Sounds Like Noise

MAC Lipstick

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MAC Sounds Like Noise Lipstick
MAC Sounds Like Noise Lipstick
MAC Sounds Like Noise Lipstick
MAC Sounds Like Noise Lipstick
MAC Sounds Like Noise Lipstick
MAC Sounds Like Noise Lipstick

MAC Sounds Like Noise is a very warm-toned, light-medium orange with a satin finish. It is a limited edition lipstick that retails for $19.00 and contains 0.1 oz.

Editor's Review
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MAC Sounds Like Noise Lipstick ($15.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a "bright true orange matte." It's a brightened warm-toned orange with a smidgen of red in the undertone and a satiny finish (it doesn't read entirely matte). That lack of red is actually what makes it stand out against a lot of other orange shades (like MAC Morange and MAC Neon Orange, which both appear darker and redder). OCC Banjee is lighter, yellower. I was surprised to find that none of the orange lipsticks in the gallery came close.

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Claims / Ingredients

Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips, M·A·C Lipstick is available in every nuance of your favorite color and high-fashion texture. It's the iconic product that made M·A·C famous. AMPLIFIED CREME (A): Ultra-creamy. Quietly shiny. Color-packed! Hi-res: hi-impact. CREMESHEEN (C): Creme-based lipstick that imparts bright full color, with a soft and supple shine. FROST (F): Excellent color payoff with medium to high frosted shimmer-and-shine finish. LUSTRE (L): Demi-sheer with wet-look lustre finish. Very slick. Makes lips look soft, smooth, ultra-moist. MATTE (M): Pigment rich with intense color pay-off. No-shine, all matte finish. SATIN (S): Color-rich. Soft satin, semi-matte finish. Conditions while adding intense color.

3 Written Reviews

By Kathryn 10 years ago.

Naturally whenever someone as awesome as Hayley Williams does a collab with mac, I had to snatch this lipstick up as soon as possible. Although, the orange pigment is beautiful, the lipstick did leave more to be desired. I found that when first applying the orange didn't look as good as it could without a good layer of primer. As it dried, the pigment seemed to concentrate/saturate and become much more noticeable, so I had to take it off and then reapply it thinner. Sounds Like Noise is such a beautiful true orange, however it takes a few wears to feel out exactly the right amount of primer and lipstick to wear to look optimum, but ultimately I would buy Sounds Like Noise again.

Skin Type: Oily - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Pink

By Sarah 11 years ago.

I was actually kind of terrified of this color but I bought it because it had so many good reviews. It was such a good choice! The color really compliments my skin (I'm pale but warm toned) and, according to my friends, lights my whole face up. It's very easy to tone down if you put it on lightly: by doing this, I can make it more coral toned than pure orange. I would definitely give it a try as it's a great color for summer!

Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Neutral

By Erin 11 years ago.

I will admit, it is a little dry to the lips to wear, but it goes on smooth, which I can appreciate. It is a hard color to wear though. I'm still attempting to find a lipliner, as I think I've found a gloss, that will help tone down the color just a few shades or make it a little more wearable then it is right now. Because putting it by itself on my skin tone just doesn't work unfortunately, but I'm determined to find a way!

Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Deep Tan - Undertone: Neutral