MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Beauty Powder Reviews, Photos, Swatches

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Beauty Powder Packaging

MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Beauty Powder Reviews, Photos, Swatches

The Beauty Powders are housed in all-white packaging with an opaque cover (they’re sometimes clear, sometimes not–usually not clear if it’s part of limited edition packaging) with the MAC for Liberty print printed in color on the top. Beauty Powders can be used for a variety of things–blushing, highlighting, setting, or what-have-you. Your usage depends on both the shade itself and how well it shows up on your skin tone. Shell Pearl may be a blush on fairer skin tones, but deeper skin tones will find it is more of a highlighter.

Beauty Powder ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Summer Rose is a satin-y pinky-plum with very subtle, nearly invisible shimmer/sheen. This is a repromote from last year’s Rose Romance Collection, but it doesn’t have the rose petal embellished design–on the flip side, this one is housed in special packaging. It has a smooth texture and can be layered for more intensity, though on first swipe, it’s quite sheer and soft. It doesn’t build up to an ultra intense shade by any means, but with two or three layers, it should show up on light and medium skin tones. Deeper, darker skin tones may find that this can look ashy, so I’d recommend swatching in-store first if possible!
  • Shell Pearl is a beautiful peachy-coral with a soft golden peach sheen. For whatever reason, I never owned Shell Pearl when I first started my journey down the limited-edition lined path o’ MAC, but after I saw someone use it, I was like, “I need that!” So, finally, I get to have it, and it’s lovely. It’s soft, smooth, and delivers a beautiful glow to the skin. It’s not super pigmented, so for medium and darker skin tones, it’s more of a highlighter or potentially an all-over highlighter than a blush, but lighter skin tones may find it a suitable blusher as well as a highlighter.Β  Shell Pearl has also been released in the past, but I believe that was over a year ago.

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Beauty Powders: Summer Rose, Shell Pearl

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kali Avatar

Do you think Summer Rose would look weird on medium skin with olivey and yellow undertones? I didn’t like Azalea Blosson from Colour Forecast much and that was kind of a pink with lavender.. So not sure if this will work for me. What do you think? And thanks so much for the wonderful swatches!

teresa Avatar

Christine, how does Shell Pearl compare to like the Tahitian Sand Beauty powder, any chance of doing a swatch comparison? Thanks.

chanel Avatar

this summer rose is way nicer then the one from the rose collection its brighter and has shimmer too it as well the rose one is to sheer

S. Avatar

Hm…I wish Summer Rose were brighter. I am still waiting for MAC to repromote or do something similar to Alpha Girl BP from Heatherette. It is a sheer, neon pink that is perfect for very fair skin.

Jacquelyn Avatar

I mainly use Beauty Powders as highlight (especially Pretty Baby, Tahitian Sand, and Alpha Girl). I have swatched Summer Rose BP at my CCO and I didn’t like how it turned out. So I may end up passing Summer Rose again this year.

Annie Avatar

I really like both of them! I’m exceptionally pale and am new to blushes, I’m looking for a nice one to start out with. Which of these would you recommend, Christine?

Thanks for the post, as always!

Christy Avatar

Initially I was thinking of getting Summer Rose, but it doesn’t seem like a shade I’d wear all too often. I think for packaging reasons alone, I’ll be getting Shell Pearl. I have it from one of last year’s Look In a Box sets. I’ve used it many times layered over a more pigmented blush.

daphne Avatar

Shell Pearl is gorgeous! I have to admit though, I was hoping it was a little *lighter* in color – I didn’t want it to be so pigmented as to work as a blush on me. It’s sort of too close to some of my blushes, like Springsheen, and I was hoping it would be more of a layering highlighter. Hrmm. Will have to decide in person if it’ a must-have or too much of a dupe of other things. I’m feeling more interested in Prim & Proper blush, now.

daphne Avatar

Dang, it ended up being so darn SUBTLE on my skin. Could barely see it even in the bright lighting of the MAC store πŸ™

Anaelle Avatar

Besides Blue India, I think “Shell Pearl” is definitely my 2nd “must have” from this release!
I’m really light-skinned (huh, does it work as an adjective or am I inventing it?)and it looks pefect to add a healthy glow to my face!

Can’t wait for April!

Alice Avatar

Christine, how would you compare Summer Rose to Pinch O’ Peach? I have the latter and always regretted not getting the former when Rose Romance came out… but right now, they’re looking awfully similar.

Also, do you think Shell Pearl would be too late on NC20-NC25 skin?

Hazel Avatar

Hello Christine! Do you think Shell Pearl could possibly work as a blush for me? Would building it up make it very frosty?? ‘Cos I’m NC25-30 and a bit yellowish.

(oh and, do you think it’s similar to Light Flush MSF, or any other cheek products you can think of??)

Thanks! =D

Mercedes Avatar

I am an NC30 do you think summer rose would be ashy looking on my skin and would shell pearl be too light? Ive never tried a beauty powder and really want to try one of these..which do you think would be best?

Casey Avatar

Ooh lala…I really like Shell Pearl since its different than anything I own. It would probably make a nice highlighter on some skin tones.

Nikki Avatar

I just bought Azalea Blossom from the Spring Colour Forecast and I love it. Do you think its too similar to Summer Rose, or should I get it as well?

Nikki Avatar

Thanks! I think I just might skip it and go for Shell Pearl instead. BTW, I absolutely adore your site. Its where I get all my MAC info! Couldn’t live without it!

Aubrey Avatar

I have Summer Rose and coygirl. They look remarkably similar in the pan. However, when swiped side by side, Summer Rose is frostier.

Nicole Avatar

Prim & Proper and Shell Pearl look similar. I’ve never tried a beauty powder…is it worth getting both of those? If you had to choose one, which would you pick?

Sarina Avatar

I have really light to pale skin and how would Shell pearl look
is it a blush bronzer or a highlighter?
and what is a lustre drop? lol
Thanks Christine

Silvia Avatar

shell pearl looks to me a bit similar to bobbi browns illuminating bronzer in Maui – I love that one. i am NC43 and it warms up the skin.

Kelly Avatar

bummer! I use Studio Fix and I don’t use the sponge, but once or twice I’ve gone away and forgotten my brushes (I’ve never made a worse travel mistake!) and have been able to make do with the sponge. At least it has the mirror!

Lily Avatar

Hey Christine! I’m around a NC25-30. Do you think the color will show up on me, and do you think it will show the shimmer on my face? Cause I don’t like to wear products that are too shimmery like the MSF cause in the sun, I will look like a disco ball.

Nene Avatar

I bought Summer Rose last year and deeply regret it! I’m very pale, but the color doesn’t show up at all and if I use it as a powder all over the face, it doesn’t give any effect. Total waste of money πŸ™

Michelle Avatar

I went to the party, and Shell Pearl was the one i was looking to get, but it was so disappointing. It looked like peach foil on the skin, i would highly recommend Prim and Proper blush out of the collection before the Shell Pearl.

Vale Avatar

I simply hate the packaging… too “gaudy”, but Shell Pearl is fantastic. And that’s strange since usually I don’t like peach colours!

Vonvon Avatar

At first glance, I thought of getting Summer Rose, but after seeing the swatches, I think Shell Pearl is more wearable for day-to-day, looks more natural with slight hint of shimmer.

Michelle Avatar

By this picture, I’d say that Summer Rose looks a lot like Pink Swoon (sheertone blush).. Do you think I’m right, or not?

Andrea Avatar

Christine, do you think Summer Rose is different enough from Azalea Blossom for it to be worth getting both? (I already bought Azalea Blossom, but Summer Rose looks nice too).

Bits Avatar

Hi Christine,

Is Shell Pearl similar at all to Bobbi Brown’s Nectar Shimmer Brick? If they are similar, which one would you prefer?

cmferrets Avatar

i like them both. but i think the summer rose u have from this collection looks diff from the one from the rose romance bc this one is alot more pigmented compared to the swatches. i already have the one from rose romance, do u think u can do a swatch comparison for use please. the rose romance one looked alot sheerer.

kali Avatar

I keep contemplating getting “Shell Pearl.” I loveeee the packaging!! ..but it looks like an exact dupe to my Smashbox Soft Lights in “Tint.” =O ..Not sure if I should get it. What do you think? Have you tried any of the Smashbox Soft Lights?

Eliza Avatar

Hey, they are so pretty! I’m NW35-42, will SP be able to show up on my skin? Do you think Summer rose will be ashy for me? I want to get them online so i cant swatch it 1st! πŸ™

Christa Avatar

Hi Christine! I’m around NW10-15 and I need to buy a pink blush. Should I give Summer Rose a try or is there something I should pick up from the regular line that would be better? I wish I had have picked up Azalea Blossom while I had the chance πŸ™ Thanks!

Fernanda Avatar

christine i am from mexico
and im a suchh a bif fan of you!!!

my questions
what is a beauty powder?
whats the one you recommend mefrom this collection?
im a medium skin type
thanks byee:D

lynn Avatar

how does shell pearl compare to benefit dandelion? which has more shimmer?
shell pearl looks lovely, but I’m worried about the shimmers.

Cherie Avatar

Thanks for the swatches Christine!

Question… with background…
β€’ In blushes I have NARS Orgasm, MAC’s Buff and Ripe Peach.
β€’ I have Soft & Gentle (not a big fan of this as it makes me have jumbo pores but it’s nice on side cheek/temple area) and Porcelain Pink MSF (I’m meh about this product and use it as a side cheek/temple area highlighter only).
β€’ For highlighters I have NARS CococabaΓ±a multiple and MACs Accentuate.
β€’ I’m NW15 with brown eyes/hair.

Based on the products I have, my skin color and my love of peach/coral/pinks, is Shell Pearl something that I should pick up? Or should I wait for the Beach

Claudia Avatar

I knew i had shell pearl it was released in the look in a box set. it is beautiful. thanks christine , thanks to you i didnt buy another one and made sure i had it lol =)

Jaz Avatar

Hey Christine. :]

I was wondering which BP would be better for my skin tone? I’m about an NC 15 or NC 20.

I would like to use one for all over my face, not just a blush or a highlighter.

Sakura Avatar

Hey Christine, awesome posts as always.
I usually only buy beauty powders for their packaging, so I already have “Tahitian Sand” from the Hello Kitty Collection. Do you think those that and Shell Pearl are kind of similar in color, just that Shell Pearl has more of a sheen to it? I really like the Summer Rose as well; would it look as natural as the Cremeblend blushes from the Lillyland collection if I wore it on my cheek a little bit more heavier? Sorry if you don’t really remember how both of the older products I mentioned look like, but thanks for being amazing as usual! πŸ˜€

Humma Avatar

Luminous is a lot pinker/slightly peach/gold flecks. Love it but hate the packaging.

Shell Pearl is more like Soft & Gentle/By Candlelight. More like S&G though. It’s a champagne-pinky-peach.

Aida Avatar

Christine, thanks for the swatches. I’m interested in Shell Pearl also but I have two questions. First, have you tried using it and did it break you out? The second question is – is this similar to Dior’s Rose or Amber Diamond as a highlighter? I already have Rose Diamond. Thanks so much!

Nabila Avatar

I’m wearing Shell Pearl today! It’s so beautiful – reminds me of Nars Luster but with more pink, and more shimmer than color (if that makes sense).

Rosie Avatar

I just bought Shell pearl and came home and compared it to hard candy’s Honeymoon and they look almost identical when swatched with the dif that honeymoon is more pigmented so has to be used with a light hand.

Marianna Avatar

Ciao, I’m from Italy πŸ˜‰
How do you compare Shell Pearl Beauty Powder to Springsheen blush? I’m NC20 with combination skin, and I fear that Shell Pearl could be too light to be used both as a blush and as a highlighter…
Thank you!

elen Avatar

Christine, need your advice: may I use the fist beauty powder like a blush and what do your think will it look good on we(I have ivory skin, dark eyes and blondy hair)

Crystal Avatar

I’m looking for a pinky peach highlighter powder to layer over blush! Do you recommend Shell Pearl or Benefit Sugarbomb or other recommendations?

Chelsea Forma Avatar

That packaging is impossible to miss. Summer Rose is a repromote from A Rose Romance. (I read the MAC Collection Database pretty much every day! I love that!)

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