Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Collection Swatches

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Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Collection Swatches
Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Collection Swatches
Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Collection Swatches
Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Collection Swatches
Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Collection Swatches
Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Collection Swatches

On April 14th, Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Collection launches globally. The collection features a 20-pan eyeshadow palette complete with an Iron Throne pop-up along with a highlighter trio, four individual lipsticks, four pencil eyeliners, and a cheek/lip stain (my apologies–I spaced on lip swatches for the stain and will be sure to have them up in the review).


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raja Avatar

As a GoT fan and makeup fan, this feels like such a lazily put together collection. So many questions, so many things that don’t make sense.

Why didn’t they just switch Weirdwood Leaves with Lannister Red so we could have an actual Lannister Red eyeshadow? Why is there a lipstick for the White Walkers and not for the dozens of other prominent female characters in the show (Arya, Brienne, heck, even Gilly!) I know they’re focusing on the new season, so no Highgarden, but dang.

Vikki Avatar

I agree with you also being a GoT fan! The “White Walker” named lipstick is esp. rubbing me the wrong way. You get all the lipsticks named after *some* female characters and you can’t spare another lipstick to be named after Arya or someone who’s been meaningful all 8 seasons long?

MichelleChefNYC Avatar

I was just going to comment that this feels like such a missed opportunity to make something REALLY cool based off this series… this just feels like a money grab

BB Avatar

Agree. This collection looks uninspiring. They could have done a feminine/rebel collection with Sansa and Arya alone. The great thing about the books is that there are many different kinds of women and you would think that Urban Decay will capitalize on the different variations of women in their makeup collection. Or they could have done a contrast between icy shades and fiery shades since the series is called a song of ice and fire. It just seems like they are leaning heavily on the dragons.

xamyx Avatar

Urban Decay seems to have been doing quite a bit of that, lately… In all fairness, though, it seems all the big, mainstream brands have been doing the same. In an effort to churn out so many collections, and outpace one another, they’ve all pretty much covered every possible shade. On the upside, it means money saved, and inspiration to pull out neglected pallettes, LOL! I personally own all 6 Vice pallettes, Born To Run, and several others, and looking at the swatches, I know I have literally every shade covered…

I was actually sucked into buying Born To Run because of the shade Drift, and when I compared it to the shade Afterhours from Troublemaker, they were dead-on dupes. Even Big Sky is extremely close to several other UD shades… Also, the first Alice In Wonderland palette was completely comprised of permanent shades, just renamed; the only difference was, UD was at least transparent about it…

Leah Avatar

Feel like the names dont really match the colors. Its like they picked some random color scheme and picked the names based on whats popular in the show without much forethought. For example, a red lipstick named “White Walker”? It would make much more sense to be blue or white. Just feels like a rushed collection to me. Pretty colors but not thought out much.

Nancy T Avatar

April 14th. I sure do hope that the Sephora Rouge sale will be on when this releases, because then I will probably buy the Vault. A first for me! Yes, I’m here for this collection ?%. If not the vault, then at least Mother Of Dragons highlighter palette, GOT eyeshadow palette, Dracarys stain, and the iridescent white 24/7 eye pencil, probably Dany’s lipstick shade, too.

Mariella Avatar

I just did a swatch comparison between the Lannister Gold pencil and a stunning “oldie” from Bare Minerals – 5AM – and they are really close so I’m pretty certain I’ll be getting that pencil even if I don’t get the e/s palette (a few of the swatches, including Winterfell, look disappointing but if your overall review for it is good, I’ll probably buy it as well) – but that liner! I’m already feeling my heart racing!

Marte Avatar

Tooootally agree! The liner looks so good! I missed out on the 5 AM liner, and spent hours looking at swatches regretting being too late ?

DSam Avatar

The Winterfell colors were would have been perfect for a Highgarden palette.

I really don’t know what the developers were thinking. Icy pale purples for Targaryen? A light barbie pink for one of the dragons?

Did anyone involved watch more than an episode or two?

... Avatar

This has convinced me even more that it’s a disappointing collection. It’s a shame, they really could have done something here, taking inspiration from this world and its people and creatures but I’m sure they won’t care because people will buy anything with the GoT name.

Miss Mercurial Avatar

What a shame, the only product I was marginally interested in (the lip/cheek thing) looks quite disappointing. As a whole it looks like an underwhelming collection, but this is based entirely on what little knowledge of the series I have. Thanks for early swatches!

Caroline Avatar

Having just checked the Urban Decay UK website for prices, it’s curious to note that all the lipsticks are £17.50 except for White Walker which is £21.00. I don’t get it – they’re all from the same collection, so why the price difference??
By the way, the only things I’m interested in here are the Sansa Stark lipstick and The Night King eyeliner, neither of which I have dupes for. Everything else is just …. lacking.

CHelsea Avatar

Dragon smoke liner is mildly interesting but the rest of this is just so boring, so done already. NOthing about it says Game of Thrones or at all inspires me.

dia Avatar

It would be cool if companies collaborated with the makeup artists from the shows to release products used to create the actual character looks, rather than just giving putting themed names on unrelated colors.

Sandy Avatar

Thanks for all the swatches! I still like the look of the stain… :o) And maybe that white eyeliner now over the palette. Are you a GoT fan and were you excited to play with the collection? I’m so ready for the final season to air…it’s the one TV show that my husband and I watch together!

dia Avatar

I’ve never seen the show but that 2nd quad/quint of shadows- brown, plum, green- is such a go-to color combo for me lately I would have been tempted if they’d made it it’s own package.
UD was one of the 1st brands I ever got into, so I feel like I’m always rooting for them to do well, but I can’t remember the last time I was impressed.

Charlana Avatar

I agree wholeheartedly. UD threw it together as a cash crab
(I realize they’ve been struggling a lot lately…). The creativity, cohesion and representation of its source was secondary. How did UD draw inspiration by the white walkers aka ice zombies on the show, yet completely overlooked the beauty and mystery of Melisandre and the Red Priestesses, the wholesome beauty of Missandei, the regal beauty of Margery Tyrell and the sun kissed beauty of the Martells of Dorne?? Don’t get me started on the oddity of their choice of a pink highlighter to represent Drogon.

I don’t mean to be so negative but UD had so much to work with and it all seems as though it were created by a kid’s interpretation of GOT. Or by someone who never watched the show……

DSam Avatar

Dany’s quad would have suited Dorne well. The Winterfell quad felt more like Margery and Olenna. And they missed the mark on the stains and most of the lipsticks

CK Avatar

Some of these colors do not line up with what I think the appropriate colors should be. Who thinks pink when they think of Drogon? House Targaryen is a gold?? Winter is Here is brown? Hard pass.

Miradan Avatar

Not a GoT fan, I think the red lipstick is lovely but probably dupable, and if it isn’t, I am willing to wait to buy it until the initial frenzy around the collection dies down. If I do buy it, will need to figure out how to pronounce the name!

Lorrin Avatar

The only creative products in this collection are the eye liners, I seriously want all of them! That said I might also pick up the Sansa Stark lipstick but that’s about it. The eyeshadow palette is pricy and all over the place. Don’t even get me started on the neutral dragon egg highlighters… like what? So much potential to do some cool duochrome shades! What a shame.

Stevee Avatar

I was so excited for this collection. But clearly they put worth no effort….. just a generic ud palette. I do like the liners but this mostly a huge miss.

Teri Seals-Dormer Avatar

With so much inspiration to work with, I really can’t believe how badly they missed the mark with that highlighter palette… What an incredible disappointment this collection turned out to be.

Nikki Avatar

I’ve read enough coverage to be aware of it, but I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones-maybe I will in a few years when some of the hype dies down? Thus, I am very surprised to peep at the collection and find that I like 4 items: the Cersei and Dany lipsticks and the 2 sword eyeshadow brushes.

Hannah Avatar

I can’t believe I’m saying this as someone who wears basically the same eyeliner every day but the eyeliners look the most interesting! So disappointed by the lipstick selection and the palette looks like packaging over substance unless I’m missing something from the swatches? Maybe they should have separated the palette into actual quads, kind of like that Too Faced watermelon palette? Looking forward to your review Christine! At least this reinforces my decision to start buying singles over palettes, I might just build my own!

Jo2 Avatar

So much potential…lost. I really think this would have worked better over several palettes instead of trying to cram all the different themes and colours into one.
Dothraki could have easily been the colour of the blue pigment body paint that Daenerys then wears later on in her dresses instead of another gold. And the potential for three dragon eyeshadows, black with red shimmer, green with bronze and cream with gold was totally lost.

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