MAC Wonder Woman Swatches: Lipglasses Review, Photos

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses: Athena’s Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman: Lipglasses

MAC WONDER WOMAN LIPGLASS ($19.50 for 0.37 oz.) include four shades: Athena’s Kiss (bright blue fuchsia), Emancipation (pale neutral pink), Secret Identity (mid-tone copper with soft pearl), and Wonder Woman (bright red with soft pearl). All four shades are new and limited edition.

  • Athena’s Kiss is a semi-opaque cool-toned fuchsia pink with white and fuchsia shimmer. It is more pigmented than Electric Fuchsia. It’s a touch darker and less creamy than True Babe.
  • Emancipation is a semi-sheer, champagne-shimmered pale beige. It is similar to Feeling Dreamy, Runway Fave, more pigmented Bare Necessities.
  • Secret Identity is a semi-sheer rusted orange with lighter orange shimmer. It applies rather unevenly, though. It’s a darker version of Kumquat.
  • Wonder Woman is a semi-opaque true red with gold shimmer. I really, really wanted to love this, but it applied a little unevenly and didn’t look as opaque on my lips as it did when swatched. It is less blue-based compared to Wicked Ways. It is also similar to Venetian, though more pigmented.

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Lipglasses are vanlla-scented, and they are typically thick and sticky. However, because of their tackiness, they do tend to wear better and longer (four hours for me). The Wonder Woman Lipglasses feel pretty thick, but they seem slightly less tacky than is the norm.

These are jumbo-sized, and for the extra $4-5 on the price tag (lipglass is normally $14.50, but with the special packaging, they would be $15.50), you are getting over double the amount in a regular lipglass (0.17 oz.). In essence, you are paying $52.70/oz. instead of $85.29/oz.

I did have trouble with these over-sized lipglasses, though.  Every time I went to pull out the applicator, a dollop of gloss would find its way on my desk, pants, or carpet.  Even when I gently and slowly pulled out the wand, it still occurred.  The fit is rather tight, so I suppose when you pull out the wand, the gloss has to go somewhere…

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

final thoughts: Emancipation and Wonder Woman should suit many skin tones from light to dark, cool to warm. Athena’s Kiss is workable on most, but it does complement cooler complexions more. Secret Identity is most suitable to warmer skin tones, because of the orange.  If you have thin lips, you probably won’t find the over-sized applicator so fun.

where to buy: MAC Cosmetics

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses: Athena’s Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses: Athena’s Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses: Athena’s Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
Size comparison

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses: Athena’s Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman Swatches

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses: Athena’s Kiss, Emancipation Swatches

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses: Secret Identity, Wonder Woman Swatches

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Athena’s Kiss Lipglass

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Emancipation Lipglass

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Secret Identity Lipglass

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass


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abby Avatar

Christine the closer photos of your lips are very clear and shows the texture and the colours really well. Very impressive of how detailed you did the swatches in this collection. Thanx so much for your hard work 🙂

Vickie Avatar

Oh gosh, I love them all! Also I know you didn’t change your settings b/c of lateness & rush to get these out, but I LOVE how the photos look! I prefer it!

Thanks for humping to get all of this out Christine. I really appreciate everything you do.

Ali Avatar

I wasn’t sure I would like the Wonder Woman lipglass just from the tube, but it looks to be hugley flattering and more muted than I anticipated. Secret Identity also looks different on the lips, much better than I thought it would be and I will now absolutely have to try them both! Thanks for the photo’s – very helpful!

Svetlana Avatar

Athenas Kiss and Emancipation are the two I’ll be getting. Christine, how would you compare Wonder Woman lipglass to Chanels Extrait de Gloss in Exces?

Dawn Avatar

Loving Athena’s Kiss! Am I likely to be able to use it all before it goes ‘off’ though? Wonder Woman is surprisingly sheer, but sometimes that’s not a bad thing, depending on your colouring.

Ryou Avatar

I’m thankful for my huge lips now! I’m probably going to put my name on the waitlist for Wonder Woman lipglass now, even though the price will probably be closer to $30 once it gets here. >:

At least it’s going to make it to my country at all, the last collection they had here was The Tartan Tale. Yet they’re required to put up the poster to collections such as Cham-Pale that didn’t make it in. >.<

Thank you for your hard work Christine! We really really appreciate it. =)

Bernice Avatar

OMG Christine those larger lip photos look even better than usual! They really pop out on the screen!
Thanks for the reviews, as always & I love how you pointed out that “every time [you] went to pull out the applicator, a dollop of gloss would find its way on [your] desk, pants, or carpet” because it’s super detailed and clear and if I were to purchase these lipglosses, I would know what to expect 🙂

Julie Avatar

Wow, Emancipation looks gorgeous on you, Christine! Makes your skin look really sunkissed and beautiful. I hope it’s going to be as flattering on me as it is on you. 🙂 I really like the Wonder Woman shade too! I just always feel awkward when wearing red so I always end up wiping it off before going out, lol. Maybe one should take a chance? 🙂

Sarah Avatar

I’m loving the pink but I think i’d be too scared to wear it!

I also kinda like the fact the sheer is semi-opaque, seems more wearable for me personally 🙂 can’t wait!

Kenneth Alan Avatar

Did you use a new camera for these pictures or something? They look extra professional and are probably the best lip swatch photos I’ve ever seen anywhere.

Lulee Avatar

*snicker* the last line of your review is practically begging for a that’s what she said. Hehe.
Btw the lip swatches look really cool! Thank you X 10900009988 for all your work

Lulle Avatar

Did you change your camera? Your pictures have always been excellent but the quality looks just amazing in your latest posts.
Or maybe it’s just that Wonder Woman suits you too well 🙂

Gina Avatar

Those applicators are frightening! Karen from the Makeup and Beauty Blog made a video of these, and it was crazy watching her try to open those glosses. I think I’ll just go for some dupes, because that’s just ridiculous. I have full lips and all, but I feel like the packaging would still make a mess.

leslie Avatar

Hey Christine!
Can someone with NC42 skin tone wear the Secret Identity?What color family eyeshadows/blushes would i wear with it?I ALWAYS wear plums/purples and i want to step out outside the box for once:)

NeenaJ Avatar

Wonder Woman lipglass looks exactly like how I envision Dusty’s “porno disco” description of a glossy red lip! Maybe MAC was listening, LOL!

Marcela Avatar

wow, these are all surprisingly nice! I usually have an aversion to red lip products, but Wonder Woman looks really nice! I like the semi-sheerness of it since I’m scared to dive into anything too red. The pics of Athena’s Kiss make it look so juicy! LOL

Annette Avatar

I really like wonder woman lipglass, but I’m going to pass. I’m not liking the messy, supersized tube. I guess mac’s new tatic is to make LE items bigger so they can charge us a few more bucks, but I prefer the regular size items. I know techincally these are a good value, but I’ll never use it up before it goes bad.

Annette Avatar

Good point, I had not thought about that. I was just thinking that first they made the tartan tale and peacocky shadows larger than normal shadows and then this collection has a bunch of jumbo sized items in it. I still bought some peacocky shadows, and I probably would have bought wonder woman lipglass if it was just more product but the applicator was not so big. I have thinner lips and I know it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth. Too bad, because I love the gold sparkles in it.

Tiffany S. Avatar

I’m only interested in Athena’s kiss. I’ll pass on the others. I like that they are jumbo though because I go through lipglasses pretty quick.

Isabela Avatar

out of all of them, I think Secret Identity is the one that looks better on you Christine, it looks great on your lips! If I were to choose one for myself I’d go with Wonder Woman. But these lipglasses are too expensive.. and yes, I know they’re bigger than normal, but I can never finish up one bottle of regular lipgloss, let alone a supersized one like those!

Valene Avatar

Aww, like yourself I was looking forward to the red glass, but you’re right, it’s disappointing. Not as opaque as I would have liked, shows the lines in the lips far too much for me to purchase. I love the gold in the red, wish they had gone for full coverage opaque on this one. My fav would have to be Athena’s Kiss, maybe not unique, but very pretty.

Laura Avatar

argh i’m so frustrated with mac, they pump out all these collections back to back but they all seem so been there, done that, just eh quality, or tacky (jumbo lipglass is just obnoxious imo). for the amount they cost they should be phenomenal, i would rather they do like 5 collections a year but knock them out of the park

Rebecca Avatar

Hi Christine,
Do you personally like Emancipation and Athena’s Kiss? They both look really nice and I love the idea of the jumbo size! I mean, I know you give everything an honest review, but are they nice enough that they would be something you would personally reach for on a regular day? Thank you!!

Jess Avatar

Hey Christine! Thank you so much for your hard work! I swear, I never make a purchase unless I know you’ve reviewed it. I always trust your opinion and expertise when it comes to matching products with the right skin tone.. so with that, I do have a question with “Athena’s Kiss”! I’m into nude lips and have only really ventured as far as using “Lady Bug” lipstick. I love “Athena’s Kiss” and have been interested in using more bolder shades.. I’m an NC42, how bold can I really go with my skin tone? I was looking at “Spitfire” and I’m so drawn to it too! Thank you for your help in advance!

matt1991 Avatar

how does emancipation compare to devilishly stylish? they look like theyre really similar but i love devilishly stylish and i dont wanna run out so if theyre similar i really wanna know!

Becca Avatar

I don’t tend to buy lipglasses from collections, and this collection is no exception. Athena’s Kiss is beautiful, but the jumbo applicator is scary!!!

HautePJ Avatar

Thanks for taking the time to do these reviews! The new camera settings suit you well. It really showcases the color. I’ve been looking for a dupe for Kumquat for some time, so I’m def checking out Secret Identity!

Ida Avatar

I really like the colour of Wonder Woman but dislike the fact that it’s not as opaque as I thought.. just like you wrote. I might just get it anyway and wear it on top of a lipstick.

The photos looks AMAZING! I actually prefer these settings. Can I ask what camera you use? I apologize if this is off topic and I’m guessing this question has been asked many times before but I’d really, really appreciate if you could tell me. I’m looking for a system camera for proffesional use and would love to have a closer look at this model.
Thanks in advance!

Mel Avatar

Oh Christine, why do you do such awesome swatches. You make my lemmings go through the roof! LOL. Also do you have a comparison sot of these jumbo lipglasses vs.a normal sized one?/ I’m sorry if you’ve already done a shot and I haven’t noticed.

BeyondtheBath (Stephie) Avatar

Yep. Confirmed. I need all of the lipglasses. To me, Secret Identity looks like a burnt, brown sugar color, w/ a hint of gold. 🙂

Karen Avatar

I actually really like the full smile picture. It gives me a better picture of how the lipglass translates to a full face of makeup and how subtle or in your face it will be.

Tina Avatar

i actually really like your full face pictures! You’ve got such a nice smile it would be a shame to hide it, and beside that it’s not realistic to show “just the lips” because people have this weird tendency to talk and smile in real life LOL.

harita Avatar

why are you being rude? she has a beautiful smile and if you don’t like it don’t read her blog!! we appreciate what she does!! there is a close up and a smile one why is it a problem for you?

Lyza A Avatar

I have really big lips & don’t mind being patient pulling the applicator out, so I think this packaging will work well for me if I can find room in my budget for Wonder Woman. =]

joanne w Avatar

Hey just letting you know that the lipglasses are actually $20. So here’s to hoping that emancipation looks as pretty on you as it does me, cause returning it would be a pain.

Sam Avatar

Hey Christine. I have been having this problem with all of my MAC lipglasses and lustreglasses recently. There are cracks at the “neck” of the lipglass tubes. One of my 3d glasses completely broke at the neck of the tube. Now I do not know what to do! Nothing seems to work, but if I do not do anything about it, it will not fully tighten, and it will leak!!! Have you ever had this problem??? And if you have, do you have any suggestions to fix it?

perfectself Avatar

Wonder Woman collection was launched in Russia today. I bought a new Wonder Woman lipglass and it was Lychee Luxe. I couldn’t find anything about this shade as a part of WW collection. But it has an original box and i bought it in official MAC store. Could MAC sell different shades in Europe? Shades sold in Russia completely different from the ones in WW collection on

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