True Velvet Lipstick Colour

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipstick Colour

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipstick Colour is a lipstick that retails for $36.00 and contains 0.12 oz. ($300.00 per ounce). There are 17 shades in our database.

Editor's Review

The formula is supposed to be a "creamy, hydrating matte with a slight sheen" that is "long wearing and non drying." The three shades launched to-date are very pigmented with a lightly creamy, velvety texture that is thicker (but not heavy!) compared to the Insanely Saturated formula but has a similar velvety quality--smooth, glides on but doesn't feel wet or slippery at all.

The colors went on evenly and smoothly and were more flattering on (less prone to emphasizing lip texture or lip lines) than the average matte lipstick. They wear was between five and seven hours well, and they felt neither drying nor hydrating over time. There is no scent or taste to the formula.

Claims / Ingredients

Paint your lips as an artist would with these highly pigmented True Velvet Lipsticks. Described as 'A phenomenon... a work of art’. Each bullet has the appearance of beautifully plush velvet fabric, a ‘trompe l’oeil’ that has to be seen to be believed. This is matte lipstick revolutionised with a saturated technicolour formulation and a creamy texture with a slight sheen that’s 3-D and luscious, not a flat matte. So intensely pigmented, it’s easy to create either a one-swipe graphic lip statement or pat gently for the ultimate subtle lip stain. Cutting edge lab tech has enabled the creation of a very long-wearing, non drying crème which feels lightweight, silky and comfortable to wear.

5 Written Reviews

By Katherine 10 months ago.

I adore the color of this lipstick. Lisa has an exquisitely nuanced sense of color, and understands formulation, luxury experience, and can evocatively convey vision. Once this is on, it doesn’t budge and it fades very evenly, despite eating and drinking. While this remains one of my all time favorite lipsticks, I do find it drying and difficult to apply on its own. I done that I need to diligently prep my lips abs apply it on top of a lip balm to make it work. I much prefer the luxuriously lucent formula. That said, it’s the only matte lipstick that I can make work, and the color and experience are out of this world.

Tags: highly-pigmented, dry, thick, tugs-pulls, drying, long-wearing
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Neutral

By Diane 1 year ago.

This is one of my favorite formula. It's super smooth and "sillicony" . The effect on the lips really look like velvet, similar to a liquid lipstick without the super drying aesthetic that the liquid lipstick give. It's super long wearing too and super matte so it's a little bit drying after a few hours. It's still more comfortable than most of liquids.

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Tags: highly-pigmented, creamy, smooth, easy-to-apply, drying, long-wearing
Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Very Deep - Undertone: Neutral

By Cole 1 year ago.

There's no lipstick bullet more beautiful than Lisa Eldridge's velvet lipsticks. I normally don't view my makeup as a collection (more things I use! than collect), but these lipsticks are stunning and def worth a spot as a collector's item (that is still used!) In her overview of this range, AmyLovesMakeup compared Beauty to Mac Mehr which is a forever favorite of mine. LE Velvet Beauty is a bit deeper; against my very light skin this shade reads as a medium (like on a scale of 1-10, light to dark, it would be a 6 or 7 for me) pink. It applies beautifully, a true matte without a heavy or dry feel. On my lips, which are a bit dry/sometimes chapped, the formula is slightly drying but not remarkably so especially compared to other matte lipsticks on the market.

Tags: highly-pigmented, creamy, smooth, easy-to-apply
Skin Type: Dry - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Pink

By Lydia 2 years ago.

This lipstick is so absurdly beautiful. I have cool “summer” coloring and this lipstick may as well have been made for me. Beyond the color, though, the lipstick is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, even when worn “full coverage.” I typically wear it as a light stain, but when built up all the way you can barely feel it on the lips. I have extremely dry lips which pretty much require constant chapstick, especially in winter, but this does not dry out my lips. I also have the tendency to chew on my lips and it lasts through that too. One-swipe opacity, and it lasts forever. Equally beautiful tapped onto your cheeks as a blush!

Tags: highly-pigmented, creamy, easy-to-apply, long-wearing
Skin Type: Dry - Skin Tone: Light - Undertone: Pink

By Marissa 3 years ago.

This formula is unparalleled. It fades gracefully, you can use it on lips and cheeks, it feels hydrating, it’s gorgeous.

Tags: buildable, highly-pigmented, creamy, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, moisturizing-wear, moisturizing