Free for Haul Friday, Volume #129

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  MAC Fashion Sets – 16 lipsticks, 16 lipglosses, 16 nail lacquers
  • Weekend plans:  Finish up MAC Fashion Sets!
  • Gloss or lipstick?:   Lipstick–lasts longer.

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This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan aka The Exhibitionist

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Oh Mellan, I’m practically speechless lol. I didn’t know dogs do this too to be honest. I thought it’s more of a cat thing!
Haul: Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette! It was back on the site, I could get the Fresh duo for my birthday, and my friend who lives in the US is coming back next month so it was perfect timing!
Weekend plans: Oh gosh. I have so much to do I don’t know where to start… Not going to be a very relaxing weekend for me it seems!
Gloss or lipstick: Lipstick! However un-sticky a gloss claims to be, when you live in a windy country your hair will ALWAYS stick to it!

 @Mostly Sunny Some dogs do it a LOT!  Mellan doesn’t stay in that position long, but I’ve known some other dogs that practically prefer it, haha.
I’ve found that hair sticks in gloss no matter the tackiness!  Just how much gloss gets stuck to the hair seems to differ!

Haul: Only nail polish this week. Orly Fantasea, Nubar Gold Feather and Deborah Lippmann Sugar Daddy,
Weekend plans:  No plans yet!
Gloss or lipstick? Glossy lipstick 😀

Haul: Nothing (though I did try to find a particular Prestige eyeshadow but cannot seem to find it)
Weekend plans:  fetching our son home from Montreal (where he’s been for 4 months working his co-op term) and taking him back to his university residence.  We”ll be doing this for the next FIVE years! 
Gloss or lipstick: lipstick

Haul: Some eyeshadows from Fyrinnae: Te Amo & Koala in full size (everyone should own Te Amo – it’s amazing) and Cuddlefish & Nijiro in small size. It shipped really fast and I’m loving all of them.
Weekend plans: Taking my son to see my parents.  Hoping the weather holds out so we can check out the beach.
Gloss or lipstick?: Lipstick for sure.  Gloss is way too messy.  (So, why do I have a drawer full of it??)

Haul: I got a new angled bob haircut recently, so to maintain it between salon visit, I purchased:
Alterna Caviar Blowout Creme, CHI Flat Iron, 1 3/4″ Round-brush, and Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect Protection Spray
Weekend plans: My school’s carnival!
Gloss or lipstick?:  Lipstick

Haul:Kat Von D Saint palette, NARS Albatross (I can officially say that I own one NARS product that lives up to the hype.)
Weekend plans: Last minute family reunion.
Gloss or lipstick?: Lipstick for sure.

Haul: Nothing this week 🙁 But I did wear my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal for the first time!
Weekend plans:  Go out to my favorite Mexican restaurant with a friend I haven’t seen for half a year!
Gloss or lipstick: Gloss! Most days I like having my lips shiny and sparkle without too much color or drying out

Haul: Nothing this week.
Weekend plans: Just enjoy a long weekend, go see a movie. 
Gloss or lipstick?: Lipstick; I work outside in construction sites so lipgloss sticks to my hair…

That photo is cracking me up!
Haul: So much! I had a Sephora giftcard, and got the Illamasqua Neutral Palette (I love it so much!), plus Illamasqua Hussy, and NARS Dolce Vita Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I also picked up MAC Rebel, plus I got an Urban Decay Hautelook order and some La Femme blushes . . . I need to lay off on the spending!
Weekend Plans: Study for finals!
and lipstick lipstick lipstick! I rarely, if ever, wear gloss.

Haul: Still on the no buy, and surprisingly little interest in purchasing anything new!
Weekend plans: No plans, yet. Intended to watch the GZ hearing this morning since it was discovered he had over $200,000 in funds he did not disclose, and all of his family acted so dumb about the funds. They didn’t show the hearing, but I’m inclined to believe the judge is favoring the defendant, as he made a snap judgment to ignore his past and granted such low bond, but it comes out he lied by omission and the judge “won’t make a snap decision” because he needs more information. WHAT?! HE AND HIS FAMILY LIED!!!! What else do you need to know, judge? UGH. This makes me livid.
Gloss or lipstick?: Lipstick! If I want the color to be glossier, I just add clear gloss.

Okay, totally got sidetracked from a Mellan comment I was going to make since I got off on the GZ rant, lol. My dog does that exact same pose, but ONLY when he’s tired and cranky. Sometimes if he’s tired, and you touch him, he’ll flip out and start flailing around and end in that position while snarling. LOL. If you try to touch him in that position, he will back kick his paws at you.

Nothing hauled, but I am quite excited about going to my parents cabin this weekend! I prefer lipstick because for me it’s about the color, not the shine. Oh Mellan! It’s so weird how animals sit or lie in such funny poses, and then when you take a picture you realize that it’s basically highlighting the privates. I have a cat, so there’s a lot of catbutt in any funny pictures I try to take.

Mellan is a riot. I roared at that photo. I’ve seen small dogs do this but it’s so much funnier to see a large dog rolling around w/glee.

Haul: MAC Prep & Prime Lip, Studio Scult Concealer, Pro Blush Palette, lipsticks in Angel
           Girl About Town
           Please Me
Lipglass in:
          Saint Germain
Nail Lacquer in:
          Girl About Town
          Please Me
          Saint Germain

Weekend Plans: Date night w/hubby, Sunday Family Dinner & Reading & Relaxing

Lipstick /Lipgloss: Hands down, Lipstick

New reader & commenter on Temptalia, after being subscribed to the YouTube channel for a little while! 🙂
Awwww Mellan…so cute!!! Looks like he loves the attention of having his photo taken! 🙂
Haul: Nothing (which is surprising!)
Weekend plans: I’m working both Saturday & Sunday, so nothing super exciting.
Gloss or lipstick: I like both, but recently I’ve been wearing more lipstick, especially at work, when I need something to last longer on the lips.

HAUL: Catrice eyepencils in “Would You Mint?” and “Jet Set Affair”.
WEEKEND PLANS: Just hanging out ’cause the weather is so warm and nice – I might go shopping tomorrow.
GLOSS OR LIPSTICK? Lipstick forever.
Aww this pic is soooo funny hahaha!! Mellan is always so cute! 😀
Have a great weekend Christine!

Haul: L’Oreal True Match Foundation in W7 Caramel Beige, Physician’s Formula Baked Eyeshadow Trio.
Weekend Plans: Anthropology paper. Fortunately, this one is shorter than the one for my writing class. I also want to get some photos taken for the blog. I am a bit behind on posts.
Gloss or lipstick?: Lipstick. I have been obsessed since seeing photos of Pat Benatar when I was 5.

Haul: Nothing makeuprelated
Weekend plans: Looking for a kitchen, surfing true living / interior blogs and meeting a friend and planning my trip to Berlin
Gloss or lipstick?:  Lipstick

Haul:  Catrice lipstick in ‘210 Pinkadilly Circus’.
Weekend plans: Lunch with the family and going to watch ‘The Avengers’ =D
Gloss or lipstick?:  Gloss, I love super shiny lips haha

Haul: I replaced a Phys. Formula PH Balance Pink Lipgloss that my daughter “stole” from me. It’s my new Favorite! Bright pink and then as it wears off, leaves my lips a pretty shade of pink. I also got a Phys. Formula Mineral Wear LIquid Foundation. Hate the container, love the product. I’ve become a recent Phys. Formula fan. I also got a bunch of Sally Hansen pedicure products yesterday afternoon and prettied up my feat.
Weekend plans: shopping for a vow renewal dress with my husband (having our vows renewed in Vegas week after next by Elvis, on our 20th anniversary. Just for fun). Housework, errands, hanging out.
Gloss or Lipstick? That’s a tough one for me. Right now Gloss – as long as it’s my new PH Balanced formula. Otherwise Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick.

yesterday i hauled mac pressed amber, warmth of coral, dubonnet (it was on my list), prolongwear concealer in nc35, deliciously forbidden, legendary eden rouge from cco.  discount price, yay!  now all i need from permannent collection is impassioned at cco.  

lipstick always, i have lipglosses from past purchase and i want to give them away, i m just trying to use up stuff now.  weekend plans, study and work.  

Haul: 24 Zoya polishes.
Weekend Plans: Haircut! I’ve had an inverted bob, so I’m planning on going with an undercut. Gloss or Lipstick: Lipstick. Lasts longer, is less likely to be smeared by my two year old. One of my two dogs does that same thing – it looks even more ridiculous because she’s 120 pounds (all lean! Just a big dog.) I’ll sometimes catch her asleep like that. The other dog just stares at her like, “what _are_ you doing?!” 

Mellan!  Upside down curved Mellan!!!  Fluffy white bottom! *squeee*  Zola always does that same position during his twists and turns while napping on my bed beside me. It’s my favorite thing, *especially* with the bared teeth and rolled-back eyeballs. I actually COOED out loud when I saw Mellan’s face. What’s his favorite place to be scratched when he’s like that and does he like his paws rubbed?  (Zola is always shoving his paws into my face to be rubbed and, yes, kissed. LOL)  You know, Friday’s Mellan photos are my favorite part of this entire site!  Please, can you include a Friday blog from Mellan every now and then? It can be just a few lines about things or life from Mellan’s perspective. I want more Mellan!!!!  😀
Haul: nothing, unless you consider a ridiculously expensive nightguard (the cost of which I still hugely resent, mostly as it’s SO bloody uncomfortable). That $500 is going to preclude me from any fun or makeup purchases for a little while.  
Gloss or Lipstick:  Without a doubt, lipstick. I cannot *stand* lipglosses! Speaking only for myself, I really don’t get it and wish the global mania (obsession?) would fade a little. I also wish that certain brands (NARS, I’m talking to you!) would stop leaning *so* heavily in that direction over (matte) lipsticks. 

 @Christine (Temptalia)
 Does his leg cycle when you scratch his chest? Please tell Mellan that blogging may be rewarded with some liver-flavoured or healthy baked treats in the mail…. (Bribery is allowed, right?)  He can share his views about everything from his Mommy’s recent 3,500 photo ordeal to the horrors of the vacuum cleaner. Or, he can just talk about the iniquity of having his private parts exposed to a global audience. 😉   LOL. 

 @Kafka It doesn’t, but he does have a spot on his side that does it.  Surprisingly, he doesn’t have too many of those trigger spots and it’s always hard to pinpoint exactly where it is!
Oh, man, he was passed out near where I take photos yesterday, and he just had this, “When are you going to be done?” expression on his face.  Mellan is lucky I haven’t posted his most embarrassing photo — we were trying to prevent him from getting at his stitches after being neutered (the cone/head colllar wasn’t working) and put on an old pair of Shaun’s boxers.  Sooo not a good look.

 @Christine (Temptalia)Hahahaha, old boxer shorts just adds to the overall visual! Poor Mellan, if it weren’t so embarassing for him or rising to the level of parental abuse, I’d beg to see the photo posted. Plaid, striped, coloured or plain boxers? ROFL. Not only do you steal part of his manhood but then you add insult to injury with old intimate wear. Cannot stop laughing. I swear, Mellan chats are the best thing to look forward to after a long, stressful week.  

My latest haul was kind of catching the last of the spring collections I wanted, but other stuff as well !
-Nars Cleo e/s duo, Nars mata hari blush, Nars gaiety blush, Nars trouville nail lacquer,
-Dior vernis in saint tropez, and the girl tried to sell me the waterlily vernis, so… I bought it hehe

Latest haul: NARS : gaiety and mata hari blush, Cleo e/s duo and trouville nail polish
Dior: st tropez and water lily vernis!
Weekend plans: probably nothing much maybe go on a date with my boyfriend 🙂
Lipstick/gloss: lipstick overall but of I’m lazy then gloss!

Haul: ELF eyeshadow primer & angled eyeliner brush.

Plans: Again, none.

I prefer tinted lip balm for every day, but it really depends on my outfit and environment as far as making a choice between lipstick or gloss.

Haul: Mac lipstick in shy girl (got it after reading the review on here!), eyeshadow in gleam, face and body foundation, and studio finish concealer. I also got some real technique brushes from ulta because they were on sale.
Plans: Work and study for finals 🙁
Lipstick/gloss: I like anything long lasting so I prefer a lipstick. But some glosses last longer so it all depends on the product.

Mellan is such a cutie!Christine, I love the redesign to the breakdown and the commenting, congrats for getting that working!
Haul: Laura Mercier metallic eye cream in Alloy. Can’t wait to try it out and layer some purple or silvery taupe over it!
Plans: Work, and maybe go watch the Avengers movie for the THIRD time! (I should really be ashamed, but I’m not, haha!)
Lipstick/lipgloss: definitely lipgloss. I tend to play a lot with my lips and they’re very dry, so nothing lasts longer than 2 hours. Lipstick just doesn’t wear off as nicely or evenly as lipgloss for me, and it’s really uncomfortable to wear.

Haul :
Nars Sin blush
Mac Flirt and Tease blush
Mac Honour blush
The Balm Mary lou Manizer
Tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundation
Naked 2 palette
Benefit Bad Gal mascara
Benefit Full Glam Ahead set
L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black masacara
Wet n Wild brow pencil in Taupe
Going to a bar with some friends tonigh,and I’m working on Saturday and Sunday so,no big plans here.
Gloss or lipstick:
Lipstick !

With our dog, that’s the “NOW YOU CAN CONTINUE SCRATCHING MY CHEST” pose.   Currently, he’s situated across from me in the living room (on a love seat that he’s not supposed to be on), probably wondering why nobody is scratching his chest.
Haul:  L’Oreal Infallible Lip Gloss in Posy, L’Oreal Infallible 24-Hour eye shadow in Sultry Smoke (which, surprisingly, did live up to its claims), Rimmel matte bronzer in Sun Light, Revlon matte blush in Blushing Berry (a flop, unfortunately :|), and I’m probably going to pick up Burberry #15 in Claret and Guerlain’s Rouge G in Gigolo this weekend.
Lip gloss or lipstick?:  Lipstick.  For one, I tend to prefer a semi-matte finish, and two, lip glosses tend to feather on me if they’re highly pigmented, so they have to be worn over a lipstick anyway.  This is not to say a glossy finish doesn’t have its uses, and while I prefer lipstick over all, I think glosses generally tend to be more moisturizing and comfortable to wear over a long period of time.

American eagle outfitters: 3 skinny jeans in, orange, hot pink and teal, and one regular dark blue jean.
Sephora: ud naked palette 2, I never really like the naked 1. Ud 24/7 eyeliner in perversion, I lost the one I got a month ago after using it only a week.
Loving mellan picture.

 @fabiola Fabiola, I hope you like the N2 palette! I have been loving it lately. My recent favorite look with it was using 3 shades from the palette and 3 MAC shades. I used MAC Orb on the brow, MAC Soft Brown in the crease/on orbital bone then concentrated MAC Saddle in the outer socket for depth then I used Booty Call, Chopper, and Snake Bite from the palette! Booty Call as an inner corner brightener with Chopper on the lid with Snake Bite in the very out corner. It was a gorgeous peachy, copper, bronze look.

Oh my God, he is so funny ! I love this picture ! You really know how to “catch” the perfect moment for picture (and your lovely dog may give you a lot of these moments too!!!)

Haul: Cult Nails Enticing and Manipulative
Le Metier de Beaute Hibiscus
Miami lip Shines from bobby brown !
Weekend Plans: Furniture Shopping
Lipstick or Lipgloss: I cant really decide…. i guess I always where gloss over lipstick so im a combo person? haha

Haul: Cult Nails Enticing and Manipulative
Le Metier de Beaute Hibiscus
Miami lip Shines from bobby brown !
Weekend Plans: Furniture Shopping
Lipstick or Lipgloss: I cant really decide…. i guess I always where gloss over lipstick so im a combo person? haha

Haul: Tarte Mini Blush set with Dollface blush and a bronzer
           Maybelline Violet Eye Shadow palette
           Maybelline  Eye Studo Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in brown
           QVC beauty tube
           Physicians Formula Talc-Free  Airbrushing  loose and pressed powder
           Thayer’s Alcohol Free lavender toner ( thought I ordered the rose)
           MAC Studio Tech Foundation NC20
           MAC Viva Glam VI lipstick
           MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush
Weekend: Normal plans of relaxing, reading, household chores, spending time with children and hubby
Lipstick or gloss: Lipstick. I don’t really like gloss at all but I will wear Smashbox on occassion.
Love the pic of the dog!          

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