2013 Readers’ Choice Awards

The Readers’ Choice Awards recognize brands and products that really impressed our readers over the past year.  We began the process by gathering nominations, from readers, over a two-week period.  After compiling nominations, the top 15 nominees from each category made it onto the short list.  Readers had the opportunity to vote from these short lists over a two-week voting period.  The nominee with the most votes took home the big prize!

We have also included runner-ups and a recap of the shortlists for each category, because one of my favorite parts is the creation of shortlists, as they represent the best of products as nominated by readers. Even though a product or brand may not win, making it onto the shortlist is still noteworthy and always helps me find new products to try!

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Best of the Year

2012 Best High-End Beauty Brand

Previous Best High-End Beauty Brand Winners

2012 Best Budget Beauty Brand

2012 Most Innovative Beauty Brand

2012 Most Underrated Beauty Brand

2012 Best Niche Beauty Brand

2012 Best New Product

Best Eye Products

2012 Best Eyeshadow Base

2012 Best Cream Eyeshadow

2012 Best Loose Eyeshadow

2012 Best Powder Eyeshadow

2012 Best Liquid Eyeliner

2012 Best Pencil Eyeliner

2012 Best Cream/Gel Eyeliner

2012 Best High-End Mascara

2012 Best Budget Mascara

Best Face Products

2012 Best Face Primer

2012 Best Concealer

2012 Best Foundation

2012 Best Setting Powder

2012 Best Bronzer

2012 Best Highlighter

2012 Best Powder Blush

2012 Best Cream Blush

2012 Best Brand for Makeup Brushes

Previous Best Brand for Makeup Brushes Winners

Best Lip Products

2012 Best Lipstick

2012 Best Lipgloss

2012 Best Lip Balm

Best Nail Products

2012 Best Brand for Nail Lacquer

And the Winner Is...


Previous Best Brand for Nail Lacquer Winners