Studded Kiss Lipstick

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KVD Beauty Adora Studded Kiss Lipstick

KVD Beauty Studded Kiss Lipstick is a lipstick that retails for $21.00 and contains 0.1 oz. ($210.00 per ounce). There are 54 shades in our database.

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This hybrid lipstick is formulated with Color Cushion Technology, which combines 10-hour budge-proof wear with vibrant color. Featuring a color spectrum for every skin tone, this lipstick lets you glide on velvety-soft comfort and eye-popping colors that range from classic everyday neutrals to bright shades.

10 Written Reviews

By C 6 years ago.

Probably the worst lipstick I own. It takes a few layers to get a nice color from it. As soon as you rub your lips together it starts pilling together and gets crinkled and gross. It transfers like crazy. The color is really cool but the formula is complete trash.

Tags: buildable, dry, tugs-pulls, uneven, sticky

By Vanessa 7 years ago.

This is an absolutely gorgeous colour with an absolutely horrendous formula. It's so so so patchy and you can't fix it by going over the patches. It smells a bit sweet which I like, and the packaging is just phenomenal but it is so disappointingly patchy and streaky. Clings on to dry patches on your lips, too.

Tags: hard-to-blend, tugs-pulls, uneven

By Livia 7 years ago.

I love this lipstick formula. It's very heavily pigmented. People complain that it's dry, but they can always add a swipe of chapstick if they want. It lasts a long time, but if it starts needing maintenance, it's easy to reapply or to use a bit of chapstick to simply redistribute the pigment still on the lips, because there is still quite a lot of pigment to work with. My favorite thing to do is go over it with a Burt's Bees lipstick I have in Sunset Cruise that I keep in my purse. The Burt's Bees lipstick isn't my thing on its own because it's glossy and sheer, but it becomes one with matte pigmented lipsticks and liquid lipsticks that are slipping a bit after meals, etc. Sunset Cruise turns any shade into something really beautiful and warm that is unlike any color of lipstick I own and then it lasts the rest of the day. I have several of these Studded Kiss lipsticks and absolutely love and recommend them. You can always tone down the pigment with chapstick or some other balm to make them less dry or intense if that matters to you. You can't do the opposite with a lipstick that only has a small amount of pigment to it. I'd rather get a lot for my money, and with these lipsticks, I do. I have Bachelorette, Bauhau5, Lolita I, and Hexagram. They are all fantastic.

Tags: highly-pigmented, dry, smooth, blendable, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, great-value

By Seraphine 7 years ago.

Gorgeous, gorgeous color, but this matte gets so dry it is unpleasant to wear. It goes on nicely at first, but becomes uncomfortable and starts to flake after an hour or two. I find myself wiping it off and starting over every couple hours. I've tried dotting a little bit of lip balm on top of it and that helps, but I just don't reach for this one anymore. Too bad because the color is so very pretty.

Tags: highly-pigmented, tugs-pulls, drying
Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Light - Undertone: Neutral

By Frida 8 years ago.

Awesome texture, feels so light on the lips and the pigmentation is very good. The only thing I didn't like is that when you reapply it, it peels off the old product.

Tags: highly-pigmented, creamy, thin, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, scented, too-little-product

By Jenn 8 years ago.

This is the shade that turned me into a lipstick addict. I tried lipstick as a teen for prom and wore it on my wedding day, but other than that, I never saw the point. Fast forward 12 years and enter Kat Von D's Studded Kiss in Wolvesmouth. On me, this lipstick goes on smooth and evenly. It's va-va-voom without making me look overdone; I've worn it during the day but it also looks great at night. (For reference, I'm a fair skinned blue eyes blonde with cool, pink undertones.) I've gotten compliments from friends, family, and even strangers wearing this shade! It wears really well, even after coffee from a travel mug, many hours, and a meal. No touch up required! I love it so much, I actually bought two more backup tubes just in case it's reformulated or discontinued.

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Tags: highly-pigmented, creamy, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, great-value, scented
Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Lightest - Undertone: Pink

By Tangie 9 years ago.

I can always count on Kat Von D to deliver colors that I've never seen before. This is kinda burnt orange-terra-cotta-like, kinda almost red-ish, kinda mauve, kinda nude...and absolutely beautiful. The finish is a slightly creamy, flat (not dry) matte. It goes on smooth and is long wearing. KVD has done it again!

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Tags: highly-pigmented, creamy, smooth, thick, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, moisturizing-wear, non-sticky

By SierraLauren 9 years ago.

I see tremendous horrible reviews for this color and it's amazing. The price tag is up there, but it's a magnificent color! I only need to use it with 2 layers (maybe, not really) and I'm good. Not sure how everyone else is applying it. Maybe they've changed the formula since. I just bought it 2 weeks ago. LOVE IT!

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Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Skin Tone: Light Medium - Undertone: Olive

By Jacqui 10 years ago.

I am halfway through my tube of Poe. I bought it the day it was delivered to my local Sephora store. I have worn it a LOT since then and what I have found is that, with or without a primer, alone or with another color added to create an ombre, it is the BEST lipstick I have ever worn. So wearable. I never need to touch it up. It never feels gross/built up, even though it is a thick formula, on my lips. It photographs lovely. It doesn't get all over your teeth or make them look yellow. And the "creme brûlée" scent is more of a vanilla, and it is actually quite lovely.

Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Pink

By Maegen 10 years ago.

The color is gorgeous but you have to apply a ton of product to build up the color to opacity. It isn't long lasting either. I had to reapply every 2 hours. The only reason I didn't return it is because of the unique color.

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Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Skin Tone: Light Medium - Undertone: Yellow