Thursday, February 24th, 2011

MAC Pink Cult Blush
MAC Pink Cult Blush

MAC Jeanius: Pink Cult

MAC Pink Cult Blush ($19.50 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “mid-tone neutral pink” with a matte finish. It’s a soft, neutral rose pink with a matte finish–it’s not cool-toned or warm-toned, but beautifully neutral. It has excellent color pay off, despite the lightness of the shade itself. If you like blushes like Blushbaby, I think you’ll enjoy this one. It’s not a dupe, as this is most definitely pink (and Blushbaby is more nude), but they have similar effects–a soft, subtle color that never looks overdone. To me, it is a softer, pinker version of Breath of Plum.

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: I think this will be a very flattering blush on light to medium skin tones; with it being a little on the pale side for darker skin tones. The neutral undertones make it wearable for both cool and warm skin tones, too.

where to buy: MAC Cosmetics, March 3rd, 2011

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MAC Pink Cult Blush
MAC Pink Cult Blush

MAC Pink Cult Blush
MAC Pink Cult Blush

MAC Pink Cult Blush
MAC Pink Cult Blush

MAC Pink Cult Blush
MAC Pink Cult Blush

MAC Pink Cult Blush
MAC Pink Cult Blush

MAC Pink Cult Blush
MAC Pink Cult Blush

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Pink Cult? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics and MAC Counters on March 3rd, $19.50.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

It is a pinker version of Breath of Plum blush.

What are you wearing in the full face photo?

Hourglass Dune Eyeshadow Duo, Urban Decay Bourbon 24/7 Liner, MAC Pink Cult Blush, MAC Painted On Lipglass.

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141 thoughts on “MAC Pink Cult Blush Swatches, Photos, Review

  1. This is actually a lot more tempting than I thought it would be. But I am on a no buy :(

  2. Anna

    This one shall me mine! :)

  3. Kelly

    I would love to see this swatched next to breath of plum since that is my favorite blush

  4. Dani

    I’m slightly surprised at how nice this blush is. I was expecting it not to show up on you because it looks so light. Very pretty.

  5. Olivia

    This reminds me of blooming blush, if I have that do I need this?

  6. Amanda Blyskal

    i love the nail polishes in this collection but i really wanna save up for the lipsticks

  7. Christina

    What a lovely colour. I’ve used both Blushbaby and Breath of Plum, and while I liked both, I often wished sometimes they were pinker. This looks like it’ll fit the bill! Thanks for the review!

  8. JamieJames

    This will definitely be on my shopping list. Christine, any idea if this collection will be available prior to the March 3rd release date.

  9. Cat

    Is this anything like Spectacle! High-Light Powder from the Dame Edna collection?

  10. Heather

    How close is this to Oh So Fair Beauty Powder? Thanks in advance!

  11. katye

    hi christine, how does the color compare to the mac powder blush in cute? i’m about to hit pan on mine and i think its been discontinued or it was LE so i’m looking for a replacement.

  12. It looks great on you! How does it compare with Pink Swoon? Thanks!

  13. Maritza

    This looks so natural and flattering on you Christine. You look very pretty in this picture. I think both blushes are beautiful. Thanks

  14. This is a really nice everyday sort of shade, the sort of thing where if you didn’t know what to wear/just wanted a hint of colour/wanted to quickly put some blusher on.

  15. This is so pretty! Love it!

  16. Lana

    How would you say this blush compares to The Perfect Cheek? Thank you for your help :)

  17. beautyaddict

    It is very pretty but I’ve got enough blush for the rest of my life… (mostly thanks to sets)

    Estee Lauder nude rose and pink kiss
    BE desert rose (sm)
    Korres 45 coral
    Benefit Dallas (sm)
    Duwop cheek venom cobra
    thebalm Downboy & Hot Mama

    The only two I use much are the MUFE and Korres & those are the only ones I actually purchased ($10 sale for the Korres).

    Dallas, nude rose, & MUFE are all extremely close esp if you barely apply any. On very light skin blush can be pretty boring since you can end up looking scary if you apply more than a hint. At arm’s reach all you see is a tinge of rose or pink or coral with or without glitter.


  18. Beautiful! It actually seems to apply much better than I’d expect from a matte finish.

  19. Mari

    Do you think this would work on NC40/42 skintone?

  20. Nunuiviet

    I’m surprised that this colour actually looks pretty good…

  21. how would you compare this to “cute” sheertone blush?

  22. Diana G

    This reminds me of theBalm Down Boy. Have you seen it? Is it a dupe?

  23. Jessica

    Looks similar to NARS Deep Throat.

  24. elizabeth

    How does it compare to MAC Coygirl?

  25. Nat

    I will definitely be getting this one. Well Dressed has been my go-to pink, but with my warm tones, I think this would work better on me. It really helps to see the swatches, thanks Christine!

  26. rachel

    is this similar to mocha then? aren’t they both matte soft-plum pinks?

  27. Angela

    This reminds me of Angel blush. I can’t wait to get this baby.

  28. Cassandra

    I really want this! Is there any permanent blush from MAC that is similar? I’m trying to save money here! 😛

  29. Becca


  30. Layla

    agreed – it looks fantastic on u =)
    i dun really like matte blushes but this ive changed my mind after ur photo

  31. Annette

    Very pretty! This is probably the only thing I’m going to pick up from this collection. Nothing else really wows me.

  32. emily

    I’m running to my MAC Pro in like 15 minutes and will arrive there in another 35….I’M SO EXCITED!! (Trust, I’ve never been this excited over matte pink powder before.)

  33. Angela

    Wow that’s a really healthy-looking, gorgeous color! Do you find that you have to layer it to get it to show up?

  34. clarivel

    is nars madly blush similar?

  35. Mariella

    Very pretty blush and really flattering on you, Christine. But I’m not sure if I need another pink blush – I’ve got Dame, Pinch o’ Peach, Oh So Fair Beauty Powder and Too Faced’s La Vie en Rose. So whether I need another pretty pink blush is debatable but I have the feeling I’ll cave when I see this in store!

  36. Amie

    thank you so much for the good work Chrisitine! oh my, i love this kind of shade. i have to have it! Isn’t it similar to Tenderling by MAC? :)

  37. Christina

    Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous!
    How does this compare to Benefit’s Dandelion though?

  38. Jackie

    How does this compare to Benefit’s Dandelion?

  39. ABSOLUTELY need this. I’m going to Cincinnati for spring break in a few weeks and I will DEFINITELY pick this up at the MAC store. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Looks like a slightly warmer Chanel Pink Explosion–something I passed on because of the price.

  40. Katie

    I’m obsessed with blushbaby so I guess I have to get this!

  41. BethM

    This is very pretty. I will have to swatch it on my skin first, but it may be the only thing I really want from this collection. :)

  42. LRW

    is it close to the Armani Spring LE blush?

  43. beckybenett

    Do you think this is too light for an NC30 skintone? It looks like it may be too light…

  44. amy

    It is very pretty and it reminds me of Benefit Dandeline but more pigmentation, but I think this may be a bit too light for my skin tone.

  45. Carie

    This looks like a great everyday blush. Too bad it’s LE.

  46. RosaVee

    Do you think this is the same as Cubic blush?

  47. livnzoe

    i’m so excited to see the dupes for this blush!!
    thank you for all the hard work CHRISTINE!!

  48. Liz Mc

    The swatches seem to look a lot like NYX Angel, at least on my hand (I’m sitting here at the computer smearing blush all over my arm LOL). But Angel looks browner in the pan.

    • Audrey

      NYX Angel is my HG powder blush, but if Pink Cult is an even lighter, pinker, girlier blush, then I’m all over it!

  49. Shannon

    I have Nars Sex Appeal. Do you know how they compare? Thx

  50. Angeli

    Hi Christine! Thanks so much for posting the swatches! I really appreciate it. I’m sure it’s not easy putting on make up then wiping it off to put on another. Just wondering, how does this compare to Burberry’s blush in Cameo? Thanks! =)

  51. hisa

    this blush looks gorgeous! do you think this blush is similar to r&r’s spank blush? i’ve been trying to find a dupe to that!

  52. anna

    How does this compare to Benefit’s Thrrrob? Is it more pigmented?

  53. Elice

    This color looks great on you! Do you think this color will work on a more tanned/asian/olive skin tone?

  54. Mec

    I’m in love…it is a beautiful shade ♥

  55. Mirka

    How does it compare to The perfect cheek blush (LE Make up art collection)? Thank you!

  56. Luana Barroso

    This reminds me ANGEL blush that was discontinued long ago by MAC … Do you remember this color?

  57. Tasha

    How similar Is this to mac Melba? I realize Melba is more peach, but is it nessecary to have both? Thanks!

  58. lizzy

    What’s the difference between Pink Cult and Pink Swoon? Thanks!

  59. Faerie

    Do you think this is close to Pet Me mineralize blush?

    Obviously the finish is completely different and to me it seems your look is much softer with Pink Cult. Too bad we won’t get Jeanius here, don’t know if this is worth the hunt on Ebay and such :(

  60. Charity


    This is so pretty would you buy it if you were an NW15 and already owned Dame and Dainty? It seems different enough from the photos. It looks great on you! Thank you for the advice and great pics!

  61. Charlene

    Is it similar to Bud from Stila or Well Dressed?

  62. Helen

    Hi Christine, how similar is it to well dressed? Different enough to own both? Thanks.

  63. Hello Christine,

    Thank you so much for the swatches but if you could… How does this compare to Well-Dressed… I am an NC 30-35 and I know you are similar… Do these compare? If they do which do you recommend more?

  64. hisa

    how does this compare to well dressed and flower mist dew?

  65. Laura

    On my screen this looks a lot like MAC Well Dressed. Is it similar in real life Christine?

  66. Sharon

    How does this compare to Illamasqua Katie and the new Tarte clay blushes?

  67. JamieJames

    In case no one was made aware the blush is sold out online!

    • Well I broke my no buy and bought it… I am glad I hopped online when I did. I honestly didn’t foresee anything from this collection selling out.

  68. Wendy

    This blush sold out online in 10 minutes. ugh! i didn’t get it. trekking to the mall to hunt it down. :/

  69. Angie

    Christine how does it compare to Mac Melba blush?

  70. ashley

    For WOC, this shows up on NC45 skin and it looks BEAUTIFUL! I just got it today. Go get it NOW!

  71. Becca

    I got this yesterday! When I swatched it on my skin, I almlost passed, but when the mac lady put it on (and yes she did put too much as always, but because of the colour it didn’t matter) I fell in love and caved. So happy I did!!! it’s sold out in a lot of places!!!!!!!!

  72. Gaby

    This shade is absolutely gorgeous… I am so tempted right now…

  73. woah :) it sure looks nice :3

    how is that compared to blushbaby or other mauve colored blushes, christine?

  74. Angela

    what steps do you take when applying your blush and with what brush/es?
    it shows on you, the true color as swatched. but when i apply it, it turns different in color. im thinking maybe its mixing with my powder/foundation. any suggestions? oh im NW25 if helps any

  75. Rebeca

    This is lovely

  76. Paty

    Do you think mac pink cult looks like Cargo´s tonga blush???

  77. Emma

    omggg. i bought this blush when it launched, but i was on a project 10 pan (i was buying LE stuff, but not using it till i was done) and now i finished and THE MAC LADIES GAVE ME BLUSH BABY INSTEAD!!!!!!! Like they tried to trick me?? but really they won because now they are gone!! SOOOOO MADDDD. I literally didnt take it out of the bag or touch it till 2 days ago. now im screwed. but I lost the receipt! blush baby, i dont like it at all ):

  78. Carla

    Hi christine, just a quick question, i really want to get pink cult as its completely different to any other blush that i have. However i tryed the benefit belabama or whatever its called lol…and thought it may have been abit to heavy. What do you think? As im fair white skinned. Just fancy something different and this looks LOVELY on you! xx