MAC Strength Collection Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

MAC Absolute Power Lipstick
MAC Absolute Power Lipstick

MAC Strength: Lipsticks

Update: MAC has restocked Pink Pigeon and Party Parrot lipsticks and blushes from Strength! All are available as of 1/8 at 6:26 PM PST.

MAC Strength Lipsticks ($15.00 for 0.10 oz. each) includes five shades: Absolute Power (rich red), Firm Form (gilded black with gold pearl), Party Parrot (bright red pink), Pink Pigeon (bright cleanest pink), and Strong Woman (bright violet). Party Parrot and Pink Pigeon are repromotes.

Absolute Power is a pinky-red with a matte finish and blue undertones. It’s fully opaque on lips, and it has a creamy consistency, so it was easier to apply and get even coverage–no pulling or dragging. Guerlain Calligraphy is slightly lighter. NYX Chic Red is very similar. MAC Ruby Woo is more matte but very similar in color. NARS Dragon Girl is bluer.

Firm Form is a blackish-brown with a dusting of gold micro-shimmer. It looks a little purple-ish applied, as the lipstick mixes over my natural lip color. It is pretty opaque, and though it does not apply perfectly evenly, it does apply considerably better than a lot of other lipsticks in this shade family. MAC Grey Friday is grayer, lighter. Chanel Hysteria is cooler-toned, blacker. MAC Smoked Purple is much purpler and lighter.

Party Parrot is a bright pink-coral with a mostly matte finish. It goes on with full color coverage and has a creamy consistency that doesn’t pull or tug at the lips during application. This shade wears around six hours. Guerlain Gracy is a bit pinker, less bright. MAC Fusion Pink has pink iridescence, less bright. Make Up For Ever #37 is less pink, more coral. MAC Impassioned is pinker.

Pink Pigeon is a bright, blue-based medium pink with a mostly matte finish, though there’s a natural sheen initially. It has opaque color coverage, and it applied evenly and easily. It lasted for six hours when I tested it last week (used my original version). MAC Candy Yum Yum is brighter, a little cooler-toned. OCC Yaoi is metallic. OCC Nylon is much brighter, cooler-toned. MAC Dear Diary is cooler-toned, more magenta. MAC Quick Sizzle is darker. NARS Schiap is darker, less bright. Milani Rose Hip is a touch lighter and less cool-toned.

Strong Woman is a dark purple with subtle pink-red undertones. It has opaque coverage with a matte finish, but it is a creamier matte, so it doesn’t drag on the lips. I suspect MAC Up the Amp is the closest dupe for this shade–I believe it is less red-toned, a little grayer in a way. MAC Seasoned Plum is lighter, less red-toned. MAC Violetta is brighter and iridescent. MAC Heroine is pinker, more magenta.

With the exception of Firm Form, these lipsticks are great shades by MAC with a solid matte formula that doesn’t pull or tug at the lips, delivers even, full color coverage, and are comfortable to wear.  As these are richer, bolder hues, they have a tendency to stain and wear longer than the average lipstick.  Firm Form doesn’t apply as evenly as the other four shades, but it is worth noting that it is good for the kind of color it is, and kudos for being as opaque as it is, too.  MAC lipsticks are vanilla-scented and come in a black tube with a pop-off cap.

To be perfectly honest, I’m really bummed about quickly these sold out. I purchased them as soon as they came online and overnighted them, but they sold out within hours (some within an hour). It’s a mixture of disappointment for not being able to review them for you before they launched and general frustration over it–kind of leaves me feeling like, “Should I even review this collection?” When it comes to these shades, I wish you luck if you make an attempt to track them down. MAC changed distribution at the last minute, so only freestanding stores (which also means the only online option is received it, and with today (the 26th) being a major shopping day, I’m feeling more cynical than usual regarding stock.

My recommendations for alternatives would be:  MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Impassioned, MAC Candy Yum Yum, and MAC Up the Amp.  (Unfortunately, I don’t have a good alternative to recommend for Firm Form.)

MAC Strength Collection Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

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MAC Absolute Power Lipstick
MAC Absolute Power Lipstick

MAC Absolute Power Lipstick
MAC Absolute Power Lipstick

MAC Absolute Power Lipstick
MAC Absolute Power Lipstick

MAC Absolute Power Lipstick
MAC Absolute Power Lipstick

MAC Absolute Power Lipstick
MAC Absolute Power Lipstick

MAC Absolute Power Lipstick
MAC Absolute Power Lipstick

MAC Firm Form Lipstick
MAC Firm Form Lipstick

MAC Firm Form Lipstick
MAC Firm Form Lipstick

MAC Firm Form Lipstick
MAC Firm Form Lipstick

MAC Firm Form Lipstick
MAC Firm Form Lipstick

MAC Firm Form Lipstick
MAC Firm Form Lipstick

MAC Firm Form Lipstick
MAC Firm Form Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Strong Woman Lipstick
MAC Strong Woman Lipstick

MAC Strong Woman Lipstick
MAC Strong Woman Lipstick

MAC Strong Woman Lipstick
MAC Strong Woman Lipstick

MAC Strong Woman Lipstick
MAC Strong Woman Lipstick

MAC Strong Woman Lipstick
MAC Strong Woman Lipstick

MAC Strong Woman Lipstick
MAC Strong Woman Lipstick

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It’ may have been low stock on the website but the stores are well-stocked from what a lot of the people in forums say. Pink Pigeon sold out quickly on the website but I didn’t have trouble phoning in my order. We appreciate your reviews. Thank you for still doing it.

Dear Christine, as frustrated as you may be and all these other ladies, thank you for your hard work in preparing your reviews and pictures! You really do help us all out so very much! Your time and effort is appreciated!

If it makes anyone feel better, I only found out about this collection 4hrs a go via Instagram! So I’m really late and definitely won’t be finding any of these lipsticks and won’t even try! It’s too bad, I really did want pink pigeon and party parrot since I didn’t get them in the first collection that they were featured in. 🙁 🙁

i’ve come to the conclusion to not hunt for these LE’s becuz 8 1/2 out of 10 i have somethin close to em! Firm Form u can mix some black n purple lippies im sure, strong woman looks like heroine and for the bright pinks its gettin redundant. a pink is a pink is a pink now to me cuz i have so many diff finishes n shades to mix n mingle **sigh** im just gonna wait for Metal Rock msf to come back like Stereo Rose!!

I as well was a little disappointed about how fast everything went, however I bought them as soon as they hit the site. I still feel that it was short notice, because I rushed to buy them because I was afraid I would not get them. Nontheless they look great-I just wish I could have seen swatches because I dont want to shop on impulse again!lol =)

Ugh I was so excited for Firm Form but wanted to see if you’d review it first to know if it was a super dud or not. The fact that now I can’t even get these at my local MAC counter is basically a stab in the heart. MAC, why would you make a pretty cool collection and then last minute decide to do this? MAC has actually been doing ok lately and I want them to keep making good collections but if they’re just gonna make them incredibly hard to find it’s pretty much pointless. It just really makes me sad, I don’t want to have to jump through hoops to own a lipstick I could otherwise do without.

I went to my mac store at around 8 tonight and they still had plenty of all of them left. People could try calling mall of america in minnesota if they’re jonesing!

I ordered all of these except Absolute Power. Now seeing your review/swatches, I regret Firm Form and Strong Woman.

I’d been waiting on Pink Pigeon and Party Parrot since missing them during the Iris Apfel launch.

when i was buying seductive intent at my local macy’s, i actually double checked with the SA to verify this collection would be in store. she looked in her binder and said, yes, both apres chic AND strength would be released at her counter on the 26th. at the store’s opening today; i called to hold my lippies…and found out MAC apparently hates receiving currency for goods. why repromote if there’s no intention to make product available?

this morning firm form was technically in stock…i ordered…after they charged my card, i got the dreaded email of backorder…we’ll see if it arrives as i love how dramatic but wearable it is in your pictures.

One reader (who is a MAC artist) commented saying they got a fax, which was about a week before the on-counter launch date. That close! to the deadline.

I hope you do get your Firm Form!

I think you should be okay; I ordered a pigment earlier this year from a collection that had been out a few months, and after my order went through, I received the same email. I actually got the item a couple of weeks later, so being that this is actually a current collection, it should be fine. I think it has to do with where the stock is actually stored, and they have more than one warehouse. HTH

I’m fairly certain you’ll be fine, even though I’d be concerned, too. The day you posted this, I received my order from UPS. One of my Absolute Power lipsticks was broken in the tube. I called this morning (Friday, actually); without delay, I was told a brand new one was being expedited to me that same day. There is more stock, but sometimes they just need to locate it, as Xamyx suggests.

It has been my experience that they generally always have more, but release it in spurts. Perhaps to spread availability, or to cover damaged goods, or just all imaginable scenarios.

I’m titling this piece:
“The Accidental Manifesto”
by Dustin Hunter LOL!

Ooh! I was interested in this one! And yes… I missed it. Sold out too quickly. I think I might just have my new year’s resolution: stop bothering to look at MAC LE collections at all! LOL!

Great job – as usual – on the review though! I feel like I really NEED to say that before I say the next thing because I know how hard you work and I don’t want to sound like I’m dismissing it…

As a consumer – I feel like MAC has NOT ONLY been dumping on me for the last year or so… but at this point it’s like they’re actually LAUGHING at me as they take a crap on my WILLING head!

As a blogger – MAC LOVES to show me just how little they think my time is worth. At first it was sort of laughable, then it was kind of frustrating, then it turned astonishingly rude. It’s not even disrespectful anymore. It’s actually – quite simply – just wrong.

They make some kick-ass permanent products… I think I need a bigger break from them than I’ve been taking though. Obviously I feel a Jerry Maguire moment coming on… LOL

I was so into MAC when I first started on makeup but now I’m so over them. They come up with LE collections at the drop of the hat, refuse to stock up on the very items that are worth having, and they just seem so uninspired. It’s been months since I bought anything MAC– and there’s been times that I went to their stores WANTING to buy something. I would look around, and go *yawn*. It’s like being in a relationship that has lost its spark…

I’m not a blogger…I’m that old-fashioned thing called a “customer” and I feel the same way about MAC and I’m certain we are hardly alone. What every happened to making a product available so that people could actually BUY it? I’m at the point now where I am looking more and more often at other cosmetic lines; my loyalty to MAC is really diminishing. And, again, I think I’m probably not alone. They miss out on tens of thousands of dollars in sales with gambits like this.

I heart you dusty:)… crack me up. I have watched your Mac review of face and body over and over…..and over and over. I think it is my favorite YouTube video!!!! You rock:)

I heard a rumor about them being on counter on Jan 3rd? Is that true? I was so sad not being able to get party parrot because I thought Id be able to get them at Macys 🙁

I appreciate your review Christine.

Luckily the stand alone MAC store here had the collection out this morning, but they sold out of colours pretty quickly. I managed to snag Strong Woman in the crazy Boxing Day melee (I waited 40 minutes in line at the cash).

Given how quickly the Iris Apfel collection sold out last year, I’m peeved they had such a small quantity available here in Canada.

I’m become less and less enchanted with Mac each time they release these limited edition lipsticks that are nearly impossible to find unless you are sitting at your computer ready to purchase them the moment they come online. I was at Nordstrom on Xmas eve and asked about the collections that were coming out on the 26th. The sales woman let me know that Strength was only going to be online our at Mac stores. So, at about 2 am (Pacific time) I went online and all three lipsticks that I wanted (strong woman, party parrot, and pink pigeon) were already sold out!! Each time this happens I just think…why even bother. A good portion of those limited editions that get purchased are by ebay sellers who turn around and sell a $15 product for $50 – $100. Dear Mac…your costumers have much better things to do with their time than spend it trying to hunt down your illusive limited editions, and you’d make more money if you made a larger quantity of your limited editions available for purchase. I’m officially over it. BUT I am ecstatic that they made candy yum yum a permanent color!

I agree with you. I’ve started buying brands that are both higher and lower end b/c the color options/selections and stock are more reliable. So it’s much better for me as a consumer to buy my lipsticks and eyeshadows from lines that really do keep them in stock longer, and that probably won’d discontinue them before I get tired of the color myself or the season/trend changes.

If my only option to get these silly LE colors is to pay someone $40 on Ebay, then I’m okay buying YSL, Chanel, or Dior lipsticks that I can actually find a few months later. And I’m loving the fact that the formulations on a lot of less expensive brands have improved and the color selections are quite impressive. It also makes it easy to experiment with colors when I can not only replace my lipstick later but also when it cost me $4-7 to buy in the first place.

As a long time lurker and new commenter, just wanted to say I love your blog and the library of colors and the fact that you review things at every price point.

Yeah I agree! I still have the lipsticks from last year collection. Besides, it’s just makeup which I can live without. There’s so many other brand names that have similar shades. So I’m not going to bother to go crazy over a tube of lipstick. The other day I saw on ebay that someone was selling all the Strength lipsticks for 275$!!!! That’s crazy!! I rather spend it on something useful.

Christine is right about the pink! If you have Charmed, I’m Sure, I’ve found that to be almost identical–the difference is Absolute Power is a touch brighter. Both are beautiful cherry reds, and the differences are minor.

Well, I took some Christmas money and went to the MAC store in Tigard, OR and they had all the Strength items (at least the lipsticks) in stock, so I grabbed Party Parrot and Absolute Power, like I wanted. It’s still tiring how MAC manages this LE releases, though.

I was actually surprised at how much stock the Tigard store received. Last year with Iris Apfel, they sold out of all the lipsticks by early afternoon the day of the launch, mostly because they had people calling in days before the launch to hold items. Still though, it’s certainly a lot of effort to track down limited edition lipsticks, especially when MAC releases so many collections throughout the year. It’s sad that I don’t give that local store as much business as I should because of the arbitrary stock MAC wants to send them.

Party Parrot looks so good on you! I’m bummed about the distribution change, and that this collection went out of stock so quickly. I don’t usually wear makeup, but I did want to take a look at this collection in person since the formula seems to be so good. Not sure that I’ll work that hard at hunting them down though.

Thanks for the wonderful review Christine. The MAC Pro at South Coast Plaza in California had all of these and was open at 8am today. There was no one there when I went when it opened. I just think that it is unfair of MAC to play these games with their customers. For God’s sake, make it available, make more, put more back in stock. What are they accomplishing by this? Sheesh.

Hear, hear! Doesn’t MAC realize (or care) that they miss out on a LOT of sales dollars with stunts like this? When the “user choice” shadows were released (only online), I wanted to SEE Moth Brown before buying it but, alas, it wasn’t available in-store so I gave it a miss (in reality, there are colours very similar in almost every other brand but had I been able to get my hands on it in store, I most certainly would have bought it and I guess I represent maybe 1,000 other women; the same would be true of a lot of other products). I’m at the point where I will no longer go out of my way to purchase a product if a company seems to enjoy making it difficult for me to give them my hard-earned dollars to purchase it. I’m fed up with tactics like this and MAC seems the company most notable for this sort of game-playing. Coupled with their iffy and increasingly disappointing quality, I think it’s a dangerous game. They won’t be able to bank on their name alone forever.

I agree…I dislike how MAC seems to do this with increasing frequency. They repay customer loyalty by constantly creating limited edition collections and causing a ridiculous frenzy over these products that they never intend to offer again. What is the point of being loyal to a brand or falling in love with a color that is on sale for a day? People buy loads of these and then try to re-sell them for 2-3x the regular price on Ebay.
The past year I’ve been moving away from MAC and finding colors from cosmetics lines that don’t offer the colors just once, and for longer than a week. I’m glad I’ve been experimenting b/c MAC was the first cosmetics line I used heavily after branching out beyond lipstick. I’m glad I don’t really need them anymore.
From a marketing perspective, I’d take the sale figures from some of these collections to figure out which of these special colors would make good permanent additions to the regular and Pro lines. It’s not like MAC makes money from people scalping their products after the fact online.
Funnily enough, I was at the MAC counter just a few days ago looking for a purple, and at the time, they had nothing purple enough. Strong Woman looks similar to what I wound up buying, but since it’s gone I’m glad I missed out and found my lipstick from another brand.
I get that trends in colors change, but they don’t change every week. What is the final tally of special collections that MAC released this year? It’s ridiculous.

Christine I am confused, I called my MAC store Monday and they said this collection will not be in the store until January 3rd, I pre-ordered it…is that not true of all stores?

It was supposed to release 12/26! And as far as I know, it did launch on 12/26 in-stores – but about a week prior to 12/26, counters received a fax saying they weren’t getting the collection.

Strange. :-/ Mine is a free standing store though, not a counter. I called to double check and they said they weren’t supposed to release them until the 3rd. So as far as I know I should still be getting mine next week. Not very good planning on MAC’s end!

This is how I see it: if I did not get them without just a little effort, then it was not meant for me to get them. I am not going out of my way to get Pink Pigeon and Party Parrot. I will spend my money elsewhere. I dont have time like this to search around.

I called Mac Pro in SF…they are all sold out except the palettes. The two free standing Macs in the Bay Area says Jan 2013 and this other Nordstrom.

MAC online chat person says Jan 2013 and only free standing store. Apparently, that is not exactly correct since some of you already got the product.

I again, thank Christine and readers here for the up to date news. I got Stereo Rose that night prior to 24th because of a reader here. Little did I know MAC Strength collection was already out since it was not posted when it was out. I got Yum Yum Candy at Nordstrom because of Christine’s annoucement again.

Because of Christine, I have always gotten the items I wanted. I am not a MAC fiend for this Easter Egg Hunt reason. Sometimes, there is a reason not to get the egg you so desire…there might be a better egg on the horizon….

Meh, LE collections. My feelings is that if a distributer doesn’t want to produce enough stock to get my money, then I’ll just spend it elsewhere. 😛

These are quite pretty, though nothing that immediately grabs me. Firm Form is pretty cool, though. I think it’ll look especially amazing on women with darker complexions. 🙂

I’ve pink pigeon and strong women . I just love pink pigeon . It is such a beautiful color . I love MAC lipsticks for their staying power.
Nice review and great swatches. You look very pretty in Red Lipcolor 🙂

MAC doesn’t care about the opinions of their ‘fans’. They lost me as a customer a very long time ago. Constantly, they release collections that are sold out almost immediately – giving people with pro accounts first dibs, which leaves those with no pro account with the measly left overs.

Like the Marilyn Monroe collection for example.. NOTHING was available after like 10 minutes, as they had little to none for regular customers. They’ve become greedy and thoughtless. I will never understand why people want MAC and still continue to buy from them.

I agree. I have such a strong distaste for the brand and their ethos. It’s coming on to 3 years since I bought anything from a MAC LE collection and I don’t feel like I’ve missed a thing. Other brands out there do it INFINITELY better and are classy in how they treat their customers. It’s a pleasure to buy from Dior, Burberry, Guerlain etc and not a painful, anxiety ridden experience like it was becoming for me with MAC. I still buy some staples from MAC (i.e permanent line) like their brush cleanser and the black fluid line. But that’s pretty much what my relationship with the brand has whittled to. Even their permanent shadows seem to be hits and misses lately.

Same here, I have around 70 MAC lipsticks and used to buy almost my entire makeup kit from them, but in the past year or so I’ve completely stopped buying from them because I’m increasingly disgusted with their ethos. Between the testing on animals in China, the abysmal quality of their releases for the past few years and their ridiculous LE practices, I refuse to give them my money anymore.

did you find absolute power drying like ruby woo? i’ve been looking for a non-drying red and i’m not sure if absolute power is worth hunting down…

Nope, not at all! It really reminded me of Ruby Woo a fair amount, but the texture is more like the recent matte finishes MAC has launched. LOL, Ruby Woo is my “driest matte of all time” point of reference!

I am getting really fed up with mac’s limited edition collections. I’m sorry I’m old fashioned and like to actually test out products in real life (with the recent catastrophes with their limited edition eyeshadow quads who can blame me?) but they’re making it impossible. I don’t see how it is a good marketing strategy to make so few that they’re sold out within an hour of coming online surely that shows the demand for the product is there. Ugh mac please stop doing this I’d like to actually get a chance to buy something from one of your limited edition collections.

I really like party parrot on you! I have been interested in some of the MAC products you review/swatch on here but I don’t even bother trying to visit my local counter or checking out their website after reading the reviews of currently frustrated fans. Who wants to go through the trouble of trying to find a product let alone deal with the frustration when it’s impossible to begin with? Don’t think I will be rushing out to purchase any of their products soon.

thanks for the review christine!

it’s a bummer that the collection sold out on the us site so quickly, but it’s always worth it to post reviews!

almost of the collection was still available on the canadian site last night (haven’t checked today), and it’s still in stores. not to mention internationally, the collection is only being released later…and there are a lot of people everywhere who look to your reviews for swatches etc…before they purchase!

If my husband is willing to leave the house with me in black lipstick:) ….I was at Mac again today and a Mua was wearing it over embrace me lip liner and it actually looked wearable! She said to try it over some different pinks to change the black tone to a purple. Wish me luck!

I anticipated them being sold out on the 26th, so I bought Absolute Power and Apres Chic on X-mas day on-line. I agree MAC better be careful. With so many other options now, customers will look elsewhere.

I was able to pick up Party Parrot, Pink Pigeon and Strong Woman at my local MAC Store I was very surprised because usually they sell out of collections very early, and I didnt make it to the store until mid afternoon.

These look nice, and great review as always. For me, I’ll occasionally buy MAC LE products if I want something and it’s available when I want it, but tracking something down isn’t worth it to me. And, I usually only buy from Nordstrom online instead of MAC online because they have free returns. I don’t return often, but I occasionally need to return a LE product since MAC’s distribution method means I rarely get to test & read reviews before I purchase. (I cannot understand why I can’t return something from MAC online to a MAC freestanding store!)

Oh, MAC. Why make it so hard for us to buy?

I always always read ur reviews whether the products are available or not or sold out. And i always always appreciate your reviews and buy my products based on how good they look on you and how u review them. So i always always appreciate your blog posts! Ive always wanted to buy moxie but that sold out too fast so i checked ur swatch gallery for dupes and bought impassioned because party parrot was not available. Then i saw through ur website that mac was going to repromote party parrot and so i bought it online as soon as it came on the website. So if it wernt for you christine i wud have never known that a) it wud be repromoted and 2) when and where to buy them. So thank you!

It’s a miracle I was able to order online. I bought three lipsticks MINUTES after you posted it on facebook. This is the first time I was ever on time for a launch. I’m happy I got Strong woman and party parrot, but I feel bad for everyone who missed out because certain people buy LOADS of inventory and then over price them on Ebay.

LOVE all these colors the only one that didnt tickle my fancy was firm form just wasnt my color but im sure it will be FAB on someone else SO happy i was able to get my hand all thses colors plus backups for each !!!!

Yeah, like many others, I’ve almost given up on MAC, especially for lipsticks. I’ve got somewhere around 100 MAC lipsticks but it’s just ridiculous how hard it is to get the LE shades. And it really feels like MAC has no respect for its most avid fans.

I’m really, really over MAC and all of their LE collections that sell out in the blink of an eye. Why do they even send them to bloggers to review when they don’t make enough for their consumers? The quality of the LE collections has gone down the tubes. I will still buy some of their perm items, but am over MAC for the most part.

I’m done with LE collections from MAC. I love them but I don’t regret not stalking their website on Christmas. That’s just crazy! Thank you for an excellent review, as usual!

Christine, your reviews are, as always, stellar, ditto the pics. Thank you!

I’ve given up on the LE’s, too. It’s too disappointing to look forward to a new release only to have all my favourite colours sold out by the time I order. It’s not as if I spend my life waiting for new collections to launch! I have one freestanding store, three department stores, and the Canadian distribution centre within half an hour of my house but the best of the new collections are gone within the first 24 hours. I’m done. If it’s not in the permanent collection, I won’t be buying it.

I have expressed my sentiments before regarding MAC’s practices. I WAS somewhat interested in this but I doubt I’ll bother even looking at the website now. I used to have MAC on my bookmark toolbar but it has been removed.

The only thing I’m wanting to purchase from MAC is Duck eyeliner simply because I can’t find a good dupe. I have really, REALLY given up.

I was able to order these from a free standing store (McLean,VA) with a $7 shipping charge. I wholeheartedly agree that MAC is losing money with these LE’s. I try to keep up with the new collection as I am always in search of new colors, but a lot of the colors are so close to previous colors that I feel like I am wasting money duplicating. On top of that, the search for these LE’s is a real pain in the butt! I missed Grey Friday because the MAC store near me sold out within an hour! I refuse to buy a lipstick on eBay for $25-$100 when they only cost $15 retail– so MAC, what’s the recourse for people like me? We want your products and we are willing to pay for them, but your lack of stock and last minute notice is sending us into the arms of your competitors…

i bought them at the freestanding galleria store yesterday. bought pink pigeon and party parrot, since i had bought cnady yum yum about an hour ago at counter, pink pigeon and yum yum are practically identical.

that store had plenty in stock yesterday. they were originally gonna release it at stores only next week, i happened to call the store yesterday to find their hours so that i can p/u next week and was told that mac changed their mind and decided to release it yesterday.

i wasn’t able to look at the purple 1, the sample wasnt their, some1 prolly walked out w/ it or something. it’s k, i don’t like the color much anyways. party parrot is what i wanted impassioned to be. impassioned has shimmer, although it’s supposed to be the same finish as GAT, which is creamy and glossy.

i m glad i got them, and was surprised that CYY, pink pigeon are not too cool for my nc42 complexion. but boy, cyy is brrrright, i will get more use out of it than if i’d bought occ lip tar, cos i don’t like to use lip brushes.

I pre-ordered a few things from my local MAC store and when I went in I was able to pick up everything except Party Parrot because for some reason its not launching at my store until January 3rd :/ I was able to get the MSF for Apres Chic though.

Hi, Christine!

Up the Amp is MUCH lighter than Strong Woman. It’s a lavender color that is more similar to Lavender Whip than Strong Woman. Maybe you’re thinking of Violetta?

Thanks for posting these anyway Christine! Even if things sell out, your swatches are really a fantastic resource for future purchases. I was one of the weirdos who was stalking the MAC website on Sunday night…I had the feeling Strength and Apres Chic would go up then. Luckily, I was able to get everything I wanted, but was a little disappointed in the mineralize eyeshadows from Apres Chic. I saw the online melee as it happened…Pink Pigeon sold out in an hour! Insanity.

It remember the good old days when I could always look to Temptalia and most of the other big beauty blogs for swatches of entire MAC collections at least 1-2 weeks before they were released online. I hope this isn’t an intrusive question (I’m genuinely curious), but have they just stopped sending collections out to bloggers early? I always thought seeing swatches early added to the hype for a lot of us MAC fangirls. Now that it’s a rarity bloggers have collections before online releases, we have to scour Instagram and Specktra for badly lit/filtered photos to have any idea of what things look like. I tend to buy less now that I have no idea what I’m getting.

It seems more and more that MAC’s LE collections are only meant for those who are willing to spend time stalking the site for online releases or can get to a freestanding store the morning of a release (who isn’t working at 9 am on a weekday morning?). What’s the point of any LE collection if the general public (meaning casual makeup lovers) have absolutely NO chance to purchasing any of it? Right now, stalking is still kind of fun, but I get more and more tired of it as time passes.

Hi Leslie,

I have been purchasing MAC collections through PRO stores (which launch about a week early) since Dame Edna at the end of 2007. That’s been the primary way for me to have any sort of extra lead time! In the very, very beginning when I worked with MAC (2006/early 2007), they had a much smaller blogger list I believe, and so we did receive full collections and they would come a bit early. It hasn’t been like that for four or five years now, and I’m sure it has to do with there being 239547234 bloggers to send product to and reselling and embargo-breaking. Unfortunately, more recently, MAC also launches it online early by a week, so I don’t really have any hope of reviewing early since when everyone else can I buy, that’s when I can!

Right now, I still do receive samples from MAC, but often it is timed where it is either after I’ve already purchased product, a week after it’s launched, and occasionally, a day or two before my order will arrive. In the past year, they’ve been better at the timing, but I remember for awhile, it seemed like samples would arrive a week or two after they collection would launch in-stores. Blogs are considered short lead, so most of the time, I still get press releases/samples very close to on-counter dates. Honestly, I reached out to four or five brands regarding their spring collections because I hadn’t heard about them–until I saw them pop up online at Nordstrom! It’s only in MAC’s case, where things sell out so quickly, that it’s a major problem. All of the people I’ve worked with and continue to work with at MAC are amazing and very helpful, but naturally, they are constrained by internal rules and the like.

In an ideal world, I’d have product a few weeks in advance, so I could do full, complete testing without a time crunch. I don’t think we need to see swatches and the like weeks and weeks before, but a week or so prior to it launching (online or in-store) would go a long way.

When I got my first Pro card, we used to get MAC LE releases about 10 days before anyone else could get it. You would login to your Pro account online, and the collections would magically appear, but only for you and other Pros. They started backing off that over this past Summer, and now they seem to have ended it all together. A friend of mine only got her Cosmetology Certificate this past Autumn, and her first LE collection was released to the entire public at the same time as it was to the Pros.

Sadly, the eBay greed is overwhelming, and a lot of people are willing to violate their contracts with MAC Pro to make some dirty money. I wanted to throw up when I saw Candy Yum Yum sell out twice in 30 minute windows, then Pro card holders posting pictures of 12 CYYs on Instagram, announcing they were for sale. All those $9-$15 lipsticks that true fans couldn’t get a single one? Many paid $120 each, and that’s just disgusting. I’m so glad they made that one permanent, but MAC still battles to stop these vultures from robbing us for their eBay profits. It’s not just unfair–it’s illegal.

So yeah, I totally understand why Christine posts at the time of release now; same reason I don’t get mine early anymore, either. I miss those days… now I’m broke all the time from buying everything “just in case.” One for me; one for my kit. Sometimes a gift… but NEVER over my cap of 4, and never on eBay!!!

Thanks for taking the time to explain how it all works, and of course, for your always consistent and useful swatches! I’m always shocked when I hear about how little time there is (and how much work it takes) to get product reviews up.

I love MAC but I don’t love the way they’ve been handling LE collections lately. I hope they realize people are becoming frustrated by how they’re treating their loyal customers by not restocking LE items, giving any advance notice when collections are up, having an extremely limited stock, releasing subpar products (all those quads!), and so on. I hate to be cynical but I really think they do most of this stuff on purpose to maximize the hype. People always want what they can’t have, and the mere existence of $90 tubes of discontinued lippies on eBay proves it!

No problem, Leslie! 🙂 There are lots of behind-the-scenes kind of things that go on that aren’t easily seen and having the chance to explain can help provide clarity for readers as to why it’s up at a certain time (and not early!).

I so agree about the timing – I haven’t been buying ‘high end’ for long so a while ago when another brand released something LE, I was actually surprised when it was still there about a month and a half later. As much as I like MAC, I don’t like having to buy something, like Ruca said, ‘just in case’, only to not like it (especially as we can’t return cosmetics in the UK!!)

No returns in the UK?? Wow! That’s terrible. 🙁

The only reason I’m willing to buy out a collection on the “just in case” theory is due to the very open return policy when ordering online. In MAC stores or at counters, you only have 30 days to return an item, but the internet orders don’t seem to have any deadline; I have returned items after 4 or 5 months several times.

I love so many products, but I have issues with non MAC lipsticks. Drugstore brands chap my lips so badly that I can’t wear lipstick again for a week, and the higher end lipsticks are lovely, but most bleed and feather on me, or just wear off completely in under an hour. MAC is the only lipstick that stays on without issue, and no chapping. I am much more liberal about what products I buy for the rest of my face.

The main reason I keep buying so much MAC is the kit. The brand was originally developed for professional MUAs, so the pro line of products are the core of my kit, as are the DIY palettes of blush, contour, e/s, etc. It’s so much cheaper for me to get for clients, the products are great to work with, and due to the popularity, I have clients request MAC specifically quite often. I’ve even had jobs where I was hired because I told my client that I use MAC products. This is why I sometimes have a 5 month pileup of returns needing to be sent back because they failed to deliver, and that return policy is what makes me able to afford to continue to use MAC when I work.

I’m so sorry they don’t permit returns for you; that’s greedy, and rather rude considering the US policies and the higher prices in the UK. 🙁 I hope they change that policy!

Take care, and Happy New Year.

Thank you, Christine, for taking the time to review this collection even though it sold out so fast. Your reviews are very valuable references for future launches or comparisons to other products and I truly appreciate your work.

Like many readers here, I am also over hunting MAC LE products. It is very exciting to look forward to getting a certain product, but it is too frustrating that we may not even get the chance to order/buy it. In Mexico we cannot buy MAC online, so that means we have to stalk the counters and free-standing stores. MAC’s distribution system is also quite irregular here and the MUAs are frequently not able to inform you with certainty when a collection will be available. I have simply got tired of this hunt; in the end, it´s just makeup and this kind of stress takes the fun out of it. I believe that MAC’s permanent products are very much worth a look and the numerous LE collections launched as often as every week (that’s how it feels) could be distracting and only cause frustration. I do have a long term commitment with MAC and truly love many of their products, but I’m tired of the LE craziness. MAC has also lost consistency in the quality of their LE collections and that simply makes me sad. Like many here, I’ve started to look at other brands that may not launch new products as frequently, but well, more does not mean better.

These are some absolutely lovely colours! The shades vary depending on whether I’m looking at the swatches on my phone or on my laptop, but on my phone, they’re brighter and more vivid. There, Absolute Power looks very close to my beloved NARS Vesuvio. (On the computer monitor, not at all.) Either way, I can see how people would be desperate to try and track some of these down. I stopped trying long, long ago to get a hold of any of MAC’s L/E lipsticks but I feel for those who do try and still fail. Despite my refusal to play that L/E game of MAC’s, I can still appreciate these lipsticks on a purely aesthetic basis alone. So pretty!

My Party Parrot looks wildly different on me, and I have a very different perception of Heroine next to Strong Woman, but Absolute Power? OMG! I saw that on a MAC MUA last night, and it looks precisely this cherry–it’s gorgeous! I trust you that it’s very near Ruby Woo, which I do not have yet (who has time to buy permanent items when there’s a new LE every other week?). After complimenting Absolute Power on the MUA, I was told she found it to be much creamier than the average Matte finish lipstick. I’m rather looking forward to this arriving!

And before I forget: It looks absolutely fabulous on you, Christine. I’ve never known a woman who wears true reds as well as you!

I think Ruby Woo might appear bluer and a bit deeper, because it’s a retro matte and has zero shine/sheen, but Ruby Woo has so much blue in it that it starts looking pink-red when swatched and pulled out, just like Absolute Power!

Thank you!

Five vibrant and beautiful colours, Absolute Power is a wonderful red and the others are great too. No wonder they are sold out, as soon as they arrive here I’ll pick up the red and the black lipsticks, both amazing !
Thanks for the swatches, just great !

The MAC store at Somerset in Troy, MI as of noon today has all the colors except Party Parrot.

The MAC store on Oak Street in Chicago has all the colors as of noon today and had “a ton of Party Parrot left.” Because I’m out of town for holidays, I sent a friend of mine to the store just now and she picked up all the lipsticks for me.

The MAC pro store in Chicago had them all still as of last night.

Firm Form is awesome! I would have loved to have picked it up since I have nothing like it in my collection. I am very pale, so it would look quite goth on me, but I think it would be chic in the right look. I will not waste too much time trying to hunt it down… it’s very disappointing how little stock they had of this collection!

I am not too bothered by Party Parrot or Pink Pigeon, but I know some folks were clamoring to get their hands on those after missing them in past collections, so it is a real shame that MAC made these in such limited distribution. I hardly buy MAC anymore because it is so much of a hassle to get a hold of the products that I am interested in! The LE game has really gotten old to me, since more often than not, their LE items are poor quality, and the good products are released in such small quantities that it is tantamount to impossible to buy them!

Christine, I still appreciate seeing your swatches and reviews even if the products are essentially never available for purchase. Your swatches provide a good baseline to compare other products to in the future, and I always enjoy reading your reviews.

I would have loved to buy absolute red. I have been wanting to try ruby woo but was scared of how dry it is so absolute red would have been perfect. That being said I refuse to play L/E games with MAC. If they can’t make it easy to buy from them I will look elsewhere. Nothing that interests me from MAC is so unique that I can’t find it from another company.

hey there, if youre worried about dryness, just put MAC Prep and Prime Lip on your lips before applying ruby woo. Prep and prime lip is designed to go under lip colour 🙂 enjoy~!

Hi Christine!
I wanted to let you know that, even though you feel a review on a collection is not necessary because it sold out too quickly, please keep in mind that it sold in the US only! It will take a good month, sometime more, before the collection reaches other countries, and these reviews are super important!!! It allows me to let the girls know, at my local mac store, which products they should put aside for me as soon as it arrives. So keep reviewing! don’t ever doubt that it will be useful!

Thank you for the reminder, Laura! 🙂 In my frustration, I really did forget that it still has yet to launch globally! And about half of Temptalia readers are outside of the U.S.!

I totally agreed withi Laura ! I’m from Singapore, normally it take few days for the products to arrive here after it launch. So your review is very important for us !!
Having said that, really want to said THANK YOU so much for doing this !! I always love reading your blog, is my ‘daily-beauty’ food !

I totally agree with Laura and Grace too! I am from Italy and we won’t see this collection till january probably… please Christine, remember that your works is so much appreciated everywhere in the world!!!! Really really appreciated! You know, I don’t buy anymore from mac if I don’t see your review before!

Totally agree with you Laura, Grace and Caterina!

I think that’s why all the more I appreciate you Christine and all that you do because you never forget how it is to be the “regular” consumer and you share the same sentiments. 🙂

I was able to pick up Party Parrot and Pink Pigeon this evening at my local MAC store in Atlanta. I am very excited to have both and glad that they did not sell out…though the online thing is a disappointment, I agree. Unfortunately, Party parrot makes my teeth look yellow….guess there’s nothing I can do about that…

Thanks goodness I live in a somewhat conservative city where bright colours aren’t the first ones to go! Party Parrot was around for me to snag today. And I only grabbed it thanks to your review, Christine! So thank you for posting, despite your frustration – I can see how for some readers who weren’t/aren’t able to snag up something that’s sold out could be disappointed. Thanks for continuing to review and post these reviews!

Not real crazy about Party Parrot or Pink Pigeon; they remind me of the harsh bright pink lipsticks that my grandmother used to wear. I like the other three though!

The MAC store at the Mall of America still had plenty as of tonight (Thursday 12.27).

I was planning to pick something up, but I wasn’t really that excited by any of it. *shrug*

Christine! A question, if you please: I’m wondering (and kind of hoping) that the creaminess and opacity of Absolute Power might somehow make it a bit more low-maintenance than the average red lipstick. I know you said it’s easier in application, which gives me hope…Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Jennie!

I don’t normally have problems with red lipstick bleeding/feathering, if that’s the maintenance part that you’re mentioning. If you’re referring to having to apply it with a brush, you can definitely apply this straight from the tube!

I seem to be one of the very few not impressed ones. None of the colors look wearable to me, they are all screaming bright. Also the fact that I live in a very large city,but of a quite conservative country, results in people looking at you sometimes when you walk around the mall wearing Chanel Mademoiselle on your lips. I can´t imagine wearing a black lipstick out and about, unless if I wanted absolutely ALL eyes on me lol 😛

I’m completely crazy for party parrot! unfortunately it won’t be easy for me to get it… things take a looooooooong time to arrive here in Brazil! but they aren’t sold out that fast, I think that’s a good point of waiting a little more!

Not that this is guaranteed to help but if you haven’t already, send MAC emails and letters expressing your views and the way it affects your choice of purchasing from MAC. Then share your letter on your social networks and encourage others with the same gripes to do the same. I’m sure some people have already done this but it never hurts to continue to address a company directly and in mass to try and get a message across to them. It may not get the results you want but you will know that MAC is well aware of the customers feelings….and their actions (or lack of) will give customers an idea of how much the company values the voice of the customer.

I say all of this not as an irate MAC lover…my love of MAC has cooled off over the years, although I still like to browse their products and occasionally purchase. I’m not overly upset over their LE releases…I’m not even sure I am lukewarm over it. But I do understand the frustrations…and I absolutely abhor the vulture culture that purchase in high quantities just to resell at a grossly inflated rate (that goes for anything, not just MAC)…but on that note, if there wasn’t a thirsty market available for those sellers to do it then they wouldn’t do it. So the blame lies in large part to those so dead set on purchasing the product that they will pay outrageous sums just to say they finally got it. Nothing wrong with that…we’ve all been guilty of paying more than we should for something in our lives. But just know that when you choose to buy these overly priced resells you are further encouraging the trend to continue. But I digress lol

Christine, do you plan on reviewing the pressed pigments? If you already have I must have overlooked it and apologize! I realize this question is completely off topic! I saw them in my local store and considered purchasing them to review but the second my eyes landed on the 2 I purchased from the Face & Body collection that were carried over to the newer releases I had flashbacks to the glitter explosions that they were and snatched my hand back like I had touched something hot lol. The poor MUA looked confused by my reaction.

As of late yesterday evening (5-8pm) the Brea, CA MAC store had all of the lipsticks available. The Riverside, CA MAC had all of them except for Firm Form. Hope this helps someone! 🙂

I hope this helps some people with the next LE MAC release. When I heard this collection would be in stores I immediately had a sigh of relief that I could look at these products before purchasing and didn’t have to stalk online. You can imagine my heartbreak when I found out plans had changed and it wouldn’t be available at my local stores. I remember a MUA I follow on IG announcing her Pro store in LV had the collection a week or so early( they were sold out by the time I remembered on the 24th). However I did a search of MAC Pro locations and called one in LA to receive a callback to place my order on the 26th. I placed my order and the cost was $12 less (I got one of each lipstick) and I received free shipping( I live in MS). To save money and time I’m looking into doing all my MAC purchases through Pro stores. Hope this helps.

Called my local MAC and was told they wont be putting out their Strength Collection until 1/04! So glad I still have a chance at Firm Form. 😀 But now I am reminded of Chanel Hysteria..wishing they would do a re release for that one. Sad I missed out. They all look spectacular!

I just found out yesterday that you can call out of state locations and order via phone . Shipping was only $7 . I’m so excited now I know all hope isn’t lost when something like this happens again . I hope you find this useful.

Christine, you remember Wild ’bout You… minus the iridescent factor of Wild ’bout You, how does it compare to Strong Woman? It’s almost the only reason why I ordered it!

Thanks to Sabriel and Temptalia/ Christine again, I was able to score the pink pigeon and party parrot today this afternoon from the Great of America MAC store in Minnesota. According to Bridget, this MAC got lots in the store. Only Absolute Power was sold out. I have tons of red lipstick and now want these bright pinks. If you purchase 50 dollars or more, the shipping is free. My experience with people from Minnesota has been good.

I called the 4 Pro stores nearby me…and they were all sold out. The release was not all on the same date, so I called at different days and they were still sold out. Maybe, these colors are more popular in California than the conservative states…who knows.

BTW did you know, that before Great Mall America was built, Michigan Ave…in Chicago was the central hub to shop for the Midwest? There actually were buses designed to bring you to Chicago from other cities. I was told that this is a busy MAC store so they get more shipment in and if you need something, to call there.

I own two MAC matte lipsticks purchased over 20 years ago. Though, I dont use them any- longer, they have not turn rancid like the Nars or Chanel or other brands. This is the only reason I would revisit MAC lipsticks, because searching for MAC products like an Easter egg hunt was not fun. Thank goodness for Great Mall of America.

A goood dupe for Strong Woman is mixing Up The Amp and Diva. I know the MAC stores near me are all out of that color so hopefully this helped someone

Hi! I was wondering if it is necessary to get Party Parrot (M.A.C) if you already have Impassioned (M.A.C). A lot of people say Party Parrot is just a matte finish version of Impassioned. I love the fact that Party Parrot is matte but is it worth getting?

Fusion Pink is also the same basic color as Party Parrot, but iridescent. I know many people who mattefy Impassioned or Fusion Pink to achieve that Party Parrot effect, but personally, I like Fusion as it is, as well as Party Parrot.

Christine is right about the color differences, but I think they’re so minor that you can matte Impassioned and be happy, if that’s what you like. Also, Impassioned’s color changes ever so slightly when you matte it down–it may be a match!

Hi everyone,

Anyone that lives in Los Angeles area, I visit the Mac Pro store on Robertson and they still had plenty in all the colors. The associated told me that store gets more than usual.

Good luck

Thanks for reviewing these~ although they sold out so fast it still is helpful for those of us who is waiting for the international launch over-seas. hopefully I’ll be able to get them!

Hi Christine,
So I was looking to buy this lipstick on eBay since I haven’t been keeping up with the collections lately. I came across a seller that is using your exact pictures. I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I just wanted to give you a heads up. I love your site & appreciate your hardwork! 🙂

I’ve seen more than one seller doing that.
I guess I should have said something… I just space it when I’m here since I rarely do the MAC on eBay thing anymore.

Sorry 🙁

This is no surprise. Christine’s pics are all over the web, not just on eBay. Sometimes I hit a site, thinking this is something new because I am doing a search…and lo and behold…it is nothing new….I seen it before…Yep. That smile is familiar. That eye shot is Christine’s eye. It is almost like using Cliff Notes to write a paper…lifting something that is not yours.

We get anywhere from 30-50 emails a day from readers reporting our images elsewhere (often, eBay, but we’ve had entire retailers take 100s of photos). Sometimes it’s not TRULY intentional – unfortunately, we’re not educating people enough that just because it shows up in Google Images as a search doesn’t mean you are free to take it. So a lot of what I try to do is clear up what is/isn’t allowed and how one should go about using someone else’s images so people understand why it’s not OK.

Sorry Christine, I didn’t mean to bring up a bad subject. I haven’t been keeping up with the collections like I used to because I’ve been so busy working. I saw the Strong Woman lipstick in someone’s haul on youtube and thought to myself, I gotta have it. But apparently everyone else wanted it too. Lol. I went to eBay to see if someone was selling one and I thought to myself, I’ve seen those lips before & I was right, they were yours. It was my first time seeing your pics elsewhere. But regardless, like I said in my orginal post, I appreciate the hardwork you put into your site, it really makes my life easier and keeps me updated on products and trends when I have time away from work. Mahalo! 🙂

Quick question, Christine: I’ve reported uncredited photos that were used on ebay to you.

Question: What about photos used on ebay that say, “Photo credit: Temptalia” or something to that effect? Do you want to be notified of those as well, or is the credit sufficient?

I would never use your images for selling product. It’s too easy to make my own, and you work hard to get professional qualify photos of product out to your readers, which I very much appreciate.

Let me know if you would like notification on photos that are nonchalantly credited. Thanks! 😀

I am so glad u mentioned the issue with mac! I was VERY upset pink pigeon sold out like it did. I checked the sight no moare then 2 hours (before if anything)after it was released on line and it was sold out! Bright neon like ppinks (especially matte ones) are my thing and the only other time I paid so close attention to a release was by request for cyy…which I got. But I checked that site at least 5 or 6 times a day checking on that collection and to still miss out on the one lipstick I wanted feels like a rip off! Even cyy didn’t sell out that fast, AND I know it was as sought after os pp!

I’m not going to lie…I LOVE FIRM FORM…and I love it on you, Christine! It reminds me of the 90s and I’m a 90s girl at heart 🙂

If anyone is still looking for these colors, the MAC store at Fashion Valley and Plaza Bonita in San Diego, CA has the entire collection when I went last week!

Haha…I, of course, missed out on Party Parrot again. I think I saw this at most an hour after you posted the update, and still no luck. Thank you for posting this, though! While I didn’t get to it quick enough, this post surely helped someone to snatch it up. Love this blog. Congrats and enjoy to all those who were able to get it!

Try the MAC in Great Mall of America…ordered them on the 29th of Dec. In fact, I am still waiting for my shipment..which I will get Wed.. UPS is crazy…moves it from one of the location to another in my area. I feel like telling them…stop the truck and I will meet you there…give me my lipsticks…they must be freezing cold being shipped from Minnesota for over a week. That said, try calling some of the stores especially those conservative areas where these bold color lipsticks are too much color. I dont think it is as hard as you think. I got my “making pretty” set a full month after it launched because some cancelled order.

I was so disappointed when firm form was sold out so fast and I also wanted party parrot. MAC needs to do something with their limited edition lipstick stock. Seriously. It’s not like all their own employers don’t lust after their own products.

Thank you for your review! It is so helpful and awesome to “see” them in real life on someone! REally helpful with want I am truly going to purchase for wedding clients coming this spring. Thanks for sharing!


Does anyone know when will this collection launch in the UK? apres chic came out last week but there is nothing about strent in the website!

Fortunately, I was able to snag several Absolute Powers online and from my closed MAC store location. I had purchased Party Parrot and Pink Pigeon earlier in 2012. I just e-mailed MAC (through chat). They have no plans to re-stock Strong Woman or Absolute Power. Party P. is sold out again on-line. I really hope they will consider making all the recent matte colors permanent. As there is a void in the texture.

Nothing makes me happier than to see the voice of the Women heard 🙂 (in regards to your update on here that MAC released more Party Parrot and Pink Pigeon). (I’m a Community worker, can’t you tell LOL)

So firm form is not one that I would ever wear but wow it made your eyes look amazing Christine!! The contrast of that darkness just made your eyes really pop.

I was soooooo disappointed with Firm Form when I saw it. It was not at all how I expected and frankly…kinda blah. I can get the effect I want putting Bling Black gloss over some black lipstick.

I cant believe how good firm form is! it suits my skin tone better than Black knight, and especially midnight media, because of the gold sparkles, combining with my warm skintone 🙂

Have you tried any of the Pro Cream Colour Bases yet? Grab Pink Shock and then apply Firm Form over it. The results are really nice! I’m not a huge fan of layering 2 lipsticks, but the CCBs are awesome under some of these color. Grey Friday and Dramatic Encounter both work perfect with Pink Shock, too. 😉

MAC restocked Pink Pigeon and Party Parrot again today (1/14), but by the time I found out it was online, all I could get was Pink Pigeon. I called their wonderful customer service THIS MORNING and of course all he could tell me was “keep watching the website.” Ok, sure I will…that’s all I have to do! Not! By the time I got to log back on, Party Parrot (the one I really wanted) was sold out. I was able to get Pink Pigeon, but still bummed that he couldn’t give me the courtesy of saying today’s the day. I wrote them another e-mail, but the last one got no response and I figure this one won’t either. I told them they should look on Temptalia to see how their customers are getting fed up with their tactics. I know nothing will ever change and I wish I would stop caring and go elsewhere. Who knows, maybe I will. I’m too old for this!

My husband bought me a MAC lipstick for Christmas and I absolutely love it! But what I loved more was the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, even though he got the wrong shade (a little too dark) I still liked it and even compared it to another. The MAC Studio Sculpt killed the competition. You really do get what you pay for nowadays.

Christine and all MAC lipstick fans, they re-stocked Party Parrot and Pink Pidgeon again! Just finally picked up Party Parrot! Get it now! 🙂

I think Absolute Power is the exact same shade as Marilyn Charmed I’m Sure. It looks darker in the tube but on the lips exact match in my opinion. I put them on side by side and couldn’t tell the difference. I wanted a back up of Charmed I’m sure so I’m happy that Absolute Power is a dupe for it! Sucks they are both LE.

hey Christine,
unfortunately I couldnt manage to get my hands on the Strong Woman Lipstick. Its sold out everywhere :/ Do you know any other Lipstick shade (not the ones you mentioned – maybe another brand) that could come near to Strong Woman?


I’ve got Lime Crime’s Poisonberry, and it’s a great purple.
I’m NW15, and my mother will actually let me out of the house wearing Poisonberry!

I stopped buying MAC in early 2012, and this collection, along with the Marilyn Monroe collection, has caused this bright-lipstick-lover some pain.
Fortunately, though, I’ve found solace in Illamasqua (they have some great matte reds!), and Lime Crime, whose Poisonberry seems like a decent stand-in for Strong Woman.
I already have Party Parrot, too, from one of my final MAC purchases.

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