Sneak Peek: Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection Photos + Swatches

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection
Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection consists of five lipsticks and one eyeshadow palette. All pieces are limited edition and will release at on May 1st as well as other retailers, such as Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, and afterwards.


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nelleshoegirl Avatar

Ooh, a lot of those mattes look like they are on the struggle bus. The only shadow that jumps out at me is Time. I await the dupes. πŸ™‚

Georgie Avatar

I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to be using your phrase “on the struggle bus” from now on ! Made me laugh out loud and I startled my poor dog !

I agree 100% with your assessment of the mattes in the palette – flat, boring, and tired. I do like the orange/peachy ones and the one hot pink, but other than that – meh.

Thanks again for the laugh πŸ˜‰

nelleshoegirl Avatar

Haha. We used to use “on the struggle bus” after a night of drinking or a day when you just can’t anymore. I haven’t actually used the phrase in a long time and now I’m not sure if that’s something we made up or it was more widely used. πŸ™‚

aries Avatar

ikr!! Time was really the only one I really liked (and i can use the Spectrum palette’s Prank & Omen or Voodoo to get that color)… Bandersnatch, Heads will Roll, and Metamorphosis kiiinda intrigued me, a little, but prob not enough to buy the palette, which sucks i was looking forward to it. I’m hoping there are dupes for those 3 shades. I like the attempt of the lipstick, but Kat Von D did a good job of those, so i’ll get hers. dah well. maybe i’ll swatch anyway; i may like it on me, tho idk what i’m gonna do with all those oranges :/

Dez13 Avatar

The Struggle Bus! I love it! And when I was young, after we did a Cap City Bar Crawl (started at noon in Washington DC) that would have been appropriate for all of us. I still can’t believe we used to go from noon until 3AM. ? I have no desire to do a bar crawl now, but I sure wish I had the energy I did then! And the skin. ?
In regards to the new collection, it looks fun, but nothing we haven’t seen before in a Vice palette. But I do like some of the lipstick finishes. I’m getting a little sick of matte lipsticks.

Wildviolette Avatar

Ditto here. I love my Naked3 palette, but the Naked Smoky was a huge step down in quality for me. I’m considering buying another Naked3 (as back-up, because I seriously love it that much), but I will just dupe it if the quality on that is cruddy now too

Amy Avatar

I’m a bit disappointed with some of these shades, but I can’t help myself when it comes to buying Disney makeup so I know I’ll be getting it anyway!

Asche Avatar

I feel like I should like this new collection, but I just don’t. Not at all. I don’t get it, but it just doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever. πŸ™

Arlene Avatar

They are. I was recently at an Urban Decay event and the woman that worked there said they were the same colors just repromoted to fit in with the Alice theme.

Katherine T. Avatar

Yep, my thoughts exactly! If they had only paired up with Viseart or even BH Cosmetics (foil shadows) to do a colorful Alice theme palette πŸ™

Gina Avatar

Hahah. Oh my. I was about to start stalking UD soley to have that on my vanity thinking it was the packaging for something. I feel silly.

Ashley Avatar

I was actually looking for this question because I was going to struggle with not buying the collection if that was the case. So don’t feel silly!

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh, I was worried that book was part of the packaging! I mean UD is known for bulky, inconvenient packaging, but I was thinking, DANG, that looks realllly bulky!

Mariella Avatar

Time, Salazen Grum and Duchess (I’m actually LIKING 2 orange tones!), Dream On and Chronosphere really look nice. That bright pink….I’d file it away with the 2 pans of Totally Fetch, Infamous and all those other bright PINK shadows I never use! I’m hoping Chronosphere is dupe-able because this doesn’t look like a palette that would be very practical for me.

Maggie Avatar

Duchess looks a lot like fireball or one of the Gwen Stefani blushes. Nevertheless, I will probably haul, I have dupes of all the obvious duds already and have been shopping for similar colors for the rest. And love that I can slide out that shadow tray completely to reuse that packaging

Satinder Avatar

Yikes, these look terrible. The yellow lipstick had me looking twice, like..umm do they know that there is NO COLOUR PAYOFF? How could they promote or put a product out like that. The eyeshadow pallete is not UD quality, the shades are really struggling. This is very disappointing. Seems like their quality is dropping.

Anneloes Avatar

I was wondering: have you got any idea when this palette will launch in the UK? I’m from The Netherlands and the palette won’t be available here, but I’ll be in London from May 4th-8th. I’d love to know whether it would launch at that time, or if I could better order it in the USA and ship it to a friend (which would be more expensive eventually).

Nicole Avatar

I love Urban Decay and Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland. I’m really excited UD did a collection around this film. The collector part of me wants this pieces from this collection just because of those reasons! But, idk, my stash is out of control right now and I by no means need it.
I’ll see if I can get my stash tidied up and how the review goes.

Trina Avatar

I am so heartbroken right now. I have never bought any of the Vice or Naked palettes they just didn’t interest me but I really wanted to love this. the packaging and the purple lips were calling my name. How can I justify a $60 palette when it looks this bad!

Lisa Avatar

Wasn’t sure how I would feel about this palette. I passed on the first Alice in Wonderland one because I just didn’t like most of the colours. Seems like most of these aren’t the best quality though. However, I am patiently waiting for dupes for Kingdom. As for the lipsticks, I’m intrigued with Mad Hatter and pretty much need Iracebeth. Can’t wait to read your thorough review!

Lulle Avatar

I’m sure this is going to sell out within hours (I don’t know what it is about palettes these days that causes mass hysteria every time something new is released), but it’s clearly a pass for me. Many brights I wouldn’t use, and for the neutrals I have plenty of dupes in my collection already.
I also fail to see easy shade combinations with the way the palette is organized. I like when brands put shades that can work together in a row or a quad within a palette, it really helps me get inspired. Here it looks like the shades were thrown in in no particular order.

Agona Avatar

I completely agree with your organization comment. Chaotic color organization within a palette overwhelm rather than inspire me. I even prefer the trio/quad organization over lightest to darkest–which are the two most common organization method in palettes.

Although, this being Alice, the chaotic-ness of the colors may have been intentional? I get a dizzy, kalediscope feeling when I look at the palette as a whole.

Lisa Avatar

Like these colors, but the quality definitely doesn’t look like a $60 palette. I’m not even that crazy about the packaging. That blue butterfly looks like it was recycled from BoS IV. And I have always hated how clunky and awkward the BoS packaging was.

Giovanna Avatar

*dies and goes to heaven*

although the cardboard packaging and pull out palette really irks me, makes me not want to buy it period because I travel with all of my makeup so often.

Katie L Avatar

I am SO disappointed in the eye shadows. I am an Alice in Wonderland fanatic, and I can say I won’t be buying this- which is so sad. The UD shadow books are so unorganized and random, I understand the bright colors- but not the ones they chose, especially because the quality isn’t there.

Thank you for the swatches! They are great as usuall. ?

musemeetsart Avatar

I have to say I’m excited about the lipsticks (with the exception of the red lipstick which is easily dupable). Seems like metallic lipsticks are getting more trendy and I think they’re going for a semi sheer metallic finish because let’s face it, full on opaque metallic lipsticks aren’t as wearable. Not that blue lipstick is super wearable, but it looks like it could be a gorgeous lipstick topper. I love the shades time and mad hatter, soooo beautiful. Gets my creative mojo going.

Malorie Avatar

I agree that these would be good lipstick toppers, and perhaps that’s how UD meant for the three sheer shades to be used. Time could look awesome over Kat Von D’s Echo.

Racquel Avatar

They should have did some duochrome eyeshadows or a couple of glittery shades and invest more money in quality control. Those lipsticks except the last one looks really sad.

Katherine T. Avatar

After watching the promo video, I was really excited about this collection until I saw your swatches. Yikes, but the blues/purples/greens shadows look sad πŸ™ definitely not UD quality, but the packaging looks as UD bulky as ever. And the lipsticks look disappointing too. The orange one looks clear, the blue/purple/dark red look streaky, and the bright red is nice but easily dupe-able. IDK, might be checking out your dupe list instead

Almas Avatar

The packaging of this palette is really nice but the quality doesn’t look that great to me. It’s sad because I used to love UD and TF palettes but lately it seems like you are paying for the packaging and not the eyeshadows.

Georgie Avatar

Mad Hatter and Time lipsticks are ALL MINE !

But the shadows ? Not so much, I think. the mattes just look soooo flat – almost “dusty” – and the colors aren’t anything to write home about. I swear “Metamorphosis” is an exact dupe of a blue shadow I had in the eighth grade from Aziza ! Remember Aziza ?!

I’m getting absolutely dizzy over the number of collections NARS (and MAC !) introduce. There are maybe five in a palette of 20 that I’d actually use – just not worth the money, and not as carefully considered as collections gone by, or palettes like Ammo or any of the incarnations of Vice.

Alexandra Avatar

Yikes. I was super hyped about this collection. I was ready to buy all of it. Until now. Those are some of the most patchy shadows and lipsticks (as a whole collection) that I’ve ever seen from UD in my experience with them. Super disappointed. That’s not the quality I expect from them.

Ana Avatar

Lippies looked promising and interesting in the tube…and sadly look like a disappointment on. The only color that looks pigmented is Iracebeth, but I feel like a already own a color like that. UD messes up πŸ™

Selenite Avatar

Yikes. You could probably find dupes from Colourpop or Ingot for each of those shadows. Only the lipsticks are slightly catching my attention.

Quinctia Avatar

I am thrilled at Mad Hatter and Time, and totally disappointed in the eyeshadows. Depending on the reviews, I might be up for Mirana, too.

It’s a shame, the palette LOOKS pretty, and I probably would’ve passed due to “too many dupes from UD already” syndrome, but I really love UD eyeshadow, and seeing them put out something that sucks is disheartening.

But those lipsticks, though…

KJH Avatar

Time dupes will sell well, y/y (that’s my version of lol, for yuk/yuk.) not much to get excited for, with some abysmal iterations. Stuff like this makes me squirm a bit. UD: We can do sucky, since it’s a bound to be a hit tie in. They should be embarrassed to do sucky at all, esp since we all know they don’t have to! UD goes down this road on too many occasions. I was looking for the concept word, but I cannot think of it. Greed will do.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

I am a UD addict and this is so blah I’m offended. The quality doesn’t look good, the colors are straight up boring, and the lipsticks are just not the type of thing the market is wanting right now. Major fail.

Alicia Johnson Morris Avatar

I think this palette is put together a lot better than the recent Vice palettes, in terms of color selection. I would use almost every shade in here – except the green or the periwinkle blue (neither work for me or my eye color). My biggest problem is these don’t look like “all new shades”, despite the claim. Sigh… I still want it.

Those lipsticks though… as much as I am an Urban Decay fangirl, I have never been a fan of their lipstick formula. I sure hope they perform well because by gosh they are pretty!!

Vicki Avatar

I don’t know about the shadows, but I would sure like to have a copy of the book like that one. It’s beautiful. Wish they were selling copies of that edition.

Jenny Callahan Avatar

Wow! I was so excited about this release and I’m so disappointed! Many of these swatches leave a lot to be desired, to say the least. So bummed!

Cat Avatar

Upon first reading “Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass”, I was thinking, “Uh-oh!”. After seeing the eyeshadow swatches… completely underwhelmed. How sad. So many of those shadows look powdery and/or are lacking in pigmentation. This collection could have been phenomenal. =(

I do like the Mad Hatter lipstick and the Paradox and Slazen Grum shadows. I’m pretty sure I have dupes for the shadows I like.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Wow, I normally love UD but not this release. There are maybe three shadows and one lipstick I could feel a bit decent about. Not worth it. This is a complete pass for me. I can’t believe it.

alie Avatar

i know im in the major minority here but i am going to get this palette and the purple, blue and burgandy lipsticks. if the payoff is shitty (which im seeing on some of these but not all…) maybe i can make it pop using it over my viseart “bold editorial” or UD electric palette or over MUFE flashcase. i think it’s pretty flippin sweet actually. im not a fan of the naked palettes (not for the quality but bc i never wear brown anything) so these types of colors are very ME. i love my vice 3 and 4. ill have to swatch it all in person obviously but i feel like i could make it work? depressing comments here. lovely work christine.

LauraR Avatar

I agree with everyone, the mattes look really sad. I mean, what happened Urban Decay? The quality is just not like it used to be ever since L’Oreal bought them. Sad.

Claire L Avatar

Hmm, the lipsticks excite me more than the eye palette. It’s a nice collection, just wish the quality of the eyeshadows was better.

Nancy Avatar

I have the first Alice Palette from years ago, and I have to say the quality of those seem better IMO .I love the buttery feel to them, not sure what happened here :/ but I still want to swatch this one in the store and maybe play with the colors. I love the packaging though… just wish the colors were UD quality that I love. I can’t wait to see your dupes for them too. πŸ™‚

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