How do you coordinate your makeup with your clothes?

How do you coordinate your makeup with your clothes? Do you match? Complement?

I like to match – not necessarily head-to-toe matching, but if I wear a teal eyeshadow in the crease, maybe I’ll wear a teal shirt or teal scarf.

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I typically wear all black, so most of the time the *only* color I’m wearing is in my makeup. However, if I’m wearing color in my clothing (usually a jewel tone), I like to wear just a bit of the same color as an “accent” on my eyes.

I wear a lot of white, black, grey, and neutrals, so my makeup coordinating is rarely an issue, but if I’m wearing color or a print I will complement or pull a color from the outfit and tie it in that way.

I try to follow the rules I learned in art class. Like, I may wear blue eyeshadow with a blue shirt, but I may instead wear orange/copper with it, since orange and blue are complementary (and sometimes blue eyeshadow with a blue shirt is just too much blue). I also try to avoid color combos that clash. Lip color seems to be more flexible – with blue clothes, for instance, I could wear peach, orange, and even certain shades of pink or purple. But never blue with red lipstick, because they’re both primary colors so they clash.

I don’t like to match, but I will coordinate in the sense that if I’m wearing a cool toned top, I’ll wear a cool toned eyeshadow, however there will always be exceptions to the rule…

I don’t usually put on my eyeshadow until i pick an outfit so that I can coordinate or even match, though I try to avoid being really matchy-matchy. I do tend to stick in the same color family or all cool/warm colors!

I really love to match the eyeliner when I wear blue or green. However I mostly wear pinks and reds, and don’t really know how to incorporate it into my makeup.

More in theme than with actual colours. If I wearing a look that to me is ‘warm’ I’d wear more gold or red makeup for example. Sometimes I’ll coordinate it to my jewellery. 

I don’t like to be too matchy matchy with my makeup and clothing. I will coordinate tone, though. If my outfit is really out there, I tone down my makeup and pick up a color or two from the outfit to use on my face. I concentrate on structure so that my face doesn’t blend into the background, but I don’t make it compete with my clothing. If my outfit is plain, I can do a more dramatic eye or lip and concentrate on structure for the rest of my face. I prefer to match accessories to my outfit, but coordinate tone, while maybe adding a few matching colors, with my makeup.

I mostly just match undertones, as I only really wear neutral eye makeup and pink/coral lipstick.  If something I’m wearing is cool-toned, my makeup is neutral-to-cool, and if I’m wearing warm colors on my clothes, I will also wear them on my face.  If I’m wearing a pink shirt I’m most likely to wear pink lipstick, but if I’m wearing a yellow shirt I’m most likely wearing a coral color.  Red clothing is tricky to match, because it clashes with pink, but red lipstick is too dressy to wear with a t-shirt, so I’ll wear it with a nude-ish MLBB shade (which I really only use when wearing red).

I like to match my eye shadow with the overall color theme of my clothes, so it’s not always the same color as my clothes. For example, I had on a blouse that was blue and a plum color skirt. My shadows were ivory, coral and plum with a blue waterline.

I avoid matching like the plague. It’s just not a look I like! If I’m wearing a color and want to do a bold eye, I head straight for a color wheel to figure out what won’t clash.

I usually don’t have to worry about matching because I generally wear neutrals on the eyes and most of my clothing is pretty neutral. However, if I do happen to be wearing some bright color, I usually wear a brighter lipstick to try to match.

 @andacmax Nice to meet another classic neutral lover! I’d rather wear neutral clothes any day. I’m such a Grandma. 

I don’t like matching…it looks outdated to me. I prefer to compliment my makeup. If I have a lot going on with my clothes, a brown smokey eye and nude lips are it. But if my clothes are neutrals or staples, I will add color to make my makeup interesting. But I never wear blue e/s with a blue top etc…

If I’m wearing colorful clothes, I try to keep my makeup neutral with the exception of my eyes. A pop of color on the eyes pulls it together. If I’m wearing neutral colored clothes, I like to make my eyes and lips stand out but simple eye makeup. I learned the hard way that I didn’t need to use every single product in my makeup case at once.

I usually match my lips to a color I’m wearing. Not always exactly, sometimes just a light wash of color similar. Or when im lazy I just wear a “my lips but better” color… Goes with everything.

I just bought a dress for an earlly June wedding. It is like a collage print of green, teal, royal blue, and touches of lime green. I have been wondering what makeup colors to compliment the dress. I don’t want to be matchy just compliment. I have looked at the color wheel and was thinking of a coppery brown, and orangey eye look, peach blush, and a deeper peach/orangey lip. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. This question couldn’t have come for me at a better time. Thanks everyone.

I think coppery brown/orange/peach would be awesome on the eyes. You could also throw a touch of green, teal, lime or blue in there somewhere – like eyeliner, or just in the crease, or a pop of color on the lid. Peach blush and the deeper peach/orange lip sounds great.

I’d go with a natural, neutral eye-make up in order to not distract from the dress and really juicy glossy red lips. Let the dress do the talking 🙂

I think a natural look would be great, too! Enhance your lashes, line your eyes, and wear whatever looks the most flattering! You want your face to glow, and enhance yourself, not necessarily to wear opposite colours to the dress. 

Yes.  I mean I don’t necessarily pair the same exact color, but since I really like bold makeup, I try to make sure my makeup and clothes don’t clash.  I wear black a lot though so it’s not a major consideration.

I coordinate in a way so that I wont clash. Like, if I am wearing a lot of neutrals I will have neutral make-up and blush.  If I am wearing a lot of bright colours or greys and blacks than I might reflect that in my blush and have it pink :3

Depends…when I go to work I only wear tan scrubs…so I actually try to play with colorful makeup…ill go for a more neutral eye (when I say neutral tho I can’t do reg black/brown I need shimmer n not so dull matte colors) if I feel like bright lips that day or colorful smokey eye with nude/slightly pinky lips. At night…ummm I wear a lot of black/gray clothes so its always whatever I feel like wearing that night really as long as it doesn’t somehow clash. I try to not let it clash with my nails too but I don’t do matchy matchy!

I don’t match my makeup to my clothing. To me, that’s tacky and outdated. However, I often try to match cool-toned clothes with cool-toned makeup, and likewise with warm tones. I wear a lot of neutral clothing, so clashing isn’t too much of a problem.

I match the style rather than the colours – if I’m wearing something very casual my make up will be very natural, if it’s something formal the make up will be more formal too. As for colours I try not to match them – I just stay in warm/cold territory.

I don’t follow any ‘rules’ and pretty much wear what I’m in the mood for, and that may or may not include matching makeup colors to some article of clothing.  Makeup is fun and stringent rules completely quash the element  of fun.  Why purchase beautiful vibrant colored products and not maximally use them?  I do tone-down when I need to appear professional, etc but that’s merely dressing for what the OCCASION and my comfort level may dictate.  

Sometimes i want a low key, natural look, so NO.
Sometimes i want the most flattering makeup, so, again, NO.
Sometimes i want contrast between my face and my clothes, so that’s a NO too.
But sometimes i love the color of what i’m wearing so much, that YES, i will coordinate. An option if the clothing has several colors is to pick one – or pick one for lips and a second for eyes.
Also, since i have relatively neutral coloring, regardless of which look i’m going for, i will wear warmer toned lips and cheeks with warm colored clothing, and cooler toned with cool colored clothing.

I definitely factor in my makeup based on what I am wearing. I might not wear something that exactly matches, but if I’m wearing a print I will wear one of the colors in the print. But sometimes my makeup is in the same color family. I like to look put together and I feel like my makeup is a part of that.

My style is eclectic whether it is makeup, dress or home decor…I don’t go for matchy matchy in anything. I like to have cohesion so I tend to pick out a color or texture within what I am wearing and add it in some way cosmetically…or if I wear neutral colors in clothing I may go bold eye, cheek or lip.  I don’t have many clothing items and they are all boring…so I love a strong pop of color in eyeshadow or eyeliner…no rules just fun and mood driven. As long as the overall look is “pulled together” and nothing is distracting I enjoy the freedom to express myself as I see fit when I’m putting on makeup.

I think outright matching is tacky – bright red nails, bright red headband, bright red toenails, bright red handbag, but I don’t like MISmatching colours in my makeup and outfits. I go for a very classic makeup colour palette, so it tends to go with everything I wear (considering that my wardrobe also has a very classic colour palette), but if I’m wearing a teal dress with orange touches, I won’t also wear my burgundy nail polish, if that makes sense. 

I like to match my makeup to my clothing.  Normally I will make sure at least one of the colors in my eye combination is also in my clothing….but still not monotone.

this is such a good post Cristine…
i know this isnt related but all suggestions wud b helpful….i dont have any gold or bonzy mac eyeshadows and wanted to know if you can suggest 4 from mac…to attain a gold bronzy coppery look to match eastern wear (saris) etc…

 @Christine (Temptalia)
 thanks so much Cristine i have coppering can u add 2 other colours….i have expensive pink. coppering and mulch but i use that all the time giving more or less one look now and again using sable as well…. is bronze like mulch?

 @Christine (Temptalia)
 i tink antiqued looked orange on me last time i tried it in d mac store….i really am liking amber lights wat colours do u suggest i get with it..lively colours to open up the eyes …i have and like enxpensive pink alot .. it opens up my eyes ALOT d only one dat does ….i think woodwinked wud b a bit dull and not do that as much….

 @Christine (Temptalia)
 thnx so much Cristine will b visiting a Mac store soon….can u suggest some shades you have that really bring out honey brown eyes?

I go for “harmony” rather than “matching”. Makeup shouldn’t disturb the overall use of line and colour, but it doesn’t necessarily have to match. 

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