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MAC Angel
MAC Angel Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer

MAC Angel Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer

MAC Angel Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) has inspired a new and limited edition variation in Lipglass ($14.50 for 0.17 fl. oz.) and Nail Lacquer ($16.00 for 0.34 fl. oz.). This shade is available online only for North America, but it will launch in Asia Pacific as part of the region’s collection. Angel is described as “light warm pink.”

The two lip products layered creates a glossy, nearly opaque neutral pink with faint silver micro-shimmer. I found the gloss was slightly cooler-toned and has noticeably more shimmer compared to the lipstick counterpart. The nail lacquer doesn’t resemble neither the gloss nor the lipstick when swatched or applied–it’s much darker and yellower. It does, however, look more similar to the color of Angel lipstick in tube-form (but not swatched).

Angel Lipglass is a light-medium neutral pink with subtle silver micro-shimmer. It has a frost finish. It applies mostly opaque, and because of its lightness, it does have a slightly milky appearance. Thankfully, the opacity helps minimize how much it settles into lip lines. MAC Enchantee is cooler-toned, bluer-based. MAC Infinitely Likeable is just slightly gray-tinted in comparison. MAC Splashing is darker and warmer with golden shimmer. (8.5, 10, 8.5, 8.5, 4, 4; B+)

Angel Lipstick is a subtly yellow-toned light-medium pink with soft silver micro-shimmer that translates more into a frosted finish than it does a shimmery one. It yields mostly opaque color coverage. Lancome Love It! is similar but yellower. YSL Opera Rose is darker and yellower. Estee Lauder Mauve Mirage is bluer-based. Clarins Lilac Pink is very similar but a smidgen cooler-toned. Bobbi Brown Lilac is a little plummier. (9, 10, 8.5, 8, 4, 4; B+)

Angel Nail Lacquer is a medium yellow-toned pink with a cream finish. It’s nearly opaque after two coats of polish, and it applied evenly and smoothly. I didn’t have any trouble with this one. The consistency was on the thinner side overall, but it wasn’t too thin or watery. Chanel May is lighter and much bluer-based. NARS Trouville is way lighter, but it reads like they’re in the same family. Chanel Morning Rose is the closest, though it’s a little warmer and has gold sparkle. (9, 9.5, 9, 9, 4, 4; B+)

MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free. Frost finishes like Angel typically wear three to four hours on me, with lighter shades like this one wearing closer to three. This particular finish is not particularly moisturizing, but I don’t find it drying either. MAC Lipglasses are also vanilla-scented but taste-free. They are very sticky and have a thick, borderline-goopy consistency. If you prefer gel-like, cushion-y glosses that feel lightweight on, I don’t recommend MAC Lipglass. Because of the tackier texture, MAC Lipglasses do tend to wear a full four hours on me, with some of the darker shades lasting up to six hours (with mostly the color lingering at that point).

Note:  I am reviewing each “set” together.  After I’ve reviewed all sixteen sets, I will do round-ups for each product type (so all lipsticks together) to deliver an overall Glossover rating.  This rating is more indicative of the product type, as the rating that follows this post is an average across three totally different types of products.  You can also see the individual scores listed after each product, which are listed in the same order as they are in the Glossover.

The Glossover


MAC Angel Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

Angel is the type of pink that works well on most skin tones, because it's only subtly warm, so it will tend to move towards neutral on cooler complexions and stay slightly warm on warmer complexions. It's a very work-friendly color as well.











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MAC Angel
MAC Angel Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer

MAC Angel
MAC Angel Lipglass layered over Angel Lipstick, Angel Nail Lacquer

MAC Angel
MAC Angel Lipglass layered over Angel Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

MAC Angel
MAC Angel Lipglass layered over Angel Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

MAC Angel
MAC Angel Lipglass layered over Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipglass
MAC Angel Lipglass

MAC Angel Lipglass
MAC Angel Lipglass

MAC Angel Lipglass
MAC Angel Lipglass

MAC Angel Lipglass
MAC Angel Lipglass

MAC Angel Lipglass
MAC Angel Lipglass (Diffused Flash)

MAC Angel Lipglass
MAC Angel Lipglass (Studio Lighting)

MAC Angel Lipglass
MAC Angel Lipglass

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Nail Lacquer
MAC Angel Nail Lacquer

MAC Angel Nail Lacquer
MAC Angel Nail Lacquer

MAC Angel Nail Lacquer
MAC Angel Nail Lacquer

MAC Angel Nail Lacquer
MAC Angel Nail Lacquer

MAC Angel Nail Lacquer
MAC Angel Nail Lacquer

MAC Angel Nail Lacquer
MAC Angel Nail Lacquer

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC, $14.50 each for Lipstick and Lipglass; $16.00 each for Nail Lacquer.

Is it limited edition?

Yes, unless specified in the post.

Any dupes?

See individual shade!

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On eyes: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense in #20, 21, 22, 23. On cheeks: Benefit Sugarbomb.

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66 thoughts on “MAC Angel Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Christine, what makes your blog so unique is all of the high quality images including different lighting (wow!) and the thoroughness of your reviews.  I really value it as a reader and I felt compelled to tell you so!  
    I like Angel lipglass and nail lacquer but not the lipstick.  

  2. Julie Markussen

    I really like this colour! I’ve never thought about getting Angel l/s because I didn’t really think much of it. But it looks so pretty on you, Christine! And I really like the lipglass layered on top but I don’t think it would be necessary for me as I never really find myself using lipglosses. I’m always attracted to them, though – LOL. :) 

  3. Ana G

    Humm..started of well  for me :-)

  4. bellyrockin

    Loving the nail lacquer, not so much the lipglass though

  5. I can’t believe I still don’t own Angel yet, every time I’m at a MAC counter I look at it. I think I will buy it for this summer. 

  6. Tessa

    I think I just fell in love with the nail polish. ♥

  7. Chiara

    Angel nail laquer is lovely <3

  8. I love the nail lacquer! Thanks for the swatches!

  9. Luella Rose

    i love this collection! angel has always been one of my faves and i’d love the lipglass. will it not be released in the UK :(?

    •  @Luella Rose I’m really not sure.  Unfortunately, brands typically just send information for the blogger’s home country (so for me, it’d be U.S.).  Now, U.S. ONLY sent information for North America but ALL of the sets are available on the North American website.  It might be that it will release online for UK as well, but I’m not sure.

  10. Nicole

    Wow, you look stunning! This review took a LOT of work, and there are a ton of sets to review. Thanks for your hard work. I love your blog.

  11. Hi, Christine. Thank you so much for the review. Do you have any idea if this collection will be available in Nordstrom as well?

  12. TeeL0veBeauty

    This set is so pretty and girly! If I had a lighter skin tone I’d be all over this lipstick!

  13. aj2412

    It looks fabulous on you !! i esp like the nail color!

  14. Sue

    Oh no! I can’t believe this won’t be released in Europe. :,(
    Angel and Snob lipglasses were the only two products I wanted out of this collection. Christine, thank you so much for your troubles in testing, photographing and reviewing all 16 sets! It’s highly appreciated.

    • You’re welcome, Sue! :)  I will admit that while I swear I’ve reviewed bigger MAC launches… I don’t know if I’ve ever done quite so many of the more time-consuming products before, lol!

  15. fabiola

    I love this lipstick, I already have it, I won’t be buying the lipglass, because everytime I buy a mac lipglass; it just sits there. I don’t use them because they are too sticky. But thank you for your review Christine.

  16. Angel lipstick is a shade that look horrible on me but I wish the nail polish shade has a colour dupe in a mac lipstick as the added saturation would be nice. lol

  17. Cat G

    I actually find it all really pretty, but it’s too light pink for my coloring, I’m afraid.

  18. Wow, I can see why there are so many photos overall – that is a lot of photos per review! 
    Angel is not my color, but I’m looking forward to all the brights that are coming up!

  19. Kim Kardashian uses this color or maybe not so recently….but this is a color she uses.  I tried it on…doesnt work for me….and Kim is much darker than me…so I dont see how she does it.

  20. HannahS

    Wow, now I understand how much work you put into your reviews. This is just amazing. To review every set. Awesome, awesome job :)

  21. Oh no!  The perfect warm pink and I’ve been trying to stay away from the Mac website for the past couple of days for fear I would get hooked on more of the sets…  fat chance now!  p.s.  Christine, you look great in these photos! Love the dramatic eyes against the soft pink.

  22. Victoria84

    Christine this looks stunning on you! I’m not feeling chestnut so much but you just made me want the entire angel set with this post.  I’m very excited for you to review the morange collection.  I wear the morange lipstick all the time and am excited for the gloss and laquer.  Keep up the good work woman! 

  23. praewmochii

    Would you recommend this Angel Lipstick for medium skin tone with yellow undertone ?? This color i so pretty but i don’t know if it’s right for me.

  24. that pairs beautifully with your eye makeup in this post

  25. DoraDietz

    Christine, this looks AMAZING on you!i love it!I also LOVE what you have on your eyes.[I’d kill for a tutorial hintcoughhint].

  26. IlariaDiva

    This color looks amazing on you! :) I absolutely love this lipstick, it’s been on my wishlist for a while now but since it’s permanent I prefer to save up my money for limited lipsticks such as RazzleDazzler or Spice. :) I’m so curious to see swatches of both lol! I’ll definitely skip Angel Lipglass ’cause it’s pretty but a little ordinary and since MAC is so expensive here, I won’t splurge on an ordinary color which I can buy for less. Last but not least, I’m intrigued by the nail laquer… it’s so gorgeous!! And it seems like this one has a better formula than other MAC polishes you reviewed before – so why not add it to my wishlist lol? :)

  27. CarolineL

    I’m a bit sad because this part of the collection apperatly isn’t coming to Sweden :( Great color :)

  28. Oh my gosh, this looks fantastic on you!! I’m about a NC25-NC30 like you, Christine, and have really wanted to make this work on me. I’ve tried it on at the counters and I just feel really washed out when I wear it for some reason :( My lips are a lot darker, though — maybe that has something to do with it?? After seeing this pictures I really want to get this! 

  29. Emma512

    Love all of these! And the top photos of all three are beautiful btw. 

  30. makeupartbyanna

    Nailpolish is gorgeouss!!

  31. Fawn Card

    sooo pretty!

  32. Jill Dellibovi

    I just ordered the lipglass! Not only does it look great in your pics, but it’s my daughter’s nickname, so I had to have it. :) Thanks for keeping us posted, Christine!

  33. Alessandra Discaciate

    Angel is one of my favorites lipstick ever! So pretty and so feminine!

  34. Princess Marygrace

    I want it!!!

  35. Eileen Soto

    omg..seen ur review n now i want too

  36. Pili Cedillo

    Oh no, why did I open this? *wants*

  37. Shawna Marie

    do u ever talk about natural non toxic makeup?

  38. Nancy Burden

    Christine, what eyeshadow are you wearing in your fashion sets swatch photos?

  39. zaraleen

    please tell me that these will be available to buy in UK? please please please, emma x

  40. moena

    I second the request for a tutorial on your eye look. :)

  41. Oh my god, Christine. Sixteen sets, three products each, and three separate lip swatches per set?!  I am seriously, seriously impressed. (And, okay, by “impressed” I also mean “extremely awed and intimidated,” but shhh :P) Gorgeous photos, as always! I love how Angel pairs with this eye look. 

  42. Alexandria Mazan

    Amazing! Must have! Will you be doing a review/swatch of the St Germain Set? X

  43. Temptalia

    Nancy Burden Check the post, it’s listed in the FAQ!

  44. Nancy Burden

    Oh dear, I did scan the post first, but obviously not well enough! Thanks Christine. That eye look is beautiful!

  45. DDublover34

    Love the makup your wearing

  46. Kadie Lee

    I’m a bit confused about the availability. Does this mean that the all three, including the lipstick will only be available online, even thought the lipstick is part of the permanent range? The lipglass and polish are wonderful, but this was the next lipstick on my list =p

    • If one of the products is permanent, then it’s permanent and available whenever you want in-store or online, but anything limited edition is based on region – so if it isn’t part of the North America collection, then it will only be available online.  Latin America/Middle East shades will be at select Macy’s as well.

  47. Joannie

    You look soooo pretty!

  48. darlingjean

    do you think Angel, Please Me and  Razzledazzler would work on a NC20?

  49. Maureen

    What eyeshadow are you wearing here?  That’s a great blue.

  50. Emme

    Has anyone tried the Angel lipglass yet? :) What are your thoughts? Is it very frosty?