Thursday, November 10th, 2011

La Prairie Translucent Cellular Treatment Loose Powder
La Prairie Translucent Cellular Treatment Loose Powder

La Prairie Translucent Cellular Treatment Loose Powder

La Prairie Translucent Cellular Treatment Loose Powder ($80.00 for 2.20 oz.) is available in two shades, Translucent 1 and Translucent 2, both of which are loose powders designed to set makeup and mattify the skin. It is also supposed to add radiance to the skin. Worth noting is for the price, you get a large, full-size (2.0 oz.) along with a travel-sized version (0.20 oz.), both of which are refillable (though, I did not spy any refills available online, so it may be an in-store purchase only).

I should probably be using Translucent 2, which is designed for warmer skin tones (and also for those on the darker side of the spectrum), but the product I received and tested was Translucent 1. I don’t have extremely strong yellow undertones, so that’s probably why I was able to get away with Translucent 1, which is generally more suitable for cooler skin tones and those on the lighter end of the spectrum. Loose Powders are a product that really needs to be tested on the face with an appropriate applicator, because merely swatching it on your arm or the back of your hand will rarely yield the same result. For reference, I’ve done an arm swatch only just blended so the product is still visible against my skin as well as before-and-after photos of the loose powder applied with a fluffy powder brush (MAC 134).

This powder has shimmer in it, and initially, when I first swatched it against the skin, I was like, “Ooh, boy, that is SO not going to work!” Lo and behold, it mattified without giving the skin an unnaturally dry appearance. The subtle reflecting particles help deliver that soft focused look that gives the skin the appearance of a softer, more even appearance. There are numerous loose powders on the market with similar properties, so it’s not unique to La Prairie’s by any means, but these types of powders work exceptionally well on camera. They’re picked up and read back beautifully.

La Prairie’s loose powder is extremely finely milled–so soft it feels like silk and almost comes together like a cream. It applies easily without looking caky and disappears against the skin when a flick of the brush. It sets my makeup in place and keeps it there for eight to ten hours without needing to re-powder or blot. While testing this, my skin was fairly normal, and like many of you, I do get a little oilier around my t-zone. Without a powder, my t-zone looks oily after six hours and foundations can feel slick on the skin, but I felt like everything remained solid until that eight hour mark.

The price point–as far as La Prairie goes–is not nearly as high as I’d expect, given the amount of powder you receive. For reference, popular setting powder Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder retails for $34 and contains 1 oz. of product, which works out to be $34/oz., while La Prairie is $36.36/oz. It’s a higher initial price tag, but for something like setting powder, once you find the one that works for you, it’s a staple product you use everyday and will eventually use up. (Unless, of course, you have trouble committing to a product for long–like me!) I do like that you get a travel-sized version with you, though; it’s just convenient for keeping in your makeup bag or when you’re traveling. And if you don’t intend to travel, you can use the small size and refill it using the larger jar; this means keeping the large jar totally clean for the years it’ll take to finish it.

I have a good number of go-to setting powders, and La Prairie does everything it’s supposed to do.  It doesn’t compel me to switch, as I have found that many loose powders perform equally well on my skin type, it’s not just puffery.  It is definitely one I would reach for on a special occasion for its exceptional ability to give skin a softer, smoother appearance.

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La Prairie Translucent Cellular Treatment Loose Powder Review, Photos, Swatches

I have a good number of go-to setting powders, and La Prairie does everything it's supposed to do. It doesn't compel me to switch, as I have found that many loose powders perform equally well on my skin type, it's not just puffery. It is definitely one I would reach for on a special occasion for its exceptional ability to give skin a softer, smoother appearance.











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Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Guerlain Teint Rose Meteorites Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder
Guerlain Teint Rose Meteorites Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder

Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder

Guerlain Teint Rose Meteorites Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder ($56.00 for 0.23 oz.) is designed to provide a fine, lightweight all-over powder that helps to minimize imperfections and enhance the natural glow of the complexion. It also sets and mattifies the skin, which makes it one multi-tasking powder.

Upon trying it, I was a bit bothered by the lightness of the compact–it feels like plastic, and from Guerlain, it’s not what I’d expect. It sounds like plastic when I knock on it, which could account for the lack of weight. On the flip side, because it is not metal or metal-esque, it still has that gunmetal look without the accompanying fingerprints. I’m torn: I love the heft of a good luxe compact, but I love that this stays fingerprint-free. The Meteorites Illuminating Pressed Powders actually come in rather different packaging, which also felt plastic, so perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. The ones prior are shimmering and less flesh-toned as they are enhancing (think highlighters). Those go for $65 a pop but come with 0.35 oz. of product.

I tend to get a touch oily around the t-zone after six to eight hours of wearing full makeup, but I was pleased to see that a sheer layer of Rose Teint did wonders and kept me shine-free for twelve hours. It also illuminates in a very soft, refined way; it’s there but so slight that it really does seem like your skin is naturally radiant and aglow. It has a beautifully silky texture that’s so finely milled that it looks more like a pearly finish than anything else.

The sample I received was in Teint Rose, which is actually the lightest shade and ever-so-slightly pink-tinged (but really, it’s so slight, I could hardly tell), while Teint Beige and Teint Dore are darker, though from what I’ve seen, not by much. On me, it seemed virtually colorless and worked well even though it looks rather pale and light. (I think I may pick up Teint Beige, though, to see what that does for me, as I like this one quite a bit.)

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: It imparts a natural glow that’s impossible to overdo. It’s soft, demure, and perfect for use all over the face or as a subtle highlighter. This acts much like a setting powder and provides very little coverage, as it applies sheer.

WHERE TO BUY: Nordstrom

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Friday, November 19th, 2010

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Temptalia Staples: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($34.00 for 1.0 oz.) has been a long-time favorite for me — it’s been my go-to setting powder since I first started using it. It’s been used in over 70 posts!

The one I hav been using is actually a smaller size included in one of Laura Mercier’s gift sets or travel kits (can’t remember), but it was 0.33 oz., whereas the full-size version (which is pictured in this post) is a full 1 oz. It took me six months of regular usage to go through it, so I imagine a full-size should last at least a year with daily use or a year and a half with 3-4 uses a week. I just picked up the full-size during Sephora’s F&F sale last month.

I love it because it sets my makeup, keeps it in place throughout the day, and helps minimize oiliness. It never looks powdery, and it never looks obvious–it has a silky smooth texture as it is a finely milled loose powder that disappears on the skin. The soft, featherweight texture means it never feels heavy over foundation.  I like using this with MAC’s 134 brush and dusting all over after finishing foundation and blush.

The only area this product could improve on is working longer than six hours – I do find a hint of oiliness starts to peek through by hour seven or eight, and I’m normal-to-dry, so I imagine that very oily skin types may find they need a touch-up after three or so hours.

P.S. — I recommend only peeling back (or cutting) half of the label, because you don’t need that many holes exposed to get a good amount of product.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: It’s fabulous on dry and normal skin types, but it may not produce as stellar results on the oiliest of skin types. I fully recommend giving it a shot, though – one of my staples!

AVAILABILITY: Nordstrom and Sephora

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Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

MAC Sheer Mystery Powder
MAC Sheer Mystery Powder

MAC Marcel Wanders: MAC Sheer Mystery Powder

MAC Sheer Mystery Powder ($60.00 for 0.56 oz.) is described as “an ultra-fine, super sheer, and very sophisticated pressed powder … “Mysteriously” silky-soft in texture, glides on to give skin a velvety matte, slightly luminous and altogether flawless finish.”  There are only two shades available:  Light and Medium Plus.  They used to release a shade called Dark Secret, which was more appropriate for darker skin tones.

I only picked up Medium Plus, so I only have a swatch of that one, but hopefully it will be helpful enough to show you the texture and look of it.  I would recommend Light for NC/NW15s and 20s, possibly 25s if you are definitely NC/NW25.  I would recommend Medium Plus for NC/NW30s and 35s.  I think it would be too light for any shades higher than NC/NW35.

The formula itself is a very finely milled, silky smooth powder that applies incredibly sheer.  It is best used as a setting or finishing powder, because it does not offer coverage, but it will set your foundation or help to mattify skin.  It is not completely matte in finish, but it is semi-matte.  I like it, and I think it’s a good pressed powder, but it’s not the best one I’ve ever tried.  I don’t know if it’s that much better than MAC’s Blot or Select Sheer Powders, you know?  I do like that it looks very natural, and it’s practically impossible to overdo.  It doesn’t look powdery on the skin, even on drier areas of mine.

The compact itself shares the same multifaceted look as the perfume pendant, but unlike the pendant, it is made out of hard plastic, rather than metal.  It feels very lightweight when held, which makes it appropriate for traveling but less so if you want that luxury feel.  In the past, this powder has always been housed in a heavier, sturdier compact.  It will hold fingerprints like nobody’s business, though.

I know the price tag always scares people every time MAC repromotes it, but keep in mind, it comes with a refill–each pan is 0.28 oz. for a total of 0.56 oz. for your $60.  However, on that note, MAC’s Select Sheer/Pressed will set you back $22 for 0.42 oz., while the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural retails for $26 for 0.35 oz.  After perusing through a variety of pressed powders from high-end brands, it seems like 0.28 to 0.35 oz. is the norm with prices ranging from $30 to 35.  This is certainly not a steal of a deal, but it’s like you’re paying an extra $15 to 20 for the packaging and product (since it’s not available outside of the pricier compacts).

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you are light or medium in skin tone, you may find a match here.  If you have ultra dry skin, you may want to skip the powder, but for slightly dry to slightly oily skin, it should work out.

AVAILABILITY: MAC on November 24th

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Saturday, June 19th, 2010

NARS Pro Prime Skin Smoothing Face Prep

How Pore-less Can You Be?

NARS Skin Smoothing Face Prep ($30.00 for 0.26 oz.) is a skin prepping product, not quite a primer, that’s supposed to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores to give skin a smoother look.

Get closer to an Immaculate Complexion with NARS Skin Smoothing Face Prep. With one application, skin is smoother and the appearance of fine lines and pores is minimized. A truly multi-use product, it may be used before primer to create a flawlessly matte finish or used throughout the day to combat shine and rejuvenate the complexion. Apply to fine lines, large pores or rough spots for an instant smoothing effect. For all skin types.

I’ve seen some mentions about the product size being small for a primer–but it’s not meant to be used like a primer–perhaps a targeted primer, but even NARS describes it as being used before primer or as a blotting agent during the day. It still feels like it’s on the small size based on packaging, but I don’t see using too much per usage either. However, it does very much the same thing as MAC’s Prep + Prime Line Filler ($19.50 for 0.5 fl. oz.) (review here, swatches here), though Line Filler is listed as a primer.

NARS has a better consistency for on-the-go, since it’s almost like the consistency of a candle (yes, a candle!)–it’s thick and solid–but melts a bit when you apply it to the face or use your fingers to apply. It smooths out well against the skin, and it does minimize the appearance of the lines and imperfections on the back of my hand. It can be applied over or under foundation, but I think it may make a nice blot powder alternative, because of the silicone and silica in it, which both will help to give skin a softer, smoother appearance. The whole effect is very much a diffused, soft focus kind of look.

Because this is loaded with silicones, I didn’t (and won’t be) testing it fully on my face any time soon, so this is only a partial review (and why there is no rating) based on testing it on my hand and playing around for consistency and the like. I did notice that my hand slowly but surely made its way back to its usual state of more visible lines and the like after about two to three hours.

I also applied it on top of my cheeks and around my nose to see how it handled pores (I think mine are getting bigger… I never obsessed over them before, but now I feel like they’re about to become black holes and suck all life into them!).  Even though I didn’t test it for wear over time, the improvement in my fine lines and pores really just wasn’t significant.  It did, however, give my skin a very soft, silky feel when I ran my fingertip over the areas I used the product on, and it had a softer look.  Like as if someone blurred the skin there a bit, but the fine lines underneath my eyes were still as noticeable as ever, even if slightly diffused.

If you have the most minute fine lines and just the beginnings of the slightest wrinkle, this may fade those into oblivion, as it does an impressive job on the back of my hand.  It just didn’t show up to the party so much on my fine lines.  When it came to my pores, the side with the Face Prep looked softer and smoother, but the pores were still there.  It worked (hey, NARS doesn’t say it will erase all, just “minimize”), but it’s just not as effective as I’d want it to be in order to justify adding the product into my routine.

Recommendation:  This might be a nice product for those with more oily skin or for those with oilier and drier areas where a full-on primer may be too much on drier patches of skin.  It’s a product that can be applied both under and over makeup, which is nice, and it could definitely work to help keep the oilies at bay throughout the day.  It might be nice if NARS included a little sponge that fit inside the jar for those afternoon touch-ups, though.  If you’re looking for something to miraculously fill in your fine lines and shrink your pores to nothing, I think you may be disappointed.

Availability: NARS,

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Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Guerlain #847 Kiss Kiss Gloss

Quick Reviews:  Guerlain Champagne Pearl Kiss Kiss Gloss, La Mer The Hydrating Facial Mask, Urban Decay Razor Sharp Finishing Powder

What are quick reviews? I’m glad you asked!  Quick reviews are products that I just haven’t gotten around to reviewing but either photographed, swatched, and/or tested.

Guerlain Champagne Pearl (847) Kiss Kiss Gloss ($30.00) is a sheer, sparkly peachy beige with champagne and gold shimmer. It’s definitely a sheer wash of color on lips, but it provides tons of sparkle. I like it better over a lipstick, because it can bring out the depth of a lipstick that way, rather than just being a wash of shimmer on lips.  Rating:  B+

La Mer ‘The Hydrating Facial’ Mask ($250.00 for 6 applications) is the closest I’ve ever come to feeling like I’m getting a spa facial at home. Granted, I’ve only had about two facials in my entire life, but I felt like I might have spent a little time on cloud nine when I relaxed with this on. There are two parts to the mask–an upper and lower zone–and together they infuse skin with moisture. My skin felt as amazing as it looked, and I definitely wished I had more than one mask to try, ha! The price is steep, but it’s La Mer–not surprising. I still find it completely funny that my Mom, who is not a beauty junkie, LOVES La Mer and says she can tell the difference when she uses something else I’ve given her. At least every gift giving occasion for Mom is easy :)  RatingB+ — love the product, value drags it down a bit.

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder ($30.00) is a nice, translucent powder to help set your makeup, but I really hated the delivery system. It annoyed me so much that I only used it twice and completely forgot about it. It’s a sponge that goes over the “nozzle” that disperses the powder. It just strikes me as particularly unsanitary, but aside from that, I much prefer a brush for a delicate, soft application. I feel like this presses more product onto the skin than necessary to set, but it can also smudge or over-blend your makeup if you’re not careful. I tried to twist/pry off the whole contraption on top, but to no avail, and thus why it’s taken me three months to review.  Rating:  B- — the product itself is decent, the packaging drives me batty.

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