Saturday, April 28th, 2012

MAC Spice
MAC Spice Lipstick, Lipglass, Nail Lacquer

MAC Spice Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer

The famous Spice Lip Pencil has inspired a MAC Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.), Lipglass ($14.50 for 0.17 fl. oz.) and Nail Lacquer ($16.00 for 0.34 fl. oz.) to complement it. This shade is part of the North America and Europe/Africa regions of the collection, so it will only be available both online and in-stores for North American buyers. Spice is described as “mid-tone neutral nude.”

Both the lipgloss and lipstick match very well, and as a result, they also look good layered. Spice is the kind of shade that will change here and there depending on the level and type of pigmentation you have in your natural lip color. Because I have a hint of underlying pink in my natural lip color, the rosy tones of both the lipgloss and lipstick come forth once applied, even though they look less pronounced when swatched against the skin (and likely helped by my yellower undertones in my skin!). While the nail lacquer shares some similarities, it’s significantly lighter, so it doesn’t look the same. It’s much pinker, not as brown or as “nude.”

Spice Lipglass is a medium rosy brown with opaque color coverage.  It applies very evenly and doesn’t settle into lip lines too much at all. MAC Over Indulgence is sheerer, so it looks a bit lighter. MAC Show Me is browner and lacks the rose tones of Spice. MAC Looks Like Sin is a little more berry-colored. (9, 10, 9, 8.5, 4.5, 4; A-)

Spice Lipstick is a medium rosy brown with opaque color coverage. (Not a typo; it’s very nearly the same as the lipgloss!) It has a satin finish, and while the lip pencil is permanent, the lipstick is not (nor are the lipgloss and nail lacquer). MAC Shitaki is browner, sheerer. Guerlain CHant d’Aromes is browner, no rose tones. MAC Viva Glam VI is sheerer and a bit browner. Guerlain Galante is a little redder and darker. (9, 10, 9, 8.5, 4.5, 4; A-)

Spice Nail Lacquer is a rosy brown with an almost jelly-like quality to its finish. It does have a cream finish officially. After two coats, there is still a fair amount of visible nail line. China Glaze Dress Me Up is much browner. Chanel Morning Rose is pinker. Nubar Moire is darker and browner. (8.5, 8.5, 9, 9, 4, 4; B)

MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free.  Satin finishes like Spice typically wear between four to six hours on me, with lighter shades on the shorter end of the spectrum and deeper, more stain-prone shades on the longer end.  I suspect Spice  will fall somewhere in the middle there.  MAC Lipglasses are also vanilla-scented but taste-free. They are very sticky and have a thick, borderline-goopy consistency. If you prefer gel-like, cushion-y glosses that feel lightweight on, I don’t recommend MAC Lipglass. Because of the tackier texture, MAC Lipglasses do tend to wear a full four hours on me, with some of the darker shades lasting up to six hours (with mostly the color lingering at that point).

Note: I am reviewing each “set” together. After I’ve reviewed all sixteen sets, I will do round-ups for each product type (so all lipsticks together) to deliver an overall Glossover rating. This rating is more indicative of the product type, as the rating that follows this post is an average across three totally different types of products. You can also see the individual scores listed after each product, which are listed in the same order as they are in the Glossover.

The Glossover


MAC Spice Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

Spice may seem boring, but it can be really flattering. It's nude in a way that doesn't mean pale, pasty, or washed out; it's nude such that it's the kind of hue we see in our natural skin tones. For medium and deeper complexions, it would work well as a go-to shade.











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MAC Spice
MAC Spice Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer

MAC Spice
MAC Spice Lipglass layered over Spice Lipstick, Spice Nail Lacquer

MAC Spice
MAC Spice Lipglass layered over Spice Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

MAC Spice
MAC Spice Lipglass layered over Spice Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

MAC Spice
MAC Spice Lipglass layered over Spice Lipstick

MAC Spice Lipglass
MAC Spice Lipglass

MAC Spice Lipglass
MAC Spice Lipglass

MAC Spice Lipglass
MAC Spice Lipglass

MAC Spice Lipglass
MAC Spice Lipglass

MAC Spice Lipglass
MAC Spice Lipglass (Diffused Flash)

MAC Spice Lipglass
MAC Spice Lipglass (Studio Lighting)

MAC Spice Lipglass
MAC Spice Lipglass

MAC Spice Lipstick
MAC Spice Lipstick

MAC Spice Lipstick
MAC Spice Lipstick

MAC Spice Lipstick
MAC Spice Lipstick

MAC Spice Lipstick
MAC Spice Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

MAC Spice Lipstick
MAC Spice Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

MAC Spice Lipstick
MAC Spice Lipstick

MAC Spice Nail Lacquer
MAC Spice Nail Lacquer

MAC Spice Nail Lacquer
MAC Spice Nail Lacquer

MAC Spice Nail Lacquer
MAC Spice Nail Lacquer

MAC Spice Nail Lacquer
MAC Spice Nail Lacquer

MAC Spice Nail Lacquer
MAC Spice Nail Lacquer

MAC Spice Nail Lacquer
MAC Spice Nail Lacquer

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MAC, $14.50 each for Lipstick and Lipglass; $16.00 each for Nail Lacquer.

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Yes, unless specified in the post.

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See individual shade!

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66 thoughts on “MAC Spice Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. EstherKudron

    I really like the color! it’s basic without being boring.

  2. Ava

    This is beautiful! Thanks Christine. “spice” looks very similar to MAC’s mocha l/s!

  3. Deb

    You saved the best for last! :)
    I don’t care if it screams 90s, I will wear this colour to death. I love all the bright pinks and purples, but I just can’t wear them; my NC25-30 tone is too warm for them and I look bilious. But warm mid-tones like this one? Bring it on!!!
    I lived in mocha in the 90s and still love the whole Mocha/Retro/Twig/Fast Play/Brave family. I’ve never done this before, but I think I need a backup. And the lipglass. :)
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. You deserve to put your feet up after that marathon!

    • Not intentionally, haha! I usually review MAC products in alphabetical order, since that’s how I photograph them (it’s the easiest way to keep track of things!).
      Wear what you love!  I think brown can be very wearable and not 90s if done right. Plus, the finishes of today alone can make a brown from 2012 look different than one from 1990!

  4. milegolas

    I’m not the biggest fan of lipglass, but after seeing this collection, I’ve changed my mind. Soo in love <3

  5. Janelle

    How would you compare Spice lipstick to Cosmo?  It appears more coral as to pink but just wanted your take.

  6. AlannahRose

    I’m getting a little jealous after seeing all these swatches that SO many of them look amazing on you!  I wish I had that much versatility.

  7. RoxieBaby13

    wow this is the best color for you. 

  8. Natalie

    Is this color similar to NARS Tzigane?

  9. I’ve been waiting so long to see what this looks like!  How does the lipglass compare to MAC Entice?

  10. croebuck

    how do you think this lipstick will look on an ne46 skin tone ?

  11. GUSnail

    Love this!  Thanks Christine for this marathon reviewing.  It is much appreciated!!!

  12. cc60720a23

    I love this nail polish!!
    Is spice lipstick similar to mocha lipstick?

  13. i think this would work well on me!  out of all, i think this may be the set i go for

  14. ButterflyMod

    For those that aren’t certain and want to buy it online … If you have “Spice” lip liner, fill the liner in all over the lips , deep as you want to as deep as a lipstick would pay off for. Then take a clear lipbalm and put it over it, will give kind of a mac amplified finish, some sheen , but not as thick a formula as lipstick. .. Or put a clear gloss over it…. That will give you an idea if you like the color on you , and want to buy it as a gloss or lipstick… Or if you like it, but want to save money and just wear the liner with a balm . I bought both the gloss and lipstick….
    I have slightly red pigmented lips , NC20 skintone and the color comes out like christine described a rosy brown… can look slightly orangy within the rosy brown in different lights.

  15. It feels like almost all of these shades are nudes, which aren’t really my thing :S

  16. Cat G

    I love this kind of shade and I think it can be so flattering, but I have a few just like these or at least very similar so… I’ll let this one pass, I think :) There’s so many of these swatches that I’m liking though!

  17. Kafka

    MAC and I clearly have *VERY* different definitions of “nude”!! To me, that lipstick is light brown with orange undertones.  Speaking only for myself, I find this an extremely ugly shade of pale brown and you couldn’t pay me enough to wear it.

    • MichaelaDegenaro

       @Kafka There are many different kinds of nudes. There are a spectrum on nudes. As MAC says: It’s a mid-tone, neutral nude.

      • Kafka

         @MichaelaDegenaro True, there are many different kinds of nude. But my *personal* definition of nude — and the range of shades included on that spectrum — does not include an orange brown. MAC can say whatever they want; in my eyes, it’s not a nude. As I said at the outset, it’s a difference in definitions or interpretations, if you will.  I’m happy to let them have theirs, along with their lipstick.  :)

      • Kafka

         @MichaelaDegenaro  True, there are many different kinds of nude. :) But my *personal* definition of nude — and the range of shades included on that spectrum — does not include orange-brown. What shows up on my monitor in the full face photo (& esp. in the one without gloss) is an ugly shade of light terracotta.  Don’t look at the closeups but at the full face photos which, imo, often present a better picture. MAC can say whatever they want; in my eyes, orange-y brown is not a “nude.” As I said at the outset, it’s a difference in definitions or interpretations, if you will.  Or maybe it’s my monitor’s fault. Either way, I’m happy to agree to disagree. :)

    • Hannah

       @Kafka On many skin tones, this would be “nude,” as you think of it. The Myth-type nudes only work on pale skin-tones; there are a lot of other skin tones out there!

    • Monika

       @Kafka Nude isn’t some iteration of beige for everyone. I’m tan, and this is very much a nude for me. 

    • hheartme

       @Kafka Good GRIEF. Your skin tone isn’t the only one MAC is looking to compliment. This would be nude to many people. If it’s not something you like, don’t waste your time on it. It’s rather simple, you know.

    •  @Kafka I’m glad you’re just speaking for yourself, because ‘nude’ is such a relative term.  You may find it ugly and while it may not be nude on you, it will be for many.  There are plenty of people who aren’t easily compatible with the typical (pale peach/beige/pink) nude.  For someone with tan or brown skin (as mentioned by Christine) – something like this with more brown actually works quite well as a nude.  It doesn’t rely on a lot of liner to anchor it and the dreaded ash lip is eliminated.
      I for one am quite glad that you and MAC have different definitions because their perspective appears to be much more inclusive.

      • Liz

        What an amazing post Tamara.  I agree with you that this will be nude on some.  I too think this would be a great nude for Tan and Dark Tan skin.  

      • JazzyFresh22

        I totally agree Tamara! I think this will be a nice color on me. This will not be nude on everyone. BUT if we were all the same nude , then what fun would that be ? 

  18. MichaelaDegenaro

    Wow, those are gorgeous!

  19. macarena

    I love that you have that cute beauty mark on your lip. It makes it so easy to see the opacity of lip products lol 😛 

  20. I love the lipglass and lipstick, and I can see myself wearing them, but I’m not crazy about the polish. Mainly because I’ve never been a fan of nude polishes.

  21. esther

    How similar is the lipstick to NARS Bilbao? :)

  22. Jovonna Adkins

    This is my kind of nudie!

  23. Mir Cheung

    how do your lips not get chapped omg.

  24. Megan Nicole

    How much is the collection?

  25. Red Rogue

    Wow, great reviews and photos!

  26. gyllenhaalic__

    I usually love MAC lipglass, but I’m slightly changing idea from your swatches… Some of them appear to me like “oh no way”.. 

  27. Em

    This is too reddish/orange of a nude for me. Shame, I was looking forward to a bolder nude that looks more natural and not so washed out. I’m afraid from the colours released in Europe I’m only tempted by the Myth nail polish. Despite the fact that MAC polishes have such a bad reputation.

  28. corallista

    This would be a flattering neutral for my skin tone, will definitely give this a try! I was planning on picking up Over Indulgence but I prefer a more opaque formula so I’d wait for this launch!

  29. Meg

    Thank you for all these amazingly detailed reviews and photos, Christine! Question for you…How would you compare Spice Lipglass to Lust Lipglass? Thank you!

  30. lizyviolet

    What a pretty shade, but it’s sad that it won’t be available in asia =(

  31. Lacey J.

    How does this compare to mac viva glam II (permanent)?

  32. PowderedAlmond

    Not keen on the lipstick or lip glass but the polish is gorgeous. x

  33. lisha

    gah! i have to have all three!

  34. Sandy

    These photos are beautiful Christine!

  35. Dicas de Comadre


  36. Aleena Iam

    girl you look great in all the colors! :)

  37. hautePJ

    How does the lipstick compare to Pillow Talk? I’m guessing Pillow Talk has more brown in it. I’ve found that Pillow Talk is a great nude lip for me (with Boy Bait on top!). For reference, I’m NC50. Thanks again Christine for your amazing, thorough reviews!!!

  38. phillipsea20dc

    Hi Christine do you think this shade would look okay for someone who is NC20? Are there any other shades you’d recommend?

  39. pumpkindolly

    I love this! I wonder how similar in color it would be to the Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle?

    •  @pumpkindolly I don’t think I have that, sorry!

    • Mel

       Revlon Pink Truffle is definitely different. It is a netural pinky brown while Spice is more of a neutral med brown with a bit of peach. I bought the lipglass today and this is how the gloss looks on my lips.

  40. Sonia

    aww man!! I love this sooo much! They are soo wearable and olive skin heaven!!! I want all 3!!! 

  41. holly

    Wow the lipstick and lipgloss look amazing on you.  Great natural/nude for you!!

  42. Danielle

    I would never buy lipstick or gloss without seeing it in person first but your review and swatches were great so I ordered online and took advantage of the free shipping. Gorgeous color!!!! Really love the lipstick and matching gloss.