Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Natural Perfection Foundation Review, Photos, Swatches

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau ($63.00 for 1.0 fl. oz.) is the latest and greatest version of the Lingerie de Peau formula–it has been reformulated and now features 14 shades. The packaging was also updated to more of a rounded, square shape, which makes it easier to store, I think, and it is more comparable in diameter to many other liquid foundations on the market. The formula is supposed to be “invisible to the eye and to the touch” while “smoothing” and creating a “second skin.” It is a silicone-based foundation from what I can tell from the ingredient list. It has a very subtle floral fragrance–so subtle to my nose that I didn’t know it had fragrance until I checked for it.

Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau is an exceptional foundation; I have always enjoyed it, and I’ve worn it extensively in its original formulation. I’m pleased to report that the reformulated version is excellent and has a comparable finish, wear, and blendability of the original. Where it differs is in the consistency: the new formula is much thinner and more like a liquid, whereas the original formula was more cream-like. I get more coverage faster with the original formula, but the new formula is more buildable from light to medium coverage. I wore them side-by-side one day, and other than that initial difference in application and cover, I couldn’t tell a difference between the two.

The new formula delivers buildable coverage from light to medium (about two layers), blends and spreads well across the skin and doesn’t sink into lines easily, sets and is touchable but still has a soft, natural finish, and looks like skin. I would actually agree that it made my skin appear smoother as well as more even in tone. The finish is just fantastic, as it doesn’t look overly dewy or totally matte but has enough luminosity to mimic the look of happy skin. The texture was thin, almost runny in a way, but it still yielded noticeable coverage in a single layer, which was easy to build upon as needed, whether all over or in specific areas. It took about a minute to two minutes for it to dry down, and it does look darker dried down than initially pumped from the bottle (true with the previous formula and most liquid formulas). I didn’t experience any oxidization or color changes throughout the day.

It wore well throughout the day, and it felt fuss-free because I often forgot I was wearing foundation at all–and that is the dream! It was easy to wear with or without setting powder, as it wore well and broke down nicely either way. The foundation was mostly transfer-resistant for me, even without setting powder, but if you are oilier, you might find it more likely to transfer. When I wore it on its own, it lasted for a solid ten hours with minimal signs of wear (slightly dewier but still even coverage). When I wore it with a setting powder, it lasted well for twelve hours. It wore long, and more importantly, well, because it was a gradual, even break down and doesn’t look oily, separated, or patchy at the end of the day.

Shade Range + Shade Tested

There are 14 shades available, and it is broken down into three groupings: cool (pink undertones), neutral (balance of pink and yellow undertones), and warm (yellow undertones). This is the most extensive shade range Guerlain has for any of its foundations, which is great news as the previous shade range was hard to fit into. However, the range could definitely use more medium-dark and darker shades (the range is more concentrated for fair to light-medium). I bought 03N Naturel to try, as I normally mix 02 Beige Clair and 03 Beige Naturel in Guerlain’s foundations (including the previous Lingerie de Peau formula), but I think 02N Naturel is going to be the better match as 03N Naturel is about a shade too dark on me. It matches the darker parts of my face but is noticeably different from my neck, so I’ve usually blended down my neck, just past my collarbone, which makes it wearable on me. 03N Naturel was more neutral in undertone compared to 03 Beige Naturel in the older formula, just slightly. I suspect I’ll grab 02N Naturel next time there’s a gift card event/sale.

For other foundation shades that I’ve tried, please see this FAQ, which includes my best matches as well as ones I have tried that are too dark/too light.

About My Skin

I have normal-to-dry skin, which tends to be mostly normal but occasionally has dry patches or spots around my upper cheeks, eyelids, and around the nose. I am not always dry in these areas, though. I consider myself light-medium in color with soft, warmer yellow undertones; I am not a true neutral (sometimes neutrals can look rosy on me), but foundations that are touted as warm-toned can lean too yellow on my complexion if they have fuller coverage. My neck is lighter than my face, while the edges of my face are darker than the center, so I try to match closer to my neck to minimize how far down I have to blend. While testing this foundation, I was mostly normal throughout and only had a bit of dryness around my nostrils.

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Bare Skin | Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Bare Skin | Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau | With Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau
Guerlain 03N Naturel Lingerie de Peau

Makeup Look
On face:
  • Guerlain Lingerie de Peau
On eyes:
  • Dior Fire (584) Diorshow Mono Lustrous Smoky
  • Dior Reflection (684) Diorshow Mono Lustrous Smoky
  • Dior Fever (794) Diorshow Mono Lustrous Smoky
  • Sephora Diving in Malaysia Contour Eye Pencil
  • Dior Fusion (764) Diorshow Mono Lustrous Smoky
  • Dior Temptation (184) Diorshow Mono Lustrous Smoky
  • ColourPop Truth Super Shock Shadow
On lips:
  • Bobbi Brown Bobbi Luxe Lip Color


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Lisa Avatar

Wowza! So… You liked it, Christine?! 😉

Bit of a story: I’ve actually worn this in the previous formula once. On a vacation to Las Vegas, I was wandering one of the Sephoras on the Strip and ended up chatting to one of their makeup artists. Turns out he’s also a brand-rep for Guerlain (amongst others), and while I was merely looking for advice on one item, suddenly the store became quiet and we got to chatting… And this lovely person ended up doing full makeup for me. Great convo + being filled up? Yes, please!!

I had thought their line – while gorgeous looking – was so out of my price range I never even considered it, but really – for what you get – I felt like the foundation wasn’t *that* much of a splurge… Unlike some of their palettes or skin care items. 😉

Anyway, Guerlain forever reminds me of this wonderful meeting, and being treated to a pretty look for my (first?) trip to Vegas, but it’s great to read your review since I wondered if my memories of such a happy experience clouded my impressions of the foundation!

Think I need to give it some serious thought as I’m looking to buy foundation pretty soon.

Thank you, as always, for the review!

Christine Avatar

I’m a long-time fan of the original Lingerie de Peau, so I’m really happy that the new one, while it feels different in consistency initially, wears and looks just as great as the original. I’ve also enjoyed the Parure de Lumiere, Tenue, and Parure Gold. I think the only one I didn’t care for was one in a tube, a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer something rather. 🙂

In general, Guerlain does lipstick and foundations exceptionally well – those are the areas it typically exceeds expectations! (Of course, their foundation shade ranges have historically been narrow, so it’s only good if you fit into their range!)

Karla Avatar

What a beautiful finish this foundation gives!!! I got a sample of the ligerie de peau a few months ago and i loved the finish, very natural looking, not matte or dewy, just natural, skin like finish, im NC25 in mac so im guessing i would be a w2 in this one?? Also did you use a brush or beauty blender to apply? Thanks?

Christine Avatar

02N will probably work for you, then 🙂 If you want warmer, 02W and pinker, 02C – those would be my guesses! 03N was pretty similar to 03 Beige Naturel from seeing those two in person.

Guerlain did release shade conversions, which I included here: – most of the shades convert to the N range, though the additional Dore/Rose shades went to W/C respectively).

Christina Avatar

Hmmm. I got Lingerie de Peau about three months ago on your recommendation. It has the older, more beveled packaging, but is DEFINITELY more liquidy than creamy– it’s almost runny. I absolutely love it. Now I’m wondering if they did a reformulation before launching this version.

Wednesday Avatar

I would love to hear your thoughts on 2N if you decide to buy. Great news about shade expansion. I definitely liked the original and second iteration of this formula, but while 02 Beige Clair was pretty good for depth, not ideal in undertone. Not sure the expanded range will help me in my quest, but for S’s and G;s will definitely check out swatches.

I like this one you.

Christine Avatar

I always had to use 03 to warm up 02, but 03 would often add a little more darkness than ideal. I should have gotten 02N, but I was just… “Oh, I know that’s too light…” I still have 4 bottles of the original here (two of each shade), which is part of why I’m a bit reticent about buying 02N at full-price.

I’ll be curious to see more swatches as they appear, particularly to see how cool/warm the new shades range.

Wednesday Avatar

PMSLMAO nope.. I’m referring to the reason why our skin is different. I’m green. You are not. I finally figured it out. All it took was a white piece of paper. This is why nothing every really jived with my foundation photos. I’m a neutral light olive with more than a hint of green. 😛

Eileen Avatar

I’ve worn Lingerie de Peau ever since it was released many years ago. Although I do wear and love other foundations as well (CdP and TF in particular), LdP is one that I keep coming back to–old reliable! 🙂 I’ll be ready for a new foundation soon so I’ll be checking out this new one during Nordstrom’s 3 pts. I’m glad to hear that it performs so well. As we all know, sometimes a reformulation is a disappointment.

Christine Avatar

I’m guessing 02N will be too light but am not sure, because 02 Beige Clair (in the original and all of Guerlain’s formulas) is also a bit light, but 03N I have to take down my neck or else it gets obvious – it’s easier for me to pat on a little loose powder to darken 1/2 shade than wearing foundation down my neck. They have 00N and 01N, so there are lighter shades than 02N.

AB Avatar

I tried N01 and N02 while at Frankfurt duty free, eventually deciding on N01 after wearing both swatches on the trip back. And then, oh no — I cannot find N01 anywhere! Not on any online sites including Guerlain. Do you have any guidance? Possible that there was such demand they’re out and going to restock?

AB Avatar

Looks great on you — nice finish. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect foundation, am going to give it a try. Thanks for doing foundation reviews.

Katherine T. Avatar

I know many people rave about Guerlain’s Lingerie foundation, but since it contains alcohol and fragrance, I’m never going to be able to try it 🙁 I would also love to try their Meteorite powder some day, if they ever come out with a fragrance free version.

Deborah S. Avatar

I totally get your wanting them to remove the fragrance from their Meteorite powders but I have to admit, I kind of really love it! I am 62 and I guess it just smells like quality makeup to me!! Also, there is some nostalgia because my grandmother only used violet scent and so this reminds me of her each time I wear it, which is everyday.

kjh Avatar

Just had a psych/deflate moment. Very glad you posted a box photo with sunscreens prominently printed right on top. Octinoxate. Leaves me out. Glad that Guerlain is so transparent. This is right up there with rots on you. Lovely.

Kimmwc03 Avatar

I bought this foundation over a year based on reading your blog for a long time. The foundation immediately became HG for me. I was worried that the new version would disappoint but I am glad to hear your positive review. I’ll have to try this one on counter, though, as I am not sure where I will fall with a more extensive range. I was Beige Clair in the summer, but that was a tad dark in the winter.

MGH Avatar


I picked up 02C Clair Rose as soon as it was available to order at NM and absolutely in love with foundation. I also picked up 2 – Light Cool matching concealer and both work perfectly together. I have normal leaning more dry and it is perfect together. I am curious if you picked up the new foundation brush as well? What did you use to apply your foundation for the review?


Christine Avatar

I usually rotate through foundation brushes and applicators when I am testing a new foundation, so there isn’t one in particular I used. I wore this for 14 applicators, so I probably used 10 brushes!

I did not buy the foundation brush – I haven’t been impressed by Guerlain’s brushes for the price personally so it didn’t even cross my radar.

Andrea K Avatar

One of the first ingredients is alcohol, which provokes free radical damage, which causes aging (dark spots and loss of elasticity)… Keep that in mind.
I love Armani Lasting silk, but stopped using it for that same reason.

Christine Avatar

Thanks for sharing! There is some contradictory information out there regarding use of alcohol (I get most of my info from The Beauty Brains rather than Paula Begoun), so you have to make the call that’s right for you, and it’s great that you know what doesn’t work for you/what irritates your skin 🙂

Samantha Avatar

I haven’t heard of The Beauty Brains, but have been a big Paula-follower for a while now. I’m headed to their site to investigate further, but would you mind saying what sways you their way? I’m also kind of alcohol-phobic because of Paula, so I’m super curious! 🙂

Christine Avatar

Hey Samantha!

In general, I find The Beauty Brains more credible from many years of reading, and I also read a compelling article about alcohol (not just the fatty alcohols) on FutureDerm (I’ve known Nicki for a long time as a fellow blogger) years ago – the latter was more specifically debunking some of the studies that were cited by other sites (I want to say it was actually something on Beautypedia/Paula Begoun’s website).

Alcohol is definitely drying, so if someone finds that alcohol in their foundation exacerbates skin problems, they should definitely limit or remove them from their products (similar to any sensitivity to a particular ingredient), but after digging into “is alcohol bad,” I just found more holes poked into supposed supportive studies rather than support against alcohol use in cosmetics. I also read a study that was a bit closer to how we might use it in cosmetics, as it was studying people applying alcohol-based hand soaps and that found no changes in the skin barrier (it did find dehydration) ( As far as I found (keep in mind, I read all this a couple of years ago!), the study being referenced to suggest free radical damage was a study about oral consumption of alcohol (studying alcoholics!), which occurs when alcohol is metabolized, not topical application.

I’m by no means an expert on skincare, am not a chemist or scientist, and have no educational background in science, of course! I totally understand that some prefer to err on the safe side or will assume X is unsafe until 110% proven otherwise. I think everyone should do whatever amount of research makes them feel confident about their choice (either way!) 🙂

Megan Avatar

I would also like to mention Paula is not a certified/trained/degree-educated dermatologist,esthetician, chemist, scientist, or beautician.
She had severe eczema so she is prejudice against any fragrances and alcohol. Her reviews always are super harsh and critical-unless they are her own brand-which is given the highest ratings. Ugh. Don’t even get me started.
Her staff does the reviews-not her and they only look at the ingredients and do not actually try them on. They are not scientists!!! They go by mis-cited studies like alcohol cause radical skin damage but this is only when consumed internally! I think she is a fraud.. How is she the leading authority on cosmetics when she has absolutely no certifications, or formal education! I am serious-she admits she isn’t and is “self taught”! This is a woman who has no credentials, and is often just plain wrong about her information!
I would only listen to her if you have eczema or other skin inflammation disorders. Even then I would be precarious because she sells and promotes stuff like retinal with vitamin C which can cause a huge inflammation reaction, a lot of people of allergic to vitamin C.

Eileen Avatar

Let’s hear three cheers for The Beauty Brains: the rational, science based, and often humorous approach to ingredients and how the work (written by two distinguished cosmetic chemists). Love those guys!

Ruby Avatar

Stunning finish on you. It’s so frustrating that you don’t have any lines since it’s impossible to tell if foundation sinks into them! (That’s a compliment.)

I’ve tried the old Lingerie de Peu and liked it quite a bit. Despite having a light fragrance it doesn’t break me out while almost every other fraganced foundation on earth does. But I never quite found a happy shade match. (I have a weird skin tone — a cool, fair green-based olive that pretty much can’t be matched, but the more neutral usually the better!)

Looking forward to trying this.

Sara Avatar

Based on your review, I went to Nordstrom, tested it out, and immediately fell in love. I purchased a bottle and washed my face when I got home. I’ve been wearing it for a few hours and I’m impressed. The first application is very light coverage, but I agree that you can keep building it up and it doesn’t get splotchy or weird. I used a brush to apply it, which worked great, but I think I’ll also try using a Beauty Blender.
I also have the gold L’or primer and can’t wait to see how the primer and foundation work together.

Claire L Avatar

Nice review. How would you say this compares to Tarte ROTS for you? If the colour in this was lighter and closer to your skin tone, which would you choose, this or ROTS?

Christine Avatar

The rating is based on more objective factors (to the extent possible) vs. my personal preference. Tarte’s foundation is supposed to be full coverage, and it’s buildable to pretty opaque coverage, it is not true full coverage, and it doesn’t last the 12 hours promised. If you read the review, you would be able to find out exactly where it fell short 🙂 I don’t personally need full coverage and prefer buildable, medium coverage nor is 12-hour wear a deal breaker for me!

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Just beautiful finish, color and coverage. Your complexion is also great. I am going to try to remember to start a future wish list as I am well set on foundations now and need no more. I’ve discarded enough to feed a homeless camp if they were converted to food. That makes me sad and ashamed. I vow to do better.

Mimsie Avatar

Christine, how would you compare this to the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation, which I have noticed to be your recent favorite? (and I ended up buying it because of you and so far I really like it!)

Lisa H. Avatar

Thank you for the review. You a lovely with and without the foundation. It does look smashing on you. I did purchase in 3 shades knowing at least one shade would not work! I tested on my skin and ugh- yikes-sad face!! An immediate burning sensation and overwhelmed by the fragrance. CHEMICALS! I have very sensitive skin that will react to just about anything above and beyond Talc! Extremely bummed. I did test two colors and oh my oh my this foundation has a stunning finish! Absolutely magnificent! Not sure if my skin is just being combative right now (I did test a foundation it didn’t like a few days ago.) or the chemicals and fragrance are just not going to work for me (will test again in a few days when my skin mellows!) As of now the only two foundations I can wear without irritation or an immediate pimple or two are Make Up Forever Ultra HD and Burberry Flawless Cashmere matte. (Oily/Combo-somewhat mature skin!) Not sure if this review was a help or a bummer! Sorry! I am around an N/NC23 and found the 02N a great match (O3N a bit too dark.) The O2W was just a tad too yellow yet doable with a bit more sun on my freckled skin! Plan to revisit this review if I do keep the foundation and wear it for a few days. Regardless, it is stunning on the skin! For reference I do check ALL cosmetics now on (brilliant to know what ingredients you are putting on your face.) Happy Beautiful Faces to all..!

LindaP Avatar

On a foundation quest as I will move away from mineral powder now that summer is ending, and I have grown to despise the Armani Silk I have.

Anywho, I picked up a sample of this yesterday at Nordies in 03W. Also picked up a sample of Chanel’s
LE TEINT ULTRA TENUE – ULTRAWEAR FLAWLESS FOUNDATION in 30 and 50 to mix. Did a half-face, A/B test this morning. Guerlain blew the Chanel out of the water. Washed my face and started over with the Lingerie de Peau. I liked it better than the Koh Gen Do I tried the other day. This may be it.

LindaP Avatar

He gets super technical, but, if I ask him, he will go down a list of claims, look a the ingredients, and look up herbal extracts, etc. and either say there is something there or not. It’s super nerd alert. I don’t ask often, if I want to say awake. 🙂

Take the alcohol issue for one…. something like cetyl alcohol (c-16) is very different than isopropyl. It’s a “fatty” alcohol, solid at room temp, and is very unlikely to be drying to the skin. In liquid form it’s more like motor oil consistency. He says not to worry about c-16 (or others in that mid-range family) as a drying ingredient, because it works more as a component of a cream. Perhaps a makeup brand doesn’t call out by specific alcohol they use because they want to keep it “proprietary.” But it’s unlikely, he says, Guerlain is using a drying ingredient in a foundation so high up in the list. It’s likely a fatty alcohol because that’s what makes sense. See I told you it gets in the weeds! 🙂

He also overheard a YouTuber the other day spouting off about how using products from all one line –like same brand concealer and foundation — will often give better results. He laughed out loud, saying it’s an absurdity.

When things come up around here at home, I’ll share. He can spoil the fun sometimes — like the Beauty Brains — just warning ya! 🙂

Tiffany Avatar

I always wanted to own LdP but never did due to the limited shade range even though it is the absolute best formula I’ve ever tried for my skin type and has the most beautiful finish. Previously all the shades were all too obviously pink-toned for my olive/warm skintone. I’m so glad the reformulated it and added more shades because lightest warm shade matches me more perfectly than any other foundation I’ve ever tried. LdP really is like a second skin. The hunt for HG is finally over! I highly recommend anyone even considering this foundation to get a sample!

Christine Avatar

Hi Charlene!

You can use the Foundation Matrix to put in your existing shade and then put in the formula you’d like a shade match for – that’s going to be better than me!

We try to approve comments within 24 hours (and reply to them within 72 hours) but can sometimes get behind and appreciate your patience! 🙂 If you have general feedback, product review requests, off-topic questions, or need technical support, please contact us directly. Thank you for your patience!