MAC Hey, Sailor Pigments Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Hey, Sailor Pigments in Naval Blue and Old Gold

MAC Hey, Sailor Pigments

MAC Hey, Sailor Pigments ($21.00 for 0.15 oz.) include two shades: Naval Blue (deep smoky blue) and Old Gold (high frosted tarnished gold).  They are in special packaging with the naval stripes wrapping around the clear jar and have a glossy navy blue cap (as compared to the rubberized black cap of the regular packaging).  These were actually more user-friendly to use and didn’t seem to spill as much as the regular packaging, oddly enough.  Please note that neither shade is recommended for use in the lip area.

  • Naval Blue is a dark navy blue with a hint of purple–all of the blues in this launch seem to have this kiss of purple–that makes it a real pain to photograph, because sometimes it looks purpler than it ought! It’s similar to MAC Blue Storm, which came out this past fall (and was a repromote then). It’s also similar to Givenchy Lune Mordoree. For a more in-depth review, please read this review from February 🙂 This shade is permanent at PRO stores.
  • Old Gold is a dirty brown-gold with a green flash. It’s softer, browner, and less metallic when applied dry. I couldn’t think of a dupe that has the same green tinge, but there are a few that resemble the gold hue. Maybelline Bold Gold is browner, less warm. NARS Paramaribo is similar but darker. Make Up For Ever #11 is greener, less brown. OCC Cruising is darker and browner. Le Metier de Beaute Chameleon is more muted, browner.

MAC Pigments are supposed to be long-wearing with special ingredients that enable it to adhere to the skin. I’ve tried several different shades damp over bare skin, and I typically get around eight hours of wear with minor creasing and fading. I prefer to use Pigments with MAC’s Mixing Medium, which is an adhesive base, and then I see flawless wear even after twelve hours. Over an eyeshadow primer, the wear is just about as good. Pigments can be used wet or dry, though they tend to intensify in color and in finish when applied damp or wet–but they do retain those qualities even after it dries.

P.S. — Because of the special packaging, MAC has tacked on an extra dollar, so if you have access to the permanent versions in regular packaging, those are $20 each.

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MAC Hey, Sailor Pigments in Naval Blue and Old Gold

MAC Hey, Sailor Pigments in Naval Blue and Old Gold

MAC Naval Blue Pigment

MAC Naval Blue Pigment

MAC Naval Blue Pigment

MAC Naval Blue Pigment

MAC Naval Blue Pigment

MAC Naval Blue Pigment

MAC Old Gold Pigment

MAC Old Gold Pigment

MAC Old Gold Pigment

MAC Old Gold Pigment

MAC Old Gold Pigment

MAC Old Gold Pigment

$21.00/0.15 oz.



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I’m still thinking about getting Old Gold. I almost split a jar with a fellow blogger when we were invited to preview the collection, but it was a temporary store so they didn’t have any containers that would have allowed us to go home with some product each. Luckily it’s in the permanent collection! One day or another I’ll lay my hands on it!

I’m confused…
You wrote: 
 “These were actually more user-friendly to use and didn’t seem to spill as much as the regular packaging, oddly enough. ”
But then you give the packaging a 3.5/5, when you usually give normal packaging a 4/5… So how is this packaging more user friendly than the original packaging if you gave it a lower score lol???

Although these are two of the pigments I *really* want, I will not be paying the extra money for the packaging. I realize it would be a grand total of $2.00, but it’s principle. I don’t care about packaging; I’d rather MAC use basic packaging and funnel the effort into either better quality, or more units for sale. I’ll just wait until I can make it to a PRO store.

I am wearing Old Gold right now (perm) and I love it with my hazel eyes. I have only worn it dry but plan on using it wet sometime soon.

The navy pigment doesn’t appear to be anything new or special, and why buy Old Gold in this packaging, when you can get it for a cheaper price in the regular packaging? Or better yet, why not just buy a sample from Makeup Geek? It’s not like I use a ton of the stuff anyway.
And while we are at it, why not try out the new Makeup Geek eye shadows? I”ve tried a couple and they were much better than MAC since they are only $6 each and have fantastic pigmentation. 

The gold one is pretty but I’ve concluded I really, *really* don’t like MAC. I can’t pinpoint why exactly but everything about the brand just rubs me the wrong way. (And the extra money for cheap looking plastic lines/packaging doesn’t help).  It has nothing to do with being a makeup snob, either. Milani interests me more than MAC at this point. I think I’ll continue my years-long (w/ one exception that proved to be, as always, disappointing) avoidance of all their products.

@Kafka I’m really only willing to spend money on pigments, but I have been B2M alot of depotted containers, so I’ve got some free eyeshadows, some good, some not so much. I’ve been getting into L’Oreal, lately. The single eyeshadows are pretty good. I also really like Milani lipsticks, and they have a powder foundation that rivals MAC’s.

 @xamyx  @Kafka I haven’t finished any of my really old Mac stuff enough to B2M, although I’m close to the end on a few lipsticks. Do they take half-full or almost full stuff? The thing is, even if I did empty/finish 6 things for B2M, I wouldn’t actually *WANT* anything of theirs, free or not. (Yes, they irritate me that much.) Perhaps I could get my sister something of theirs. Hm.  I’ve heard you talk of your love of L’Oreal eyeshadow singles but someone (Christine maybe?) had issues with their staying power or creasing (I think it was that). Have you not experienced that?  To be honest, I think I’d prefer to try one of the Milani eyeshadows. I’ve used their powder compacts in the past and really liked them.  How long do the Milani lipsticks last on you and do they have any mattes?

@Kafka I’m not sure if Milani has any *true* mattes, but I’ve only tried their cream lipsticks. It seems every store I go to has a completely different stock of Milani, so I’m sure I haven’t seen everything. To be honest, I don’t tend to get long wear out of any lipstick, but that’s because I tend to rub my lips together alot, especially if it’s a heavier formula. Milani feels like I just have on lip balm, so I tend to get pretty good wear time with it. They’re also cheap enough that if I lose one, I don’t get too upset (I lose lip products *alot*). Another reason I love matte formulas, as they feel like I’m wearing nothing. As for L’Oreal shadows, the quads can be hit or miss, but I’ve always had good luck with the singles. I don’t have issues with creasing with any shadow, so I can’t attest to that, and with a primer, I get a full days wear.

 @xamyx  @Kafka  I really appreciate the descriptions and explanations, and I will *definitely* keep L’Oreal’s eyeshadow singles in mind. 🙂 Just out of curiosity, have you tried any of the HIP/hyper-pigmented line? Those have *always* intrigued me. I think I’ll pass on the Milani lipsticks though. I’m really particular about having something be long-lasting and about a certain texture or look.
For example, and to bring it back to the topic of MAC, I went utterly gaga over the photos of some of the recent L/E collections that Christine posted. Woke up early to go the dreaded mall to get, at a bare minimum, the full Chestnut and Morange sets on the very first day. But once I tried them on (or at least, those few that MAC actually had available or hadn’t sold out of at the crack of dawn), I *hated* them. The look, the colours, the texture, the feel, the slip-sliding, the thinness…. everything. At the other end of the scale, the new Rouge D’Armani whose colour drives me utterly wild with passion is also a big disappointment because of the endless feathering and bleeding, the thin feel, the lack of real matte-ness, etc. So, it doesn’t matter what end of the scale I go to; I’m going to be disappointed. The only exception is my beloved NARS with their mattes/semi-mattes.

 @Kafka I know how you feel. I still like a lot of MAC stuff, but I have been rubbed the wrong too often lately by the brand. I went there over this last weekend, and I was just put off for some odd reason. I think it’s the attitude and the tactics in addition to sub-par product releases that just doesn’t work for me.

Can I use Mac’s Fix + as an adhesive base?  You usually use the Mixing Medium but I do not have access to a Pro Store so I am looking for an alternative product to use.  Thank you in advance!

I can never find Old Gold in MAC stores in it’s regular packaging. I love the color and I’m happy that they’ve decided to make it more available to consumers, but couldn’t they just make it a point to start stocking it more often as a part of the permanent range, like they were supposed to in the first place? Love the color, just not willing to shell out a few extra bucks just because it’s in different packaging.

I have both these pigments and I love them! I used them together to create a fun blue/gold look – I think I’ll use them a lot this summer! And I’m sooooo happy they’re permanent, yay!

It really bothers me when Mac uses already permanate products in the new collection they come out with, to me it just shows lazyness, no effort put to make new products for a new line..also adding the extra dollar just for packaging is annoying. Im not paying you extra just cause you gave me stripped box and strips on plastic, im paying you cause i expect good quality products.

@Brittany Well, when MAC comes out with so many color collections at one time (with several more just *weeks* behind them), there’s only so many colors anyone can come up with! All kidding aside, I actually prefer when companies have only one or two “star” items in a collection, so I can buy that item immediately, and pick up the others in a more fiscally responsible manner. As an example, NARS creates seasonal collections and (with few exceptions) usually rotates the new items into the permanent collection, and the majority of the seasonal collection is already permanent. Of course, some permanent items get phased out to make room for the new, but there’s time to do the research and buy the item(s) that work for me, instead of ordering online, unseen, and being stuck with something that looked one way in photos, and different in real life, just because that’s the only way I can get it. MAC used to be the same way, but now they just rely on the hype to get people to buy subpar products. By the way, I’m sure they only release a handful of product to stores/counters to perpetuate this hype. I ordered a pigment online several months after it was released, but I was told it was out of stock; however, I would receive it within two weeks. I highly doubt they would create an entire new batch for the few people who may have missed this LE shade, but they have plenty on hand.

I realize this is an old thread now, but I’ve finally decided to go ahead and pick up a bottle of old gold pigment, I know it says not to use it on lips but I really really want to take a clear gloss and mix in just a tiny tiny bit of the pigment for a no color with gold sparkle look. How bad of an idea do you consider this? I’m def not planning on making it opaque or anything, I can see how I might ingest a bit doing that but I would appreciate some help here cause I just don’t see a huge problem but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m wrong, thanks, as always you’re the best!

I’m not sure why it is not lip safe, so it’s hard to say! I could not in good conscience recommend or say that it wouldn’t be harmful.

Ok, I’m going to try this again, (FYI, I left a post days ago and it said awaiting approval for several days then disappeared, weird!) Anyhow I finally got around to ordering the old gold pigment I’ve been lusting over and have several ideas for application other than just on my eyes, like putting a bit into my lotion onto my decolletage, a bit into my leave in conditioner on the ends of my long hair, mixing into clear mascara, and to my question…I’d like to mix a tiny bit with a completely clear gloss, I know it says not for lips and I’m not trying to make it opaque and ingest a ton of it, just a little gold sparkle in a clear base. how bad of an idea do you think this is? Really a no no or just something you couldn’t endorse because of the label but really wouldn’t hurt much of anything? Sorry for the lengthy post, I really want your opinion, your my most trusted blogger and I’ve been really hoping for a response and was confused about what happened last time. Thanks for any help you can give me it’s greatly appreciated! :)(PS, I will not be wearing these all at once, LOL)

Hi Abbi!

I just replied to this comment this AM, LOL!

I really have no idea, because I don’t know *why* it’s not lip-safe. You might try investigating the ingredients and seeing if/why a certain ingredient isn’t so good for lips!

Hmm, I’ll def do that, it’ll be my internet project for the day!! Well sorry about the weirdness there with the posts but I certainly do appreciate your responding even if you didn’t know. I figured if anyone would know of the top of their head it would be you, you know everything ;)THANKS!

Just wanted to let you know I did purchase old gold and I LOVE IT!!! It did not work out (so far)on the lips due to the greenish color in it which is much more apparent in person than on the computer but no regrets I have tons of uses for it and gold is gonna be big in fall so YAY! Thanks again for your amazing site and for always replying when people are in beauty crisis 😉

Hi Christine thank you for taking the time to review this makeup.. You are a fabulous and amazing and very detailed..I have Paramaribo by nars so no need to buy Mac old gold.. I think if Paramaribo and Etrusque had a child it would be
Mac old gold..

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