6 Red Blushes for Maximum Rouge

We may call it rouge, but there are far less red-hued blushes on the marketplace, though luckily, we have some and many of the permanent ones are fantastic. Here are three warmer and three cooler takes on red blush. When working with deeper or more richly pigmented shades, my best tip is to use a fan brush, which will allow you to build up the color and intensity slowly and easily. Also, it’s nice to have a buffing brush on hand, or if you use liquid foundation, use the residual product left on the brush to tamp down over-applied blush.

  1. Clinique Cola Pop — A Warm Red with a Luminous finish.
  2. NARS Taos — A Warm Red with a Pearl finish.
  3. Kevyn Aucoin Fira — A Warm Orange with a Satin finish.
  4. Surratt Beauty Rougeur — A Cool Red with a Satin finish.
  5. MAC Frankly Scarlet — A Warm Red with a Semi-Matte finish.
  6. Urban Decay Quiver — A Cool Red with a Satin finish.

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Kevyn Aucoin The Legacy Makeup Palette

Kevyn Aucoin The Legacy Palette ($165.00 for 0.79 oz.) includes twelve eyeshadows, one highlighter, and one contour powder. My favorite products are the highlighter and contour powders, which will come as no surprise, as I have reviewed them favorably in the past as standalones. You actually get more of each product in the palette than in the individual compact, but for $65 you could purchase the Contour Book Volume II, which also contains 0.17 oz. worth of the Celestial Powder and 0.14 oz. of the Sculpting Powder (plus other standout product sin the brand’s line, like a small version of Starlight and larger sizes of the cream versions of the highlight/contour found in this palette). I don’t think the eyeshadows are worth the additional expense; the shades themselves are dupable, but the formula feels dusty, dry, and sometimes powdery and other times stiffer. They blended out better than I expected, and they lasted seven to eight hours (so not too shabby), but they were more semi-sheer to semi-opaque and prone to sheering out when applied.

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Kevyn Aucoin The Legacy Palette
Kevyn Aucoin Holiday 2015 Makeup Palette The Legacy
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Kevyn Aucoin The Legacy Palette for Holiday 2015

Kevyn Aucoin The Legacy Palette
Kevyn Aucoin The Legacy Palette

This palette by Kevyn Aucoin Beauty includes everything you need to sculpt, highlight and define your face, eyes and brows. Designed to work on all skin tones, this full-size collection of 12 classic eyeshadows, The Celestial Powder (which adds a subtle light to your skin) and The Sculpting Powder (which creates the perfect shadow with its effortless combination of brown, red and grey pigments) glide effortlessly onto your skin.


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The Details

The Legacy Palette | $165.00 | Limited Edition

  • Eyeshadows Ice Gold, Champagne, Wheat, Camel, Coco, Dark Chocolate, Beige, Peach, Light Grey, Pewter, Espresso, Black
  • The Celestial Powder Candlelight
  • The Sculpting Powder Medium

5 Beautiful Berry-Hued Favorites for Fall

For our last of fall favorites, here’s a look at some of my top picks for all things berry-hued (which tend to be lip and cheek oriented, as you may notice below).

  1. Kevyn Aucoin Neolita — a warmer, reddish berry
  2. NARS Vivien — a muted, rosy berry
  3. Urban Decay Venom — a shimmering berry
  4. Laura Geller Plumberry — a luminous fuchsia berry
  5. Kat Von D Bauhau5 — a bright, berry-pink with a flat matte finish

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Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book Volume II for Holiday 2015


Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book Volume II
Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book Volume II

Make cheekbones appear stronger, your face appear slimmer, or create a more sculpted appearance with this contour palette. Kevyn Aucoin is considered to be one of the most iconic, influential makeup artists of our time. He pioneered the “art of contouring” and his innovative techniques transformed the faces of supermodels, celebrities, and women everywhere.


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The Details

The Contour Book Volume II | $65.00 | Limited Edition, Sephora Exclusive

This palette features cream and powder versions of his legendary contour products, conveniently in a travel-size palette. From three eye shadows to The Sculpting Powder, this palette has every product you need and a how-to guide to help you shape an expert look.

  • 4 x 0.04 oz The Eye shadow in Brighten, Starlight (luminous light peach/pink), Cool Tan (light brown), Ruddy Earth (rust brown)
  • 0.14 oz The Sculpting Powder
  • 2 x 0.17 oz The Celestial Powder In Candlelight, Starlight
  • 0.16 oz The Creamy Glow: Candlelight Cream & Sculpting Cream
  • How-to guide