney Grace customer service, so fingers crossed you can get that figured out so that one single doesn’t wreak havoc. I know SG has been clear throughout, and again yesterday when they reached out to tell me about how they refund overages, that they really are just charging what it costs them to ship but definitely are not trying to make money off shipping fees!

I am very happy to hear that the three palettes plus Dear Reader at least came to $23 to AUS. I have seen a few people from the UK/France say it came to $52 or $53, so definitely concerned since I know Sydney Grace tried to get me an estimate in advance so that’s obviously much higher. Nobody likes to pay shipping!

Definitely not your fault for not checking because who would ever think that shipping would have jumped up that much for one extra single!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t foolish of me to stick with just the one palette. The 3 or 4 singles might have added significantly to the shipping charges (I thought it wouldn’t but clearly, that isn’t the case at all….yikes, $52 AUS is pretty steep and makes my kvetch about $16 CDN seem like nothing to complain about).

Hi Mariella and Christine,
I’ve been able to correspond with lovely Laura of SG. She explained that there was a blip in the international shipping calculation at the launch, which resulted in many o/seas customers (including me) seeing (and paying) the $52 shipping total. SG fixed it shortly afterward, but it didn’t amend orders already finalised, hence the manual refunds.. International shipping is now calculating like this:

* 3 x palettes = $23 USD international shipping (to Australia)
* 3 x palettes + 1 single eyeshadow (Dear Reader or other SG single) = $23 USD
* 3 x palettes + 2 single eyeshadows = $35 USD international shipping.
So there is a tier that jumps up by $12 as soon as you order that second single shadow.

Laura has kindly confirmed I’ll receive a refund (of how much, I’m not sure because I’m now asking for the removal of that 2nd single shadow in my order so I’m not charged that $12 differential for the tier jump). And SG bends over backwards to help customers and are true to their word, so I know I definitely will receive a refund, but I’ll update my comment once I know how much is refunded.

Christine, just based on some of the comments here, and some of those on reddit and IG, it seems that the initial $52 shipping quote blip had convinced a few people not to order. It’s very possible they might change their minds if they knew it now costs only $23 USD? For Australian shipping, anyway. I’m not sure if you and SG would like to communicate this change to people? Maybe via IG or something? Just a suggestion.

Oh, and Christine, I have been loving your very heartfelt tributes to Mellan. Grief for a family member is such a difficult process and emotion. But it is lovely to see him so thought-of and loved. Such a good boy.

This is great, thank you Elizabeth! I mentioned the refunding on Instagram yesterday evening, but I’ve now made a post more specifically and showed UK/AUS as examples. I will also do so on the blog!

Hi Christine,
My initial shipping cost was $53, and thanks to the fantastic Laura of SG, I have already been refunded $30. My all up shipping cost is now $23 USD. I can’t thank you and Laura enough for your attentive help. Thank you.

DONE!!!! I ordered it just a minute ago. Not sold out. Not too stressful (though I wasn’t sure at first where to enter the discount code). Shipping charge is a bit of a zinger, though….ouch! But I am SOOO excited! On the Horizon (light) will be MINE!!!! Thank you, Christine!

I am SO, SO, SO impressed and honored that this is what made you take the plunge to order online and from the US to boot! Thank you so much, Mariella!

I’m not sure what you were charged, though I think it is the same for 1-3 palettes, but Sydney Grace did reach out earlier today to let me know that they automatically refund the difference between actual cost and what was estimated if it ends up being less when actually weighed/labeled.

After I placed my order, (when it was essentially too late), I wondered if the shipping – it was $16 US – would have been the same if I’d added Commission, Troops and Herky Bird to the order. I guess I’m accustomed to free shipping from the few places I do order from (Sephora, MAC and Amazon) that I was a bit alarmed but it’s likely a flat rate and I should have added a few more singles but this is so much a 1st World problem (even less important than a 1st World problem, seeing the small businesses in my area that have shuttered permanently) that I’m not really worried about it. I’m just so thrilled that I was able to get the palette…now begins the waiting game (the joke in my family is that I’m a bad waiter….which sounds like I’m in the restaurant business!)

I hope you get yours soon! Definitely eager for the palettes to get into readers’ hands around the world.

Sydney Grace’s system estimates shipping by weight, and then they use USPS to ship (unless a customer requests otherwise), so the pricing typically reflects a certain weight range. They don’t do high enough volume to qualify for better rates. International shipping has gone up so much over the years! I shipped a small box to Canada a couple of years ago, and it was over $50 to ship.

That’s what I mean – I probably could have added 3 or 4 singles without it changing the shipping charge. But c’est la vie….I’ll know for next time. I’m curious as to what the shipping charge will be to Genevieve in Australia. In any case, this is so worth it to me….on top of everything else, it just seems like such a “connection” to you and to all my like-minded makeup buddies here! Is SG giving you any feedback regarding the number of orders daily? I would imagine it’s unlike anything they’ve seen before!

Hopefully, it won’t be too bad! A reader below mentioned that it was $23 to ship to AUS for the three palettes and the eyeshadow single Dear Reader. 🤞 It did seem to inflate (probably when a refund would come into play) if they added non-Temptalia products in, though.

Yes, I got an update about a half hour after launch, then an afternoon update, and one around 9PM PT last night. It was our hope to order enough packaging that there’d be plenty of product available for launch so it would last weeks, not hours, and extra packaging ready for a restock if necessary (packaging takes weeks to arrive!). They made more for this launch than any prior launch before, so we were really not expecting to sell out, but they’re happy with how it is selling, and I feel good about it, too. It’s not like, 25 dedicated readers and 20 family friends, lol!

They’ll update me over the weekend. Most of the movement happened in the first few hours, and I’d guess that it’d be similar over the weekend. Maybe a little bump when people start receiving their palettes 🙂 Two of the Deep versions are sold out, and then remaining Deep version (On the Horizon) is pretty low stock, but there is a decent amount of stock left of all Light versions of the palettes.

I’m actually so surprised at how many people ordered all three palettes – definitely expected people to pick and choose more, so while I always kept in mind everything working together as a trio (so not overlapping but also in harmony and additive!). $85 US is still quite spendy! It’s not a bad deal at all, but it is a lot at once!

(can’t reply directly to you as this thread is long) but I wanted to say that I think if I were in the US, I’d have ordered at least 2 and possibly all 3 because there wouldn’t be the issues of exchange (gasp), pricier shipping and possibly duty to contend with. I am not surprised in the least that several of the palettes have already sold out….and I hope that all the rest are just as successful. I’ve seen lots of “influencer collabs” over the years and haven’t been impressed with any of them, to be honest (a lot of “Janie Come-Lately” people whose taste, expertise and values regarding product I don’t really care for one way or the other) but you are in a whole different category. I suppose I’d rank you with Lisa Eldridge in terms of quality and “standing by the product” and general, over-all knowledge, expertise and care for your “customers”. You SO deserve this success and all that it brings you in future (I’m honestly foreseeing a “Temptalia Cosmetics” brand that would be carried at places like Sephora so folks like me can shop in person and have our “instant gratification”.

Aw, thank you, Mariella!

Both Sydney Grace and I are very happy! We REALLY tried to estimate and get to a quantity that wouldn’t sell out too quickly. It’s not the Temptalia way to encourage impulse purchases. I know Sydney Grace has also had their palettes sell out in the past, so I think they had some great insight in estimating quantities so that we, hopefully, don’t end up in a world where it may take months to restock.

I am honored to be in such good company as Lisa Eldridge. She is fantastic, and I love how she runs her brand/does launches – super informative without being over-the-top selling/full of marketing jargon.

Thank you again, Mariella!

I’m in Canada and ordered the same palette. I can’t wait either. It’s a present to myself for receiving my second vaccination.

LOL – I think of the second dose as a present to myself. I got mine a week ago Friday and I’m so relieved, and my husband got his yesterday. My daughter has had hers and now we’re waiting for son in law – his is in about 2 weeks, I think.

I totally agree that the second dose is the real present. When the charge came through my bank account for the pallet, it was $65 Canadian. I started to think about it and that’s not an unreasonable amount for one palette. And much less than Pat McGrath for instance.

Eek, just placed my order! I got the light version of all three palettes, plus the Dear Reader single. I’ve gotten very into colorful looks lately, so this was such serendipity to also be able to support you. I already love the SG formula and I know you wouldn’t let poor quality slide, so I’m beyond thrilled to get them!

So excited about your collab Christine. I ordered all 3 palettes and the single shadow. I can wait to get them and play. 🙂

Ordered a gorgeous birthday present to myself 😉 it will probably take few weeks to arrive, so have to be patient.

I got all 3 palettes in Light and Dear Reader. I am SO excited!!! Quintessence is going to push me out of my neutral comfort zone and I am excited to try it. This whole launch has just been amazing! There was a video last Sunday that suggested some transition colors that I need to go back to re-watch. Thank you Christine for making this collaboration a reality! Sydney Grace is the BEST!!!

I bought all three! Thanks for the bundle discount as well as your 15% off! Looking forward to getting them bc I love color!

I am a HUGE fan of Sydney Grace and I have been using Christine/Temptalia as my go-to swatch site for years and YEARS. I’ve been so excited since the launch date was announced…I haven’t been able to sleep all week. I ended up ordering the collection + the single shadow as soon as it launched!! Congratulations, Christine! I am so pleased that you decided to collaborate with Sydney Grace — of all the indie brands to select, you absolutely made the right choice there!!

This was really helpful. The light and deep palette images and the swatches next to one another, helped me make my final decision. I’m really pale, fenty 100, like your husband just a smidge less pink. I was stuck on radiant reflection. I wound up getting the light for all 3. I can’t wait to get them!

Congratulations on this collaboration, Christine! All three palettes look lovely and different than the boring stuff other companies keep regurgitating lately. Plus, if it’s Temptalia approved we know it’s got to be good! I just placed my order for the trio in light, and snapped up the Dear Readers single as well. This is the first thing I’ve been genuinely interested in buying in quite a while and I’m looking forward to receiving them! I wanted to ask, though- how difficult is it to remove the eyeshadows from the palettes without using a magnetic grabber? I ask because the time I tried to use one to pick up an eyeshadow, it attracted the pan so forcefully that it shattered the entire shadow. Black eyeshadow everywhere was not fun and I don’t want to repeat it with any of these beauties.

You should be able to use tweezers, but some of the metallic shades are more filled than others so you may find you have to nick a bit of the eyeshadow pan at the edge to grasp it initially!

Big. big congratulations on the launch, Christine! I have been looking forward to it since you announced the collab, and have been following along all the hard work you’ve put into it. This post is so helpful to have all the info together and I love that you made the “One & Done” looks. I absolutely love and enjoy the beautiful combinations you create, but the one & dones are a great for reference for my day to day. Can’t wait for my order arrive and to dive in! 😀

I’ve wanted to try Sydney Grace shadows since I first heard about the company shortly after she started. Higher shipping to Canada always stopped me. But I couldn’t resist ordering OTH lightm I can’t wait to receive it. I really liked the one and done looks you did with some of the shades. And I know if you chose these shades in this particular company they are going to be spectacular.

I hope you really love your palette, Stephanie!

Totally get how shipping costs can make it hard to order. Nobody likes to pay shipping!

Same here, Stephanie. This seems to be a real new experience for both of us! The US price for US residents seems like a bargain compared to what we Janie Canucks will be paying. And before anyone trots out the old chestnut of “yes, but the exchange….”, even when the Canadian dollar was at parity or considerably stronger than the US one (yes, I recall such times) and even for products actually MADE here (lots of MAC stuff, for starters), we STILL paid way more than our US makeup lovers.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, CHRISTINE!!!!! I *knew* you’d sell out of stuff within a day of launch! You’ve given us all so much great info over the years (and saved me a LOT of money! lol) that I’m just super happy for your success. Can’t wait to get my palettes!

So happy for you!!! I am glad they are not limited edition, I look forward to trying them out when my funds allow it!! You are amazing, been loving your content for well over 10 years!! Love you!!

Congrats Christine!!! I am sooo proud of you!! This collection looks totally amazing!! And thank you for all the work you and Sydney did to make the collection inclusive by doing light and deep versions. Also found the swatches and eye looks very helpful. I’m definitely getting On the Horizon Light, and I’m hoping there will be more collections in the future!

Well, I can’t wait until my order ships and I can see if I can actually try and create some of your looks Christine. I’m not surprised some of the palettes are sold, I got what I wanted. Everyone knew they would be a success and the proof is in the pudding yay!

This is beyond beautiful!! I cannot wait for the restock! I’m surprised but I’m actually liking the deep collection a little better – and I’m a NC15! Lol…go figure. You really created a stunning set, and this will be my first time trying SG eyeshadows. I know they will be wonderful!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next (lip stick???!!)

Yay! I just received an email telling me my order has been shipped. The waiting’s not over – as Tom Petty said, the waiting is the hardest part, but at least it’s on its way!

I got my palettes about an hour and a half ago. I am BLOWN away by the beauty of each palette. The pictures you have seen do NOT do it justice!! I am not a fan of green and my eyes went directly to those shades. I just never had the right greens before. I can see the level of detail that was given to each. There is nothing in a palette that was not well thought out and executed. These are just the prettiest shades I have ever seen! I am stunned!!!!

Christine, can you *please* think of putting together a neutral browns palette. 😉

I just received my palettes (light versions of all 3) and I am in awe. They are almost too pretty to use. There are some shades that are a bit out of my comfort zone but the looks that you’ve posted have given me some ideas of how to incorporate bolder and brighter shades into my routine. I’m a long-time follower (since those early MAC reviews!) and you’ve never steered me wrong. Congratulations Christine! I hope you’re enjoying the much-deserved success of this collaboration.

Can’t wait for you to try some of those shades outside your comfort zone, Mollie! I do find that, when in doubt, that putting a little in the outer corner or used as eyeliner can be a good way to play initially.

Thank you so much 🙂

I have been out of town for a few days and my order arrived while I was gone. First thing I did when I walked in the door was open the package….the eyeshadows are so beautiful!!! I haven’t had time to play with them, but am looking forward to trying them out. I know that I will probably never hit pan on most of the colors, between the large pan sizes, my all ready robust palette collection and my small eyelids, but I feel like these colors are timeless and I will get many years of enjoyment out of them (full disclosure, I use most of my shadows well past shelf life dates as long as the quality doesn’t deteriorate).

I have played some and worn a couple of looks for a full day now (btw, shadows lasted for nearly 13 hours with slight, even fading and no creasing over primer and setting powder). I did decide to rearrange the palettes to better meet my own tastes in shadow application and so appreciate the magnetic pans/palette, which made it easy for me to personalize color stories that make sense to me. I am more likely to reach for these on a regular basis, having that option. Thank you (and SG) again for such consideration of your target consumers.

I JUST RECEIVED MINE IN THE MAIL….and yes I’m screaming, lol. Christine, they are beautiful, just like all of your posts. I’m so excited to try them. Dear Reader is just the prettiest color. And I must say that Sydney Grace does a wonderful job packing fragile shadows. Each palette was wrapped individually in bubble wrap that had to be 2 feet in length and then all three palettes were packed securely in tissue paper and a nice sturdy box. Some other companies should pay attention to as a SG model. Christine, I’m not one to post selfies online, but please know I’ll be using only your shadows for the next few months. I just so impressed with both your color choices and SG quality.

Oh, I am so glad to hear they arrived safe and sound, and you’re enjoying them so far. Hope you continue to love and get great use out of him!

Thank you, Shari!

I received my palettes. These are incredible!! This morning, I used Radiant Reflection. I put Unstoppable Love in my outer corner into the crease, Phospenes on the lid, Forget Her Not on the outer 3rd lid/lashline, and Temptalia on the inner corner and Sumptuous Serendipity on the lashline. Beautiful.

I received my order and have swatches everything and WOW. The quality is brilliant. I immediately put Aurora on top of some faded navy Suqqu shadow I already had on from the day and it’s like there was no shadow underneath. The color is brilliant. No need for primer, or shadow glue, or mixing liquid, or fixing spray, or foiling, just… I patted it on with my ring finger and bam, perfect color. It didn’t accentuate the texture in my eyes, it just looks great. That was the one color I was most excited for and it delivered. It’s so very pretty.
I can’t wait to try out the rest this week. Too bad Temptalia won’t rate her own shadows. They would all be A+!

Happy to hear Aurora impressed you so far, Valerie! I know you’ve tried it all!

You know, I got SO many requests to rate the products, particularly as they don’t come up when sorting by rating, so I did go back and rate them… take that with a grain of salt or a few heaps of salt 😉

That must’ve been a very tough task. I tend to underrate my own work, as I’m always striving for improvement. Appreciate the effort and they’ve now in my vanity!

Oh so lovely on you! Makes me want to purchase the other two that I didn’t. But since I had dupes, I hope I can dupe what I’m missing to try this look. Very well done as always!

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