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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

I would have to say that it has, but only marginally. As in, I do always make sure my brows are done now. Not Insta-brows, either. But still better than maybe 7-8 years ago. Also, I do employ some light-handed contouring and highlighting, as well. So, I guess one could say I’ve been bit by that bug just a little?

Yes I think so and probably more than I realize. I do watch YT videos and attempt to recreate looks with different products. I don’t run out and buy everything to make a look exactly like the influencers but I have to try a look to see if I like the placement. I have very hooded eyes so I can’t always tell how an eye look would translate to my eyes so I do sit and copy and see if I like it. I think that I am most influenced by older YT gurus because I am older. I have cut back on my YT video watching and increased my blog reading as things on YT can get crazy. As far as products go, I am most influenced by lipsticks I see on YT, Blogs, etc. Lipstick is kind of my big weakness and I have the stash to prove it, LOL.

It will suggest new colour combo I might not have thought about. But I think that’s about it. I don’t do a full face everyday and never go for an “instagram look”.

It can influence my purchases, but as my collection grows… Less and less. (at least only a few channels, blogs at this point)

Yes, in the sense that I find it to be a great source of creative inspiration! There is so much potential variety when you can follow total strangers from all walks of life worldwide, instead of just what a magazine editor curates.

Nope. I don’t have instagram or those other “social media” things and so the only places I’m likely to see makeup is on youtube or here at Temptalia and, no, my look is pretty much my look and not likely to change much (even when brows were the “big thing”, pun intended, mine still looked like my normal brows!)

Hardly. Only follow 2 blogs and google videos when indicated…like about the subculture controversy. The blogs influence my purchases, but have little impact on style.

If I see a trend or makeup look and like it I will definitely try it- in my own way or sometimes complete copies. And if I hate it on myself than I know. But there are a lot of trends that just leave me lost and confused and I am not jumping on those trends.

Not really. I might see a color that I think is pretty and want to try but most of the looks I see on my social media are too overdone for me, I like a natural look and that is not common to see when I look at social media. I enjoy seeing the creativity but would never try to emulate them. Things like super contouring, lots of highlighting and super dark or bright colors are not anything that I would ever want to do in real life.

Yes and no. I take tips from certain makeup artists. Actual makeup artists not “I worked the counter at Sephora and MAC and claim to be a makeup artist like many popular “gurus” ahem Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA ahem ahem.” like Lisa Eldridge Woot Woot!! And I have taken a recommendation or two from certain social media personalities. I enjoy Emily Noel and Lipgloss Leslie. But many IG’s or Youtubers I find to be too fussy and too cookie cutter.

Not really my style. But certainly in the sense that it serves to validate everyone’s individual approach to makeup. Everything goes!
For me personally, I’m happy to see youtubers embracing more natural looks. I like looks I can pull together on the fly so quick key tips for speed and simplicity appeal greatly and have had an impact on my own routine.

Makeup, not really, but skin care, YES. Most of my skin care is from companies I wouldn’t have heard about if not for Instagram. I’m getting better about not buying everything I see raved about, but I still keep up on it all.

Yep, I enjoy learning and replicating techniques and looks. I think that’s a big part of why I’m still in the beauty community. 🙂

Yes. I don’t have many makeup lovers in my real life, so I get most of my ideas and advice online (sometimes from in-store makeup artists). I’m not a big fan of Facebook, and I don’t use Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms, but I do watch YouTube videos on makeup, mostly reviews and tutorials (and Kimberly Clark’s anti-haul videos!). I also learn so much from my favorite makeup site, Temptalia—not only about what’s worth buying, but being able to see how Christine applies makeup (especially eyeshadow) is extremely helpful for me.

Some YouTube beauty gurus are great, but most are not. And some of them are just oddly relaxing to watch Emily Fox doing lipstick swatches comes to mind…how is it that she looks good in EVERY color?

And when I see there’s a new makeup trend, I do tend to look it up on YouTube to see if it’s something that I would be interested in.

Lol, I completely agree with you about Emily Fox…she looks good in every lip color she tries out!
Being the makeup hound that I am i’ve tried out many many looks. There’s not much that I won’t try. How do you know unless you try out a look? Guess it could be said that i’m a “try anything once” kinda gal…at least when it comes to makeup. Figure, it’s not a tattoo, it washes off. I draw the line at fake lashes though. I am not down with glue on my lashline. Hells to the no but it looks great on others, just not for me.

I decided to go a little heavier on my brows because of Insta. I only used a smidge of powder before now I use a pencil and occasionally gel.

A little by a select few you tube channels, I don’t belong, nor do I want to belong, to any social media ie: facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc., etc. etc. I find no need for it.

Yes, they do. I get inspiration, tips and tricks. It also shows me how to not wear my makeup such as, insane contouring/highlighting & instagram brows.

I only watch a few YouTubers and am reducing the ‘Way too much overdone glamour or out of my comfort zone’ also all the cat fights they have going on I’m not watching any if it. Why bother? I don’t care. I guess I have learned many great tips from them as the right color for my skin really appreciate the swatches. I like Stephanie Nicole she knows her stuff and is very honest, Kathleen Lights is fun to watch so super cute, Jessica Brawn, Emily Noel seems so sweet, Makeup Maven is a new one, Jaime Paige and two others I can’t remember their names right now. I keep a natural look and will never follow all that heavy eye or super metallic eye make up and such, mostly love watching the videos. Not into Snapchat or twitter either but fb yes i have fun with my friends which I don’t get to see often and family pictures if their trips and vacations. I fill my eyebrows but brush them afterwards with an unused (on teeth Lol!) toothbrush so they are tamed nothing harsh and wear highliters but just the teeniest bit just to know I’m wearing it for the fun of following up all the madness.
Can you girls suggest some blogs I’m not aware of any besides Temptalia and MusingsofaMuse? To see new beautiful things which get me tempted and in pocket trouble! Lol! My daughter recently got me into Fat Mascara pod it is good. I’d love to find out others.

Makeup and Beauty Blog is one that I think a lot of us follow. Karen is the blogger and she’s really entertaining; she has a lot of good advice, too. Temptalia and M&BB are my favorites.

No, not at all. I’m not really a social media kind of person so I don’t watch what others are doing. I just do what suits my complexion, eye shape and colouring.

I suppose it does as I was just watching Mary Greenwell for Chanel, Lisa Eldridge for Lancome, and the French blogger Elsa Muse on Youtube yesterday. Although I rarely buy Chanel or Lancome anymore I’m curious as to what’s ‘on trend’ in France because they’re generally 6-8 yrs ahead of the rest of the world in fashion. Natural is coming back, the pink eyeshadow thing is starting to look almost Korean in it’s placement around the eye, and less is more looks to be the trend. I’m doubting many people will look good in the ‘no mascara’ trend, that might be a bit to natural for many.

Absolutely, it has, in a positive way. I am much more interested in make up than before because of it, and more adventurous, trying colors I wouldn’t normally try. I appreciate the reviews and recommendations, the look ideas (picking and choosing the colors and styles that are appropriate for me) and sharing ideas and tips with like minded people.

I’m going to say no because I don’t follow anyone on social media, so don’t really know what’s going on out there; however, I do save Pinterest pins in a category called “makeup ideas” when I see something that I think would be good to try or practice, and those are likely being added to Pinterest via YouTube and Instagram, so … [shrug]. I don’t know. We all get our influences from somewhere, whether seeing it on someone on the street, in a magazine, or online. I’m probably more influenced by social media than anything else just because I don’t buy magazines, and I rarely see women in person that wear makeup, let alone wear it in interesting and unusual ways, but I’ve never done something just because it’s trending on social media.

I think it is always important to stay open to learning. While, social media doesn’t not influence my style, I allow myself to be open to new looks and to be inspired but what others are doing in order to cultivate my own personal style.

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