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Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

More Naked with Flushed

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette ($30.00 for 0.49 oz.) includes a bronzer (described as a sheer medium bronze satin), highlighter (described as a soft pink champagne shimmer), and blush (described as a dusty rose satin with a hint of shimmer).

Bronzer is a medium-tan with orange-brown undertones and has a barely-there sheen. It does have sheer color, as described. The texture is firm but not powdery or really dry, just firm; the texture does not feel like Urban Decay’s eyeshadows, which are buttery and dense, softer, too. MAC Cajun is darker and more shimmery. MAC Nude on Board is browner, less orange. Urban Decay Gilded is browner and frosted. It applied the best out of the three shades, and because of the strong warm, orange undertones, will complement warmer complexions more. On my skin tone, it was a soft, warmed-over shade that actually worked well but I don’t see it showing up on medium-dark to dark complexions or working with cooler skin tones.

Highlighter is a champagne beige with a frosted, metallic finish. The payoff is seemingly sheer, but it really frosts the skin when applied. A little goes a very, very long way! Even lightly used, it yields a frosted, metallic finish on the skin that, unfortunately, emphasizes pores quite readily. I did a heavier application on the left, then a lighter application on the right (over the blush and bronzer, respectively). Bobbi Brown 24 Karat is more golden. bareMinerals The Love Affair has a golden sheen. MAC Superb is similar when applied, though darker/more pigmented. MAC Redhead is a touch pinker. Bobbi Brown Rose Gold is similar.

Blush is a medium-dark rosy pink with a hint of coral warmth that is mostly matte in finish. Though there are some bits of shimmer, it really looks matte both swatched and applied to the cheeks. It had so-so color payoff but the texture was on the drier side. It didn’t blend as easily as a great blush does. Guerlain Pink Punk is a bit pinker. MAC Supercontinental is lighter. MAC Fleet Fast is similar–a bit darker. Laura Mercier Canyon Sunset is darker.

The shades can be used individually or blended together as desired.  I was expecting a denser, more buttery texture–more like their eyeshadows–than the firm, drier texture that was here.  The highlighter was more like their eyeshadows, though still less buttery.  The good news is that none of the shades were powdery.  When I wore these yesterday, the bronzer wore the best with seven and a half hours of wear, while the highlighter was a bit patchy after six hours.  The blush lasted for seven hours but was noticeably faded after eight hours.

I know that Urban Decay stated in the press release that this is designed to work with all skin tones (and straight from the press release: “as our staffers can attest”), I’m not sure it will.  The bronzer, by being so sheer and not very buildable, may not show up on some complexions at all.  The blush may accentuate redness in cheeks, and because it’s not as blendable, it can look ruddy and uneven (rosy-hued blushes can be hard to perfect).  The highlighter is over-the-top even in light applications, so I don’t expect it to appeal to as many.  It’s just going to emphasize pores and any imperfections on the skin.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette Review, Photos, Swatches


Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Bronzer

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Bronzer

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Bronzer

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Blush

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Blush

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Blush

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Highlighter

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Highlighter

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Highlighter

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Highlighter


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Veronica Avatar

Well, this is a disappointment. The thing about the Naked line is that they seem keen to remain restricted to a fairly narrow set of skin tones (warm, fair to medium), when you would think that a theme like this would allow for one to milk the hell out of the whole color spectrum. You could create a whole series of these palettes that address the large variety of skin colors and undertones that exist out there.

Christine Avatar

They usually release a limited range initially and add more if it does well, but I think they should have launched 2-3. Perhaps go with a “less is more” theme in the spirit of Naked – and to that end, a subtle highlighter – but two or three shade combinations so that the range itself works on all skin tones, even if certain shades are better/worse for a particular skin tone.

xamyx Avatar

I think they wanted to start off with something dead-center, and once consumers can actually see this for themselves, they can forward feedback to UD. It seems this way is far more cost effective, and UD is just testing the waters.

I would have loved to see a cooler bronzer, as well (although this may actually work for me), as I tend to wear cooler toned makeup. As I’ve stated before, not every product will fit every person, and the market is saturated with bronzers more suitable for deeper skintones. The fact it’s a bronzer inherently makes it more likely to be on the warmer side. That said, I’d like to see them come out with a line of Naked contour & highlighting products…

Christine Avatar

I personally think it’s short-sighted to only put out a single shade, in this instance, because it is more alienating than not. I don’t know enough about manufacturing or beauty manufacturing for that matter, but I would expect the cost of the packaging/development of it is the same, regardless of number of shades, and the pan/press must be designed to fill this type of compact/pan. The formula should be fairly set and then it’s a matter of adjusting pigments and the like. It doesn’t seem (to me) that adding another shade or two would be that much more costly, given development has already been sunk into the one shade.

The market is saturated with nearly every product, and that’s because each brand wants you to find everything you could possibly need from them – that’s how they sell you more and earn a customer’s loyalty. I don’t think that’s an excuse. I don’t think it’s justification at all. That’s like saying nobody else needs to create a blue eyeshadow, because there are tons available, so why add another? There’s also no need to call this universally flattering and all that–there is nothing about this palette that says “universal” to me.

Patricia Avatar

I totally agree with you Christine. And maybe I am being out of line here, but for a ” Naked” line I would expect a more subtle highlighter and tone down bronzer… What do you think?

xamyx Avatar

While it may not cost UD more to actually make the product, distribution may also play a role. Which stores/locations would get the full range? Would a customer feel alienated if say, their local Sephora didn’t carry their shade, and therefore not bother at all with the product? If all locations did get the full range, which ones may be left sitting on a shelf, taking up space that could instead be used for other products that would sell? I’m quite certain UD is in business to make money, therefore thought has been put into making the product.

As for being “universal”, I have a feeling once all three products are “run” together, the result will not be too unlike NARS Orgasm, which also claims to be “universally flattering”, which it really isn’t (nor was Chanel Notorious, which also held the claim). Naked 1 was also touted to be universal, and that it would be the only neutral palette you’ll ever need, but not everyone agreed on that, which is why we now have Naked 2 & Naked Basics… I personally find the term “universal” to not hold much weight when it comes to makeup, as very few colors really are, and what even an “expert” may feel works, it may not be what an individual likes, even though it may be the current trend.

Veronica Avatar

If you’ll permit me to be blunt, for me the problem is that it’s release is in conjunction with a series of products that seem to exclude deeper skin tones over all. In general, I find a lot of UD’s “Naked” products run warm and don’t flatter me quite as nicely as their more colorful shades, but they also seem heavily geared at lighter skin tones. The concealer pencils had a limited range, and the Basics palette featured predominantly lighter shades. The foundation range is a touch better than the concealers, but it still only extends so far.

You used the term “alienating,” which I think is really the best way to describe it, and in a country where the demographics are shifting to favor non-whites. Granted, I myself am a white woman and it’s not really my place to tell women who are directly affected by this kind of consumer exclusion feel about it, but from a financial perspective, it seems like a short-sighted business tactic to continue catering to such a specific demographic when the whole appeal of America is that it’s a big, huge first world country with a big, huge variety of people to whom you can advertise.

Christine Avatar

I think perhaps the part that is hardest to take is really the push that they’re universally flattering. I know that many brands don’t put out darker shades (or very, very pale ones), because there is not enough money in it (so they say) – but they do need to be careful about just how far they go on that. And while I think people are willing to buy into a, “We’re just testing the market,” they will only do so for a limited period. I don’t think UD is deliberately alienating anyone, but some of the recent releases have made them see less inclusive than I think they want to be. They did extend their concealer range to include some darker shades, so there is certainly proof over time that UD also listens to customers.

xamyx Avatar

From what I hear & read, the issue in the beginning was Naked 1 was too dark & warm, while I found there was no reaction about it being too light. UD responded with Naked 2, which is still plagued with outcries it’s too warm & dark. Because the masses wanted more mattes, they released Naked Basics, but now there are those who are complaining about that. It just seems no matter what UD does, there will be a group that’s not happy, who will find *something* to complain about. No brand can please everyone, whether it be in quality, shade range, pricepoint, etc. I, for one, would like (a) test this myself, and/or (b) see this on someone with a different skintone than Christine before I make a final call. Even with the review of Naked Basics, there were several comments about how it wouldn’t work on deeper complexions, but on youtube, there are *several* WoC who are *praising* it, and doing tutorials and they look great. When I went to Sephora to check it out, the SA was wearing it, and although she was of a medium-deep, warm skintone, it looked beautiful. Yes, reviews & swatches are invaluable resources, and I appreciate all Christine does, but because she is much warmer than I am, I can’t help but wonder if it’ll pull differently on me. It just seems ever since the UD/China thing, and now the L’Oreal acquisition, UD is being overly criticized for so many of the things 90+% of the cosmetic industry does. Again, I plan to take a look at this, and if it doesn’t pan out, oh well… There other brands and products out there that may work out for me; I’m not going to feel as though UD specifically singled me (or anyone else) out.

Lucy Avatar

Been honest this product is not for the fair skinned (most UD products are not) but for the medium skinned girl. It would not look natural in a NC/NW 15 just like it would be invisible in a NW/NC 50. What bothers me the most is that the 3 products don’t seem to be design with the same skin color in mind. That highlighter is too much for everyone but the lightest (if you want a natural look) the bronzer is too much for anyone that is not a NW25 or up and that blush is too warm to be flattering in a cold skin tone. (by the way I loved other products of UD range, and don’t care if they test on animals, sell in china or are bought by L’oreal. Is just that I think these one was poorly executed and is just another way to use the name “NAKED” to make easy money. Just like MAC is doing with their limited editions.)

syrup Avatar

Well said! A ‘Naked’ (although I agree that the term is getting tattered) palette geared to darker tones would sell like crazy. I’m a big fan of UD eye stuff. The first palette I ever bought was from them. But I won’t buy the Naked palettes – and definitely not this ‘naked’/’universal’/’everyone’ thing. About the other brown-skinned women who buy and use Naked palettes: that’s fine for them! I’ve seen some great looks on them, too. I’m just not willing to drop $50 on a ‘neutral’ palette with half the colors only useable as highlights. And with the Naked Basics – LOL!!! I don’t expect every product to work for all tones. That’s crazy. But this string of “naked only for some people” products is kind of an eff-you to the WoC customer. We exist, and we spend lots of money on makeup. Go ask MAC about it.

xamyx Avatar

Well, MAC is leaving out a market, and that’s those who have adopted a more alternative aesthetic. We tend to be (or have the illusion of being) pale, and many of us choose to have black eyebrows, and we spend *alot* of money on cosmetics. MAC has excluded both from their primary product line, but I don’t know anyone who has used the term “alienated”, and many people I know have more MAC in their stash than any other brand. We’ve accepted it, and when it comes to our foundation & eyebrows, we look to other brands. No brand has the market cornered on any product or shade, and if a product doesn’t work for someone, there are plenty of others that will work.

syrup Avatar

Most people take the good and the bad with makeup lines. No news there. It might seem like we’re just talking about a spectrum of colors, but that’s not what I’m getting at, nor was Veronica.

The brand most represented in my makeup stash, definitely my eye makeup, is Urban Decay. I’m a perfect customer (of many types of perfect customers) for their aesthetic. I’m their ‘girl’ except where it concerns skin color. Ok – I roll my eyes and go elsewhere foundation and such. In no way does ‘aesthetic’ equal ‘skin color.’ Not with cosmetic companies, not with the concept of ‘alienation,’ not with anything. A slew of products called “Naked” that don’t have WoC in mind? (At least, as of yet.) I call “BS.” And I get to!

This whole blog is about evaluating products and product lines. Complaints about matters of skin color are valid.

xamyx Avatar

It would seem this was in the works for a good while before production & distribution began, and since the L’Oreal acquisition wasn’t even slated to be approved/finalized until late December, I highly doubt L’Oreal had a hand in any of this, nor do I believe they will have any influence on the brand in the future.

Sarah Avatar

The bronzer looks far too orange for me. I think I’ll stick to my sleek face form kit – almost a third of the price this will be in the UK. Still amazes me how fast you get these things up!

Sarah Avatar

Oh wow that’s some bad maths. Judging by the price of naked basics this will be £23, so a little over half price. Managed to get that palette for £15 last night, knew I’d end up buying it! xP

Alicia Avatar

I want to see a powder blush from UD, but this product isn’t for me. I’m fair skin with cool undertones. I would never use the bronzer. I would become too orange if I did. Perhaps if swirled together it might work better because of introducing more pink, but I still think it would read too warm on me. I do hope they introduce a line of powder blushes or a new highlighter product.

Mahnaz Avatar

Wow ! It’s not what I expected. Definitely a bronzer that looks best on warmer skin tones in my opinion. I guess it’s a bust for me. Thank you Christine for a quick deliver with this review and Happy New Year!

Marissa Gonzalez Avatar

Great review to start the year off! I’m super biased towards UD, so this will be on my wish list soon 🙂 love the colors for your complexion as well!

Liza Avatar

As soon as I saw pictures of this up I knew it wouldn’t get a good rating. The bronze looks totally orange
I really don’t think this will work on all skin tones either as you mentioned
I always wondered why UD didn’t make powder blushes with the same buttery textures as their shadows
This just seems very poorly executed

Christine Avatar

It was really weird not to see a really dense, buttery texture. I think that’s the texture that makes their eyeshadows famous – so easy to apply because you rarely have to dig at a color to get the right pigmentation out of it – but this feels like so “firm” in comparison. Not a dry, stiff, hard-to-use firm but not the best, either.

Daniela Avatar

I have fair skin with cool undertones so there’s NO WAY that bronzer will work on me. The idea of the palette is nice, but sadly it’s not for me.

Ari Avatar

Oh, this’ll no more work ‘on all skin tones’ than Burberry’s ‘Summer Glow’ bronzer did. Even the highlighter would be too much for my ultra-pale skin; I’d sooner use it as an eyeshadow than a face product, and the bronzer? I’d be a slightly bewildered oompa-loompa. Perhaps they need some staffers from the more extreme ends of the skin spectrum.

Stacey Avatar

I hate palettes where the colors are not completely separated and merge together. It is too hard to use. Laziness on the brand’s fault.

Christine Avatar

I know in the press release, they talked about wanting you to be able to blend the shades together, and they specifically called out attention to it being one of the largest pans of product ever.

The one thing I don’t like about blushes like these is that with three really different shades, you can muddy up all of them – so you have to sweep it clean before using the shades individually again.

Stacey Avatar

I have Guerlain Pucci like this and the only reason I bought that is because the colors look so beautiful together plus the container/design is so beautiful…as also to your review. I own a Lancome 3 in one trio but it is separated. I have the Guerlain….and if you have dont, this cannot even compare. But thanks for all your good hard work. Much appreciated.

Cali Avatar

I’m kind of bummed. I LOVE UD but it kind of seems like they’re slapping “Naked” on their products just to boost sales. I would love a proper Naked blush line, but I feel that if its UD “Naked” then the quality should really be the superior quality we’ve come to expect from the line. Even the packaging is a letdown.

xamyx Avatar

I’m very neutral & light, and I can see this working for me. Hopefully, if this does well, the range will expand. Alot of bronzers I see saturating the market (at an affordble pricepoint) are too dark, orange, and/or shimmery, so I’m actually looking forward to swatching this in a store. I’m not loving the blush, though, but perhaps blended with one or both of the other products.

Lulle Avatar

If you don’t mind a drugstore brand, I think you should look for a bronzer from Physicians Formula. They have a lot of different ones and none of them are orange based, while some are really light and a good fit for fair skins!

xamyx Avatar

I’m actually a huge fan of PF, and I’ve used several of their powders & foundations. However, I haven’t seen a bronzer that’s completely matte. The PF displays near me seem to get picked over rather quickly, at least for face products, and never seem to get restocked.

Jennifer S Avatar

And…… This is why I wait for your reviews. I would have bought that palette just from pics. Thanks you just saved me from my first impulse buy of the year. Btw small mistake on your what are you wearing section, you have two left eyes. Lol made me giggle.

Amanda Avatar

Uhg- that bronzer is not good! I’m sick of the extended Naked line from UD- they need to drop it or just not market all the stuff stuff with ‘Naked’ in the title, it’s obnoxious.

Natasha Avatar

To be honest i was expecting more from Urban Decay. I love the concept and I think it’s great that they’re expanding their “Naked” range but the bronzer looks just way too orange to work on light skin tones, and as you mentioned that the formula isn’t the best I think I’ll be saving my cash and buying the Naked Basics eyeshadows instead.

liz Avatar

Just looking at this I see what I consider to be 2 problems: The highlighter is way too orange, and the blush should be bigger and the bronzer smaller. I use a lot more blush than bronzer. Added to what you’ve said about the firmness and dryness of the products and the frostiness of the highlighter, I’m certain this is not for me. But I really like the idea and maybe they’ll come out with new versions in the future.

Gina Avatar

Yikes, is this the only shade in the range? I personally don’t believe in a universally flattering cheek color; there’s too much diversity in terms of darkness in color and undertone. And I don’t love the color combination. I’d want a warmer blush with such a warm bronzer. This is just an all around miss for me.

Christine Avatar

I imagine they would or plan to release more if it does well – Urban Decay usually starts with a limited range and expands if there is demand. I think that it would have been better to start off with two or three shades – maybe a coral, pink, and plum.

Gina Avatar

I agree, I think this would have been way better if people had a little bit of a choice with their blush color, at the very least. Especially a coral!

Summer Avatar

I totally agree with your review and comments Christine; I love this concept and feel like they should have released 2-4 variations of shades (peaches, roses, plums, pale pink). And it’s disapointing that the textures are so lacking. I just started using UD again after getting bored with them, because I love their buttery eyeshadows.

This would have been so great for travel. 🙁 Hopefully another brand will pick up the concept and do it right. (Would DIE for Dior to do this, or for Chanel to do a bronzer-Joues Contraste-highlighter palette but that will likely never happen.)

Lauren Avatar

Check out Lancome. I think you’d like their contouring palettes. Lots of shades, the blush is bigger than the bronzer, the lasting power is great. And they are similary priced to this UD product at $42.

Liz Avatar

I wouldn’t buy it because I have tons of blushes. Now that I have a few Luxury blushes, I’ve decided to go on a no-buy (for real this time). Anyway, I actually think this looks quite nice. Not overly unique, but a nice neutral look. I just think that the highlighter is going to require a really soft touch. It looks a little too sparkly in the photos

Dusty Avatar

Love the idea! Doesn’t Sleek make things like this too – but in more colors? I thought I saw some once while browsing their website (never hunted down anything from them though). That bronzer is OOORANGE!!!! No way I could wear that myself on my ultra-fair, cool-toned skin. I like products LIKE this though because I like being able to sweep my brush across two or three products for a natural blushy/bronze combo.

Lisa Avatar

Yes…they do and I would suggest you hunt Sleek products down! I own three of their blushes and two of them are on my personal list of favorite blushes! Oh so pigmented they rival my NARS blushes.

Elena Avatar

In one of my very first LuxeBoxes we got to choose an item that would be guaranteed in our box. I got very lucky and got a Benefit Beauty Box sampler, with Hoola, BellaBamba, and Coralista. I thought it would be small samples of each, enough for a couple weeks of use, but instead each sample is about a quarter or a third of the full sized product. All I need is a separate highlighter and I am good to go. The colours work on a lot more skin types than this offering by UD.

Kafka Avatar

Whoa, that highlighter is FROSTED!! Way too much shine for me. On my olive skin (which doesn’t have the most perfect, flawless pores in the world), that would be even worse than the Oompa Loompa effect of the orange bronzer. I shudder to think how bad the two together would be on me.

Camille Cruz Avatar

Very disappointed. I was expecting a better product from Urban Decay. Will still see it in-store for myself though. Thank you, Christine! Please know that I appreciate all the hard work you put into creating this website and all its reviews. We all appreciate it!

Sabriel Avatar

I wonder how this stuff gets approved? It seems like they don’t know their market as well as they think they do. Maybe they have too many “yes-men” and not enough internal critique.

Michelle Tamoni Avatar

My thought exactly!!! I really don’t understand how some products are approved.It seems like some companies get so desperate to launch new things all the time that they are not able to get proper testing and research.

Lark Avatar

Not impressed. If that orange color is even sort of close to what I’m seeing, It’s a disaster for too much of the market. And the cheesy “Nakeds Matte” pallet, and now this? Glad I went bust buying up UD off the site sale, I don’t like what I’m seeing from them.

Orange is not bronze. UD has a ton of amazing color mixes to work from, and they go orange?

Ana Avatar

I love the concept, I really do but you’re right, this won’t work for cool complexions. My skin tone is similar to yours but to be honest I don’t think this suits your skin tone at all. Bronzer is way too orange and the highlighter is so shimmery that it looks like oil. I’m not sure who can wear this but I’m sure it won’t work on me.

Wishing you a happy 2013! Thanks for all your hard work, is always nice to have an honest opinion.

Ellie Avatar

For supposedly working on a wide range of skin tones, that bronzer is way too orange. It would look ridiculous on me. I do like the idea though, just wish it came in different/more shades.

Mariella Avatar

This just looks really lame. It looks like the stuff you used to get really cheaply at the drugstore (though drugstore brands have very much improved their products).

Lauren Avatar

Too bad this doesn’t work! However, for those interested in palette like this, Lancome has several trios of blush, brozer, and highlighter in shades for many skin tones. They are called Blush Subtil trios or something like that. The quality is great and they are around the same price.

blueraccoon Avatar

I’m fair and cool and there’s absolutely no way I could wear any of these products. I don’t understand how UD says this is supposed to be universal – sure, if you’re warm-toned and light-skinned! I’m really not impressed with this offering from the brand and I’ll probably be less likely to try one of these palettes even if they do come out with one in colors I can wear.

Lucy Avatar

I’m a light/warm girl and that bronzer would be and orange mess in me. I actually can’t figure out what is the right skin tone for that thing. The blush is to light for a mid-tone girl, but the bronzer is too orange for a light skinned person. And that highlighter would look bad in almost everyone. A very disappointing product in my opinion.

haleii Avatar

i for one love urban decay but first of all this is the same packaging as the naked basics which is so hard to open – icant even open it my sister has to do it for me i know embarassing and the bronzer is orange so 3/4 of the pallete would be a waste for me and the frosted highlighter is a no and i dont wear that color blush so not buying this

anne Avatar

I can never open it either, i always have to find something to pry it open with lol 🙂 Although i don’t mind the packaging for that since it is basics. I do think this could have use some color

Carolina Avatar

Goddammit, that looked so good on the photos. And the perfect colours for my complexion. But then you swatch it and the bronzer is ok (but I don’t use bronzer), the blush is hard to blend (a problem I have with even better blushes) and the highlighter is shine city plus pore enhancer. So basically all the problems I already have in my everyday makeup in a nice little kit. SOLD!


Disclaimer: All problems stated above are in part due to product, but mostly to own inaptness in makeup appliance. lol

Audrey Avatar

I don’t like this! Cheap looking packaging and extremely boring concept. It looks great on you but judging by the tones in the shades, it would be an orangey mess on me

Catherine (@bcrueltyfree) Avatar

Too bad that it doesn’t have the texture of the eyeshadows – that texture is probably one of my most favorite of all powder products, period. These actually aren’t shades I would’ve expected, they don’t seem very UD or Naked to me. It looked familiar, I don’t know from where, but definitely wouldn’t have guessed UD. Also, I feel like – while “sheer” products have their place, they really have to have superb texture and blendability to really be appealing to most people… the benefit of a sheer product is that it’s super quick and easy to apply for a natural finish – but that benefit is canceled out if it doesn’t actually have a great texture or blend easily.

Stacey Avatar

Ever since I bought my first Estee Lauder pure color blush I dont want to use ANYTHING but! I think I just bought my 6th blush from the collection and each one is better than the last! Better then Nars, Tarte, Tarina Tarantino, Tom Ford, MAC…

I wanted to LOVE this from Urban Decay… Too bad ;(

Michelle Tamoni Avatar

Here’s another thought! Let’s pretend that this palette didn’t have any blending, texture and pigmentation problems like it actually does. The color selection by itself is just so wrong!!! It has NOTHING to do with a “Naked” concept. It looks like they’ve released a product with the Naked name just because it is a best-selling name, and not because it is a neutral, suitable, everyday palette.
I use the Face Form palette in light by Sleek almost every day and that’s a trully no-brainer! The Nars trio with Laguna, Albatross and Orgasm that was released in 2011 was also pretty amazing. I really wish Nars would make a palette like that in the permanent line…
Another great review Christine! Thank you!xo

Alyson Avatar

Hmm, the ‘naked’ line has officially jumped the shark with this one. I don’t even see what this has to do with naked – which to me has a connotation of uhh, natural-looking? And that orangey bronzer is anything but natural. Ditto the highlighter. The blush has the most potential I guess, but it looks ruddy like you said in your review. Bleh.

Ria Avatar

Oh L’Oréal, what have you done? Churning out crap after crap, as if anybody has the money for mediocre items anymore. I knew this would happen.

P. S. How is this universal when that bronzer wouldn’t even SHOW UP on my skin tone? Literally, it would just be invisible. Wow. Guess people my shade aren’t their target demographic lol.

xamyx Avatar

L’Oreal likely had absolutely nothing to do with this product, considering the acquisition wasn’t even approved/finalized until the end of December, and this has likely been in the works for the majority of last year. It takes time for a product to go from initiation to distribution, with several steps in between.

Anne Avatar

This is a pity… it’s a good idea but it isn’t new since you can find 3 color face powders to contour/bronzer, blush and highlight… Dior has a subtle one, Nars with its iconic shades, Cover Girl and Revlon have theirs, and Sephora has a big disc for this… oh, and also Sleek has this. So, if many brands have this kind of products and you want to launch a new one, it should better be a good one to be competitive. Unfortunately, it seems UD didn’t think this. I particularily feel that bronzer is way too orange, and, maybe someone still does, but we don’t want any more orange tan but rather natural ones -maybe a bit more cooler would work on more skintones.

Thanks for your review, now I have an item added to the “no-buy list” for this year.

Emma Lynn Avatar

This is such a shame. i understand UD wanting to continue on with milking the sucess of the first two palettes but these needs to be an end. and sadly i think this is a step too far. im all for a blush palette but make a new line with difderent tones colours and textures. this isust gonna be a flop and soon ppl will just loose interest… ohhh another naked boring………

Italia Avatar

the only reason why i am willing to give this a try is because i can use my urban decay pro discount on it so all this product for $18 doesn’t sound like a bad deal. I still want to swatch it in store and try it out on my skin. But even if it ends up not being a good face product, i can always find another use for it in my makeup kit.
Quick question: how does this bronzer compare to MAC Refined Golden Bronzer? Thanks 🙂

Sandra JT Avatar

* yuck * Then again, I had a feeling this would be a loser. Not one product I’ve bought from Urban Decay has impressed me. In fact, they all sit rotting, covered with dust, on my shelves. Seriously wish I knew somebody I could swap with so I could get rid of this UD garbage staring me in the face, reminding me of money wasted.

Maria Avatar

I couldn’t agree with you more, Sandra. I have so many UD products that I wish I had never purchased. My Naked palettes just sit around unused. I’m not a fan of any of their products and I think the prices are just ridiculous. *This is my honest opinion about the brand*

Whitney Avatar

This is such a disappointment! I hope UD doesn’t get ‘naked overboard’ and start producing poor quality products in a plan to market the naked concept! I still want to grab the basics palette.

Camille D Avatar

This looks nice but poorly executed. Like you said, this won’t flatter everyone because of the warm tones even though this is supposed to be a more “universal” product. UD is definitely capitalizing on the Naked craze and I get it, but the lack of shade and tonal options leave out a huge number of people. The Naked Basics pretty much only works on light complexions, the previous palettes featured lots of warm shades (that pale/cool girls like me look horrid with), and now this set features both warm-toned products that might only work for light complexions AGAIN mainly because the bronzer is light and sheer. I doubt darker ladies will be running out to purchase this supposed universal product when they will probably get zero use out of the bronzer, which is the largest section. I think that with the Basics palette and now this, there should’ve been AT LEAST a second shade option for both products that would work well for darker complexions.

Have UD’s creative dept. never heard of focus groups? Demographic surveys? Common sense? I don’t get why UD didn’t make the Naked line strictly neutral to begin with, they’d be raking in more cash because they’d actually be appealing to a much wider market!

Robin Manrique Avatar

I love this palette!I’m Golden Fair in Bare Minerals foundation and these colors work great for me. I’ve never used bronzer because it always looked unnatural but this shade works well for me. And the blush and bronzer mixed make a great blush (I love the blush on its own too of course!) The fact the the highlighter is harder than the other two means when mixing all three I pick up less highlighter and don’t end up shiny. I’ll probably end up using the highlighter and bronzer as eyeshadow colors as well. It’s certainly NOT a palette that will work for everyone (and I’m certainly a “popular” skin tone) but fair girls with yellow under tones should really try this palette out! 😀

Sab Avatar

Looks quite nice, not sure I need this though.. nice review though, as usual 🙂

PS. I also wanted to mention that I received a newsletter today advertising this palette with your face?! This was actually why i googled this review.. I’m not sure if you’ve given them permission to use your picture or not so just thought I’d give you a heads up it if you didn’t know..
You can see it here:

Reida Avatar

I am so disappointed with this item… It’s completely rubbish wish I never bought it. I thought it was a good combo since I needed a highlighter anyway. I have no idea what highlighter to use. Those product is just terrible and I have lost faith in ever finding a good highlighter….

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