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Swatches: Tom Ford Permanent Lip Colors


Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  
Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color  

Tom Ford Lip Colors ($54.00 for 0.10 oz.) has been around for years now, and as I was looking through your recommendations for best “nude” lipsticks, I noticed that I was missing swatches for some Tom Ford lipsticks… and then I noticed that several of the original, permanent shades weren’t swatched so I set out to rectify that with what shades I had. I’m missing a few shades still and hope to pick those up sometime in the future. Here are some additional swatches and a few re-swatches (you can find all swatches for Tom Ford Lip Color here):

Tom Ford Permanent Lip Colors

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I haven’t received anything from Tom Ford about that when I asked about getting samples of the shades I was missing! It sounds like it could be this year’s Lips & Boys collection or something like it, though.

A whole combination of newness! Lips and Boys, Lips and Girls, new groups of full size broken down in colour groups and finish. A major and biggest overhaul of the entire Tom Ford Lips range since Tom Ford Beauty started. Starts September 15th with phased launches through until Christmas. Some of the old favourites will stay, some will go and about 50 new colours across all the range. But still no lip,pencils but at long last a Jasmin Rouge colour. Xx

I love all his lipsticks, but I have returned 5 of them already because after applying 4 or 5 x’s they break down and fall apart. Was wondering if this has happened to any one else? Thanks.

Really? I think that’s the Lips and Boys you might have mixed up! Tom Ford is releasing 30 eyeshadow singles though. (Which I reeeealllly hope Christine receives to review!)

These are $70 each in Canada and, in my books, no lipstick is worth $70 unless it goes out and earn a living for me, clears up the mess that that is my sewing room and arranges a date for me and Richard Armitage! I guess I have pretty high standards for pricey lipsticks.

LOL, good for you! I agree completely. No lipstick is worth that.
I guess if you buy one or two a year that’s ok, but in actuality, the formulas can’t be that different to justify that ridiculous price. the designers want to keep their brand exclusive, so they set those prices.

And does the taxes, clears the snow. I only got a Stavros boy at CCO (discount.). Does CCO exist in Canada? If you only want a small # of lipsticks, the price tag might….might? … be justifiable. But here we have reasonable dupes, AND reasonable expectations. Is TF really worth the extra bucks, or is it status that drives his market?

Stavros. Love that color. Mix it with Leonardo. The color is devine after that mix. That is one color Tom Ford should not had discontinued.

Nope, no CCOs here. The closest used to be in Niagara Falls New York but the last time I was there, I couldn’t find it. And now – at least for the next 3.5 years – I will not travel to the US.

Hi Mariella, I think there are 4 Company Cosmetic Stores (CCS) in Canada – 1 in BC, 2 in ON, and 1 in QC. More info can be found at company cosmetics store.ca I have not been in one in Canada to appreciate the prices though I spend a lot of time in Canada (I’m Cdn), so familiar with prices on either side of border. I would not pay $70 CAD for a lipstick.

In looking this up (I knew of 2 CCSs, not 4), saw that one can now sign up for CCS for alerts, specials, etc., So thank you for your post!!

Omgosh Stavros is so gorgeous! I had to go check out Christine’s review and swatches after seeing your comment. I’m on the hunt for it’s dupe now! Hopefully it’s re-released as well for those longing to purchase it.

I totally second what Mariella, my fellow Canadian, just said, with two adjustments: the mess in my case is in office and the date should be with Michael Fassbender 🙂

In all seriousness, those who are in Ontario should go to IMATS and check the Inglot lip products. They are gorgeous !!!

It’s interesting you say that. I bought an Inglot lipstick and it was so, so dry. It just pulled at my lips and just looked bad. Maybe I had a dud.

Lea, I have two Inglot AMC matte lip pencils; no. 24 – a beautiful MLBB pink (my go-to during the summer), which I pair with the UD 24h lip pencil in “Turn on” or with the Milani one in 03 Nude. The second one is no. 23 – a more brownish pink. They are a little bit drying, but they are perfect for the humid summers we have here. I never tried them in the harsh Canadian winters though :).

LOL, Nicole…we could double date! There is now an Inglot store in Toronto (yay – it’s been there for a couple of years) right near the Eaton Centre. Whenever we go in for a play, I stop in for a quick look around

We could definitely double date Mariella ! 🙂 Btw, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” film is currently shot in Montreal. The production will last until October and Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy & co will all be here. Starting August 20th, they will shoot some of the scenes in the Mont Royal area in Montreal. The rest of the shooting will be in the MELS studios here.
I wish Inglot had a store here; I find it difficult to order their products on the website as there are no real swatches and the ones I find online are not always reliable.
On another note, Montreal is on fire this evening as we are hosting the Rogers Cup Tennis tournament (male players) and the 18-year Canadian Denis Shapovalov has just qualified for the tomorrow night semifinals. The youngest player ever to have qualified in an ATP semifinal !

My younger son is in Montreal this week, staying with a friend from school. I imagine he’s likely to check out stuff like this. The Handmaid’s Tale did a lot of filming around the corner from me and the people who own the house that was the Commander’s (or whatever he was called) house got the most amazing coach house built for them by the production company….totally gorgeous! A few years ago, Crimson Tide (some horror movie) was filming in this area and right across the street from my dentist’s office. My husband had an appointment and they called him ahead of time to explain the procedure for accessing the office. The city street was turned into a Victorian dirt-lined street and there were security guards controlling ingress and egress; our dentist is in a old building but has modern landscaping outside, as well as a large, light-up sign in the amongst the landscaping and her name in gold lettering on the front door – an old door original to the building; all of this had to be hidden with fake greenery and a “new” old door placed overtop the real door; she also said they were well compensated for the inconvenience to everyone). Is there no longer an Inglot store in Montreal? That was where I first encountered Inglot in the flesh. We were there scoping out McGill and wandering through the underground maze of stores, suddenly, there was INGLOT right in front of me. Is it no longer there? Oh, please, I hope it’s still there!!!!

Oh gosh….I just checked online and it says the Montreal store is PERMANENTLY CLOSED!!!! That is kind of heart-breaking! I was there twice and was dizzy with choices both times. Some of my fave eyeshadows were purchased there (419, 422 and 349 – see, I can rhyme them off from memory, an indication of how much I love them, since numbers for eyeshadows don’t stay in my memory the way names do).

No Mariella, unfortunately there is no longer an Inglot store in Montreal. I don’t know why. I thing Inglot is an underrated brand; could you imagine that when they were in Montreal I passed next to them a couple of times and didn’t even have the curiosity to check them out ?
Filming of “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” on the Mount Royal site has started on Monday and it will go on until August 25th ; it has overtaken the parking lot right next to the Smith House. The Smith House is a historic building and a staple for those going up to Mont Royal so no wonder they are using it for filming. I’m sure that many fans will gather around to get a glimpse of the actors and of the set.
I didn’t know that part of The Handmaid’s Tale filming was done in Canada ! I love the series!

This relaunching is pointless when the price is exorbitant. I bought a couple from years back. I then realized there are better things to buy with my money.

Let me rephrase. Your posts are always valuable, whether I like that product or not. I learn from all of them. You spend a lot of time preparing and taking those photos.

Tom Ford prices are ridiculous to the point that it is not beneficial to buy. Other brands too…but with Tom Ford, I feel he tempts you and the product isn’t even worth it. It is like buying Estée Lauder or MAC but crazy prices. All the products from Estée feel the same…just a different label.

I don’t own enough nor tried enough lipsticks to provide a sound opinion to your question. I missed YSL when it first came out. The lipsticks were beautiful. My favorite is Dior rouge lipsticks. I always go back to Dior. Bold red is my color. I mainly look to see if I am getting the dollar value of the amount of lipstick in the tube.
My next purchase is a Suqqu lipstick. Though I own Suqqu eyeshadows and its brushes, it will be my first Suqqu lipstick. So many brands to try.

If I ever do get another full-size TF Lipstick besides my much loved Seadragon, it will likewise be in another everyday wearable shade so that I actually use it all up! This puts Indian Rose, Casablanca and Spanish Pink on my radar. Now for a try-on session at Sephora!

I prefer Casablanca of the three you mention. It just brings more life to my face where the others are a wee bit too pale and make me feel as though I look washed out.

That’s really so dependent on colouring! I own all three and
Spanish Pink is completely different. I wouldn’t think it’s a natural comparison at all! Peachy pink not quite nude vs plummy rosewood shades.

Indian Rose is my HG MLBB lipstick. Casablanca is one of my favourites too but is bolder and a little more brown based and more plum, less rose. Spanish Pink may feel insipid if you prefer saturated lip colours, however variety can be a good thing!

To the OP: I find Indian Rose and Casablanca absolutely awesome and I can’t tell you which is better! Definitely worth swatching in person 🙂

I agree they’re not interchangeable. It’s hard to explain but you know colors that work on you some days but not on others? It’s more of that situation, so tone definitely plays into as well as what I’m wearing and have going on with my hair color. I do like the added plum tones of Casablanca and have a few other TF that rank similarly on Christine’s dupe list (if I recall correctly) between LE and Lips and Boys. I don’t regret any of them at all; they just get a more random rotation than some of my other shades.

Slightly unrelated question, but I don’t know where else to ask it:
Do you know if TF is discontinuing the Private Blend perfume Oud Fleur this autumn?
I’ve seen it mentioned in forums, but I haven’t been able to find any official confirmation.

Sorry, I have no idea! It’s very rare that a brand will send out any info on something being discontinued and even rarer to get confirmation!

Thanks for this post. Tom Ford lipsticks cost £40 in the UK, which is more than I would consider spending, but it is interesting to see swatches of the permanent shades. I would’ve expected more in terms of pigmentation and shades for such a high price point.

Aww, thank you, Christine <3. That's so thoughtful of you, and it's much appreciated because it's super helpful when looking at possible dupe shades.

PS: I went on a Tom Ford Eye Quad last year and now own almost all of theone. But I would LOVE to read your reviews of the missing ones regardless because they always help me so much 🙂 Whenever you have time (a tall order, I admit!). Even swatches to compare dupe shades would be awesome too.

Kind of a random question but I bought my first TF lipstick a few weeks ago and it… smelled weird. How long do you think department stores keep permanent lipsticks before they refresh them? I totally could have returned it (I got it from Nordstrom) but I am so lazy and I got over it. My friend’s smells vanilla-like while mine smelled like clay :-/

What shade was it? Some of the older colours (especially the nudes – Blush Nude and Sable Smoke are notorious for this – turn quickly). I had Blush Nude turn rancid on me twice and once it was already like that in the tube as you described. His newer shades and the ones with less brown in them seem to be the safer picks.

No prob : ) There is definitely a pattern with the nude shades turning rancid and I think it’s long past time that Tom Ford/EL address this issue. It’s hardly pocket change1

A couple of these shades are firmly entrenched in my heart as they were ground breaking softer more muted lipsticks. Pink Dust and Spanish Pink were two of my first TF lipstick purchases when the label launched. I still love both shades.

Out of this line up I only have Indian Rose in a mini. It’s quite nice. I’ll probably use it as my smoky eye combo go to.

Hi Christine, I’d be interested a some point if you might take a shade or two of lipsticks across Estee Lauder brands and compare and contrast them, like taking your dupes list but analyzing the difference from brand to brand. In a similar way to the conversation about how special Tom Ford original formula blushes were, and that the customers might go to Chanel if the TF reformulated blushes no longer have that special difference to command their higher price.

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