Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Week September 10th through 17th (2016)


Sephora’s Beauty Insider Appreciation Event starts today! 🙂 VIB Rouges will receive 4x points; VIBs will receive 3x points; and BIs will receive 2x points on all purchases made between September 10th and September 17th, 2016.

VIB Rouges can get an 8-piece sample bag with code MYSURPRISE on $35+ purchases, while supplies last.

Fine Print:

Qualified VIB Rouge will earn quadruple points, VIBs will earn triple points and Beauty Insiders will earn double points on merchandise purchases made Saturday, September 10, 2016 through Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 11:59pm PDT. Bonus points will be automatically credited to your BI Accounts the same day of purchase. Points not earned on sales tax, shipping, Sephora gift cards, eGift cards and prior purchases. Not valid on previous purchases or purchases of eGift certificates or gift cards. Sephora and SiJCP employees are not eligible for offers. This offer is subject to change, alternation or termination by Sephora in its discretion at any time.

Here are the new items for holiday that launched today (most are currently exclusive to VIB Rouges):

Shop Just Launched

And here are links to some recently released (and reviewed!) products that performed well:

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Nancy T Avatar

OMG. And here I’m reading this the day after buying Chanel Rouge Vie. I wish I would have held off till October. Actually, if at all. It feels amazing, but looks spot on for my MAC VG I just about. Only a very *teensy* bit of some pinker aspect to it. But when I tried half my mouth with VG I ,half with Rouge Vie, they look identical. So Idk.

kjh Avatar

So much has to do with lip pigment! Swatched the red Nars pencils from earlier this season, consuming and infatuated, was it? They were 90-95% dupes on Christine, and everyone was wondering why they would release such close shades at once. They are NOTHING alike on me. Consuming leans pink, which I never expected. And infatuated swatches like I have a million dupes. We read here. We try to develop discerning eyes. But nothing is as telling as application. I want to try your test, bec. Have been craving Vie, but have a s-ton of dupes. (Vs VG 1,etc.) On me, those two Nars are only about 75%dupes for each other. Is this a wtf moment or a learning experience?

Nancy T Avatar

That, plus Nordstrom, et all, have HORRENDOUS lighting! Which is why I believe I didn’t get the sense of them being near dead-on dupes until I got home and very excitedly looked in my mirror….and had that instantaneous “WTF?” moment when I knew I already owned this shade a few x’s over!

Definitely lip pigment plays a huge part, too. My lips are darker than Christine’s, an odd purplish-brownish pigmented color? Like a deep mauvey color? Idk, hard to describe. My Dad said I had “liver lips”. Full and pigmented. I am envious of those with lighter, pinker lips that can throw on a light and/or sheer shade and look great!

kjh Avatar

I’ve accumulated nearly 4K points, that I seldom use, over the decades. Who wants to trade it in for 4K Ulta points? Everybody? Seriously. S may have an edge on prestige brands, but U is upping the game with the standard dept store brands. Plus, their d/s stuff and hair care are phenomenal. Do I really need any more points that I don’t use anyway? Plus, U is getting into the Asian/Korean skincare with very well blogger reviewed affordable product. Unlike S’s higher end selections, which often have alcohol high up in the ingredients and are pretty fluffy. Come on, S, succumb. Get a program that allows the buyer to defray the cost of your HE products with some sort of points to dollars off ratio. Think of the Drunk Elephant you could actually get! Not that I won’t go or order. What’s another couple of hundred points more or less?

Katherine T. Avatar

kjh, I totes agree with you! I have thousands of points at Sephora, that I would gladly trade in for dollars. I really like how Ulta is seriously stepping up their game, with so many sales, 2x-10x points for reward dollars, 20% off coupons, 21 days of beauty, adding new brands all the time (incl Asian ones), etc etc. and I’ve been shifting as many purchases there as possible. But I will take advantage of my VIB Rouge status to check out all the goodies tomorrow!

kjh Avatar

The Ulta SAs are saying that the credit card is proving quite popular, and snickered when I said everyone is getting the to use at Sephora, as a message. Michele, not only am I always impressed by your haul taste, but by your knowledge of the purchasing avenues. FI, I had no idea that Neiman’s, Saks, and Nordie’s did not charge you your state sales tax. When I had a real job, I’d just go to town and hit them up in person, at the relevant times. Barney’s is close, too, for a good crawl. But I don’t think I ever used online for any of them. But S and U, online all the time. How come they are ‘exempt’ from taxing you? and various others are, as well. That is very good to know, as I have dropped off the planet for bloomies and the other major beauty dept stores.

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

I couldn’t agree more! I have just under 10,000 Sephora points and can never get to use them for the “epic” rewards. They’re pretty much useless. Plus now with Ulta giving extra points for using their credit card and the fact they are adding more and more prestige brands all the time, I am transitioning all of my buys over to them. I can always get the prestige brands I buy from a retailer like Neiman Marcus, Saks, or Nordstrom (all of whom do not charge tax for online orders) whereas Sephora overcharges me 1% on tax (for a total of 7%) and I have to keep all of the records and submit to my State Tax Department, and wait, for a refund! Why would I want to pay even 6% tax on something when I can pay no tax and get Ebates cash back?!

GK Avatar

Thank you so much for posting this! It would’ve been nice if Sephora did. Of course I just made a large purchase today! I’ve been VIBROUGE for 2 years, but really don’t notice much advantage. A rare 1st dibs, but usually no advance notice on anything. I get most of my info from you. How do you find out in advance?

GK Avatar

Thank you for letting me know! I usually get 1 or 2 emails a day from them, funny I didn’t get that one! Happens often too. I read all your tweets & blogs-I get my best info that way!?

Tiffany Avatar

They sent me an email which I almost missed, even though I was checking for it all August. I even contacted Sephora about the event about a week earlier, since I expected it to happen sometime in August, and they told me they had no information. By the time I saw the email, the only store left to go to was about an hour away, which means I had to be up at the crack of dawn today. I’m just about ready to leave to go. Wow, drive an hour to get a $35-spend goodie bag at dawn-crack on a Saturday. Thanks, Sephora. Last year I was really careful about ensuring I got to Rouge level again. This year, who cares? I’ve gotten next to nothing for it. They don’t even treat you nicely in the stores—they’re more into helping the teenagers there to put makeup on for free on Friday nights. From what KJH says, maybe I should look into Ulta.

ShariP Avatar

I drove almost 2 hours one way to get to the store with little sleep over the last 3 nights. Had a great time with the Too Faced rep. He was great. Here Sephora seems to have the better staff. There is a Sephora inside JCP which is slightly closer than the store I went to today. There are multiple staff at both stores that remember me; some by name. I sometimes travel the state for work and there is another Sephora that I’ve stopped at a few times. Great staff there too. Ulta…you can’t get them to wait on you and they will hassle you if you have a return.

Jocelyn Avatar

I can’t help but feel like Sephora is kind of lame in their rewards system and sales. :-/ I like that Ulta gives MONEY so I can buy more stuff! I accumulate all these point with Sephora and half the time the little deluxe sample offerings I get to buy with those points are of little interest to me. Maybe if there was a broader list of things to choose from I’d be more keen.

Julia Avatar

Sephora’s reward’s system is reeeallly bad. It’s a bummer, because I personally think they beat out Ulta in every other aspect (brand assortment is debatable I suppose, that’s more of a personal preference but I still prefer Sephora), but in rewards, Ulta is definitely the winner. I’ve been able to amass a few thousand points as only a “regular” VIB because they offer so many point bonuses, but there is never anything worth spending them on! I wish they would just throw out a $20 gift card for 2,000 points/ $10 for 1,000 points or something. Would that be so hard?? They would be guaranteed to get all of that back through shopping, and I would feel like I finally got something good with my points. 🙁

Dani Avatar

Yeah…That’d be nice if I was running out of something and needed to buy right now. I will add stuff to my cart when I think of something and wait for the 20% off sale in two months.

Megan Avatar

Thanks for posting! I’ve also been a Rouge for 2 (maybe 3?) years and they didn’t email me anything about this. All I got was an invitation to go to a party (of limited use to me, since there aren’t any Sephora shops nearby) and the fine print said expressly that the offer was NOT good online. They really need to step up their game – everyone else seems to offer better perks.

charlana Avatar

I just had a momentary lapse in judgement and bought the Tarte Pretty Paintbox Palette.
I was focusing on the 4X Rouge points, yet forgot that points don’t equate to very much at Sephora. It would have been much better to have waited and bought the palette for 20% off at the VIB sale in November. Darn!!

kjh Avatar

As I believe Katherine mentioned previously, you can sign up for free shipping for 10 usd per year, regardless of your level. Free shipping was always my only perk for rouge. Now it’s no longer an advantage. The shipping versus or plus tax is often the pivot point for decisions. When I believed in bliss, I would do the math to see that shipping did not exceed what I would pay in person, in tax. Now, Zoeva’s flat rate shipping is looking good…..better than tax + shipping so many places. I make my by resolutions in sept; so many years in and teaching school. Next year, I WILL NOT RENEW ROUGE, unless it happens through product I cannot score elsewhere, or through S’s exceedingly sparse sales in a year. Remember the film Network? I’m sick and tired, and I’m not going to take it anymore! Even kvd has a dedicated website at present, separate from Sephora. It would be nice if S were reading these comments, from their customer base. But, they don’t GAS. Don’t get me started on their customer review deletions….

Megan Avatar


I really appreciate all the work you do on the blog and want to help support it where I can. Do you get paid if we click a link and just look around, or only if we buy something?

Christine Avatar

Hi Megan,

For Temptalia, it’s only if you purchase something! There are some sites that might have cost-per-action links, which can include fees for just clicks alone, sign-ups, etc. but for us, it’s commission on actual sales generated. It does count if you click a link for Marc Jacobs Foundation but end up buying a Sephora eyeliner, so it’s any and all sales that can be tracked back to our link that we will get a % of sales from (usually 5-10%).

I appreciate you wanting the support the site 🙂 Thank you!

Katherine T. Avatar

Ok, just got back from the VIB Rouge Appreciation Event in Sephora JCPenny. They only had 1 table with new holiday goodies, but here goes……
*TARTE WORKS OF ART BLUSH SET – $ no price tag posted but there’s 10 blushes in a an elegant round, gold metal case, like the Rainforest of the Sea packaging. Each blush is .084 oz. (vs. .20 reg size), and all of them were decent to great quality. All of the colors looked very pretty and wearable, the case was lightweight, not too big, good for travel. If you like Tarte blushes, I highly recommend checking this one out, as it was already sold out within 30 minutes of the event.
*TARTE PRETTY PAINTBOX COLLECTIONS MAKEUP CASE -$ 59 ( $418 value) There’s 24 shadows, and they swatched much better than expected, pretty good for Tarte. I swatched on my arm, with no primer. I also noticed that some of the shadows performed better after being swiped by multiple people, so you should swipe/rub multiple times to get rid of the drier layer on top. 18 of the shadows are ok/good/great, and 6 of the lightest mattes are not that great, but I use those for browbone, so not big deal. The dark mattes are easily buildable to opaque, the satins are good to great, medium mattes are mixed bag, and the lightest mattes (6 shades) aren’t that great but can be used on browbone. And it didn’t kick up any dust either. The 2 blushes and 1 highlighter are smooth and decent pigment. There’s also a matte brown shade that can be used as blush and/or contour. There’s an eyeliner, mascara, and small deluxe lip paint (obvi). Set is made in China, but overall, I was pretty impressed. The shadows aren’t UD quality but pretty good for Tarte, definitely a decent holiday palette, and the shadows were well organized into rows of easy-to-figure out color combos. There’s even some blues and purple shadows in there! The case is pretty bulky though, but it’s still light enough to travel with. I recommend checking this one out.
*UD NAKED ILLUMINATING TRIO $36 -Pyrite (the best shade by far in terms of pigment and smooth shimmer), the middle Oasis shade had more pigment than Christine’s swatch but is a total chunky glitter bomb (think little girl’s play makeup), and the Twilight one had more pigment than Christine’s swatch but has obvious glitter
*MARC JACOBS UP ALL NIGHT LIPSTICK SET -$ 49 – has 5 mini lipsticks in .05 oz each (vs. .12 reg size). Colors are No Angel, Slow Burn, Oh Miley, Miss Scarlet, Scandal. All of these were pigmented and swatched same as full size singles. This will be very popular, as it’s a great deal, and I recommend checking it out.
*STILA STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT – $39 – 3 cream highlighters in Transcendence (pink w/ sheer white base), Kitten (rose gold -most shimmery), and Bronze ( copper brown, the prettiest). IMO, it’s ok, not great, I think there are much better highlighters out there. but it’s a cream option
*TARTE KISS BLISS LIP SET – $46 -5 mini matte lip paints ( cherry red, dusky mauve rose, berry, nude light beige, purple berry) with matching mini lip liners ( thirsty, rage, queen, meme, and vibes). There’s a good mix of colors here, but the products are TINY. The box didn’t list the oz, but the lip paints are about 3 inches (including the long cap) and lip liner is about 4 inches, but a lot of it is packaging. The lip liner is super duper skinny, is a little hard to twist up, and you can’t twist back down. I think this is way over-priced (maybe wait for sale), but it’s nice way to try different colors, if you don’t mind the tiny sizes.
*BUXOM 6 DEGREES Below Sexy – $ 32 ( $ 60 values) 6 glosses in Dominique, Amy, Celeste, Clair, Starr, Jasmine. Each gloss is .07 fl oz. The 3 darker shades are ok pigment, but the 3 lightest shades look like mostly clear shimmer, will probably look same on lips. Not too impressed.
*SMASHBOX LIGHT IT UP – $ 45 -this has 3 small palettes, an eye contour shade palette (meh, you can use 3 matte shadows to get same effect), a 6 shadow palette (quality is not that good), and lip palette with 6 colors ( feels dry and the swatches are less intense than what they look like in the pan, the 3 darker shades are so-so but the 3 lightest shades don’t have much pigment). I recommend skipping this one
*BEAUTY BLENDER SET – $ 40 ( $64 value)- has 1 micro blender, 2 regular size blenders, a mini cleanser, and 1 blotterazzi pro
*MUFE Artist Caligraphy Set – $ 40 – a matte red lip ink and a long lip brush. The metal case is bulky but can be re-used. I didn’t swatch as tester was missing.
Hope this helps!

Katherine T. Avatar

You’re welcome Julia! None of the highlighters stood out to me today, but no worries, I’m sure there will be a hundred more coming out by year end, bound to be some good ones in there 😉

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

Wow, thank you! Sounds like my pick this morning (the Marc Jacobs set) was probably one of the best options. I looked at the Tarte palette but felt that it wasn’t something I needed (all the products) and that there were better color option palettes out there for me. I did save the MUFE set in my favorites this morning. I’m really on the fence with it – the price point seems a little high given that I don’t need yet another lip brush (even if it is amazing). I think really I feel sucked in by the creativity of the set more than anything. It may be something that I wait on and see if it’s still around when Sephora does their discount. Did you buy anything?

Katherine T. Avatar

You’re welcome! I didn’t buy anything as nothing caught my eye today, but that will probably change by tomorrow LOL I was tempted by the Tarte blush set, but I don’t need 10 more blushes, as pretty as they are. The mini MJ lipstick set was very solid. I don’t like his lipstick formula in either the full size or mini (kind of matte and dry to me), but the pigment is definitely there, and the color lasts. The MUFE lip set seemed pricey –it’s small jar of lip color (I couldn’t swatch but it looked very concentrated) and I don’t like to use lip brushes, think you can get that set on sale. I didn’t need the Tarte Paintbox Makeup set, but I know there are a lot of Tarte fans out there, and it’s definitely one of the better palettes I’ve seen from them. BTW, if you are interested in a black lipstick, Sephora has a mini KVD Slayer and mini matching nail polish on sale for $ 7.50. I have the set, and the lipstick is very decent -it’s a black matte that’s smooth, pigment is decent, a few layers will get you opaque coverage. It’s nowhere near the quality of UD/MUFE/BITE, but I don’t wear black lipstick that often, so I didn’t want to spend $25 on one. It’s good for Halloween, mixing, or when I’m in a gothic mood 😉

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

I have 2 MJ lipsticks, one from the birthday gift which I swatched but haven’t worn and also one I bought a few months ago. The one I bought can’t recall the name offhand but it’s a bright, cool pink, is neither drying nor hydrating. Hopefully the minis will be ok – I def. don’t want drying lippies in the Fall/Winter! Thanks for the tip on the KVD, I hadn’t noticed it. Just went and dropped it in my cart; the mini is perfect for me for the same reasons. I think it may work well with the pigment/glitter from the Pat McGrath set (I may try a neutral eye look and her lippies today or next weekend). I’m going to carefully scan through the sale stuff again to be sure I didn’t miss anything else.

Katherine T. Avatar

I must be having bad luck with the MJ lipsticks, because the reviews have been great, and everyone seems to love them. I got a couple of minis in the past as reward samples, and they seem dry to me, but not sure if I got a bad batch, if the minis dry out faster b/c their small, or if my lips don’t like something in them. But I’ve been able to fix with some lip balm, and the color does last a long time since it’s so pigmented. And the full size testers in the store seem dry to me, but since the cap is always off, maybe they dried out? IDK I think I might be the rare exception, but it’s great to hear they’ve been working for you so far. He has some nice colors in his line up . The mini KVD Slayer set just showed up yesterday on the sale page, it pops up periodically there, so you didn’t miss anything. Wow, I didn’t think about pairing it with the Pat McGrath pigment/glitter, hope you post some pics if it works out ! That would be so cool

Blythe Avatar

Even though I’m a beauty blogger, I’ve never reached VIB status. Not sure if I care that much about it, since I’m finding being a Ulta Platinum offers better perks. I’ve actually never shopped the special event sales at Sephora either. I’m trying to be better about not buying things I don’t need, even if I want them.

Here’s what I’m wondering though, why are brands releasing holiday items in September? Is anyone even thinking about holiday shopping yet? I’m just getting into fall. By the time the holiday shopping season kicks off most of the items will be sold out. Plus, it leaves little to look forward to when it does come time to do my shopping or create my list. I don’t mind brands teasing holiday items, but I wish they would wait till November for release.

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

Blythe, I’m guilty of starting holiday shopping already. My daughter’s birthday is on thanksgiving so I typically start planning out gifts as soon as Fall hits. personally, I like being able to purchase seasonal palettes in advance so I can use them through the season instead of waiting until December for the shades. This seasonal especially I feel that many of the trends (i.e. metallics) will be solid enough to span multiple seasons. All that said, I haven’t started decorating my house for Fall yet so there’s that 🙂

Blythe Avatar

Loving the metallic trends. I wouldn’t mind if they holiday came out at the beginning of November or even late October, but this early seems a bit extreme. But it does make sense for people with Fall bdays.

Mary Beth Avatar

What a rip off. I thought these 3x points counted towards being a VIB. I ordered this morning. Now they’ve been credited to my account and I see that they only count towards samples. I’ll still make VIB soon since I’m only 34 points away and I know there will be a tempting offer soon enough like a gift card, but I didn’t understand what the offer was. I needed the triple points, though – I definitely don’t have 10,000 or 1000 points!

Ameerah Avatar

Hey Kelly, I once placed an order a week before an event like this at Sephora. Then I called and spoke to a sales associate at my local store and they actually let me return and buy my items back because it had only been a week. So, I was able to score more points this way.
Maybe you can do the same? Hope that helps.

Alison Avatar

I am VIP Rouge, and didn’t get an email about this points event. However, I agree with the comments on how disappointing Sephora’s reward system is, especially compared to Ulta’s. One thing I do like about Sephora is the ability to return things, no questions asked. That is not easy at Ulta, in my experience. Overall, though, I am buying as much as possible at Ulta. I’m not buying anything in this points promotion: I’ll wait until the 20% event (hopefully) in November. One other note: Nordstrom does charge sales tax on on-line orders, at least if there is a Nordstrom store in your state.

Stacy Avatar

I went ahead and placed an order online this evening, since there was one thing I planned to buy anyway (Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Face Base). The site is offering a goody bag for a $35 online purchase, which is what tipped the scale for me. As far as the points go — they’re not a big deal for me, but for the opposite reason than a lot of folks here seem to have: I don’t shop at Sephora nearly often enough to rack up many of them at all, so I don’t sweat even trying to accumulate them for any kind of “big deal.” If I see something I like in the lower section of the “points boutique,” I just get it. If I don’t, I skip it… it’s that simple for me. This time, I lucked out with two items that I was happy to grab for 100 each: a mini Bite Beauty lipstick (which I haven’t tried yet, and the shade looks pretty), and a travel-size tube of F.A.B. Ultra Repair Cream (which is already my go-to daily body moisturizer, especially in the fall and winter. So yay for a portable one!). Add it all up, and I’m very happy with this purchase. So, BIG THANKS for the head’s up, Christine!

Carrie Avatar

As much crap as we give Sephora’s loyalty program, in many ways Ulta’s not that much better: the vaunted 20% off coupons never work on anything over the drug store brands (so if you’re like me and don’t use them, they’re basically worthless) and you still have to spend a decent amount of money to get anything off (I’ve gotten two $3 rewards this year, which is nice, but hardly that exciting). The one thing I WILL give Ulta is they have better birthday rewards: I love receiving full-sized product (mascara last year; UD eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy this year) for a gift instead of a few samples like Sephora does.

Personally, I’ve gotten to the point where I shop where I can get the best deal on something. I’ll pick up my mascara during the Nordstrom’s buy 2 get 1 event, brush cleaner on Amazon, etc. everything else is just bonus!

Stacy Avatar

Yes, to shopping where there’s the best deal. I never just “go shopping” for beauty in general — it’s always with something specific in mind that I plan to buy. So I comparison shop like crazy before pulling the trigger. Since =the product I was shopping for last night was the same price everywhere I looked (and I’m scraping the bottom of the jar, so I can’t wait until that changes), the perks and goodies from Sephora won this time. Next time, it may be somewhere else.

I do buy some drugstore brands (Just off the top of my head, my favorite dry shampoo, face cleanser, body wash, mascara, brow product, and liner pencils are all from the cheap side of Ulta), so the Ulta 20% coupons, sales, and gwp offers often work out great for me. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for anything there.

Bottom line, I’ll go expensive, and full price if I have to, if something really does reach Holy Grail/My Face Would Fall Off Without It -status. Otherwise, I’m a well researched, carefully budgeted, equal-opportunity cheapskate LOL!

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