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NARS Lip Gloss is a lipgloss that retails for $26.00 and contains 0.18 oz. ($144.44 per ounce). There are 65 shades in our database, which you can select from in the View a Shade dropdown menu below or jump to these sections: Review.

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When NARS launched their reformulation of the Lip Gloss range, the coverage was described as "sheer shine to bold luster," but as of February 2019, the brand simply describes the coverage as "sheer intensity." That's not really accurate, as the range does, actually, range from sheer to more opaque--it greatly depended on the shade. The formula is also supposed to be "smooth" and "nourishing." Some shades applied evenly, while others pulled into lip lines or looked streaky. The consistency was thinner, lightly tacky (with some additional tackiness developing over time), but it was comfortable and lightly hydrating over time. I wish the applicator pulled more product out per application, which would make it a bit easier to spread the product out overall.

There did not seem to be any taste or scent to the formula.

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The Good: Smooth (8), Easy To Apply (8), Creamy (7), Moisturizing (4), Long-wearing (3), Great Value (2), Travel-friendly (1)

The In-Between: Highly Pigmented (6), Sheer (4), Thick (3), Non-sticky (3), Buildable (2), Sticky (1), Scented (1)

The Bad: Dry (1), Hard To Blend (1)

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2 Written Reviews

By Jo 4 years ago.

I'm a super busy mom of 2 and am MAC shade N4. I've been a die-hard MAC fan for years, but after getting a Nars gloss in a different shade a while back and loving the light, relatively non-sticky feel of it, I went in search of a shade that was close to my holy grail Viva Glam VI lipglass. This isn't exactly the same (on me, the Viva Glam VI is a smidge more toward the browns and Risky Business is a bit more pink) but they are pretty similar. I love that I don't feel like I have to layer this with a lot of lip balm to thin down the stickiness. The Nars Risky Business gloss is definitely in hot competition with my Viva Glam VI for the only one I carry in my bag for day-to-day. I get a lot of color payoff with it, more than I would usually expect from a gloss, and lately I've been loving it to just throw on by itself with a casual eye look and I'm usually good to go.

Tags: highly-pigmented, smooth, easy-to-apply, non-sticky, great-value

By Lotus 5 years ago.

Being a fan of the original Turkish Delight, I'm quite disappointed with the run down useless formulation of this! For me, this is just another example of what tragically occurs when a company stops making a great product and then tries to replicate it. Failure. I also loved the original Lancôme eyeshadows and UD. The greatest thing about this product is the reminder that I have a few backups of the better discontinued one. Also, if a product is NOT going to be the same, I think the company should NAME it DIFFERENTLY. This is not Turkish Delight.

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Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Fairest - Undertone: Pink
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