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MAC Wonder Woman: Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks

MAC Wonder Woman: Lipsticks

MAC WONDER WOMAN LIPSTICK ($15.50 for 0.10 oz.) include four shades: Heroine (brown bronze), Marquise d’ (sandy cream peach), Russian Red (intense blue red), and Spitfire (bright creamy magenta).

  • Heroine is a rich, molten bronzed brown with a metallic sheen. It is nearly opaque in color, though not quite. This is a frost finish. It seems like a less red version of Strength.
  • Marquise d’ is a semi-sheer pinky-nude with soft champagne sheen. This is a lustre finish, and it is a repromote. It’s a little like Shy Girl, though lighter and sheerer.
  • Russian Red is a rich, creamy blue-based red. This is a matte finish and part of the permanent range. This is not one of MAC’s drying mattes, though!
  • Spitfire is a dark pink with magenta. This is a satin finish. It is pinker than Style Curve, pinker and less bright than Petals & Peacocks, similar to Smashbox Flirty. Β Anyone else think it’s a little muted for something named Spitfire?

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free. I typically get four hours of wear, but some of the lighter lustre and glaze finishes tend to disappear by hour three. Amplified cremes and amplified finishes, however, tend to go beyond four. I find the formula comfortable to wear and not drying (but not moisturizing–a couple of the matte shades can be drying).

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! πŸ™‚

  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: Heroine will suit warmer complexions slightly better than cooler ones, while the other three are wearable by both cool and warm skin tones. Russian Red looks stunning on light to dark and cool to warm. Keep in mind, Russian Red is permanent, so you can save $1 by buying it in regular packaging. Spitfire is rather dupeable as MAC has put out several pinky-purple shades in the past six months.

where to buy: MAC Cosmetics

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks: Heroine, Marquise d’, Russian Red, Spitfire

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks: Heroine, Marquise d’, Russian Red, Spitfire (Flash)

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks: Heroine, Marquise d’, Russian Red, Spitfire

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks: Heroine, Marquise d’

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks: Russian Red, Spitfire

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks/a>
MAC Heroine Lipstick<

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Heroine Lipstick

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Marquise d’ Lipstick

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Marquise d’ Lipstick

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Russian Red Lipstick

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Russian Red Lipstick

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Spitfire Lipstick

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks
MAC Spitfire Lipstick


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Chanelle Avatar

I heard that only 1 store in the U.S will be doing the February 1st unveiling. Any truth to that? I only say that because when I called to RSVP the girl I talked to that works there said so. (????)

Steph Avatar

I agree! I thought you got a new camera (but saw you responded to someone else that you didn’t), and the photos look noticeably more vibrant.

Cynthia Avatar

I also think these photos look better than usual! Especially the lip swatches. I mean they were awesome before, but these look clearer to me, somehow.

Cynthia Avatar

On second glance, I think the packaging pictures do look a bit washed out against the white background with your current setting. But the swatches still look improved, and I hope you consider doing them in this setting in the future!

LorraineER Avatar

I think it looks better too, I was going to say that myself before I saw this comment. I didn’t think your swatches could get much better but honestly the colors in this post look truer to me.

Jimena Avatar

Thanks Christine all lipsticks look awesome *____* But I guess I will buy Russian Red as I been wanting to buy it, and know I could get it with a fun packaging =D

Lena Avatar

New swatch style! Looks good πŸ™‚
These lipsticks are pretty disappointing, except for Russian Red. The LE shades just don’t seem very special to me.

CXB Avatar

did you get a new camera or something? The close up picture of your lips look so….high def!! haha in a good way!!
I LOVE marquise’d!! how fast do you figure it’ll sell out?

Christine Avatar

I forgot to change the settings so they’re not as good, sorry! I’m just exhausted – it’s 11pm here – and it looks like I’ll be here til 2 or 3am – I will probably re-do them tomorrow once I’ve had a chance to sleep.

Hard to say!

Rae Avatar

No! Christine, the swatches look fabulous – they’re different from the norm, but we still love & appreciate them just as much. Go grab a coffee (it better be decaf!) or take a nap instead of re-doing them; you’ve more than earned it!

I feel like I say this all the time (or at least, I should be saying it all the time!) but: thank you so, so much for the fantastic photos and review. No one covers collections the way you do! ((hugs))

Catherine Avatar

Did you try goes and goes frome the prolongwear lipcreme? Purple πŸ™‚ And it looks purple on the lips too (i know it cause my friend wanted me to try it right away when we went out of the MAC store and I had green e/s and had forget about it, by the time i realized it, my barney style was out in public :P)

ShockingBlue Avatar

Just a note on the pictures – I really like the full picture of your face, especially the first one! Sometimes it looks like you are looking up into the camera and it can be hard to appreciate how the lipstick works with the whole look. In these you get a clear shot of everything! Awesome!

Zoe Avatar

wow, I actually REALLY like these lipsticks (although I already own Russian Red)…Christine I feel you on the staying up late. I’m probably going to be up till 3AM (its 11:30PM here) writing news articles and editing papers. If only it was a night I had more energy!

Amanda Dubs Avatar

I know that you forgot to change the settings, but I think that this right here looks super cool!

Im really liking the brown and pink ones but I really dont think I’ll get any. just getting one of the MSF + a mascara will blow my makeup budget for the month haha

Jennifer Avatar

I will be getting 2 of Marquise d’ for sure.

Wow, Christine…Russian Red seems to pull orange-red on you… Or maybe I’m seeing things. lol

Cody Avatar

Please don’t apologize for camera settings, these are great swatches and you definitely do not need to spend your time tomorrow re-doing them. We are all so appreciative of this and it definitely helps those of us who are tightly budgeting and have to be very prepared for launch date. Seeing your great swatches and reading reviews lets me go in with a plan that I can stick to instead of impulse buying everything and regretting it later.

And also I LOVE THE LOOK ON YOUR EYES! I was leaning toward getting that quad but wasn’t 100%, and now I’m sold. Thanks Christine!

Sandrine Avatar

Wow, Christine! Your swatches of these lipsticks are extra beautiful. The pictures are so crisp and clear. Did you change your camera? I didn’t think I’d get any of these but seeing your swatches makes me want to get all four.

ahh Avatar

Nothing super exciting about these shades. However, gotta compliment you on the updated lighting and lip swatch pics. The pics of you in Heroine could be beauty shots!

Ali Avatar

Thanks so much for the swatches – it’s great to see the colours on lips and not just an arm! Marquise D’ looks so good on you, but do you think it would be too sheer for someone with quite pigmented lips? Thanks!

Dawn Avatar

I’m not sure why you keep apologising for the photos – I think they look great!

Heroine looks amazing, but unfortunately the colour won’t suit me. I already have Russian Red, and was thinking of getting Marquise d’ and Spitfire, but I think I’ll have to see the comparison swatches before deciding on Spitfire as I already have Style Curve (and love it).

Svetlana Avatar

Too bad we have to wait until March for international launch date. It’s Peacocky that’s coming out in February here. :'(

I love the lipsticks, especislly spitfire and Marquise d’. Heroine is gorgeous too but I think it’ll be way to warm for me. Russian Red is permanent so I wouldn’t even consider buying it in this hideous wonder woman packaging.

Serina Avatar

Lol I agree with everyone!! Keep this setting for your pictures, they look awesome!! Great job on everything btw! You rock! Get your much deserved rest though =)
P.s. how would you say spitfire compares to girl about town? Thanks!

pia Avatar

I’m definitely in love with how Heroine looked on you. I want it but I know this would come out darken on me and might be catching dust together with my “O” lipstick.

Judy Avatar

Tx Christine! It’s going to be hard for me not to buy the lipsticks, but I’m going to hold out & wait to see what colors the other upcoming collections have. If there was a purple shade in the batch I’d be so on it. I already have the Russian Red, which looks marvelous on you Christine. The others just aren’t doing anything for me. I’m disappointed in the shades. It’s not like MAC won’t have a million other collections out this year with new colors to overstock with. :0

Vijaya Avatar

Whatever happened with the light here makes you look awesome. Just thought you should know. Will this be the new way you take your pictures?

Cynthia Avatar

I have been wanting Russian Red so I think I will definitely pick it up in the campy packaging. Heroine is beautiful, but I don’t think I could pull it off. It also seems more like a Winter/Holiday color to me. On the fence about Marquise, as I don’t have Shy Girl. Which do you prefer, Christine?

Fey Avatar

Heroine is one of the most unique browns I have seen as far as lipstick goes. I actually like the bullet casing-style of the lipstick tubes. That’s pretty cute. (Shame I can’t pull Heroine off.)

Nancy Avatar

Wow! I think the photo quality rocks! You’ve already spent so much time on these swatches, don’t redo them. Thanks so much Christine πŸ™‚

annie Avatar

Not sure if the lipsticks are in great colours or its u who always managed to pull it off(n_n)u look amazing in all photos & ill definitely get all of these & plus love yr makeups!!!btw,could u recommend any mac lipsticks dupe w Mac Go for it? πŸ™‚ I can’t find it anywhere πŸ™

Rebecca Avatar

LOVE Spitfire. I was thinking about buying Heroine for my mom (she loves anything bronze) but I worry the frost finish might not be so good for a lady in her 50s. Thoughts?

Carrie Avatar

The swatches & face shots look amazing with the camera settings you used. You should definitely consider using those settings in the future. The pictures are absolutely stunning!!!

β˜†Lola A♏ β˜… Avatar

Christine…you are too nice! LOL! Photos look great! I like the way Marquise looks on you, but don’t think it would look that good on me. I’ve bought every pinky purple MAC has released recently. I’m passing on Spitfire. Think I’ll just go with Heroine.

Lisa Avatar

O.O Wow, Heroine looks really good on you! The shades don’t interest me though, I’m quite a cool tone, so those wouldn’t really look good on me.

Alyssa Avatar

I really want to get Marquise d’. I have also been wanting Russian Red for a while, but will probably get it at the regular price. Thanks so much for posting this information for us! You are my “go to” for makeup reviews/information. πŸ™‚

Valene Avatar

Wow, I’m surprised here. I was thinking I wouldn’t be interested in any of these, they didn’t look anything special in the tube. But they’re all GORGEOUS on the lips. I like how metallic Heroine is, but I’m pale and cool toned, so I don’t think it would look so fab on me, beautiful for the warmer ladies though!

Laura Avatar

Is that a new camera you’re using, bc the insane quality of the pictures is making me want to buy stuff i don’t really want! and you’re airbrushed or your skin really is that perfect, either way congrats!

Jessi Avatar

I know you said that these aren’t your correct settings, but I’m really liking the pictures! I think they look better than your normal pictures actually!

Becca Avatar

I love Marquis d’ and Spitfire- will probably pick one of them up. Heroine is amazing, I would never wear it though. I thinkmy mom would LOVE Heroine!

Lauren Avatar

OMG! I think I need all of them. I’m nc15, but Heroine is totally calling me. Do you think Marquis’d is similar to Innocence Beware? Thanks for all your hard work. It is really appreciated!

Jeni Avatar

Wow…I’m surprised how much I like the lipsticks (and the glosses) from this collection! I hate the packaging so I probably won’t buy anything but I honestly love all of them !(Espeically marquise d’…it’s the perfect icy pink and it’s a lustre which I loooove…maybe I can find it somewhere online since it’s a repremote?) Heroine looks super sexy on you btw!

Alanna Avatar

The pictures look great, please don’t worry about it. I am a recent haunter of your site. You are amazing! Thank you for all the work you do! I never was daring enough to try Russian Red but it looks so good on you… You’re tempting me! (sorry bad pun)

Ps. quick question: Is Marquise D’ similar to Hue?

Annie Avatar

hey christine…..just wanted to say that i absolutely love your review videos!!!!
can you tell me how innocence beware lipstick compares to marquise d’ lipstick from this collection?……really looking forward to your response!

Liya Avatar

Amazing swatches, you do not need to retake the pictures again!!

What eyeshadow are you wearing? (sorry if you already mentioned it, I couldn’t find it)

Annick Chantal L. H. Avatar

Marquise d’ + heroine + spitfire = in my pocket. I was hesitating with marquise d’ but after having read and seen your swatches, Christine, I added it in my wish-list.

BeyondtheBath (Stephie) Avatar

Yep. I need all the lipsticks, too. *sigh* So far, I’m needing all the lip products. I’m not sure on the e/s quads, though.

Dianna* Avatar

Ahhh love love love! I’m also really digging all your photos since the unveiling… new camera? New lighting? Whatever it is, it’s awesome!

Lucie Avatar

I want all of the lip products! Such lovely colours! Heroine is calling to me, even though it would probably look horrid on my nc15 skin. Maybe with a red lip liner underneath and a reddish gloss on top?

Cassandra Avatar

I already have Marquise D’ so I won’t pick that up, but I’m definitely interested in Spitfire since I’ll *hopefully* be going to a Katy Perry concert in July and I think it fits that occasion perfectly. Thanks so much for the swatches and all your hard work you put into this blog!

Charlene Avatar

do you think you would be able too do a comparison of Marquise d’ with Hue, Creme D Nude just so we can see how nude the colour really is?

Sydney Avatar

How do you think Marquise d’ would look on my very pigmented lips? And color-wise, how does it compare to Sandy B because I know you say Sandy B is frostier, but how do the color differ? Which is more opaque?

Rhonda Avatar

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the Heraine on you in the close-up pic. Wow! What a great combo the way u did your eyes and the colors u used with that lip.

I also like the Spitfire on you. Guess u can tell I’m a gal who loves those warm shades. But w/your warm, tortoise shell eyes, they look great on you.

Do u like the feel and wear of Mac over Chanel lips?


ak Avatar

They all look good on you Christine. And your skin in these pics, has never looked better. Whatever’s on your skin here, makes you look perfect and luminous and shimmery!

Spitfire looks good and not so dupe-able to me, I dunno. The Russian Red looks good on you, but not on me. The Marquise D’ covers up your lip birth mark, and Heroine actually looks hot on you in a disco-y late 70s early 80s way because of the frost.

ak Avatar

If this was 1995 I’d buy Heroine right now because back around that time I bought Fetish, Shag, and X-S and the MAC MUAs were encouraging me to buy ‘O’ as well, which I never did. Fetish and Shag I still have and they are very pretty colors but just buying Heroine right now would just give me flashbacks.

salsaOn2 Avatar

Hi chris ! u might have heard this question OVER AND OVER but can you recommend a really close color dupe for “spitfire” l/s? i cant find one that looks similar to it. ideas?

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